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    The Gemara (Brachos 26:) teaches that Yitzchak established tefillas Minchah, as it states (Bereishis 24:63), “Yitzchak went to daven in the field towards evening.”Tur (232) writes, “One must be very cautious with Minchah because Eliyahu’s tefillos were answered during Minchah time. As it states (Melachim 1, 18:36), ‘Minchah time, Eliyahu approached [Hashem with tefillah].’”What is so unique about Minchah that the tefillos are answered at that time? Tur explains that it is the hardest tefillah to keep track of, as it is right in the middle of the day when people are in the midst of their work. Also, it is hard to leave work to daven.These two factors make this tefillah very precious, and therefore, the tefillos said during this time are answered.The Trisker Magid (Magen Avraham, Balak) zt’l writes, “I heard from my father (Rebbe Mordechai of Chernobyl zt’l) in the name of the Baal Shem Tov zt’l that when a person is busy with his work all day long – in the market and on the streets – and he almost forgets that there’s a Creator, and then he remembers that it is time to daven Minchah, and he moans in his heart, thinking how the day passed with foolishness, and he runs to a side street and davens Minchah, although he doesn’t know what he is saying, his tefillah is very precious before the Creator, and his moan pierces the heavens.”Another reason the Minchah tefillah is so special is that Yitzchak Avinu established it. The Gemara (Brachos 26:) teaches that Yitzchak established Minchah, as it states (Bereishis 24:63), “Yitzchak went to daven in the field towards evening.TheKli Yakar (Bereishis 24:63) explains: “Avraham and Yaakov established Shacharis and Maariv, but we don’t see that their tefillos were answered immediately. But when Yitzchak davened Minchah, his tefilos were answered right away.Yitzchak was likely davening for a spouse since Eliezer was now on the road for this purpose. And it states (Tehillim 32:6), ‘For this, let every chasid daven to You…” and Chazal (Brachos 8.) say that this refers to davening for a spouse. Yitzchak’s tefilos were answered immediately, as it states (Bereishis 24:63), ‘He raised his eyes and saw, and behold! camels were coming’ [bringing Rivkah]. He davened with his eyes turned downwards, and immediately upon finishing the tefillah he raised his eyes and saw that his tefillos were already answered.Camels were coming carrying his spouse. This is Chazal’s proof that a person’s prayers are answered by Minchah more than by Shacharis and Maariv.”Reb Yonoson Eibshitz zt’l (Tiferes Yonoson, Korach) also explains that the greatness of Minchah is because Yitzchak established it, and he explains that Yitzchak represents the belief that Hashem answers everyone’s tefillah, even those who are at low levels.His explanation is based on the following Gemara (Shabbos 89:): In the future, Hakadosh Baruch Hu will tell the avos, “Your children sinned to me.” Avraham and Yaakov will reply, that Hashem should wipe out and destroy Klal Yisrael, chalilah.Only Yitzchak will speak up in our defense. He will say, “Ribono Shel Olam! Are they my children and not Your children? You call them (Shemos 4:22), ‘My firstborn, Yisrael.’” Yitzchak will daven and save the Jewish nation.From this Gemara, Reb Yohonoson Eibshitz understands why the Minchah tefillos are most answered. Minchah corresponds to Yitzchak Avinu, and Yitzchak davens for the resha’im, for people who aren’t worthy.So when we daven Minchah, even if we aren’t worthy, our tefillos are answered.