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    Dear Editor: 

    Did you hear the news that Trump reversed Obama’s healthy lunch initiative? When will schools start serving chocolate milk and regular bread and pasta?

    Morah Feld

    Editor’s Note: I hope the price of lunches will go down for the yeshivos.


    Dear Editor:

    What happened to sefirah? It seems like the whole sefirah is only two weeks. People were getting married as late as the second day Rosh Chodesh and after Lag Baomer there is a wedding almost every night?

    Boruch Hammer

    Editor’s Note: You are so right. We need to be mechazek ourselves when it comes to sefirah.


    Dear Editor:

    I find that I am getting loads of robo calls to both my cell phone and my home phone. I never respond to them. Are there any people that respond to these calls?

    Shaindy T.

    Editor’s Note: There is a number you can call to reach the FCC and put a stop to those calls. It probably won’t help you too much though.



    Dear Editor:

    Acapella music that sounds like real music is this what Chazal meant by not listening to music?

    Shmeel Baum

    Editor’s Note: Rav Belsky definitely held that acapella is regular music. I would suggest it depends on what genre of music you are listening to.



    Dear Editor:

    I recently saw a quote from Abraham Lincoln that says,  “Don’t believe anything you read on the Internet” How could that be was there even Internet in his days?

    Editor’s Note: I am sure you read that quote on the internet.

    J-ROOT IS 


    Dear Editor:

    I am one of the many listeners to the J-Root station. It is so wonderful to have their wonderful programming back on the air. I enjoy the shows and the music. I wish them much hatzlacha with all their good work.

    Chani S.

    Editor’s Note: Which show is your favorite show? I am curious to hear what your opinion is. Please let us know.


    Dear Editor:

    I find that Yom Haatzmaut is celebrated more and more. I don’t understand why does this holiday apply to any charedi Yid. Maybe in Israel it is a national Holiday. Do we celebrate the Russian Independence day? Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism.

    Yoily Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: Some might argue with you and say that Zionism is part of Judiasm. We say in davening, “ViYerushalayim Ircha Berachamim Tashuv.”