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    The great Rav Chatzkel
    Levenstein, zt”l, zy”a,
    made a very interesting
    observation about the saga
    in Egypt. He comments
    that the greatest miracle
    that occurred in Egypt
    was the fact that when we
    were ready to leave after
    210 years, the Jews found
    such favor in the eyes of the Egyptians that
    they were ready to give to the Jews all of their
    prized possessions. Observed Rav Chatzkel,
    for 117 years of slavery and persecution, the
    Egyptians were disgusted with the Jewish
    people. In the last years, the Egyptians suffered
    horribly through the Jews as they were tortured
    and decimated by the Ten Plagues. Yet, Rav
    Chatzkel questions, as this period came to a
    conclusion, all of a sudden the Egyptians had
    an about face and the Jews had favor in their
    eyes? This is contrary to any human sense
    Rather Rav Chatzkel explains that this is
    a Divine miracle engineered by Hashem in
    fulfillment of the verse, “B’retzos Hashem
    darchei ish, gam oivav yashlim ito – When
    Hashem favors the ways of man, even his
    enemy’s make peace with him.” Thus, when
    Yosef was viceroy and he saved the land of
    Egypt, the Jews were favored by the Egyptians.
    However, when Yosef died and they annulled

    the performance of circumcision and the Jews
    said let us be like the Egyptians, Hashem then
    forcibly separated us from the Egyptians by
    making them loathe us. Later, at the time of the
    Exodus, when the Jews eschewed the Egyptian
    idolatry and took their sheep-G-d for the
    korban pesach and circumcised themselves,
    Hashem allowed once again the Jews to find
    favor in the eyes of the Egyptians.
    When Jews came to America and they were
    confronted with the waspish society that didn’t
    allow them into the country clubs, some made
    the mistake of thinking that if they became
    more American they would be more accepted.
    The reality is just the opposite. When we try
    to be like the goyim, that causes them to repel
    us as a safeguard against assimilation. Thus,
    the golden age of Spain came to a crashing
    halt when we became just like the Spaniards
    and, as the famous saying goes, “If the Jews
    don’t make Kiddush, then the goyim make
    Havdalah,” meaning, if we don’t behave with
    the proper sanctity, then the goyim make the
    separation. As the posuk teaches, ‘Heim am
    lovodod yishkon,’ when we are a nation that
    dwells apart, then ‘U’vagoyim lo yischashov,’
    the other nations don’t take note of us and
    don’t cause us problems.
    The finding of chein-favor is a very important
    quality. The Steipler Gaon, zt”l, zy”a, writes
    in his work Chayyei Olam that Hashem
    demonstrated with the plagues that He

    controls nature whether it’s the food supply
    (with plagues such as locusts and hail), or the
    water supply (with the plague of blood), or the
    animals (with the wild beasts and pestilence).
    He also showed that He wields the power of
    who should find favor in the eyes of who.
    Every day we ask in the morning, “Us’neinu
    hayom uv’chol yom, l’chein, ul’chesed
    ul’rachamim, b’einechah,” in Your eyes,
    “V’einei chol ro’einu,” and in the eyes of
    those who see us. In bentching, we also say in
    the fourth bracha that Hashem should give us
    chein, to find favor. Chein is a great commodity
    because it benefits us even if we don’t deserve
    it. That is why it’s the root of the word chinam
    which means free, because one who finds favor
    benefits even when it’s not deserved.
    In my study of Chok L’Yisroel, I learned a
    Zohar that Noach found favor in the Eyes of
    Hashem and the Zohar asks, How did Noach
    accomplish this? The Zohar reveals that it’s
    embedded in Noach’s name which can be read
    nun-ches, Noach, and ches-nun, Chein, and if a
    person adopts a gentle style with those around
    them, that’s a way to find favor in the Eyes of
    Hashem. That also why the Mishnah in Pirkei
    Avos states, Kol she’ruach haberios nochah
    heimenu, ruach haMakom nochah heimenu –
    Whomever people are at ease with, Hashem is
    also at ease with them.” A great recipe to find
    favor in the Eyes of Hashem, even if we might
    not be deserving, is to adopt a gentle demeanor

    and calm
    attitude to
    our fellow
    May it we
    the will of
    Hashem that
    we cultivate
    the awesome
    trait of gentleness, as the Gemora advises,
    “L’olam ye’hei adam rach k’kanah – May a

    person always be gentle as a reed.” In that mer-
    it, may we find favor in Eyes of Hashem and

    our fellow man and be blessed with long life,
    good health, and everything wonderful.