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Dear Editor: 

I was appalled at one of the letters in last week’s issue. I can’t believe you allowed a personal attack on one of your writers. I am not going into the facts of the letter writer’s complaint. I am not qualified to respond. It could be the letter writer had a point. What I did not understand was why the writer was so incensed and intimated that your writer who writes a dvar torah every week is a person who does not use his “seichel” (brain.) There is no need to get personal. If you don’t like what he writes no one is forcing you to read it. I myself do enjoy his articles and want to commend him and thank him for his stimulating articles. Please continue. Thanks,

Michael Schneider

Editor’s Note: I don’t think the writer was personally attacking anybody; he was just being very emphatic about his point. Thank you for your chizuk! Keep enjoying our publication.




Dear Editor:

I feel like the staying up at night to learn ends up being a big bittul Torah. I know it is a minhag and if one does the learning properly one may grow spiritually to very great heights. The problem is that the whole night is about four and a half hours long at best. Part of the time is spent drinking coffee and eating nosh. After which for the next two days one is busy catching up on sleep and not learning at all. In the Agudah of Ave L there is a program on the second night of Shavuos too. I would recommend people to join it and really learn on Shavuos properly.


Z. S.

 Editor’s Note: You cannot knock a minhag in Klal Yisroel. Just remember, those who learn will learn no matter what. Those who battel will battel no matter what. It doesn’t change just because it is Shavuos night.





Dear Editor:

We need to remind ourselves not to rely on politicians like Trump and not to think that he will bring good to Eretz Yisroel. When all is said and done, it might be more of a case of a lot being said and very little done and the little that will be done may be detrimental to everyone involved. Don’t forget Trump made a lot of promises in order to win the elections. He has reneged on a lot of his promises. “Al tivtechu binidivim” should be the quote of the day and we need to daven to Hashem that promises that go unfulfilled don’t adversely affect us.

Yoily D.

 Editor’s Note: Lev Melachim v’Sarim Biyad Hashem. You are right. We must always just put our trust in Hashem.



Dear Editor:

We are very pressured. We pay tuition to our children’s school. We definitely do not pay enough. What can we do? We can’t afford more! To top it off, the school sent home a note that our children are invited to a Shabbaton with a prohibitive price tag. It is a tremendous pressure. We don’t want our children to be the class nebs who are not part of extra curricular activities, but on the other hand, how are we supposed to afford all this?

Perplexed in Brooklyn

 Editor’s Note: You’re right. We do not have an answer for this conundrum. We just have to try our best to make the right choices. May your parnassa come easily and be plentiful!



Dear Editor:

What should I do about the fact that my son is addicted to points on credit cards. He keeps on spending on his credit card and ends up carrying balances. All his points go out the window with all the interest that he owes. Is there anything for me to do about this?

Broken Mom in Gravesend

 Editor’s Note: I think your son needs to be enrolled in Gamblers Anonymous since he seems to be hooked into something that is not healthy. Hatzlacha  in helping him get the help he needs.