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Dear Editor:

This past Sunday, Cong. Kneseth Israel “The White Shul” was the location where

hundreds took advantage of the wonderful opportunity during the month of Elul, to have many Tefillin issues checked and corrected. Rabbi Eitan Feiner, was on hand and was amazed at the incredible results as well as the patience exhibited by the four Sofrim and Batim machers who worked until almost noon. The program goes this Friday to Khal Yetev Lev d’Satmar Boro Park and to Beirach Moshe d’Satmar Williamsburg the following week. “We travel and have traveled to ‘all’ sects of the Jewish community, wherever men and boys want to ensure they are fulfilling this precious Mitzvah, L’chatchilla,” said the founder of the program. Tens of thousands have had adjustments made in the past nine years.  To learn more please call 718-377-6735 or email shelrosh@comcast.net

Editor’s Note: Chazak V’ematz! What a way to prepare for the Yom Hadin.



Dear Editor:

I really don’t understand the diabetic’s point about there not being food for him at a Kiddush. There are so many segments in every population that have different dietary constraints, diabetics being only one of them. I personally know people who are allergic to various different foods. They do not insist on others catering to their needs, but make do with whatever they are allowed to eat. The same concept applies to the diabetic. There are some things that are permissible to be eaten at a Kiddush and he may partake of those, or he may choose not to! May we have many simchos to share in K’lal Yisroel this year.

Confused by this discussion

Editor’s Note: The problem arises when a child is allergic, or when there is a case of juvenile diabetes. It makes it very difficult for the parent and the child who is tempted with so many things that the child many not have. It would be very nice if there would be a nut-free/sugar free table for these children.



Dear Editor:

Non-Jews always tell me that Jews are smart. How smart can we be if we elected 2 useless US senators, a governor and a mayor who like to appear on television to remind people that they exist, but actually accomplish nothing.

Ignatz Borush

Editor’s Note: What do you thing? Jews are the only guys who get to vote? All I can say is, on Election Day vote early and vote often. Be smart about picking your candidate.



Dear Editor:

I believe political correctness has gone way too far. Upon hearing about the pipe bomb in Chelsea, DeBlasio refused to call it an act of terrorism. Why the hesitance of calling it terror? If a bomb goes off in your neighborhood, it is very scary. I call that terror. Isn’t it ironic that the person who allegedly planted the bomb is a peace loving Moslem? We are told that we have to be nice to the people who want to kill us. The funniest thing is that Hillary Clinton says she is best equipped to fight terror. How can you fight terror if you refuse to call it terror?

Joe Schwab

Editor’s Note: I guess if you would be a Moslem you might see things a little differently. I will say that politicians pander for votes, they have no pure intentions. Their opinion will swing on dime. That’s one good thing about Trump, he isn’t a politician yet, although he’s on his way.



Dear Editor:

Please be advised that there are numerous speeding cameras across Brooklyn. It is virtually impossible to drive 35 mph and up without getting a ticket. The lights are still set up to sync when doing 35 mph, so either you get a red light ticket when going 25, or a speeding ticket when going 35. We need the politicians to make it fair and make sure the lights get synchronized properly. It is ridiculous that one can drive down Ocean Parkway at night and hit a red light on every corner when driving 25 and the road is empty. I challenge anyone to try this.

Yehuda Krakauer

Editor’s Note: Politicians won’t change this! This is a money cow! They aren’t interested in your safety; they’re interested in making some good money off you. In a few years the courts will strike this down as being illegal. Up till then your hard earned money will be wasted on this.