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Dear Editor:

Is quinoa kosher l’pesach?

Does my pet food have to be kosher l’pesach?


Editor’s Note: Please ask your local Orthodox Rabbi about the quinoa. As for your pet food question, try asking your local Orthodox Rabbit.


Dear Editor:

I’m sick of these muni meter-parking machines. Most of them do not work. I have to walk 2 blocks just to find a machine that works. When I put my credit card into the machine it sometimes takes 2 minutes until it’s approved. When the weather is bad it’s even worse. I’m just very frustrated.

Who is the right person to speak to about getting rid of these muni meter-parking machines?

A very frustrated Yid

Editor’s Note: It is probably not worth talking to anybody since the city makes way too much money for them to be interested in changing the system!


Dear Editor:

I have been shopping for Pesach and am once again bombarded with outrageous prices on regular food items.  It is high time that someone stepped in and helped us out here so we can afford to feed our families for the Yom Tov without going into such debt. Why should regular items cost so much more money now that it is Pesach time?

Hannah H.

Editor’s Note: You need to understand that to make things Kosher for Passover requires an extra mashgiach or two. Some products require special runs at factories where they have to shut the factory down for 24 – 48 hours in order to kasher. Who do you think will compensate these companies? If you don’t want to pay extra, the companies will not be willing to produce Pesach products. So it isn’t really price gouging. It is the cost of doing business!


Dear Editor:

Do you know if we are supposed to say Shalom Aleichem and Aishes Chayil this Friday night at the seder?

A. Sharf, Flatbush

Editor’s Note: I guess like everything else in Judaism, it depends on minhag. One thing I can say, you must acknowledge your Aishes Chayil for all the hard work that she does! Maybe say Shalom Aleichem and get to know each other again.


KIBUD AV        

Dear Editor:

I’m going to my parents’ house for the sedarim and my wife has a very difficult time dealing with my parents. What’s more important; siding with your wife and having shalom bayis, or having Kibud Av V’am and siding with your parents?

A nervous Yid

Editor’s Note: This is a very big quandary. I would suggest you discuss this with your counselor for proper direction. I am not sure why you are so nervous though. At the end of the day, everything will turn out okay! Try your best and you’ll get along with everybody.


Dear Editor

Since I am a bechor, a first-born male, every year on Erev Pesach I go to shul to hear a siyum so I don’t have to fast the entire day. To me it seems like a cop-out. The guy who usually makes the siyum, looks like someone who started his mesechta 2 weeks before just to make the siyum on Erev Pesach. Are you okay with people making siyumim this way?

Editor’s Note: If the Shulchan Aruch is okay with it, why wouldn’t I be okay with it? The bottom line is, the person finished the mesechta which is a cause for celebration. I am just wondering why you aren’t making your own siyum?


Dear Editor:

I sold my chametz to the rabbi this past week. Most people I know give money to the rabbi when they meet with him. What is considered a proper amount and where did this minhag originate?

a Mill Basin Yid

Editor’s Note: It is an oxymoron when you are paying to sell your chametz. The real reason one gives money to the Rav is to fulfill the mitzvah of “Kimcha D’pischa.” It it is really unrelated to the service of selling your chometz.


Dear Editor,

Do you think Klal Yisrael should be going to all these expensive hotels all over the world for Pesach? Do you think Hashem wanted us to remember our exodus from Egypt this way?

A Simple Jew

Editor’s Note: It depends to whom you ask this question. There are many people who make a living off the Pesach hotels. It is interesting to note that we do not celebrate the rechush gadol the Jews took out of Mitzrayim. The reason for this is because after we spend our money to prepare for the holiday there is no zeicher left from the rechush gadol!


Dear Editor,

It’s amazing how many different types of Matzos there are for sale by the advertisers of The Vues. Do you think that Bnei Yisrael had whole wheat, oat & spelt matzos when they left Mitzrayim?

Sam Fischer

Editor’s Note: Who really cares? I can’t get over how many dietary options there are for so many people who need special grains and specific dietary needs. Years ago they wouldn’t have been able to have matzah at all!