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Dear Editor: 

I am extremely worried about North Korea. Is there a WWIII brewing? It is scary when we are dealing with such volatile leaders like Kim Jung and Donald Trump you never know what to expect.

S. Mandelbaum

Editor’s Note: I guess we have to daven for Moshiach.



Dear Editor:

We need to daven for the health of Rav Shteinman who was re-admitted to the intensive care unit.

Moshe R.

Editor’s Note: You are so right. We need every tzaddik available to help protect our generation!



Dear Editor:

Why do we in the Dispora need to celebrate Yom Hashoa? It was established by the Israelis. We need to celebrate Yom Hashoa when we say Yizkor.

I think too much credence is given to these Zionistic Holidays.

Yoily Schwartz

Editor’s Note: Extremism is not good. Everything should be in the proper place and proper time.



Dear Editor:

I am excited to let people know that J-root radio is back on the air on 94.1 FM. We missed it and it is important that our youth have a religious station so that they don’t go elsewhere for entertainment.


Editor’s Note: I felt the lack when J-Root was off the air. Hopefully it will be able to continue broadcasting to the Jewish community.



Dear Editor:

I would love to see some more Torah articles in your booklet. I run every Wednesday to pick up a copy. Thanks for publishing.

Zev F.

Editor’s Note: We are looking for more contributors. You may e-mail your articles in to The Vues and we will see if we can publish it.



Dear Editor:

I wanted to share a quote with you.

What is a moderate interpretation of the text? Halfway between what it really means and what you’d like it to mean?

-Antonin Scalia

It is true in every facet. We need to know that whatever we do has to be with conviction and no half-baked things.

Reuven S

Editor’s Note: How wise of a quote this is! There is a lot of depth and breadth to it.