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    When Will Enough Be Enough?

    When will the Israeli government stop buckling to world pressure and do the job they were elected to do, which is to protect the citizens of Israel?

    How many more orphans have to be created? How many 13 year old girls have to be murdered in their peaceful sleep in bed before they take responsibility?

    Recently the great talker Avigdor Lieberman was appointed defense minister, for about a week the Arab world shivered in fear. Guess what? Lieberman proved he was also a politician, all talk- no action.

    Lives are taken what does this government do? Knock down a few homes. This time they went a little more extreme they are allowing 42 homes to be built in Kiryat Arba, wow!

    After an originally denied building freeze in a place where hundreds of home were originally approved to be built 42 can now be built. This is progress.

    Bibi said, “you don’t slit a little girl’s throat to protest a policy”

    To that I say you don’t avenge her death by building 42 homes.

    You destroy the terrorists. You seek them out and destroy them. You expel our enemies not keep them in Israel. You build communities not homes and you say to the world.

    “I am responsible for every Jewish life and I will defend and build to protect every little girl.”  That’s what the prime minister of Israel should do.

    Weakness only brings more terrorism. As the Arab terrorists showed last week. As Bibi did nothing another terrorist went out and murdered a father of ten children and created 10 new orphans. We need strength not weakness, that’s why this government was elected that why Lieberman was appointed Defense Minister.

    Esther Mirom, the director of the Harikud dance national studio in which Hallel-Yaffa Ariel the 13 year old girl that was murdered participated, spoke about her talented student who was viciously murdered on Thursday.

    “Hallel was an amazing dancer. She studied here for five years. What characterized her was her very strong and meaningful quietness. She was graceful and an amazing dancer. She came with her grace and her quiet.”

    The evening before Ariel’s death, she performed in Jerusalem as part of a performance that traveled around the country. “We were in Orot. There was an unbelievable show – people really went wild and Hallel also enjoyed herself. Hallel was part of the dance family. Her last performance was sort of a graduation party.”

    The terrorist who killed Ariel broke into her family’s home in Kiryat Arba, then proceeded to lock himself in Hallel’s room and stab her repeatedly. He was later killed by security forces.

    After it was learnt that Hallel Yaffa was an American citizen, the U.S. State Department condemned “in the strongest terms the outrageous terrorist attack.”

    “This brutal act of terrorism is simply unconscionable,” spokesperson John Kirby said in the statement. “We extend our deepest condolences to her family.”

    What did you hear from the mouth of President Obama?

    As an entire nation mourned the murder of Hallel-Yaffe Ariel the mother her murderer boasted “my son was a hero. He made me proud” . Every Arab mother like that should be expelled with all her children who she is raising to be murderers. Send them to Gaza or Syria.

    The next day Miki Mark, father of 10 and yeshiva director was also murdered before his wife and two of his ten children while driving them on Friday. Rabbi Michael “Miki” Mark, a 48 year old from Otniel, the cousin of Mossad chief Yossi Cohen. Miki’s wife, Chava, 40, was seriously wounded, their 13-year-old daughter Tehila was moderately-to-seriously wounded, and their 15-year-old son Pedayah was lightly wounded. Beside the son, every member of the family was shot by terrorists who drove past their car travelling on Route 60 in Har Hevron.

    The murdered father was the director of a yeshiva in Otniel and a very well-known figure in his regional council. Otniel’s secretary, Eran Dgani, said, “Miki was a pillar of the settlement and of Har Hevron. He was one of the pioneers of the settlement. He was a very modest and honest man, a man of action in every inch of his body. Miki ran the yeshiva in Otniel for years, and he ran the company for the development of Har Hevron and led to extraordinary accomplishments. He was a man of faith and spirit, and he spent every moment of his free time studying torah. He was a gentle man and a devoted father to his family. His absence in the settlement will be great.”

    Family and friends of Michael “Miki’ Mark paid their last respects as mourners gathered in the Otniel Hesder Yeshiva Sunday morning.

    Excerpts from the eulogy of Orit, Mark’s daughter:

    “My beloved father, I can’t believe we’re parting. Just a moment ago we were at a different funeral together, and you held me and said that you’ll never leave, but now God has taken you. We know why. You always told us that our Father in heaven takes the good ones, and you’re the best in the world”

    “You gave so much to others, you accepted us as we are. Ask God to have mercy on us. You and mom are the best parents in the world. Look at us down here, we are so broken, but yet so strong, and all because of what you taught us. Thank you for everything, thank you for rebuking me when I did things that are wrong, and showing me the right path. Look at your family, Dad, and be proud. You should be so proud for having built such a family, where each one of us has our own unique strengths.”

    It is my hope that our lead us through these tragedies and fight off our enemies. Expel them, annex all of Yehuda and Shomron

    And build on the entire country. Doing this will show strength and stop the terrorism. And may the lord above hear our tefilot and avenge their deaths.