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Dear Editor: 

There were a few Jews who went to meet the Pope. Is there any problem with this? Is the Pope a representative of Avoda Zora?

Boruch H

Editor’s Note: Most Rishonim hold that Christianity is not avoda zara. If these people went for shtadlanus it’s probably okay. If they went for the kicks of it then I would say it was not a recommended action.



Dear Editor:

Please enlighten me what this new spinner is that all the kids are busy with? How fidgety are our children that they need these things? They seem to be doing fine when they are in front of a screen.

This juxtaposition makes my mind spin.

Malky H.

Editor’s Note: If it helps one student pay attention in class then let him spin his or her spinner and learn! Each generation acts and learns differently. Of course it should not be done without the teachers’ and hanhala’s consent.



Dear Editor:

Do you feel that a young couple should start off their marriage in Israel where there are no job opportunities?  All the girls could do over there is spend lots of money. In addition, it is very hard for a girl to live there without children. I find it interesting that there are still so many young couples heading to Eretz Yisroel after their wedding.

Shaindy B

Editor’s Note: If the parents have a lot of money it’s probably a good idea since the atmosphere in Eretz Yisroel makes one wise. If the parents are regular sort of people they can probably get a lot more learning for their money if the couple stays local.



Dear Editor:

I saw this on Matzav.com.  

Rav Yitzchok Yosef, Sefardic chief rabbi of Israel, has once again stated that yeshiva bochurim must marry at the age of 20, adding that if their rosh yeshiva does not permit this, they should not listen to him. The Rishon LeTzion attacked those who forbid young men from marrying before the age of 22, 23 or 24.

“At the age of 20, you have to stand under the chupah,” he ruled. “Therefore, at the age of 20, one should not listen to his rosh yeshiva if he says otherwise, with all due respect to him.”

 Rav Yosef explained that yeshiva heads sometimes object to those who wish to marry early because it will negatively impact the dynamics and atmosphere of their yeshivos. “Are they taking responsibility for these bochurim? There’s immodesty and immorality out there. Do they take responsibility?”

 Rav Yosef said that during the period that he served as the head of Yeshivat Chazon Ovadiah, he would accept the students that the yeshiva heads would expel because of their desire to get married early. He added: “The heads of the yeshiva expelled them because they became engaged early. This is unjust.”

 One of the shiur participants asked Rav Yosef: “What if our son is influenced by the rosh yeshiva? What should we do?”

The Rishon LeTzion replied, “He can be transferred to another rebbi who will influence him. There are many talmidei chachomim out there who can guide and influence him. The rosh yeshiva is not the gadol hador.”

I find this article very interesting. I wonder if I can get my child into his Yeshiva despite the fact that I am Ashkenaz?

Moshe Perlman

Editor’s Note: I am sure that in Eretz Yisroel Sephardi yeshivos accept Ashkenazi boys, although I am not sure of the opposite. Don’t forget Rabbi Yosef was speaking for the Israeli yeshiva bochur. I wonder what he would say for the American yeshiva boy.


Dear Editor:

It is interesting to note that Trump just felt his first defeat. He tried meddling in the French elections by getting the ant-Semite LePen elected, but was unsuccessful. At least the French are not crazy enough to go to the far-right.

Zorach M.

Editor’s Note: Trump is doing just fine without France. I would tend to think that France is a very liberal country. It probably does not indicate anything about Trump here in America.



Dear Editor:

Who is Linda Sarsour? Why is Dov Hikind against her speaking at a CUNY college? If she has a differing opinion than us that is fine since she will be speaking at a college not a shul!

Josh S.

Editor’s Note: If she is a sworn anti-Semite who masks her ideals under the cloak of feminism, it is important for our community to stand up against her and to show that we do not agree with bigots and anti-Semites. By the way, it is interesting to note that most feminists stand up for the rights of the Moslems who are the biggest anti-women group possible.



Dear Editor,

How is it possible for Rabbi Gluck and other respectable Jews go before the Pope in The Vatican to sing and dance before the pope.

Isn’t it assur to go to The Vatican let alone dance before the Pope.

While they were there why didn’t they look for the Keilim from the Beis Hamikdash?

Shocked and surprised

Editor’s Note: I received this article below which might answer your question plus the fact that we have a klal “tofasto Merube lo tofastu.”