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    Dear Editor:

    Social Security is a tax on the poor. It takes from those who die
    young to give to the long-lived.

    Stan J

    Editor’s Note: That is what entitlements are all about.


    Dear Editor:

    It takes a lot of nerve for President Trump, the national Republican
    Party, and the national conservative news media to constantly accuse
    Democrats of having conspiracies against Trump when the actual truth
    of the matter is that there IS a real secret conspiracy of very
    wealthy individuals (led by the Kochs), a large part of the national
    Republican Party, a big part of the national conservative news media,
    many conservative think-tanks (which are really right-wing propoganda
    mills/factories), and other organizations to abolish all of the
    federal government social programs that help the lower and middle
    classes and to eventually establish a cold-hearted
    “Survival-of-the-Fittest” Social Darwnism in the USA.  Their ultimate
    goal and dream is to abolish programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Food
    Stamps, College Student Loans, and Unemployment Insurance Benefits.
    But the program that they hate the most and most want to abolish is
    Social Security.

    The award-winning book that does an excellent job of detailing all of
    the parts of this secret right-wing conspiracy was written by Jane
    Mayer.  Its title is “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the
    Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right.”  This book was
    selected by The New York Times as one of the 10 best books of 2016. It
    also won the 2017 Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in
    Journalism. In addition, Jane Mayer has won and been a finalist for 12
    awards and prizes in Journalism. To my knowledge, no one has ever been
    able to refute anything that is in this book.

    Every American should read this book.


    Stewart B. E.

    Editor’s Note: It is funny how everything today is about a conspiracy.
    We can’t take anything at face value.


    Dear Editor:

    We are out of towners with an out of town mentality so I would like to
    ask my question to some intowners. My 19 year old (basically 20 years
    old) son who is a serious Yeshiva Bachur wishes to start shidduchim.
    Is it correct to encourage him to start now?

    Boruch T

    Editor’s Note: If your son is ready, why hold him back?


    Dear Editor:

    I find myself in an uncomfortable position to be in– If you are
    concerned and worried and fearful and scared of the secret right-wing
    conspiracy to abolish all of the federal government social programs
    that help people–you have to worry about who the Republican President
    will be now and in the future. If s/he agrees with these extreme
    conservatives, the lower and middle classes will be at-risk and in

    As much as I dislike him, Trump is really not one of them.  He has no
    political beliefs ot theory or philosophy or ideology that he believes
    in.  But they do.  Pence does.  He is an extreme conservative.  It is
    actually safer for the lower and middle classes to have Trump in
    office and to be the Republican nominee in 2020 than a real Socal
    Darwinist like Pence.

    And it bothers me that a lot of national Democrats don’t seem to care
    about this right-wing conspiracy because they are financially well-off
    and will never need any help from these social programs while the rest
    of us do and will.

    Yet, Trump has already ruined our country with his hateful-talk, and I
    believe that it is too late for it to ever be repaired.  The war
    between Republicans and Democrats will never soften, and we will
    always see and treat each other as “the enemy.”

    We will never achieve what Robert Kennedy hoped for when he said that
    “Our goal and task must be to tame the savageness of humankind and
    make gentle the life of this world.”

    This is very troubling.

    At this point, we need a hero.


    Stewart B. E

    Editor’s Note: I believe the hero is in the White House he is the best
    President we have had since Reagan.


    Dear Editor:

    Is there a makeup date scheduled for the siyum hashas in the event
    that there is a massive snowstorm the day of?

    Shaya B

    Editor’s Note:  Time will tell. Hashem will take care of the weather
    so there will be kovod shomayim.


    Dear Editor:

    What is the real purpose of sending our sons (and daughters) to
    Israel? How can it be really worth the investment? I am pro the idea,
    but I would like to hear from the public how they feel about this.
    Thank you.

    Miriam K

    Editor’s Note: I think it is a very important thing for boys as aveera
    d’Eretz Yisroel machkim. It is probably a waste of money for the
    girls, especially with the hefkeirus that happens there.


    Dear Editor:

    Should choosing your spouse be a logical decision? It’s really
    difficult to approach shidduchim from the heart. I’ve learned that the
    head must decide first.

    Is there a point where most people are totally sure with their
    decision of who to marry before marriage? How do you get excited about
    marriage when it’s basically the biggest decision of your life?

    Shuly G

    Editor’s Note: It is like jumping in a cold pool.


    Dear Editor:

    There is a lot of anti-Semitism out there. Recently, we have had a lot
    of eggs thrown at Jews. I think this is all egged on by AOC and Ilhan
    Omar Y”S.

    Editor’s Note: This is an old story. As old as Har Sinai, which was a
    mountain that brought down “sinah” on Klal Yisroel.


    Dear Editor:

    Privatization of the U.S. Postal Service would have a negative impact
    on America, especially in Rural areas, where most likely, a private
    business would limit deliveries and charge higher prices in order to
    make a profit. Congress needs to act now to abolish the unreasonable
    burden, on the USPS, of prefunding future retirees’ health benefits,
    75 years in the future, at $5.4 billion each year. The people of
    America, no matter where they live or work, deserve quality service at
    the most affordable rates.

    Joe D

    Editor’s Note: Well if you can’t require rural areas to have Pizza
    Stores open past five in the afternoon why is there a right that all
    rural areas must get their mail every day?


    Dear Editor:

    Law professor Jonathan H. Adler wants to believe President Trump’s
    claim that environmental protection is a “top priority” of his
    administration. The president’s actions since that statement belie his

    Adler proclaims, “Regulatory mandates are a poor fit for climate
    change.” I would ask Adler where we would be now if not for regulatory
    mandates on lower emissions for cars. Rather, he wishes to pursue an
    unregulated, free enterprise solution to our climate problems.

    There’s no guarantee that free enterprise will produce what is needed.
    Rather, the U.S. and the world need a joint solution where free
    enterprise combined with government directives (based on sound
    science) work together to make our world a livable place.

    Mark C

    Editor’s Note: Not always can Science be trusted they flip flop.
    Remember when Trans fat was the way to go now it is taboo.


    Dear Editor:

    As a retired physician and a Medicare patient, I am ambivalent about
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s plan for
    “Medicare for all.”

    From a patient’s perspective, it’s a great deal. The premiums are
    affordable, most doctors and hospitals accept it, and you don’t lose
    Medicare if you change your job. If you are a doctor, however, and
    your income depends on Medicare reimbursements, you are likely to go

    In every other business, when costs go up, the price of goods and
    services can be increased to cover the difference. Not so in medicine.
    Insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid control how much physicians
    are reimbursed and rarely raise their compensation to account for
    increased expenses.

    Warren is knowledgeable when it comes to macroeconomics, but she
    appears not to have looked at the books of medical practices. If she
    wants the medical establishment to support her plan, how about paying
    doctors what they deserve?

    Dr Z

    Editor’s Note: She has no problem spending more. She will pay everyone
    except the Billionaires who will leave this Country LOL