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    Dear Editor:

    I am besieged daily with tzedakah envelopes. Am I required to give to every one of the organizations that send me an envelope? Are they all legit? I am befuddled.

    Yanky M

    Editor’s Note: You’re better off giving as much as you can give. May Hashem help that you be from the givers, not the takers, unless it’s on the behalf of taking for others.



    Dear Editor:

    How much more damage will Obama do before he leaves office? I feel like he is trying to do as much as he can now that his party lost the election. Could you imagine what he would have done against Israel and the Jewish community if he had not been trying to get Hillary elected?

    Berel B

    Editor’s Note: We will have to wait and see as the time goes by. We know that lev melachim v’sarim b’yad Hashem. Tefillah definitely helps.



    Dear Editor:

    What’s the real story concerning all this e-mail and cyber hacking? Is this a danger to our country? Is my banking information safe?

    Editor’s Note: This is not a new story. Espionage has been going on all these years. As technology advances, so do espionage tactics. Your banking information is probably safe unless you’re a millionaire. If so, I would suggest you put in extra effort into having enough protection.



    Dear Editor:

    Now that we had our first snow, I would like to remind all homeowners to please shovel the walkway. Shoveling a thin path is not enough. Some people need to use walkers and wheel chairs that won’t fit in that skinny walkway.

    Thanks for your understanding

    Sadie Birnbaum

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for pointing this out to the public. People tend to forget to take care of their shoveling needs, especially if they go away.



    Dear Editor:

    Is Israeli politics ever going to be clean? Every couple of weeks another scandal comes out. It is amazing what people will risk for a little honor.

    Izzy Boaz

    Editor’s Note: A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Politicians don’t change, the people who become politicians change.



    Dear Editor:

    I heard that Israel convicted a soldier for killing an immobilized terrorist. Is this not a disgrace? Here you have a murderer who is just looking to kill and he is afforded more protection than the civilian he is trying to kill.

    Eitan Baharav

    Editor’s Note: The Torah tells us, “habo l’hargach hashkeim lehargo.” It’s a shame that the Israeli political courts can’t understand that. In addition, they force chareidim to join the army. Today, there is a chareidi soldier in jail because he refused to shave off his beard. The soldier’s sergeant testified that the soldier is not chareidi. The chaplain of his base claims he is chareidi. This shows how skewed the views of the IDF are.



    Dear Editor:

    While this may be an unpopular opinion, I think that this publication should get rid the TV listings completely. 

    There are too many omissions in the listings, errors, and missing days, etc. With technology today I feel there is no longer a need or demand for the listings. Why don’t you just concentrate on the advertising and columns by Rebbeim.

    This way you can please the public today. One has to know the audience one is dealing with these days, and flow with the times as well.


    Midwood consumer.

    Editor’s Note: This is an ongoing discussion.