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    Speak Your Vues


    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.


    Dear Vues Master:

    The letter claiming that “many medical professionals and scientists” agree that wearing masks is dangerous is ridiculous. Doctors have been wearing masks for years with no ill effects, as have various other types of professionals. However, if you really don’t want to wear a mask, feel free to quarantine without one. But what was truly inappropriate was the response, “I guess masks serve the same purpose as BLM that they can’t breathe.” Whether you agree or disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement, it is not appropriate to mock someone’s last words before they were murdered. Also, masks have been used to stop the spread of disease for over a century, and it’s a little far fetched to claim that they are suddenly dangerous now.


    VUES MASTER: The country seems to be divided among political sides as to whether one has to wear a mask or if it is recommended. I, being the author of this column, am in no way affiliated with the publisher of this newspaper. Whatever I write is solely my opinion and I encourage open debate via letter writers. I was not mocking the last words of the person who said he can’t breathe, but rather the fact that the BLM adopted it as their slogan.



    Dear VUES MASTER: Since the police have apparently been using their funding to eat doughnuts and make paper airplanes out of crime reports, they should maybe be defunded. I support a police force to help protect us from crime, but anyone who supports the police as they are is being ridiculous.


    VUES MASTER: The question is what came first: the defunding, the rhetoric against the Police Department, or the spike in crime.



    Dear VUES MASTER: I was coming home with my son in law and daughter from visiting day last summer, and we were very thirsty. We finally found a 7-11 that was open and I bought a super delooper Big Gulp. I filled it up to the top with ice of course and Diet Coke. Everything was going just fine until I needed some napkins. The napkins were tightly stuffed into the napkin holder, but that didn’t faze me at all. I took hold of the napkins and the stubborn napkin holder, and schlepped and schlepped until I finally was able to get out all the napkins. Except one problem. The napkin holder had a mind of its own and so when I shlepped out all the napkins, and so now the holder is empty and free at last. It went flying like a frisbee or better yet like a football- I mean a Drone! Now take one good guess where it was heading into which direction! Hey you’re smart! Right into my Super Delooper Big Soak I mean Gulp! It knocked it right over, and the ice with the Diet Coke 32 oz went spilling all over the place like Niagra Falls ( the Canadian Horse shoe!) When I asked the store for a mop, all they gave me was more napkins- yea! My son in law tried helping to pick up the ice that was very slippery. I supervised. I found in the janitors closet the Yellow sign Warning Wet Floors Watch Your Step! Don’t worry Visiting Day is cancelled!

    VUES MASTER: What a shame that it is cancelled. All staff members will be getting much less tips!



    Dear VUES MASTER: I believe that the reason why Donald Trump focuses so much on the lifestyle, social, “identitypolitics,” and “culture-war” issues while focusing much less on the economic, financial, “bread-andbutter,” and “kitchen-table” issues (which I happen to focus on) is because research clearly shows that when the Democrats focus on “my” issues, they win almost every national election in every two years, and when they focus on “his” issues they lose almost every national election in every two years. He knows exactly what he is doing and why.

    Sincerely, S B E

    VUES MASTER: Great and I hope Trump is successful!



    Dear VUES MASTER: Those who are concerned about the United States falling to Marxism should examine the origins of Marxism before they blame the socialists for its spread. The socialists are the “direct cause,” but the “indirect” cause is the true cause in this case. Marxism is a terrible ideology, but it originated as a response to true oppression. In truth, Marx’s mistaken hypotheses about political and economic science did not even “succeed” in making Russian communism worse than the Czarist system. The ultimate cause of Russia’s “fall” to communism is that the existing system was so bad that the alternative could be truly horrific and still be an improvement in the eyes of the people. No properly functioning government has ever been overthrown. If there is fear of a revolution, the only way to prevent it is to repair the flaws in the system before the next generation decides to throw the baby out with the bathwater.


    VUES MASTER: Interesting analogy. I personally agree with what you say. The problem is that the government is shifting that way and people are voting for these progressives. I fear that we will be called The Divided States of America!



    Dear VUES MASTER: Maseches Corona Someone who contracts Corona must go into isolation for 14 days. Beit Shamai says 14 days from feeling unwell and a further 14 days if one came back from abroad. Beit Hillel says only 14 days in total. And the halakhah is according to Beit Hillel. What is isolation? Abaye says 14 days confined to one’s room without WiFi. Rav Chisda says isolation without Netflix. Rav Abba bar Abba says isolation without a Smart Phone. Asks Rav Chisda one can survive without Netflix – but without WiFi or a Smart Phone how will one hear news about the virus? Answers Abaye we are talking about a case where he has 4G. Asks Romi bar Rav Papa: what does it mean abroad? From Wuhan is asur, one would require 14 days plus a further 14 days before immersion in a mikva. But from Europe only 14 days is enough. Asks Rav Ashi enough for what? Romi bar Rav Papa says enough to be mitztaref in a minyan. How is this possible? Is this not sacanat nefashot? Says Romi bar Rav Papa we are talking about a case where the minyan are all isolated and are all under 18 years old. What happens if one was looking out of one window and one out of the other window, when they can see each other – is this called isolation? Says Abaye it is only not isolation in the case where there is a strong wind. But if there is no strong wind, then the isolation is good. Hadran alach Maseches Corona


    VUES MASTER: Hey maybe I can make a siyum on this and eat meat in the nine days! (Just Joking)



    Dear VUES MASTER: There is so much to learn from this pandemic. I wish to bring up one touchy topic. That is, bochurim going into shidduchim earlier. Enough with the bitul zman in Israel. Why should we fund these reckless activities and expressions of immaturity? Parents, the time is now. Tell your child “no!” “If you want to go to Israel, you pay for your own flights, tuition and adventures.”

    I O

    VUES MASTER: Not everybody goes to Israel to have a good time. Many go to learn and really grow. Every parent should evaluate their own child.



    Dear VUES MASTER: Every year at this time, there’s time to contemplate the outrageous price we are forced to pay for camp. Maybe we should just learn from this year that it’s not that necessary. Our children are not as fragile as we think. It’s really an extremely large financial burden upon us struggling middle class folks.

    Z N

    VUES MASTER: I disagree with you totally. I believe that in many cases children gain more from camp than they gain in school. Just remember, if it wasn’t worth it, people would not pay for it. It is called supply and demand!



    Dear VUES MASTER: Now that we are a few months into our Covid encounter I think we can look back and try to figure out some meaning into this mageifah. I am neither a Navi, nor a rocket scientist, but it doesn’t seem too difficult to figure out that if Hashem sent us a plague that would make it dangerous to pray together, He doesn’t want us to pray together! All those “frumeh” yidden who snuck around to daaven without masks or social distancing reminds me of the story of the m’raglim. When told that Hashem was no longer with them, they decided to fight anyway…and look what happened. We should have taken our cue from the halochos of sukkah. When it is pouring rain you are patur from eating in the sukkah and anyone who goes out in a storm to do so is nothing short of a fool, not a tzadik! Why didn’t Hashem want us to pray together? That’s another question. I’m not the one to answer that. Each of us and each shul should introspect on what needs to be improved. Is it the ubiqitous “kiddush club?” Is it the cell phones that go off during daavening? Is it all that talking? I can think of multiple reasons. If we return to “normal” without making improvements, I fear Covid may be with us for a very long time. The same could be said for other areas of our lives that have been altered. Maybe Hashem doesn’t want us to make gigantic weddings/ bar mitzvahs that cost astronomical amounts of money. Perhaps donating that money to worthwhile organizations might bring more brachos to the chosson/ kallah/bar mitzvah boy than spending it on an extravagant affair. Is “remote schooling” a way of telling us that we should spend more time with our children? Once again, we each need to spend some time thinking on what Hashem wants and what he doesn’t want and what this plague is supposed to teach us.

    GR Not a navi!

    VUES MASTER: The question is if there is a concept of mesiras nefesh. Elisha Baal Knafayim put on tefillin when it was against the law. Was Corona a ptur or a nisayon? Ask your Rov. Remember that hindsight is 2020! (Ha Ha)



    Dear VUES MASTER: Since when is saying the truth considered “racist?” When it’s something that you don’t want to hear because the truth is frequently ugly. Here’s my truth. During the 1960s and 70s, when I lived in Washington Heights, a Black teenager frequently mugged me. Many pulled switch blades. Some beat me up with their fists. It didn’t matter much if they got the dollar or two in my pocket. I was an easy target because I was the yarmulke-wearing “Jew Boy” walking down the street. I was an easy defenseless target for them. Well, it’s about 50 years later. How much has changed with this in NYC, since then? You still have a significant number of Black teenagers robbing and beating up innocent Jews all over NYC. Pick just about any densely populated Jewish neighborhood – Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg. We all know how often such events happen. I challenge any reader to tell me if he or she would feel safe wearing a yarmulke and walking in a mainly Black neighborhood in New York. I’m not saying that every Black person hates Jews. I’m just pointing the truth that a significant number of them cause harm. And, to use their own latest term, Jew-hatred is “systemic” among Blacks. There, now that I’ve said the truth, I’m sure that there will be many readers who will think that what I just said is racist. I’ll tell you what. Wear a yarmulka and walk in a Black neighborhood every day for 15 years. If you don’t get mugged at all, please let us know. If you don’t see or read about a Black teen assaulting a religious Jew somewhere in NY at all, let us know. As, I stated, the truth isn’t always pretty to read or hear.


    VUES MASTER’s Note: The liberals will tell you that you can’t paint a race or religion in one brush stroke. There are many stereotypes about Jews, as well. There has to be a happy medium here.



    Dear VUES MASTER: Please add the following story thanks. When I went to Eretz Yisroel to go learn for a year, my father Z”L gave me only a one way ticket, and had emunah & bitachon for the way home. [Perhaps, he wanted me to make Aliyah?] When I finally called home before Pesach to find out how I’m getting home, my oldest brother picked up the phone and wanted to know who is paying for this call? [Nice guy]. Finally, the mail arrives, and I receive a large package, [my ticket?No! It was my other brother sending me an 8 pg double sided Mussar Letter. [Huh?] You got to be kidding-I mean serious] I chucked it right into SHEIMUS!!!


    VUES MASTER: I think your father felt Mashiach was going to come and you would stay there. He did not need a ticket for the way back.



    Dear VUES MASTER: Somebody pointed out to me, that the halachah is that if you can’t smell, you don’t make the brachah borei mini besamim. For all those who lose/lost their smell due to COVID-19, this not so well known halachah becomes relevant.


    VUES MASTER: I believe you will get your sense of smell back during the nine days when people don’t shower. Refuah Sheleima



    Dear VUES MASTER, The American Press Institute defines the job of a journalist as “[Journalists] should be as transparent as possible about sources and methods so audiences can make their OWN ASSESSMENT of the information.” Regarding the responsibility that journalists have to citizens, the API says, “They must strive to put the public interests and the truth- above their own self-interest or assumptions.” The API is no conservative thinktank; it is led by a man named Tom Rosenstiel who has slammed Trump for his comments about the media. Despite Mr. Rosentiel ignoring his own organization’s definitions about the job of a journalist, he calls Trump’s comments “Orwellian”. President Trump has repeatedly slammed the media as the ‘enemy of the people”. With recent journalism patterns, President Trump has been proven correct per the definition from the API. Bari Weiss, who has also repeatedly slammed President Trump, last week resigned from the NYT and slammed the environment which made her come to this decision. She writes, “[There was] constant bullying by colleagues who disagreed with my views.” One of the media’s own journalists is slamming the way the media is. Andrew Sullivan is another Anti- Trump reporter who also resigned for similar reasons. The commonality between these journalists is that they’re both anti- Trump, but now admit the problem with the “woke” media that President Trump has slammed for years. The API set down guidelines for journalists, it is a shame the media doesn’t listen to them. The so-called “journalists” out there are the “enemy of the people”, they only care about their self-interests or assumptions (Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, etc). Trump is a disruptor of the status quo. He points things out which are wrong which have been tolerated for too long. It is about time that journalists start working for the truth and the people once again!

    Sincerely Donny Simcha Guttman

    VUES MASTER: I couldn’t agree more! Journalists must start working once again for the truth!



    Sometimes, when I’m in shul, I notice mispallelim with their Tallis and Tefillin on, talking on a cellphone! It could be their online siddur, or they have an urgent matter to discuss during chazaras hashatz, and that’s why they went outside the shul so as not to disturb the davening. But can they put their phone on vibrating? Why do they have to wake me up during davening with their loud ringing? Gezel Shena! I already said Hamapel! I was once by a wedding and during maariv I noticed everyone on their smartphone davening maariv, while the Shliach Tzibbur had a large notepad Ipad as the chazzan’s siddur! I even saw someone text during kedusha as he was saying up and down Kodosh Kodosh Kodosh! The Chazan was saying nu nu on his phone to someone who had called him during Modim. A Rav in BP once said that how many times can you tell your wife an excuse when she calls you that you don’t have reception, since you’re in the Battery Tunnel. My friend tells me that he lost his cell phone to his Mother in laws kever. Now he’s connected forever -poor fellow. I once had to daven in a Russian baal teshuva minyan where the people unfortunately didn’t know better. It was Shavuos morning, when the Rav had to run over quickly to the Women’s section to please not answer their phone its yom tov. Right then the phone rang. At least that’s not as bad as when I was growing up as a young boy davening in a boy’s minyan in a shul basement. We had seltzer fights during Mussaf Simchas Torah. [A shook up bottle!] We once tried to get the chazzan turned around for birchos kohanim and wash his hands and untie his shoes and take it off all while he was davening for the amud. Later, he told us when he was able to speak that he was not even a Kohen? [He had gone up for the first aliyah B’mkom Kohen!] I always go slow at a green light because I’m afraid of the person looking at his cell phone while crossing his kid at a red light. I was even stopped by a cop, and he asked me if I know why he stopped me? I told him that perhaps I was going to slow. He laughed and let me go Scott free. Once I got a double ticket for being on a phone at a bus stop. The judge dismissed both tickets. He was a lamdan. If I’m on the phone while driving a moving violation, then how am I parked at a bus stop? If I’m Parked then I’m not moving. I love the expressions on people when you honk at them for not even looking at the oncoming cars. Are you honking at me? Do I know you? Yehoshuas Hashem K’heref Ayin means when the light turns green and the guy behind you immediately honks his horn. Are they in such a rush? Perhaps they’re running to Deli 52 for Guttmann’s Cholent? Or to Sprinkles for the Sugar Free Fat Free mixed ice cream-Kids Cone! I know where they’re going to Meisners or Luzy for the Kashavarnishkas and Cholubshkas. Perhaps for Shlishkas at Hungarian Cuisine? I forgot “Oy Tzu Brent” at Meisners [and the Galla -Ptcha] Luzy’s Tomato Yerushalayim dip. Chap a Nosh delicious potato kugel. I forgot 16th ave Glatt Salt & Pepper Kugel. Now when I’m fasting, I’m going to think about all this food, and don’t forget or leave out Lieberman’s Luncheonette with their famous Angelo & Tony Orange Lemonade full with ice -Refreshing [Wear a MASK! Tell Shlomo & Roz that the Mashgiach sent you [No Not Moshiach Tony.] You pay for Entertainment! It used to be that a yid walked around with a hat, jacket, and an old tattered gemara in his hand. Now, I walk around with an old tattered jacket, hat, and my travelling edition English Artscroll gemara. Why does your phone have to ring during the Rav’s shiur or during the daf or at a levaya R”L? My Rav in Monsey says that it’s called a Cell phone because we’re locked into a Cell. He says that the phone is smart but the person is a Tipish! That’s why we look down at the phone like a Behaima that looks down to the ground! [Have an easy fast & a-Good Shabbos Nachamu.] Mazel Tov Shimshon- Hanachas Tefillin.


    VUES MASTER: You make some great points!