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    1 large cabbage, cored and sliced
    1 ¼ cups ketchup
    1 15oz can diced tomatoes
    4 cups ginger ale
    2 lbs chopped meat
    1 egg
    Salt and pepper to taste



    All the flavor of stuffed cabbage without the effort. Unstuffed cabbage is an easy and delicious way to enjoy the taste of traditional stuffed cabbage but without the work.
    In a large pot, add the ketchup and ginger ale, stir to combine. Add the diced tomatoes and chopped cabbage.
    Combine the chopped meat, egg, salt and pepper. Roll into meatballs.
    I prefer them smaller sized around the size of a quarter in diameter.
    Add to the pot.
    Cover and cook on medium flame for 1 ½ hours.