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    Speak Your Vues


    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master:

    People keep saying that the left now are like the communists because they suppress free speech and want to introduce socialism. This is obviously false. Though they were genocidal and truly evil, Communists successfully provided Russians with electrical power. What progress are the American left bringing?


    Vues Master’s Note: They call themselves Progressive but bring no progress. They are frauds!



    Dear Vues Master:

    It is those who claim that every little thing that ever happens is actually the Holocaust who are downplaying the Holocaust. No, the barista who looked at you funny was not a Nazi.


    Vues Master’s Note: Well depends who the Barista was. There are a lot of Nazi sympathizers in America. There is a lot of Anti Semitism in the Government! There is no denying that and there is no denying the Holocaust!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    “Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor.” Kind of implies that the Vues Master is writing/curating without the publisher’s permission. Otherwise, it’s not accurate to refer to the Vues Master as unaffiliated with the Vues. Unless I’m wrong, and the Vues Master actually does operate without permission?


    Vues Master’s Note: The Publisher gives the Vues Master his space to write his Views. The Views may not be the Vues of the Publisher. Hereby the disclaimer. I don’t think the Publisher would publish something every week without the publisher allowing it into the Paper. If you don’t like the Vues Masters Vues don’t view them or write a letter debating against his views!! Remember my View may be different from your view so understand we are all different. My View is that I read and respond to every letter the way I see it!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    How come the Government gets involved in everything. If the vaccines would have been privatized the vaccine roll out would be much more effective. Private businesses are looking to make money and they don’t care from where it comes and they don’t need to be politically correct. All the Government knows how to do is spend money. They are busy being Politically correct which is a hindrance to society! B

    CS V

    ues Master’s Note: You got it. Remember all Cuomo and Deblasio know how to do is fine people!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Did you hear the new way of answering Amen? You say Amen and Woman. How crazy is our society? Will we have Amen and then another version of Toevah?


    Vues Master’s Note: Yes and I am sure we will get flack for publishing this in our paper. It is the norm now men and women are equal. Nebach, how desperate are these progressives??



    Dear Vues Master: If you don’t use an umbrella in the rain I will get wet If you don’t work I won’t earn a living If you don’t sleep then I will be tired If you don’t get a vaccine then I will get sick. Apikorsus! Why are you so angry at another person’s choice of hishtadlus to protect his health? because your brain has been hijacked and brainwashed. The people selling us this trash are total atheists. If you still got some brains and Emunah in Hashem use it and love and accept your fellow human being.


    Vues Master’s Note: What about Kol Yisroel Areiveim zeh Lo Zeh?



    Dear Vues Master:

    In truth so little is known about this new covid 19 vaccine. It is using a new technology completely different than all vaccines used until now. Here is what we do know: 1) there is a 99.74% survival rate for people with covid 19 infection. 2)Of the .26% people that die, most of them are in a compromised state from before. 3) according to Dr. Zelenko treatment protocol 84% of the people that died with this virus would not have died if they were treated correctly. Not just that but they would come out of it well. 4) The vaccine was not tested on people in this high risk group. Only the healthiest people were in the trial. 5) The study was just for a short few months; we have no idea what may be long term effects. 6) The vaccine seems to help the recipient have less severe symptoms or no symptoms should they get the virus. But it is not proven that it prevents them from getting it from being contagious to others. If someone chooses to get the shot no problem. But let’s stop being so pushy about it or supporting the liars and criminals manufacturing and using the population as guinea pigs on a still experimental vaccine that was approved for EMERGENCY USE. It seems like when some upper people declare “a state of emergency” the constitution and moral ethics fly out the window.


    Vues Master’s Note: Just wait! The law is coming out that everyone must take vaccine and the Governor can put you in concentration camps if he feels you have a virus! Germany 2021!!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Back in school when we learnt Navi we were trying to understand how in the world people practiced Idol Worship with such passion and shunning people that did not. Even pious people. Well I finally do understand! I totally get it! have a look at the ATTITUDE around vaccines. enough said, TM Vues Master’s Note: My Rebbe used to say Sports is the Avoda Zora today. Some say money. Now we have masks which the pasuk says Elohey Maseicha you shall not cake for yourselves. Next is vaccines! What is next??Oh I forgot Amen VeWomen!!


    VACCINES Dear Vues Master: Regarding the OU’s letter last week on the Covid 19 vaccine. It was written that there is a consensus by the doctors and maybe even Rabonim. That is a dangerous statement and downright not true!!! In history there were many times a consensus that certain things were the right thing to do or ok when in truth it was false and evil! It IS the consensus of the doctors put on television and media by the pharmaceutical companies and the organizations that are bought off by them. BE CAREFUL! Who are standing up for? Who are these people? saints? Do you think that their money and power does not blind them? They have been sued many times for products they put out for the public to use as safe when in fact they knew that it is not. They cannot be trusted. ESPECIALLY when it comes to vaccines they have ZERO LIABILITY and so many are being mandated what have they got to lose? Why should they even care to make sure it is safe? no one is suing them. Many are mandating their products (because they lobby and pay for it). most are brainwashed to trust them. tada! The truth is that many thousands of doctors are extremely concerned and are shouting from the mountain tops. but they are being not listened to and shut up.

    Moshiach now!

    Vues Master’s Note: Time will tell!



    Dear Vues Master: I usually find the Jewish vues to be a balanced paper, not quite like most other media and fake news out there… even jewish ones. I hope to see two full pages of our Gedolim on the Covid 19 Vaccine with their serious reservations. They are out there and if you really want and care to hear both sides then you will find it. If you want my help I can get some reliable sources to send you the info. let me know. I will forward you and email with one letter from a beis din. Most of these Gedolim are obviously not coming out too loud because of threats and pressure unfortunately. By the way, the letter with multiple names on it…… I know that some of these Rabonim were contacted and they knew nothing of this letter! oy vey!


    Vues Master’s Note: If you can send in the dissenting views of Gedolim we will publish it!



    Dear Vues Master: Throughout the pandemic, public health experts and authorities have been the leaders of COVID policy. Public health experts are trying to do the best job they can, but they can be wrong as well. In March 2020, Dr. Fauci said in an interview that people should not wear masks. Later on, he retracted. Any logical person understands that the uncertainty in our lives this year also applies to public health experts. However, this year, increasingly dissenting opinions have been scorned upon or labeled misinformation. Frequently labeling something misinformation is correct, but human nature is that when all the data and medical opinions are available to them, people want the right to assess their situations. Dr. Robert Johnson writing about resistance to mandatory vaccinations in Muncie, Indiana in 1893, writes that anti-vaxxers wanted to weigh the risks and benefits for themselves. The scorning and looking down from others only caused sentiments against the mainstream view to rise. Our public health experts are humans too, but their public scorning of individuals that haven’t adopted their opinion is what has caused a growing sentiment to resist COVID rules and lockdowns. It hasn’t only extended to scorning, it extends to politics in our public health system. This year when the BLM riots and protesting started, 1000 public “experts” said that protests shouldn’t be shut down because racism is a public health crisis. While a few months prior, media figures and health officials scorned individuals who protested against lockdowns. Many of the spikes that we are experiencing were started by growing resentments against authorities who scorn people. According to the Transportation Security Administration, since December 18th, 9 million people have traveled despite public health warnings to not travel for the holidays. People are rebelling because the institutions are being run by people that scorn others even when legitimate. If we want a chance to defeat COVID and other diseases, people need experts to do their jobs and not be moral orators!

    Sincerely, D S G

    Vues Master’s Note: It is a good thing I agree with this letter otherwise I would scorn it!!



    Dear Vues Master: Wouldn’t it be a dream If we could all take our minds off of Trump, Biden, Covid-19, and the like? Here is some nonsensical poetry which I hope you’ll have the guts to print. If your beard never held a mushroom, If you don’t bear rough scratchy tips, If you don’t spout gems like a flume, If you don’t dispense hairy knips, If your suit is not that shiny, If your dandruff isn’t green, If your rebbetzin isn’t whiny, If your underarm is clean… If your uncle wastes his peanuts, If your nose has a mole, If your fear is most to be nuts, If your sense of greed is whole… You stink a bunch, Your tie is ribbed, Your shirt shows your lunch, I wish I’d just fibbed, Your buttons are gone, Your waistlines expanding, You whisper on and on, I lack understanding… It’s hardly a pelleh, No-one wants your company, Ain’t no great felleh, Your title? Dump any… When you’re blue and green, When you’re old and gray, When you’re on the scene, With too much to say… Your sight is proud, Your son is cool, Your voice is loud, It’s the first day of school… With a big white hat, And a sweaty shirt, You’re up to bat, Now don’t get hurt… Pinch yourself on your ear, Don’t bite your very own, Scratch Rogaine on your hair, Throw yourself a bone, Trip your cousin in his walk, Never turn yourself in, Cover your shoes with caulk, With vigor rub your chin, Tip the counselor with a bean, Lace your shoes up with his face, Shake a bug when you’re a teen, Just don’t be in second place… Give me a poodle give me a dreadlock, Squashed like sardines after the dipper, Throw on a sruga released from the headlock, Wearing a kittel pure yom kipper… Is there a rebbi on call, Is the servant courageous, Is the team on the ball, Is the spirit contagious…. How many lights and beeps, How bad is the crouton, How thick are those peeps, How long till his boots on… His knuckle reeks of soap, His wrist is real stubby, His ankle in a rope, His wish to be chubby…. Know your strengths well, Know your faults better, Know your sleeper cell, Know your waltz header…

    Always, D T

    Vues Master’s Note: I can’t read this poem, it is not about Covid and elections! I need to constantly stress over elections and covid. They keep me going! Just kidding. We all need a vacation!



    Dear Vues Master: Hodu l’shem ki tov ki l’olam chasdo! Jonathan Pollard, the former US Navy analyst convicted of spying for Israel, arrived in Israel earlier this week, 35 years after his arrest. This distressing chapter in our history has finally come to a close.


    Vues Master’s Note: Yes! We need to thank Hashem! It is amazing how much he persevered.



    Dear Vues Master: On his last day in uniform, Senator Simcha Felder and Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein present NYPD Brooklyn South Chief Charles Scholl with proclamations honoring his 41 years of exemplary service to our city. Also pictured, NYPD Deputy Inspector Richie Taylor and Lieutenant Ira Jablonsky. Chief Scholl spent his career working to make the streets of Brooklyn safer. Exponentially reducing crime and improving quality of life in the precincts he led, he received over 60 departmental recognitions. Chief Scholl became well known during his tenure, earning the respect of the people he served.


    Vues Master’s Note: We really appreciate the Police and we need more Policemen like Chief Scholl!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Cong. Bais Ahron-Felders Shul! When I heard the tragic news from my sister that Felder’s Shul had a fire, I was not only shell shocked, but stricken with grief. I grew up in that Shul where my parents davened. I learned how to daven for the amud in the boys minyan downstairs in the basement that was started by Simcha Felder’s Bar Mitzvah. Now it’s boarded up after a massive fire on Chanukah. B”H, Simcha tells me that everyone is ok. I tried to give him Chizuk that he will continue to lead the way as in the past. Chazak Vamatz like Moshe told Yehoshua. I told him over from my Rav in Monsey that the only time that Hashem comes down is less than 10 tefachim on Chanukah because of the Menorah that we light between 3-10 tefachim. IMO Anochi B’Tzarah! This brought back memories of Ha- Rav Tzvi Mordechai Felder ZT”l and Avi Mori, Rav Yehuda Halevy zl learning, Rav FELDER upstairs and my father downstairs in the basement. They were both aidim when it came to Gittin and chalitzah etc. I learned with my father downstairs bchavrusah different gemarras; Pesachim, Kedushin, Gittin, Bava Metziah, Makkos, Kesubos etc, I can still hear the Kol Torah from both of them who Im sure are learning together bchavrusa in gan eden! I remember; Chazan Weinreb (and his children; Chaim, Aryeh, & Avrumy) davening for the amud, or Rabbi Tress, Son of Mike Tress on yomim neoroyim. Who can forget Mr. Lefkowitz from the 18th ave grocery and his son Pinchos the electrician , or Rabbi Jacobson, whose son started and is the Menahel in Chofetz Chaim yeshiva in Flatbush. I can still see Rav Neuberger giving the daf yomi, or Hagoan, HaRav Yitzchak Reitport shlita giving the Halacha Shiur Klalli on Yom Tov. So many memories flashed through my mind of the Rebbitzen and her Son, Rav Shmuel a major Posek In Lakewood. Simcha an askan in Klal Yisroel-Kein Yerbu. So many choshuva mispallim davened there; HoRav Dovid Kviat ZT”l, Rav Ahron Braun z”l, Rav Leible Wulliger shlita, Rav Yisroel Reisman shlita learned there etc. I remember some of the funny memories as well like on Simchas Torah when people are a little shikur from the Kiddush, the seltzer fights during musaf or towels flying through the air! What about the time when someone went up for the first Aliya by Kohen and then davened for the amud as the Baal teffilla for Mussar on Shavuos morning. We tried washing his hands and untying his shoes plus turning him around for birches Kohanim, except one problem? He wasn’t a Kohen! When we asked him afterwards why he went up for the Aliya? He answered; B’mkom KOHEN!!! My brother tells me it was an historic Shul like from Europe. Boro Park lost some of it’s splendor. So many chashuver people davened there. He remembers Rav FELDER standing outside still waiting for a minyan even after there were so many minyanim on that day before that one. My brother said that he felt like the World Trade Center of Shul’s burnt down on this tragic day in Jewish History! I will remember Dr Sorscher learning Mishna Brurah with my father z”l. Hakoros Hatov to Zundel Berman who took care of the upkeep of the Shul and helped renovate it. Perhaps he will continue to help rebuild the Shul from his home in Lakewood. My brother Yechiel texted me that ‘’ Totty felt like in Gan Eden when he learned in FELDERs Shul! This Shul will IY”H be rebuilt and end up in Eretz Yisroel together with the Bayis Shlishi shel Eish b’meherah byameinu and we will once again daven; Yomru Na Beis Ahron Ki L’olam Chasdo Amen! Hashem will also help our sofer R’ Ephraim Gottlieb ( Baal Musaf for Yomim Neoroyim at Rav Laible Wulliger’s Shul) rebuild upstairs IY”H. My Rosh Hayeshiva ZT”L held a lot from R’ Ephraim as a sofer mumcha , and I’m sure he will be melitz Yosher together with Rav FELDER ztl & Avi Mori zl for the Hatzlocha of rebuilding the Shul Bais Ahron & Mkor Stam! V’chol Bais Yisroel Yivku es Hasreifa Asher Saraf Hashem!


    Vues Master’s Note: May we merit the rebuilding of the Shul in Yerushalayim with Moshiach!