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    Dear Editor:

    I too am pleased to hear that carmakers will have a built-in reminder to take the baby out. But my theory is why not (for people “unaccustomed” to having a baby in the car) just keep the child in the front next to you. There’s no way you can forget the baby then. As“unsafe” it is to keep the baby in the front, it’s a lot safer than leaving him/ her there!


    Editor’s Note: It seems that the air bag deploying is extremely dangerous in the front seat for a baby. That is why the baby car seats are always in the back.



    Dear Editor:

    Every time I check out the Jewish News websites, they are quoting Ilhan Omar yimach shema and discussing what she believes. I feel that just like they don’t go around collecting ideas and news opinions from psychiatric patients, so too they should not ask or relay her opinion.

    Boruch K

    Editor’s Note: Da mashetashiv.



    Dear Editor:

    Remember when Cuomo said that the whole Country should follow the gun laws of NY? Well, with all the shootings in NYC, how are his gun laws effective? I guess criminals don’t follow the law, so all you are doing is disarming the law abiding citizens. That does not make sense.

    Fraidy U

    Editor’s Note: Now you are getting what progressives are all about.



    Dear Editor:

    Do the Democrats do anything other than try to impeach the President? When Obama started a witch hunt against Trump, that was okay, but when Trump starts a witch hunt against sleepy Joe Biden, that is not okay? It is about time the Democrats get a little taste of their own medicine.

    Editor’s Note: No way! You are being racist if you knock Democrats since AOC and Ilhan are Democrats and whoever disagrees with them is considered racist. Welcome to the land of Sharpton.



    Dear Editor:

    I am confused. Since when did selichos become a concert? I got a thousand clips of different places that had concerts.

    Yitzy J

    Editor’s Note: I guess there are many ways to serve Hashem.



    Dear Editor:

    Imagine the following scenario: someone is waiting in his car in your driveway while he dropped someone off at a simcha hall to say mazal tov. He is sitting in his car waiting for the person to come back. Is it appropriate for a Jew to ask him to get off private property or should a Jew just let it go and let people wait in his driveway?


    Editor’s Note: Do you need the driveway at that time?



    Dear Editor:

    I believe everyone should get the flu shot! We’ve got to eradicate the flu, just like we needed to eradicate measles!

    Brachy S

    Editor’s Note: The flu shot does not cover every strain of the flu, so it won’t eradicate it.



    Dear Editor:

    My son wants to go to Uman for Rosh Hashana? What should I do? We are not even chassidish.

    Rochel F

    Editor’s Note: Ask you rov or spiritual advisor.



    Dear Editor:

    Who won the elections in Israel? I don’t understand their system.

    Yaakov B

    Editor’s Note: It seems that no one won, as it is a stalemate. They may have elections again soon. It feels like Color War in that Country.



    Dear Editor:

    Now that the Board of Ed set a new precedent that a student protesting climate change got an excused absence, may students be excused for protesting against their teachers or against a test?

    Sadie R

    Editor’s Note: they can only protest when it is progressive values, but if it is anti- toeva or anti-abortion, they will not be excused.



    Dear Editor:

    Where were the Democratic presidential candidates during the youth-led climate change marches? The young people have it right. They are marching to demonstrate their concern for global warming. They recognize there is no Planet B. Meanwhile, the candidates are all eating their way through Iowa and talking, talking, talking on CNN and MSNBC about the perils of climate change. They should instead be leading marches on the White House, shouting to the president that we will continue to reduce auto emissions despite his unconscionable efforts to increase the pollution of our atmosphere. My grandchildren know the future is in their hands; I’ll support the candidate who acts as if he or she does too.

    Julie H

    Editor’s Note: That shows you how insincere the Democrats are. They were not there because it would not bring them votes since these youngsters are not old enough to vote. SAVING MONEY


    Dear Editor:

    Is there really such a concept of saving money according to Judaism? In the beginning of the year, it is decided how much we will gain and lose. A person putting money aside might feel they are saving money, but are they really? Many times a person might try skipping buying food or clothing in order to save money and then be hit with a traffic ticket, physically lose cash, or any other unexpected need to spend/lose that money they thought they were saving. So is putting money away just an illusion of saving it? Should we just spend as we see fit since it is something that was predetermined anyway? I know there

    are various sources including the Talmud on this matter so I’d like to hear what you think.

    Yankel Stern

    Editor’s Note: You raise a very tough hashkafic question. This would fall under the geder of the right balance of hishtadlus and emunah. That would vary per person. A lot has been written about this. Speak to your Rav.


    Dear Editor:

    A Rosh yeshiva once came to Rav Shteinman to discuss a student they were considering throwing out of the yeshiva. Rav Shteinman asked him: “Do you know the name of the boy’s mother?” The Rosh Yeshiva said, “No.” “So you haven’t even davened for him yet, and you’re thinking of throwing him out?”

    Editor’s Note: What an amazing lesson in chinuch! We lost a great tzaddik and luminary of our generation.


    Dear Editor:

    I’ve noticed that lately, many people think it’s funny to make insulting jokes. Not that a joke can’t be funny despite being insulting to some people, but it seems to me that something shouldn’t be viewed as humorous because of hurting someone’s feelings. I think it’s mean to make fun of people, and it’s usually assur. What is your opinion on this matter?



    Editor’s Note: My opinion is concurrent with the Torah’s opinion; one may not be mischabed b’kloin chaveiro – one may not make himself greater by demeaning someone else. Funny or not, it is assur.



    Dear Editor:

    I heard there is a controversy whether or not Hatzala should bill insurance for the transport costs to the hospital. I heard there are a lot of people against it. Why?

    If Hatzala is doing a service why should they not be paid for it?

    Yenti G

    Editor’s Note: The reason why Hatzala should not take money is because we don’t want anybody hesitating to call Hatzala because they may not be able to afford the co-payment. It is true that Hatzala is hard pressed to keep up with their financial situation, therefore it is incumbent by anyone who was ever helped by Hatzala to go the extra mile to support them like they go the extra mile to help us.



    Dear Editor:

    I recently made a bar mitzvah and was the delighted recipient of some beautiful miniatures sent by my friends and relatives. I was completely taken aback when the guy delivering the gifts requested a tip. I felt that it was uncalled for since it was supposed to be a gift to me, not an obligation! I am sure my generous friends and relatives paid a delivery fee. I really got me annoyed and upset. Then I had a similar experience on the day of the big storm last week. I had ordered some fancy baked goods that I planned on giving somebody for Shabbos in honor of their simcha. Foolishly, I didn’t look at the weather forecast and planned on picking the stuff up on Thursday morning. We all woke up on Thursday morning to a blanket of snow.I could not get out to pick up the items. I therefore called the place requesting that it be delivered and I was willing to pay the messenger fee. I was told that the fee was higher than usual since the weather was so bad. I agreed to do it since I felt that I had no choice. Imagine my chagrin when the driver asked for a tip! I was so annoyed. I paid the guy extra money to come out in the snow. Why was he expecting more on top of that?

    C.M. Stein

    Editor’s Note: You are right. And he’s also right. He’s trying to make a living and a large part of that comes from tips. You are right in the sense that a tip should be something given and not requested. All in all, if you were happy that the guy came to bring you your items in the snow, it would be nice to give him a tip. What would be even nicer, would be if he didn’t request it!


    Dear Editor:

    Does the concept of minhag hamakom apply today? If it does, to what extent? Many times I go to Shuls and they say that the minhag here is not to say tachnun, do I still say it or not?

    Boruch David

    Editor’s Note: This is a question you should ask your local Orthodox rabbi. It seems that this concept is overused in many different ways.



    Dear Editor:

    I think the Stop the Talking campaign has done a really spectacular job in making the oilam aware of their chatter and it has really made a difference! I see many people have become more aware and it has affected (in a positive way) their behavior in shul. May this herald in a new era of quiet davening which will surely bring Moshiach closer.

    Boruch B. Kranz

    Editor’s Note: I would not say, “quiet davening” but rather “loud davening but quiet during davening.” Chazak V’ematz!


    Dear Editor:

    Ad Mossai? How much longer will we need to suffer from these rabid anti-Semites who kill Jews for the sole reason that they are Jews? Hashem yinkom es Damam.

    Mushky S

    Editor’s Note: All we can do is take the words of Vehi Sheamda to heart and rely on Hashem to save us from their hands.