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    Teaching Your Angels

    This past weekend,  Midwood, Brooklyn, New York and Klal Yisrael
    mourned. We mourned because 7 angels were taken from our midst too

    I received a photo of the family, I listened to the recording of the
    dispatchers on call, I went to the levaya, I saw the vigil and I have
    been obsessed with finding out every bit of news I can on this story.

    That needs to stop.

    Because no matter how hard we try to find out what happened and why it
    happened, there is one thing that that remains constant and true:
    Hashem  has His plans. All we can do is try our best, do more mitzvos,
    daven more, treat each other with more kindness, and love our children
    more. Hug our children more. Live by example for our children’s sake.
    Show them that the only way to get through tragedy is by doing more
    and being better Jews, better human beings.

    This week Klal Yisrael will all be davening together, saying tehilim
    for Gilsom Gila Gayle bas Tziporah Frances and Tzipporah Bas Gila
    -(who are hospitalized and are still in critical condition,) give
    Tzedakah and doing a Cheshbon Nefesh (moral inventory) in memory of
    the precious 7 brothers and sisters we lost.

    Somehow may the family be comforted as well as all of Klal Yisrael.