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Dear Editor: 

Dov Hikind (may he live healthy to 120) is leading the fight to keep the terrorist advocate Linda Sarsour from addressing the City College commencement.  This situation shows the degree of Jew-hatred existing in our college faculties; which in turn shows how erroneous is the preaching of the Benny Brith (as the late Mr. Dooley referred to them) that the answer to bigotry is “education.”  Jew-hating professors are certainly not lacking in education, and indeed probably have more of it than the Benny Brith leadership.

The answer to Jew-hatred is for the Jews to make themselves an enemy to be reckoned with!  Accordingly, we should find out who was responsible for so honoring that creature, and repaying them in the right coin every chance we get!  Since our taxes support the city colleges, shouldn’t it be the rule that we have right to know those responsible for their graduation programs?

Should it not be be public information the names of those who recommended and chose the honored speaker?  If the college is paying Sarsour an honorarium, taxpayers might have a right to seek injunction, or at the very least, the identities of those responsible for this travesty!


Michael J. Libby


Editor’s Note: That sounds like what Meir Kahane would say. I’m not sure that everyone agreed with him.




Dear Editor:

My sons worked hard to prepare their presentations for their school’s Science Fair. My son asked me what I am buying for him to give out at the fair. I answered him with an emphatic, “Nothing!” The school does not make any rules about give outs at the fair and the idea of giving something to the people who come to look at the presentations has grown out of control. If the school would institute rules against giving things out a lot of unnecessary spending and waste would be avoided.


Editor’s Note: I believe the school allows it to give an incentive to the children to be interested in the projects.



Dear Editor:

I don’t understand why there is so much bittul Torah on Lag Baomer. Shouldn’t there be more learning as Rev Shimon said that learning should be our profession?

Moshe Unger

Editor’s Note: You are 100% right. Today, Lag Baomer feels like Nittul, when nobody is learning!




Dear Editor:

It was disturbing to see the lack of transportation in Meron where people pushed themselves into busses through the windows.

Dov Ber Mintz

Editor’s Note: The logistics of transporting hundreds or thousands of people is almost impossible! It becomes that much more difficult when people show no respect for each other and they shove and push others to be the first one on the bus.



Dear Editor:

Why do shidduchim begin with the boy’s side first? I feel that all shidduchim should be redt to the girl first. Boys should be in Yeshiva learning and should be busy with 100 possiblities.

Shevy Meth

Editor’s Note: It is hard to change the world, but your point is well taken.



Dear Editor:

The airlines are really becoming very rude. They have a million different fees and are constantly overbooking, hereby adding delays to every flight. We need Congress to step in and stop the collusion.

Jerry F.

Editor’s Note: As long as the airlines will not be losing money, they will continue doing these things!



Dear Editor:

The weather has been so funny recently. One day the temperature is in the 40’s and the next day 85. It’s so confusing!


Editor’s Note: My suggestion is, listen to the weather forecast every day.