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    Dear Editor:

    In response to the letter from Yoel Klein (January 21-27) in reference to last American Astronaut passing away, many theorists debunk any landing on the moon.

    One of these “proofs” is that the American flag planted on the surface of the moon is blowing in the breeze/wind. As is commonly known, the moon has no oxygen so therefore how can the flag “fly”?

    Another proof is the total lack of stars in the photos/videos. There are no clouds on the moon, so stars are perpetually visible and significantly brighter than what we see through the filter of Earth’s atmosphere.

    Also, would you happen to know the source from which the Satmar Rebbe, z”tl sites that there never was a moon landing.

    Thank you.


    Editor’s Note: I think the reason why the flag looks like it’s flying is that they used a camera that was shaky. Photography wasn’t as developed then as it is today. You make an intriguing point whether man landed on the moon or not. It’s ironic that they aren’t landing on the moon anymore. Could it be that it really never happened and now that we have such excellent ways of following what is happening they know they can’t pull this off again?



    Dear Editor:

    I would like to remind everyone to spread salt around his or her property. Last week I heard that someone fell and fractured his ankle and required surgery. Lo Sasim Damim Be’Viesecha really applies here. Wishing everyone a safe winter.

    Zorach S.

    Editor’s Note: You make a great point. I wish more people would be more careful taking care of their property and the land around it. I feel like I am on an ice skating rink when I walk down the block.



    Dear Editor:

    This Trump Presidency looks like he is failing. I just heard Michael Flynn resigned from his cabinet. He spoke to the Russians illegally. Our country is in trouble.

    Sadie Wachs

    Editor’s Note: Why don’t you look at it the other way? Trump made sure that someone who did something wrong resigned right away and he didn’t try to sweep it under the rug and make believe everything is okay. He is unlike his predecessor who was great at doing just that. I think he is trying his best to make this country improved both economically and keeping us safe.



    Dear Editor: 

    Is there any way to soften the bukser that we eat on Tu Bishvat? On Shabbos I bit into one and lost two fillings. There has to be some way to fix this issue.


    Editor’s Note: I would suggest you cook it first before biting into it. You may want to add some sugar or honey for extra sweetness. And then still be careful when you bite into it.



    Dear Editor:

    My son just came out of the freezer. I am overwhelmed with resumes. I don’t know which girl to pick for him to date. How did we ever get married without resumes?

    Tzachi G.

    Editor’s Note: I think you should be happy your son is so popular that he is being redt so many shidduchim. It is a wonder how the previous generation ever got married without resumes. Perhaps today’s generation considers marriage like a job which requires a resume.



    Dear Editor:

    What exactly is the Nasi project? What is their goal? I am trying to figure this out.

    Yankel G.

    Editor’s Note: The Nasi project is attempting to make people aware that it is acceptable for boys to marry girls who are the same age as them or even older than them. Their reasoning is that this will solve the overwhelming number of girls who have an extremely difficult time finding their match. I wonder what changed between the previous generation and this generation that it became a crisis.



    Dear Editor:

    Should I treat The Vues as shaimos since it has divrei Torah in it. How should I dispose of it?


    Editor’s Note: That is a question you should ask your local orthodox rabbi. My suggestion is to cut out the divrei Torah and save it!