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    Dear Editor: 

    I just want to let you know how excited my family is every summer to get the Country Vues. We live in Queens all year and don’t have anything like the Country Vues where we live and my family looks forward to all your fun articles, pictures and advertisements you have weekly throughout the summer. Good luck on the new season!

    Editor’s Note: Thank you for your kind words. Are you aware that you can always get the views by visiting thevuesonline.com?



    Dear Editor:

    We love all the coverage that you provide of the OBBL all summer & can’t wait for the LOBO tribute edition. LOBO was a tremendous baal tzedakah and loved by so many.

     Editor’s Note: Not only is it a national pastime, but it seems to be the country pastime too!



    Dear Editor:

    I can’t believe the Monticello Pizza Plus store in Monticello is not opening this summer. They were always busy last summer, and I enjoyed their food very much.

     Editor’s Note: They will surely be missed! We hope the people who go to the country aren’t hungry and take advantage of the other options out there!



    Dear Editor:

    Do we really need 3 new kosher fleishig meat restaurants upstate this summer? I have no idea how a meat restaurant survives with having the Nine Days in the middle of the summer.

     Editor’s Note: Perhaps lots of people make siyumim during the nine days! We wish them all lots of luck, as it is a summer business is a very difficult undertaking.



    Dear Editor:

    Next summer by the time we get upstate the hotel that is being built on the Concord hotel property should be open. Do you think it will cause a lot more traffic?

     Editor’s Note: I don’t believe the hotel will cause traffic. If anything, the casino will cause traffic.



    Dear Editor:

    I live in Monticello all year round and I would appreciate it if you could tell your readers to please drive safely when they are upstate. Please let them know that the highway is not 13th Avenue and people should not be double parking on a highway.

    Editor’s Note: That’s an unfair generalization. Don’t group everyone together just because there are a few bad apples…