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    Speak Your Vues


    Dear Reader,

    I want it to be very clear that the opinion of the Speak Your Vues has NOTHING to do with the opinion of the Publishers of the Jewish Vues. Sometimes, in fact, the Speak Your Vues is in exact contradiction of the publisher’s opinion. Many of the responses are meant to be funny or controversial in order to get your interest. In particular I refer to the response that “It is a waste of money for girls to go to Eretz Yisrael for their seminary year.” As a person that interacts with these seminary girls on a regular basis, I find this to be the best thing that can happen to a girl or a boy, spending the year in Eretz Yisrael. The maturity they gain and their appreciation for Torah grows in a way that is not possible in Chutz LaAretz. It may be true that seminaries try to take advantage of foreigners and charge a lot more than is necessary. But, that does not make it wrong to send a girl to learn in Eretz Yisrael. Maybe, that is not the seminary for her, just because her friends are going there and it is out of one’s financial means, there are seminaries that are less expensive, like everything else. To say there is “hefkerus” in Eretz Yisrael, the “hefkerus” in America is 100 times worse. The loss of Jews; frum, Yeshivah and Chasidish in America is at all time highs. The girls and boys coming out of Israel come out at a different level in Torah than the boys and girls that learn in America. It is not a Zionist idea but a lesson learned many times in the Torah, that the Torah learning in Eretz Yisrael is on a greater level than in Chutz LaAretz. Let us NOT make the same mistake as was made once before by the Meraglim and talk negative about Eretz Yisroel, especially the Torah of Eretz Yisrael. You know where it got us last time!

    -Alan Hirsch, Publisher



    Dear Editor:

    I have found that there is just no place for me—- I am largely referring to the world of politics— Most Liberal/Progressive Democratic Party women seem to dislike men. They will never admit it, but they do. I don’t like to go where I am not wanted. The female candidates, campaign staffers, news media people mostly seem to have over-inflated egos, oversized egos, are full of themselves, and think that they are “all that.” They dislike men. The same is true of many female newspaper editors, but it seems to be less true of them than it is for the political women. It also seems to be true of other causes and their organizations. I don’t want to be somewhere where I am not wanted. And to this, you have to add the fact that they prefer women of color and women who do not have Jewish-sounding last names. I strike out on every pitch– I’m a male, I’m white, and I have a Jewish-sounding last name—everything that they dislike, if not outright hate. But, all of these national Democratic Party women would love me, admire me, respect me, and want me if I was an illegal immigrant. My best hope might be to go back to volunteering in a 4thgrade public school class where the students are not quite old enough to hate men. But I will still write and submit letters to the editor. I simply love and like myself too much to allow myself to continue to be mistreated like this. Sincerely, Stewart B. E. Editor’s Note: Time to switch to the Republican party? Dear Editor: What do you think of the higher up Democrats criticizing Tulsi Gabbard for not being enough of a radical Democrat? Yossi K Editor’s Note: I have long given up hope of understanding the Democrats. Dear Editor: I can’t understand how people take their children to go see the statue of liberty besides that it is in Manhattan, it can be a Sheila of avadoh Zara and its pritzes when I take my children in the car I try to tell them to look the other way.


    Yoily J

    Editor’s Note: The Statue of Liberty is not in Manhattan but rather between Manhattan and Staten Island. Do your kids walk the streets of Broklyn? Look at bus stops? I guess not because you don’t complain about them.



    Dear Editor:

    As seminary application season is here, please be aware that there are seminaries that will accept your daughter, only to rescind acceptance a few months later and keep your non refundable deposit. This has happened to numerous people.Be very careful before spending thousands of dollars, and fall victim of losing your money, and having your daughters feelings hurt after initially being accepted. Pessy F Editor’s Note: You always have the choice of not sending to Israel but rather sending locally and your daughter will be treated with respect. Dear Editor, Your bias against females is blatant. Avira d’Eretz Yisroel applies to males and females equally. Most girls return from a year of Seminary in Israel spiritually uplifted. I don’t know what hefkeirus you are talking about. As a Federal agency, the USPS is required to provide the same level of service to all tax-payers alike, no matter where they reside. By contrast, a pizza shop owner is accountable only to himself, and may set his hours of operation as he sees fit. There is no equivalence here. Stop Mixing Kasha with Ferfel Chavi H p.s. It’s also not necessary for an editor to respond to each letter. (Most editors don’t. And you are not funny like Country Yossie.) It’s not as if you were as wise as King Solomon, with pearls of wisdom to share. Editor’s Note: I was going to refrain from responding to this letter. But you should try mixing kasha with Ferfel it might taste good. Females don’t get any wiser from the avira of Eretz Yisroel as they do not need to learn Gemara. Girls may return spiritually uplifted but their parents pockets are really emptied out. If the goal of seminary is to get the girls to be machshiv Torah then they would have a better chance staying in America where it is cheaper so the parents can support the learning. Dear Editor Last week you wrote that sending your daughter to Eretz Yisrael is probably a waste of money. My daughter is in Eretz Yisrael this year and is learning a lot! There are plenty of great seminaries in Eretz Yisrael where girls go after high school and probably learn more than the bochrim. Yes, the seminaries are VERY expensive, but I definitely recommend sending both boys and girls after high school to Eretz Yisrael for at least one year. It’s an experience that every yid should have during their lifetime.

    Henry G., originally from Flatbush

    Editor’s Note: Yes if one can afford it and not make it become mandatory where parents who could barely make ends meet should need to send to Israel. Dear Editor: Given the heresy that many nonfrum yidden engage in during the month of december, hannukah bushes especially come to mind, should a frum jew make sure to remove all plants from their home to avoid issues with the maris ayin. Unless a neighbour or friend come to believe that the home is no longer kosher and the family has gone OTD? Debbie G Editor’s Note I don’t’t believe there is a maaris Ayin on these things. I think you should take it easy.



    Dear Editor:

    A few weeks ago you had on your back page an ad from the OU for their new web site called the All Daf. I’m a little confused. Doesnt the OU have on their web site already Rabbi Elefant & Rabbi Rosner? Those are the best & most popular daf yomis in the world. There are also a lot of other web sites like Torah Anytime that have a lot of other daf yomi shuirim. What else do they need?

    David Kreiser from Flatbush

    Editor’s Note: I guess we will wait and see how this new App will improve upon their web site.

    Dear Editor:

    I heard that the stabbing in Monsey was a hit gone bad. I feel it is important to notify the residents in Monsey if this is true. People in Monsey are scared to walk the streets.

    Moshe M

    Editor’s Note: Until nothing is verified it is all speculation and caution is always good.



    Dear Editor:

    So, the impeachment hearings seem to be over; all the “evidence” has been presented and both sides are claiming victory. What did we learn? First, hearings of this type are very boring. Hours of tedious questions, baiting of witnesses, posturing for political points and searching for something to hang their hats on and when it doesn’t appear paraphrase the responses to fit the “crime”. Then followed by endless hours of “analysis” by the talking heads of the media and internet “experts”. Very few of the “witnesses” were listening to the so-called conversation that led to the need to impeach the democrat’s nemesis. And those that did agreed that the transcript provided by the Whitehouse was accurate. The only thing we have left after a couple of weeks of non-stop hot air is that some unhappy bureaucrats and opposing party hacks disagreed with the elected leader of the nation. Who knew that subordinates would disagree with a strong leader? So, like the last charade this too appears to be a dud for a political party that has nothing left to offer their constituents but empty promises and false accusations.

    Ron F.

    Editor’s Note: These Democrats will really look foolish by wasting precious time and not even proving impeachment. It will help Trump win again.

    Dear Editor:

    So it seems, once again, our local officials are as ignorant as the masses. The Centers for Disease Control says that recent lung illnesses associated with vaping have the indicator of THC. I can’t stress that enough about recent health problems and deaths associated with vaping. The CDC goes on to say that indicators point to “black market” THC products as the main culprit. Vaping products have been out for a long time in comparison to the health “epidemic.” So here are some more truths. When government says it’s for your safety, it’s not. When government says you do not need a gun, you need a gun. When government says you are cold, do not take the blankets. It’s not about saving us from ourselves. It’s about control. It’s not about deciding how to restrain government from overreach, it’s overreach to make your decisions whether it’s what one puts in his or her body, or how to raise and educate ones offspring. No, it’s not about unleashing the human spirit and providing services for money, or taxation with representation. It’s about controlling (citizens) by those who believe they know better and have ambitions of wealth and power.

    Chani M

    Editor’s Note: Yup its all about legislation more Government etc.