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Dear Editor:

I also believe that Dov Hikind made a mistake in not taking a stand in this most important election. However, I cannot agree with you that he is out for himself. Dov has always been there for every Jewish cause. He has always made us proud and represented us well. He has never been a typical politician. He always looked out for our community. He might have been wrong, but he definitely was not looking to get attention. If he was, he might have endorsed Hillary.

A Fan of Dov Hikind

Editor’s Note: I will apologize if I took away or diminished any of Dov Hikind’s great work in any way. Everyone should know that Dov Hikind is a great person. He is selfless in his work for Klal Yisroel. His choice to vote for a third party who is not even running, was a political maneuver that I do not agree with. It was a wasted vote.


Dear Editor:

I was appalled at the lack of respect you displayed to Dov Hikind in your last week’s response. Dov is a great person who has done so much for our community. He is well respected and we owe him Hakoras Hatov.

Dan Fleischman

Editor’s Note: Please see the response to the above letter. Again, we apologize and still stand that a wasted vote is a wasted vote.


Dear Editor:

As a Jewish person there is NO politician in America that we could trust more than Assemblyman Dov Hikind. Think about it, if chas v’shalom a family member of yours is in major trouble and you need a politician to step in, who are you going to call? Dov has Klal Yisroel on his back. I might not always agree with the people he endorses, but I look up to the man and wish him and his family much hatzlacha in helping Klal Yisroel for many more years to come!

Editor’s Note: Dov Hikind should continue to have great success in his endeavors.



Dear Editor:

Now that the elections are over what will we be busy with? I think we will all have withdrawal symptoms.

Noah S.

Editor’s Note: How about joining a Daf Yomi shiur or listening to any shiur.


Dear Editor:

I think it is high time that we all unite and help each other. Instead of being divided. We as a community need to be be’achdus, otherwise we will be getting the raw end of the stick politically.

Dovid M.

Editor’s Note: Amen, couldn’t have said it any better.



Dear Editor:

What happened to the good old days when we were able to eat without worrying about our weight? In the olden days it was fine to be a little heavy. Back in Europe it was actually a positive aspect if someone had some “fleish” on their bones. I yearn for those days where we did not have any anorexia issues.

Chavi B.

Editor’s Note: I guess our medical establishment has grown and they know what has to be done in order to be healthy.




Dear Editor:

What is the general feeling of The Vues readership about people asking for a picture of a girl being redt before the first date?

Channy Rosen

Editor’s Note: I think it’s lacking tznius plus you’ll see the person on the date anyway.




Dear Editor:

We hear about so many tragedies every day. What can we do about this? We need Moshiach.

 Tzippy D.

Editor’s Note: We should all start saying tehillim everyday, do teshuvah and become better people.


Dear Editor:

Is it possible to take out the TV listings from your paper? I think most people reading your publication don’t even watch TV.

Yitzy S.

Editor’s Note: We tried it before and there was an outcry against it.



Dear Editor:

My 18 year old son is addicted to Dans Deals. He is constantly looking for new deals and new credit cards. What should I do?

Yocheved B.

Editor’s Note: Be happy your son has ambition and may he make a lot money.