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    Dear Editor: 

    Are you for real?? Israel is perhaps the most democratic country in THE WORLD!!!
    When was the last time the news reported a terrorist incident by an Israeli ???
    Israel continues to appease the Palestinians and all they get in return is more terrorist murders of innocent men, women and children. What exactly do you think will happen if The Palestinians get a State of their own???
    I guess they’ll become model citizens over-night!!! Sears is obviously getting exactly what they deserve…. one bankrupt store after another. That’s when you’ll be looking for a new job and you’ll kick yourself for not standing up for what’s right!!
    If you send me your address, I’ll send my cut up Sears credit card directly to you!!
    Respectfully, an ordinary citizen who appreciates what ‘Free’dom is all about…. certainly not ‘Free’-ing Palestine. 

    Editor’s Note: From what I understand, SEARS did not sell the offending items, one of their sellers did. They subsequently removed it from their site.



    Dear Editor:

    I occasionally use the Tfillon app. The davening is customized for each day and it highlights any special tfilos in color. You can’t make any mistakes. During sefira it only shows the correct day.
    Yossie R

     Editor’s Note: It still doesn’t beat davening from a siddur!



    Dear Editor:

    I took my car for inspection and they told me that I need to have my windows untinted. Why is it so important that my windows be see through?

    Berel Z

     Editor’s Note: With today’s security concerns, it is imperative that police be able to look into a vehicle and see that the people inside are not terrorists or have explosives. The same way you could tint your window, so terrorists.



    Dear Editor:

    Why did they make a demonstration at the Barclays Center? Who wasted money to rent such a venue? What do they gain by this?

    Motti B

     Editor’s Note: I don’t understand this. Neither do I understand the Israeli Day Parade. The bottom line is, when we protest or call attention to ourselves, it doesn’t help. It is just detrimental.



    Dear Editor:

    Someone told me this story. He was sitting in a Chassidisher Shul and next to him was a person with a kippa seruga looking into the sefer of Vayoel Moshe. He went over to him and asked him why he is doing that so the person answered that his father and grandfather a real Satmar Chassidim but he became a modern orthodox person. His father asked him that on every Yom Tov he should look into the Rebbe’s sefer. He said since today is a holiday “Yom Haatzmaut” so I am looking into the sefer.

    Reuven G

     Editor’s Note: No words.



    Dear Editor:

    Where is Trump up to with his promises to the American People? He seems to do a lot of tweeting but nothing as far as helping us.

    Frustrated NYer

    Editor’s Note: Remember! A politician is a politician. One cannot rely on them. They never get things done in Washington. The only things they do reliably, is to raise taxes.