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    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of

    this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and

    opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If

    one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master:

    I can’t believe how many people are upstate this

    week! I know Yom Tov doesn’t start until the

    end of September but I don’t remember so many

    people being upstate the last week of August. It’s

    great for people that have businesses upstate.


    Vues Master’s Note: The beautiful weather

    is just another reason why people are sticking

    around this year!


    Dear Vues Master:

    This past week I had to give out $300 in tips to my

    son’s counselors. Am I the only one that thinks

    that it’s crazy that after spending over $4000 on

    camp this summer that I also have to give $300

    in tips? I understand that the counselors should

    make something, but it’s really expensive.

    Susan Klein/Flatbush

    Vues Master’s Note: The counselor works extremely

    hard and does not get paid. He relies on

    the tips. It is important to teach your children the

    inyan of hakaras haTov.


    Dear Vues Master:

    It’s so sad that the summer is coming to an end. I

    just want to say Thank You to the Country Vues.

    We love your paper and can’t wait until next

    summer. We live in Florida and come up for the

    two months of the summer and wish we had a

    paper like yours in Florida.

    Big Country Vues fans

    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks. You know you

    can always read us online at: jewishvues.com

    throughout the year.


    Dear Vues Master:

    For the last month I have actually enjoyed shopping

    in Boro Park. I’ve had no problem finding a

    parking spot. No crazy lines. Why does the summer

    have to end?

    Menachem Singer/Midwood

    Vues Master’s Note: I guess all good things

    come to an end. It was great while it lasted.


    Dear Vues Master:

    Shalom u’vracha!

    Why do I feel pressure from my kids that we

    have to do something the week between camp

    and school? I spent so much money on them this


    Vues Master’s Note:What, shopping for school is

    not enough of an adventure?


    Dear Vues Master:

    It’s so sad that three people drowned in White

    Lake this past Sunday. An 18-year-old from

    Long Island is dead and a cousin says one of

    two family members critically hurt trying to

    save him has also passed away after an end-ofsummer

    swim in White Lake turned tragic a day

    ago, police and family said Monday. State Police

    said the initial victim, Basir Amin of Bellerose,

    had been swimming when he “began to

    struggle in the deep portion of the lake.” His

    21-year-old sister, Nasrin Amin, and 34-yearold

    uncle, Alfrid Haider, leaped in to try to save

    him but all three went under the water and did

    not resurface, State Police said. They were underwater

    for a “period of time,” they added.

    Hatzolah & Emergency responders arrived

    at the lake around 2:15 p.m. for the reported

    drowning. Divers from the fire department

    pulled out all three family members and started

    life-saving efforts. The victims were taken to

    a hospital, where Basir Amin was pronounced

    dead. His sister and uncle were listed in critical

    condition earlier Monday, but by the afternoon,

    the uncle had died. The cousin said the sister

    was still hospitalized.


    Vues Master’s Note: Swimming is an important

    craft to have! One must know how to swim!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Why do all signs in Israel have Hebrew,

    English and Arabic? Why even

    accommodate the Arab population?

    If they are Israeli they should learn

    Hebrew and for tourists the English

    translation is enough. Why the Arabic?

    Even America doesn’t have Spanish

    on signage and there is a huge Latino



    Vues Master’s Note: Don’t you know?

    Israel tries to please the world but

    pleases nobody!


    Dear Vues Master:

    A wealthy miser was gravely ill. His

    doctors told his wife to prepare for the

    worst. Only a miracle could save him.

    With his last ounce of strength, the miser

    raised his head from the pillow and

    instructed his wife to go to the Rebbi

    and make a large donation so that the

    Rebbie should pray that his life be

    spared. She did as he requested and

    gave the Rebbie a $10,000 donation.

    Within hours her husband had a miraculous

    recovery. But when the miser

    learned that his wife had given the

    Rebbie $10,000, his face turned purple

    with rage. “But you yourself told me

    to give the money, “ his wife reminded

    him. “So what? “ he roared. “Couldn’t

    you see that I was delirious? “


    Vues Master’s Note: Hey, He could get

    his money back and die!


    Dear Vues Master:

    You now have to be 21 years old to

    buy canned whipped cream in New

    York. The goal of the law is to combat

    the use of whipped cream chargers,

    also known as “whippits,” as a way to

    get high. The whipped cream chargers

    contain nitrous oxide, which is known

    to cause hearing loss, brain damage,

    limb spasms, heart failure or suffocation,

    according to the Drug Enforcement

    Administration. Is this normal?

    Are you ok with this? So now you

    can vote without an ID but you can’t

    purchase whipped cream. What is this

    country coming to?


    Vues Master’s Note: We know the progressives

    have their agenda. You can

    buy marijuana as much as you want!


    Dear Vues Master:

    As it seems and as many are realizing,

    social media has and keeps on destroying

    the world and minds of society.

    With all the trending dangerous tik tok

    stunts that kids think are good ideas to

    do, to the hatred and false information

    that spreads like wildfire across the

    platforms, along with all the virtual

    “happiness” that people try to portray

    via pictures and posts. We live in such

    a fake world nowadays due to this, and

    people on social media just don’t understand

    how toxic it is or why they

    are feeling such toxicity constantly as

    they “harmlessly” check on this person

    or that and see how everyone ELSE is

    so “happy” aside from themselves. It

    causes jealousy,anger,frustration and

    all these emotions towards nothing

    but a facade. Is it too late to stop this

    social media mess or will more and

    more people realize that social media

    does not contribute to the world, aside

    for harm, and finally disconnect from

    all these platforms? Honestly the only

    thing social media helped was to reconnect

    to people in the past. But if

    they are from the past then why reconnect?

    In most cases if they aren’t important

    enough for you to be in touch

    with then probably no one is missing

    out on anything by not having their

    profile as a “friend”. Seriously this

    mess is getting out of hand with the

    hatred,fear, misinformation, and all

    the rest that social media spews out to

    the already messed up world we live in

    today. So will you disconnect?


    Vues Master’s Note: Time to start banning

    Social Media. It is corrupting our



    Dear Vues Master:

    I have seen some really horrific signs

    in Israel. I have seen signs that denigrate

    women. I have seen hateful signs

    against Charedim and hateful signs

    against Chilonim. I have never seen a

    sign as stupid as the one that is calling

    for people to travel to Uman, Ukraine

    on Rosh Hashanah (in one month). In

    all honesty I’ve always thought going

    to Uman was stupid, and I thought the

    people who went during COVID were

    incredibly stupid, but going to Uman

    while Russia is bombing Ukraine? The

    most stupid. This can cause the loss of

    life. What is wrong with people?


    Vues Master’s Note: Some people just

    don’t listen to anything! They do what

    they want to do.


    Dear Vues Master:

    It is with a troubled heart that I write

    this letter. I do not have an agenda nor

    do I have an ax to grind. I just wish to

    bring up a very painful issue to me. It

    is about Shadchanim. I have spoken to

    a few people who have also had very

    negative interactions with them. I

    wish to make an important disclaimer.

    Of course, there are many wonderful

    shadchanim who only mean the best

    and try their best. I have a son who is

    20 and I have just begun the Shidduch

    parsha and have a complicated family

    situation: We are a blended family. Yes,

    I understand not everyone can think of

    a suitable match, but I have been treated

    with total disrespect. The following

    are some of the comments I got: I had

    sent a shadchan a picture of my blended

    family and she must have forgotten

    the details. She called me up and said

    who are all the others in the picture?

    So, I apologized and explained that

    maybe I was not clear, that we are a

    blended family. She emailed me back,

    “count your numbers before you count

    your blessings!” Meaning, I should

    be aware of how many children I have

    before I speak to a shadchan. She did

    later apologize. Another shadchan had

    this to ask after she heard that this was

    my second marriage, “who is your ex

    married to today? And who are his siblings?

    And who were his children mishaduch

    with?” Another shadchan put

    me on the spot and asked me, “is your

    son a top learner?” Needless to say, I

    did not hear from any of them. My son

    may or may not be a top learner, but

    is that the only thing girls are looking

    for? Derech Eretz Kadma L’Torah-Yes

    my son is a boy with beautiful midos,

    and may he be zoche to strive in learning.

    I went many nights crying myself

    to sleep. Shadchanim- I call out to

    you, you are doing avodas Hashem

    and helping Klal Yisroel, please from

    the bottom of a broken heart be more

    respectful, understanding and courteous.

    And when a shidduch may prove

    to be a bit challenging, and may take

    up extra time, know you are being a

    shaliach of Hashem and may you be

    zoche to have much hatzlochoh in

    your Avodah!


    Vues Master’s Note: I feel your pain.

    But please don’t paint all shadchanim

    with the same brush. There are some

    very nice one’s out there.


    Dear Vues Master:

    With the current makeup of the Supreme

    Court, Yeshiva University decided

    the time was right to ask for the

    legal right to block the club. They’re

    claiming it violates their First Amendment

    rights. The Roshei Yeshiva at RIETS

    have long opposed the club, but

    previous efforts to shut it down were

    blocked by NY courts. Let’s daven

    that their request is granted, and the

    club gets shut down permanently.


    Vues Master’s Note: It is amazing how

    progressives are pushing their Atheism

    and immorality on all Religious

    people! It is called eating fleishigs virtually!


    Dear Vues Master:

    According to Israel’s Bureau of Statistics,

    most Israelis are marrying considerably

    later than they did 30 years

    ago. In 2020, the average age of a

    man marrying for the first time was

    26.9. In 1970 it was 25. Among chareidim,

    the average age in 2020 was 22.5

    compared to 28.9 for the rest of the

    population. Due to the late-marriage

    phenomenon, the number of unmarried

    men aged 25-29 rose from 28% in

    1970 to 65% two years ago.


    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe let Hashem

    help our Shidduch crisis. We can

    come up with many ideas but things

    constantly change!


    Dear Vues Master:

    ID checks for whipped cream are rolling

    out at stores in New York as more

    retailers begin to enforce a year-old

    state law banning the sale of whipped

    cream canisters to anyone under 21,

    Fox News reports. The law passed last

    year amid concern that teenagers are

    increasingly getting high by inhaling

    the nitrous oxide used as a propellant

    in the canisters, according to the Albany

    Times Union. The first offense

    of selling whipped cream canisters to

    someone under 21 comes with a $250

    fine, with fines of up to $500 for subsequent

    violations. Nitrous oxide, or

    “laughing gas,” is a dissociative anesthetic

    that can be inhaled by discharging

    nitrous gas cartridges known as

    “whippets,” according to the Alcohol

    and Drug Foundation. In addition to

    short-lived euphoria, the drug can also

    cause loss of blood pressure, fainting,

    heart attack and sudden death. Potential

    long-term effects include memory

    loss and psychosis.


    Vues Master’s Note: There we go

    again some more crazy laws! Maybe

    have the illegal immigrants vote on



    Dear Vues Master:

    One year later, former President Donald

    Trump says there still hasn’t been

    any accountability for the botched

    withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump

    says it’s the most embarrassing moment

    in U.S. history., Hannity reports.

    Trump shared his thoughts on TRUTH

    Social over the weekend. “No resignations

    or firings for the disastrous

    manner in which we surrendered in

    Afghanistan. The military should have

    left last, when everything else was

    done and accounted for – NOT FIRST.

    Perhaps the most embarrassing and

    demeaning moment in our Country’s

    history!” President Biden released a

    statement last week, acknowledging

    the 13 U.S. service members who lost

    their lives during the evacuation. “Our

    nation will forever mourn their sacrifice

    and honor the memory of those

    13 precious souls, stolen from their

    families, loved ones, brothers- and

    sisters-in-arms far too soon while performing

    a noble mission on behalf of

    our Nation,” Biden said. “They were

    heroes, working to save lives as part of

    the largest airlift evacuation operation

    in our history,” he continued. “The example

    of their bravery and selflessness

    will live forever as a testament to the

    very best of our American character.”

    “In the wake of the horrific attack outside

    Kabul airport, we have redoubled

    our relentless global campaign against

    ISIS and other terrorists who threaten

    Americans. In February, we took out

    the global head of ISIS in Syria, and

    last month, in Kabul, we eliminated

    the leader of al-Qaeda,” Biden said.

    “We now maintain pressure against

    terrorist threats without keeping thousands

    of troops in harm’s way on the

    ground in Afghanistan. And my Administration

    will continue to hunt

    down terrorists who seek to harm the

    United States, wherever they may be.”

    GOP House leaders Kevin McCarthy

    and Steve Scalise are also calling for

    accountability for Afghanistan. We

    have a responsibility to ensure there

    is accountability for the terrible decisions

    that led to their deaths,” House

    Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

    tweeted. “Make no mistake: There

    will be accountability for the failed

    leaders responsible for this tragedy,”

    Scalise says.


    Vues Master’s Note: How can you

    expect accountability when the FBI

    refuses to investigate Hunter Biden’s



    Dear Vues Master:

    Over the last month I have found that

    three of my friends’ kids and two relatives

    got engaged after going out with

    the first person they ever went out with.

    Not only that, it was the first time the

    other side went out with someone else

    as well. Is that a little crazy? I know

    that people do a lot of research these

    days before going out on shidduchim,

    but don’t you think people should go

    out with a few people before making a

    commitment like marriage?


    Vues Master’s Note: Look, whatever

    works. Sometimes it is good that they

    get engaged when they are young and

    ignorant and grow together. Obviously

    it is all from Hashem!


    Dear Vues Master:

    This past Shabbos one of my son’s

    friends came over to the house for a

    play date and he told us that his Yeshiva

    does not allow him to wear clips in

    his yarmulka because it’s begged esha.

    I never heard of this before and think

    it’s crazy. What do you think?

    A Flatbush mother

    Vues Master’s Note: Every yeshiva

    has its own set of rules and families

    should choose a yeshiva that reflects

    their values.



    Dear Vues Master:

    The internet is a tremendously powerful

    tool which can destroy a person if

    used incorrectly. But let’s not just demonize

    the internet. Let us appreciate

    the chessed Hashem for creating the

    internet for Klal Yisroel. I would speculate

    that the main source of parnassah

    for Chareidi Yidden entering the business

    world is based online. Kollel people

    without even a high school education

    are earning a respectable living by

    selling online primarily on Amazon.

    When the internet is used correctly

    with a filter & yiras shomayim it becomes

    a tzinor of shefa & brocha for

    Klal Yisroel. Let’s not be kefuyei tova

    to the Ribono Shel Olom by demonizing

    this gift he gave us. Let’s use it


    Chaim L

    Vues Master’s Note: This may come as

    a shock to you children, but people got

    along fine before the internet. People

    bought and sold goods. They followed

    the news. They invested. They entertained

    themselves. They even knew

    how to communicate in writing and

    by talking to each other. If you want

    to discuss an invention that really improved

    life, consider antibiotics, anesthetics

    for surgery, indoor plumbing

    (toilets), and refrigeration.ues Master’s

    Note: This may come as a shock

    to you children, but people got along

    fine before the internet. People bought

    and sold goods. They followed the

    news. They invested. They entertained

    themselves. They even knew how to

    communicate in writing and by talking

    to each other. If you want to discuss

    an invention that really improved life,

    consider antibiotics, anesthetics for

    surgery, indoor plumbing (toilets), and



    Dear Vues Master:

    I always think about how there are so

    many places in Tanach where people

    daven to be bentched with children.

    I’m wondering if there are any places

    where people daven for a shidduch. Is

    this a new nisayon? The only one I can

    think of is Leah davening to not marry


    Sora K

    Vues Master’s Note: We find that both

    Avraham and Eliezer davened for Yitzchok’s

    shidduch. The Baal Haturim

    says that Yitzchok was mesaken Mincha

    which is a good time to daven for