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    Dear Editor:

    You had an article in The Vues regarding the gimmel aveiros, the three sins a Jew is obligated to give up his life for rather than transgress them. I wanted to mention that there are unfortunately things that I see many many people transgressing which happens to be one of the gimmel aveiros and that is the issue of shaking hands with someone of the opposite gender. The Chazon Ish and the Steipler Gaon say that a person should rather die than shake hands with someone of the opposite gender. It says in Igros Moshe in three different places that it is certainly prohibited to do this; it borders on gilui arayos. It says in other places that it is forbidden. It pains me very deeply to see people transgressing such a chamurdik thing. I think it is important to draw the public’s attention to this matter and hopefully people will be careful about this in the future. In the zechus of properly guarding ourselves, guarding our eyes, and guarding our behavior we will be zoche to greet moshiach tzidkainu very, very soon. Thank you.

    Editor’s Note: I personally believe that shaking a woman’s hand is not one of the three aveiros chamuros. It is abizrayu d’arayos. One should not shake the hand of someone of the opposite gender that is for sure. But one does not have to be killed for this action. Especially since it is an action that is not derech chibah.



    Dear Editor:

    Regarding the matter of Ivanka Trump and Mr. Kushner and how they returned from the inauguration ball on Shabbos via a non-Jewish driver; regardless of the technical halachic details whether it was allowed or not allowed, the point is that they had the opportunity to make a Kiddush Hashem, to sanctify G-d’s name by showing that Jews in the public eye proudly keep Shabbos without compromise. Shabbos is “Ois He L’Oilam.” It’s a sign between us and the Aibeshter forever. They had the opportunity to sanctify G-d’s name through proudly keeping Shabbos without compromising their religious values. Unfortunately, they didn’t do that. We should always be careful when we are in the public eye to make a Kiddush Hashem.

    Editor’s Note: It is very easy for you to criticize them from your couch. You do not know what nisyonos they have. Just be happy they don’t make a Chillul Hashem and they keep the p’sak of their rabbi.



    Dear Editor:

    This is in response to Rabbi Gil Student’s (and Rabbi Cohen’s) well-written analysis of riding in a car driven by a non-Jew.

    I don’t follow the comparison of a car to an elevator. In order for an elevator to travel at a safe speed, it has to be counter-balanced. If the counter-weight is too light, the elevator will plummet like a stone; too heavy, and the elevator will hit the roof. Every time someone enters or exits the elevator, the mechanism must adjust the counter-weight. Thus, when you enter or exit the elevator, you are personally causing circuits to open or close. Whether this is a problem is a matter of debate.

    When a car is being driven, an extra person inside may cause it to use more gas, but there is no change in the driver’s action. Halacha does not distinguish between lighting a candle or lighting a bonfire. While sitting in the car, the passenger is not performing any action. If he doesn’t turn the lights on or off while opening or closing the door, he did no Melachah at all.

    Of course, there are other issues to consider. But I don’t see the relevance of this comparison.

    Zvi Freund

    Kew Gardens

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for your input. This debate is beyond the scope of this forum.



    Dear Editor: 

    Can you help my cousin? My cousin has two tickets for the 2017 SUPER BOWL – box seats. He paid $2,500 for each, but didn’t realize when he bought them last year, that it was going to be the same day as his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place. Thanks, and enjoy!

    Editor’s Note: Unfortunately these jokes go around every year. What’s truly pathetic is that there is some truth to every joke. Hashem should help us and we should outgrow the Chukos Hagoi that is the Super Bowl and live to see moshiach tzidkeinu, bimihaira biyameinu.



    Dear Editor:

    Where are all these liberal protestors when it comes to all those seven countries that are now banned from entering the USA? These same countries do not allow any Israeli citizens to enter their countries! Do I smell Liberal Hypocrisy? Let’s protest for the rights of the people in the countries where the country itself does not practice any human rights.

    Yankel S.

    Editor’s Note: Liberals are hypocrites, we know that. They will protest anything Trump will do. When Obama did the same thing, no one protested. It’s pathetic that Obama is calling out against it from wherever his is right now. He should be controlling his mouth, especially since he announced at his last press conference that he will be quiet.



    Dear Editor:

    There are too many Chinese Auctions in our community. I don’t know which one to give to and they all look so exciting.

    Editor’s Note: Hashem should help you that you should always be able to give and not have to take.