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    Earlier this month, the Congressional hearings chaired by Virginia Foxx (RNC) brought to light long-held suspicions about the loathsome ideologies encouraged, nurtured, and broadcast in the corridors of higher learning. Universities, once revered for their dignity were now seen as a cauldron of hate. What hasn’t been sufficiently examined is that the stirring of the pot – an
    eclectic mix of leftist ideologies with diffuse targets of blame – is the result of federally funded initiatives, grants, and other forms of government largess. Using these funds, universities have haplessly descended into a culvert of disgrace, as they have taken the dictates of intersectionality, wokeism, and critical race theory too far. The pendulum has undeniably swung to the far-left. Whereas, woke ideology was intended in good faith to recognize the subjugation of demographic groups who’ve been denied access to productive, prosperous and happy lives, the ideology has now been stood on its head. Wokeism, as pointed out earlier this week in a long essay by JNS.org (Jewish News Syndicate) founder Jonathan Tobin, has become a redoubtable threat to Jewish lives. In “Going Woke Has Endangered American Jews,” Tobin in examining the disturbing poll results of college students, the majority of whom find Jews to be “oppressors,” showed how leftist ideology has planted myths and factoids in the minds of young, impressionable college-age youth. Sadly, this generation will be our leaders of tomorrow.
    But we don’t have to accept defeat, nor concede to the maddening ideology that has swept the halls of intellectual discourse inside the ivory towers. Instead, we must assiduously examine, inspect, and scrutinize how politically-driven agendas specifically tied to receipt of funding, both from the public coffer and from private sources, have swept to the shores like a strong tidal wave coming without any warning or notice. This is where a congressional investigation can be most effective. In fact, the climate is propitious for such an investigation. That is, we are seeing, at the minimum, a fierce pushback to the “neutral” gender-identity preachings suffusing early childhood curricula, where young students have been encouraged to eschew their assigned at-birth gender in favor of what I call the “amoeba theory” (an amoeba has no gender identity and as a lower eukaryotes species reproduces only via binary fission). Similarly, we need a fierce pushback to the polluted ideas founds in the corridors of higher education. Wars are known to “radicalize.” In fact, they often mimic divorce. In both instances, long-
    standing dissention and strife suddenly – in fact, almost immediately – come up to the surface. Anger, resentment, and antipathy, which had been brewing over the years, are now compacted in those few moments of conflagration. As such, boundaries, once fudged, now become perspicuously clear. So do loyalties. And what that means, is that what we are seeing in the wake of the Hamas’ catastrophic assault on Israelis living peacefully in the kibbutzim and towns along the Gazan border, is a clear demarcation of ideological boundaries, playing itself out in the protests and demonstrations on the college campuses. Tragically, this strife has spilled into the streets, causing a serious threat to public safety. The number of bomb threats, albeit false, against the shuls across the country have exponentially multiplied within a relatively shorty window of time. We are not safe. We are a minority. This is why every Jew feels a compelling need to do “more” – basically, to maximize the effect of one single person so that we make up for our small numbers relative to the populous communities of Islamic believers and their ardent supporters, sadly many who come from tepid or “self- denying” Jewish backgrounds. As part of this need to do “more” – so as to compensate for our small numbers in light
    of the world population – we can ask the U.S. Congress to subpoena the records of universities nationwide to uncover the trail of misused federal monies. Namely, largess that had been appropriated for DEI –Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – well-intentioned initiatives to equalize decades of oppression and disenfranchisement of BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) populations – should be closely examined for signs of usurpation by anti-Zionist agitators. Evidence can be found in the curriculum and in the guest lecturers who partake in symposia and conferences hosted by the universities. And we shouldn’t stop with the IVY Leagues, for we’ve seen in the past months hate mongering towards Jewish students that traverses all levels of schools of higher learning. All the universities throughout the US must be put on trial. Nothing less will root out this anathema.