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Dear Trump:

When Mayor DeBlasio comes begging for money for the city, please ask him why he needs more money since he has a budget of $82 billion dollars. Why does he need so much money if he has no army, no navy, and no air force to support? There is no city on earth that has such a huge budget. In addition, please tell him to use some of the money to fix the potholes in the city. The city resembles Berlin in 1945.

Ignatz Borush

Editor’s Note: No more words needed.




Dear Editor:

A few weeks ago in a response to a reader’s question you commented about soda and Snapple possibly being used for Havdala. I would like to clarify that  soda and Snapple are not chamar medina and may not be used for Havdala.

Rabbi Dovid Katz

Editor’s Note: Regarding soda, the following poskim hold it may be used as chamar medina when wine is not available: Rav Scheinberg, Rav Elyashiv, Shearim Hamitzuyanim B’halacha, the Rivivos Ephraim, Rav Gustman, Rav Ruderman, and Rav Bloch. Regarding Snapple, most would consider it to be iced tea. The following poskim hold that sugared tea may be used as chamar medina in the event that wine is not available: Aruch Hashulchan, Igros Moshe, Shemiras Shabbos K’hilchaso, Tzitz Eliezer, Rivivos Ephraim, and Nishmas Shabbos.

Of course, Rabbi Katz, one should not use these drinks if you have wine or grape juice available.



Dear Editor:

Why do we need the clock changed? Why can’t we leave the clock the same way all year long? It’s really annoying on so many fronts; can’t we just do away with it?

Duddy Schwartz

Editor’s Note: First of all, men would have a hard time davening early since Alos can come out very late. In addition, we would like to maximize daylight hours thereby working when the sun is out. It is annoying to change the clock, but the benefits outweigh the annoyance. It is a good reminder for all of us to change the batteries in our smoke and carbon dioxide alarms.



Dear Editor:

Let us see how quickly Obamacare will be repealed. My prediction is that it won’t happen.

Chaya S.

Editor’s Note: Time will tell! Let us give the president-elect some time (100 days in office) before we pass judgement.



Dear Editor:

I want to weigh in on your letter last week that was posted on top of all the letters. If you put something in your paper, it means that you agree with it. You can’t write that you have nothing to do with letters to the editor if you don’t mention the name of the person who is responsible. I personally had no problem with what he wrote about politicians. We all know politicians are crooked. They do a lot of good, but their means and ways sometimes leave a lot to be desired. Look at our president elect as the perfect example.

Berel Jeremias

Editor’s Note: I will have to agree and disagree with you, Berel. The editor responding to the letters to the editor does not have to be the managing editor of the paper. Not everyone can do everything, so things need to be delegated. Regarding the person’s name, that isn’t relevant as there could be various people editing the column. One thing is for sure; everything written here gets scrutinized and looked over many times. At the same time it’s important to note that mistakes do happen; everyone is flawed. We encourage the readership to communicate with us and let us know what their opinion is.