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    Dear Editor:
    I want people to know why I am becoming a “liberal/progressive” REPUBLICAN:

    Too many national Democrats who are women come across to me as being
    “anti-men” and as disliking men.

    Because research indicates that by around the year 2030 over 50% of
    the USA will be “non-white”, too many national Democrats are now going
    overboard and are PANDERING in a big way to get the votes of all
    minority groups including the future votes of legal and illegal

    Too many national Democrats are no longer prioritizing the economic
    and financial needs of our lower and middle class citizens as well as
    our senior citizens and the role of the federal government in helping
    these at-risk Americans as the national liberal-Democrats did in the

    Too many national Democrats come across as being “anti-business.”

    Too many national Democrats are fiscally irresponsible. We should not
    try to pass new federal government social programs with the wonderful,
    noble, and laudable intention of helping the lower and middle classes
    when we have such a huge national debt and yearly federal budget
    deficit unless we come up with new ways to pay for them.


    Stewart B. E

    Editor’s Note: Most of all they are busy impeaching a President who
    has been great for the economy.


    Dear Editor:

    I have a great name for last week’s edition Pot Yisroel!

    Martin N

    Editor’s Note: I “highly” recommend that name.


    Dear Editor:

    I am writing this letter on the same day that Speaker Nancy Pelosi
    announced that the House would pursue Articles of Impeachment against
    President Trump. This is a day that every American knew would happen
    when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House on January 3rd 2019.
    There is a massive problem with this whole process, if this
    impeachment was envied among Democrats for a while. This pre-existing
    impeachment sentiment is in itself a factor that the Founding Fathers
    in the Federalist Papers were worried about. Nancy Pelosi said that
    Trump thinks he is above the Constitution, well Madam Speaker, it
    actually says in Article 2 Section 4 that, “The President, Vice
    President, and all civil Officers of the Unites States, shall be
    removed from office on impeachment for, and CONVICTION of; treason,
    bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” The meaning of the
    word conviction is, “a  formal declaration that someone is guilty of a
    criminal offense, made by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a
    judge in a court of law.” President Trump has not been convicted of
    anything that is specifically delineated in the Constitution. Nancy
    Pelosi is basing her sham on “hearsay witnesses” and “Constitutional
    Experts”. First of all, hearsay is not evidence and every witness has
    said they have no direct knowledge of a quid pro quo. President Trump
    even told Ambassador Sondland that there should not be a quid pro quo
    with Ukraine. That in itself should be the end of this, but no, the
    Democrats a week later decide to force America to attend law school
    for a day. The Democrats were able to get 3 “experts” and the
    Republicans were able to get 1. This in itself isn’t fair in a process
    that could impeach a sitting President of the USA. Regardless though,
    all of the Democrats “experts” support impeachment. However, every
    single one of them have donated thousands of dollars to Democrats. One
    of these “experts” even said a few years ago that Trump should be
    impeachment based on a tweet. On the other side, the Republican
    witness, Johnathan Turley, a constitutionalists professor who did not
    vote for President Trump, doesn’t support impeachment, was the only
    expert who was actually bipartisan. Professor Turley, didn’t vote for
    Trump and doesn’t support his policies. Turley said that Democrats
    accusation that Trump is abusing power is exactly what they are doing
    by supporting and voting for this impeachment. Speaker Pelosi said
    that based on what the constitutionalists experts said, they “would
    have no choice” but to impeach, is ridiculous. She obviously didn’t
    listen to the only independent- minded  expert testifying under oath.
    Nancy Pelosi’s agenda is titled every week the “For the People
    Agenda”, since when is invalidating 63 million people’s votes a “For
    The People Agenda”? Independent support for impeachment has fallen 14
    points, wake up Madam Speaker! Your gavel won’t be yours for long if
    you continue these shams! If the proof against President Trump is so
    compelling, then where is your bipartisan support for impeachment?!
    Oops sorry we must have forgotten, the only bipartisan support is
    against impeachment! It must be another Pelosi gaffe! On the same day
    that Pelosi announces impeachment, polls from Rasmussen came out
    showing that Trump has a 52% approval rating overall, and even a 26%
    approval rating among Democrats and a 34% approval rating among
    blacks! These are unprecedented numbers! Madam Speaker, I personally
    do not remember a time that Republicans were 100% united, thank you,
    Madam Speaker, for giving me one!!


    Donny Simcha G

    Editor’s Note: The Senate will not impeach so therefore it is an
    exercise in futility. Republicans win big in 2020.


    Dear Editor:

    There were two points mentioned in last week’s Vues that require clarification.

    Regarding V’sen tal umatar, those who write that we begin on the
    fourth or fifth, and those who say that it’s the fifth or sixth, are
    actually saying the same thing.  When you’re writing in Hebrew, and
    you write the sixth, you mean Maariv the night before the sixth.  When
    you write in English, and write the fifth, you mean Maariv on the
    night of the fifth.  Either way, it referred to last Thursday night.

    In the discussion of grains, regarding Brachos, Yashan and Matzoh, the
    Rav equated gluten with the five grains.  This is not precisely true.
    Spelt and oats are gluten-free, but are among the five grains.  In
    fact Spelt Matzahs are readily available for those on gluten-free

    Zvi F

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for pointing it out.


    Dear Editor:

    Last year, Organic Circle on Ave M advertised that they are selling
    donuts & latkes without oil for Chanukah. My mother loved them! But,
    doesn’t that defeat the entire reason why we have latkes & donuts on
    Chanukah? I was under the impression that we eat oily foods the 8 days
    of Chanukah to remember the neis. I’m sure it tastes great without the
    oil because I enjoy everything from Organic Circle, but really? No

    Editor’s Note: Maybe it is the new Lezecher oil doughnut or latke


    Dear Editor:

    Everyone obviously owns, & or uses a computer. My question is, what do
    you prefer, a mac, or a pc? This should be fun.

    Ruchy K

    Editor’s Note: Everyone is welcome to write in their preference and
    the reason for it. I personally prefer a PC as I am used to it and am
    not into music/art that the MAC is supposedly better.


    Dear Editor:

    Is there a problem of modesty when inviting divorced women to your
    Shabbos table with your family? My wife keeps inviting them, but I am
    not comfortable with them because they are too forward with something.
    However, people shouldn’t spend Shabbos alone. Any ideas?

    Motty G

    Editor’s Note: You may have an issue and you should discuss it with
    your wife, but there is definitely no problem and if they become too
    forward with their discussion you could always start saying divrei


    Dear Editor:

    Every weekend we unfortunately read more and more stories about
    attacks on frum yidden from dangerous youths. Now the leftists from a
    Conservative synagogue are going to rent out space to a charter school
    for “at risk youth.”

    Many yeshivot tried to rent the space out but were denied without any reason!

    Does anyone have a rational explanation for this?

    Frumie L

    Editor’s Note: No reason other than that the Shul in question are self
    hating Jews who are kvelling the fact that they could stick it to the
    frum people in Flatbush. My suggestion is to find out where all these
    people come in from Scarsdale and the like and start renting in their
    neighborhoods for frum yeshivas and make them frum.


    Dear Editor:

    I thought of a theme for shalich manis and am curious to hear others’ opinions.
    Fruits and vegetables and snackers

    Sury K

    Editor’s Note: I decided I will not have a theme for Purim this year
    so I am giving fruits and vegetables and snackers.


    Dear Editor:

    I see boys as young as 11 and 12 hitchhiking on the sides of the roads
    all the time in my community. I can’t understand how this is
    happening. Is this actually accepted in town? Do their parents tell
    them it’s OK?

    For anyone who thinks, “It’s no big deal,” here are some things for
    you to ponder:

    -Some of these children are getting in the car with strangers, how are
    you to know this person is even Jewish and if he is, you don’t know
    what he is capable of doing.

    -These kids and bochurim are sometimes standing in dangerous roadways
    at night without any reflectors sticking their hands out, (may I
    remind you, that many of them are wearing their suits and are hardly
    noticeable to the drivers).

    -You have the people who go ahead to pick them up STOP in the middle
    of the road to pull over, no signaling or anything, while the cars
    behind them have to swerve to avoid a crash.

    Please be careful, and arrange a carpool, it’s not worth the risk of
    all the horrible things that can happen.

    Your thoughts?

    Yosh B

    Editor’s Note: I agree wholeheartedly. There is too much anti-Semitism
    out there to take chances.


    Dear Editor:

    I could not believe I saw a cartoon that showed a state policeman
    offering to tear up a ticket if the motorist paid him off.
    My grandson happens to be a New York state trooper.
    The hours are long, like a lot of jobs, but he and they don’t know
    what he’ll face when he goes to work. Is your job like that?
    We really need out troopers in this day and age. Don’t you agree?
    I haven’t met anyone who says he or she wants to do it, have you?
    I saw a film of the training. It was awful.
    How would you like pepper spray in your face? My grandson had to do
    that to a man once.
    He’d kicked my grandson in the mouth.
    I’m trying to stay on the straight and narrow.
    Eunice K
    Editor’s Note: We need to respect our Police Officers.