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Over Chanukah many of my friends had donut parties. They went to 10 or more bakeries throughout Brooklyn and bought a half dozen donuts in each bakery. After lighting the menorah they judged the donuts to see which store made the best donuts. I’m just amazed at how many donuts are consumed over the week of Chanukah!

Moishe K

Editor’s Note: Just think how many brachos were made.


It’s crazy how my son came home from Yeshiva last week and told me that his entire class is going away for their yeshiva winter break. I remember when I was a kid some kids would go to Florida to visit there grandparents but it wasn’t halacha that everyone had to go away.


Editor’s Note:  It’s still not halacha. There are plenty of things to do in and around NYC.


Loved your article on Obama last week. I have been counting the days till Trump is innaugarated. President Obama has been the worst President for Israel since Jimmy Carter.

Let’s just hope he is finished beating up on Israel and ends his last days without any further incidents


Editor’s Note: Amen!

I read last week your article on President Obama, it was really good.

Just when you thought everything was said. John Kerry, who was known not to be a friend of Israel even before he was appointed gave one of the most anti -Israel speeches of all time.

Where do they come off talking like that when they represent the United States. It is not the opinion of The Senate, Congress or people.

How can they talk like that?

Sam from Flatbush

Editor’s Note: Baruch Hashem only 15 more days and Obama is out.


Last week you ran a page asking people what there favorite donut flavor was. My family loved it, but can you please tell us what a chulent flavored donut is?


Editor’s Note: We just asked the questions, we didn’t tell the people what to answer.


The UN is such a crooked place President Trump should close it down and send them back to their own countries.

Maybe after that he could turn the UN into luxury condos. It is the perfect place and he has the know how.


Editor’s Note: Send the President elect your suggestion.


The Washington Post on Monday gave five ways the Trump administration can negate the anti-Israel U.N. Security Council resolution:

1) The U.S. must clearly declare that Israeli settlements do not violate international law. 

2) The United States should move the embassy not merely to Jerusalem, but to the location of the current Consular Section in the Arnona neighborhood.

3) The United States must clarify that all its treaties or laws

applicable to Israel apply fully to all areas under Israel’s civil


4) Congress should rapidly reintroduce and pass several anti-boycott bills from the outgoing session. 

5) At the United Nations, defunding is one option — but vetoing Security Council resolutions not clearly necessary to the U.S. national interest is another.

Do you agree and is it realistic?


Editor’s Note: The first hundred days of  Trump’s presidency will tell us a lot about him.


In this lovely house I have six dear friends all Shabbath observers. I am an elderly invalid so my PCA picks up the weekly issue of The Vues.

We like to watch the Sunday morning news, however in the issue of (12/24-12/30) there is no TV listings at all. Where is it written that the week of Chanukah you are not allowed to watch news? Or any Thursday night after 8pm? With my very best,

Elizabeth Teitelbaum

Editor’s Note: Thanks to you and the many others that asked for it, you can see we put the listings back in.