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    Dear Editor:

    Looking for a program for a blind man in Flatbush. Trying to find a shiur and/or with activities or lunch for someone who didn’t grow up learning in yeshiva. If you know of any such programs or someone who might benefit from this please call or text 347-765-3258

    Chaim F                          

    Editor’s Note: I hope someone responds.



    Dear Editor:

    In the wake of repeated violent physical attacks on synagogues and Jews in New York and elsewhere, Herut North America, a leading Jewish activist organization, is offering a new, cutting-edge guide to help congregations better organize their security efforts to protect synagogue attendees. The “SYNAGOGUE SECURITY TOOL KIT© is being offered free of charge to all members of the Jewish community interested in improving security as well as synagogue leaders.

    “We have developed this ebook guide as a hands-on tool to aid synagogues with both evaluating their security needs as well as organizing their own security teams,” explains Moshe Phillips, the national director of Herut North America. “This information packed booklet is specifically designed to give Jews the information they need to feel empowered around security related needs and issues. We have included checklists, assessment worksheets, planning guides, practical advice, and more.” 

    The Herut team responsible for this booklet includes IDF veterans, individuals trained in counter-terrorism, longtime community security volunteers, and legal professionals. Users of the guidebook will find practical, actionable ideas whether their synagogue has a security plan in place currently or is now considering forming a volunteer security team and needs an action plan.

    “In light of the recent spate of attacks against Jews across multiple states we are offering the SYNAGOGUE SECURITY TOOL KIT©; A Hands-on Guide to Preventive Safety for Your Congregation” ebook. This free reference to protecting your community will help your community develop a security plan that you can implement in your synagogue, kollel, yeshiva, camp, or day school. Our goal is to have this booklet utilized by synagogues in all 50 states so that further anti-Jewish violence and bloodshed can be prevented,” states Joshua Goldstein, chairman of Herut North America. “Please, help us reach our goal of preparing synagogues all across America to be more secure by ensuring the leaders of your synagogue see this booklet as soon as possible.”

    The “SYNAGOGUE SECURITY TOOL KIT© also specifically addresses the fact that Orthodox Jews have been heavily targeted in recent attacks by including a section titled “Self-Defense Tips While Walking To / From Synagogue” in the booklet.


    “Action is required now,” says Herut’s Goldstein. “Please help us reach our goal in making the streets safer for Jews across America. Download and use this free resource yourself and also please share on social media the news that this ebook is now available so Jews everywhere will have access to this potentially life-saving material.”

    Please email moshe@herutna.org today to request your free copy of the “SYNAGOGUE SECURITY TOOL KIT©

    Moshe P

    Editor’s Note: Sadly, this is the new reality.




    Dear Editor:

    I had a hard time hearing the speakers at Metlife. The sound was bad. I wish Agudah would have done a better job.

    Moshe N

    Editor’s Note: As Rabbi Frand said, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” It was a great Kiddush Hashem.



    Dear Editor: 
    I have come across something that is very interesting in my studies and research on and about “politics.” It is something that my “sixth-sense” told me was true, but that is never enough of a reason to believe something. So I did research on it. Here is what I found:

    There is a big “dis-connect” (if I may use some cable-news lingo) between the Republican members of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate and the American citizens who are Republicans. When I average the research studies together, I find that 63% of the American people who identify themselves as Republicans are AGAINST the Congress and President cutting Social Security Benefits. On the other hand (and this is just my opinion based upon my research and studies), I would say that 98%-99% of current Republican members of the House and the Senate are FOR cutting Social Security Benefits and that well over 50% of them would love to abolish Social Security (as would Budget Director and Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney–look it up).

    HOW this has happened will be the subject of a future letter to the editor.


    Stewart B. E

    Editor’s Note: This is old news!



    Dear Editor:

    Defend yourself, disable your assailants with “crime halter pepper spray” convenient to carry as keychain. Legal in NY for self defense. Send ck or m.o. to SOBCO box 1128 NY NY 10159 for $19.95. Free shipping. Sobconyc@aol.com


    Editor’s Note: Sounds like a plan. Hopefully no one should ever need to use it.





    Dear Editor:

    I have to admit that there have been times when I have felt or suspected that someone did not like me, or that someone was being prejudiced against me or discriminating against me because I am part-Jewish. A part of why I am wondering about this is because my late-best friend, Paul M., used to tell me that I need to realize that one reason why some people mistreat me and write negative things about my letters to the editor is because they dislike or hate Jews and that my last name is obviously a Jewish-sounding last name. I suspect that he was correct about this. One of my pet-peeves and grievances with the national Democrats is that they come across to me as being less concerned about anti-Semitism compared to prejudice and discrimination against other minority groups who they seem to pander to in order to get their votes. I would like to be wrong about this, but I do not believe that I am. I say all this as someone who converted to Christianity in 1980 and who considers himself to be “more of” a Christian than a Jew, although I am both. So, I am not some kind of “super-Jewish-fanatic.”


    Stewart B. E

    Editor’s Note: Once a Jew always a Jew!



    Dear Editor:

    This might surprise you, but in 1999 Donald Trump proposed the passage of a “National Wealth Tax” of 14.25% on all individuals who have a net-worth and net-wealth of $10 million and higher. You can look it up online. Wealth differs from income. He wanted the money generated from it to pay off the entire national debt with the remainder being placed into the Social Security Trust Fund to make it more solvent for additional years. That is NOT something that conservative-Republicans believe in. “USA Today”newspaper loves the idea. So do I.

    So should all “liberal/progressive” Democrats as well as many “moderates” and “centrists” and “independents.” Right? Take from the rich and give to help everyone else. It is like “Robin Hood.” It is part of my own political platform and agenda. So why is Elizabeth Warren the only national Democrat who supports any version of it? It is the ONLY way to pay for the new social programs that people like AOC want. The ONLY way to raise enough money to help people.

    Why is a political NOBODY like me the only person pointing this out?

    Why are the “compassionate” and “caring” liberal/progressive Democrats totally silent and mute?


    Stewart B. E
    Editor’s Note: Maybe it’s time for you to run for office!


    Dear Editor:

    Some polls show that Bernie would gain several points in the Democratic Primary polls if he announced he would make AOC his VP running mate if nominated. Would that mobilize Dems to support Joe Biden or send a lot of them running to their election office to register as Republicans?

    Gadol H

    Editor’s Note: Who cares? Democrats are losers.





    Dear Editor:

    Didn’t all the brilliant pundits promise massive riots by all Arabs if the embassy is moved to Jerusalem?
    Does anyone know where those riots took place?

    Chaim C

    Editor’s Note: Fake News.





    Dear Editor:

    The Obama doctrine of appeasement is dead. America and Iran have been at war for 40 years with Iran responsible for killing more U.S. soldiers, marines, and diplomats than any other country. President Donald Trump’s strong action was long overdue and was executed in defense of U.S. military personnel and American interests. Iran should have been handled years ago for its violation of international laws, maritime bullying, proxy wars, and hideous crimes against its neighbors. Trump eliminated Iranian Gen. Qassem Suleimani, one of the most evil terrorists in the world, and should be applauded for his decisive action. Since 1979 when President Jimmy Carter set the stage for the terrorist state of Iran, the mullahs have directed terrorism around the world with impunity. Other presidents placated them, but this president has let it be known America will not tolerate their terrorism. Presidents Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Harry Truman would have approved protection of American lives and property as they, too, acted to protect U.S. citizens. Not today’s Democrats running for president; they wouldn’t defend Americans and be bold in saying so. Trump will protect America and has U.S. families’ safety at heart.

    Yankel H

    Editor’s Note: It is about time Iran is recognized for what it stands for.







    Dear Editor:

    The Jews in the wilderness of Brooklyn, Far Rockaway, Monsey, Lakewood, Jersey City, Miami Beach, Boca, and Los Angeles had new excuses last week not to make Aliyah – they sounded something like this:

    The justice system in Israel is determined to destroy the right, the Prime Minister has been charged with corruption and fraud, the secular left wants to erase the Jewish Identity of the State, there’s no butter in the supermarkets, and now there’s bus service on Shabbat in Tel Aviv.

    Wait one minute! Doesn’t this sound familiar? The Spies in the Wilderness said pretty much the same thing – the Land of Israel is full of dangerous giants and idol worshippers. Plus, in the Promised Land, we will have to work to make a living without being able to rely on the manna from Heaven.

    -Not only that – without the Clouds of Glory to protect us, we will have to create a government, and a regular army with reserve duty, and an economy to sustain the nation, with a system of transportation, hospitals, water and sanitation departments, a housing industry, a school system for all ages, police force, port authority, welfare system, a department of foreign affairs…. Gevalt! When will we have time to study Torah?

    It is far better to stay in America where the Government of the United State takes care of our needs, and we don’t have to bother with getting rid of sewage by ourselves, or fighting in the army, or with building bridges, tunnels, and roads.

    -The goyim can take care of all that, and we will remain free to study Torah, make money for ourselves, enjoy the good life, send our kids to the best colleges, and not worry about their getting killed in the army, G-d forbid.

    -When the Mashiach comes, we will go to Israel, when there is no longer any political corruption and war, and a Jew can sit and learn Torah all day without having to get his hands dirty building the country.

    -When you look at things in a superficial light, it could be that the Jews of the Diaspora, and the Spies in the wilderness, were right. Nonetheless, Hashem called them rebels.

    Avraham Avinu (Abraham the Patriarch) could also have argued with Hashem, maintaining that living in Eretz Yisrael was dangerous,
    Avraham Avinu (Abraham the Patriarch) could also have argued with Hashem, maintaining that living in Eretz Yisrael was dangerous, with idol worshippers all over the country, and not a kosher bakery or beit knesset to be found. But Avraham didn’t offer any excuses. He packed up his belongings and made Aliyah.

    As the children of Avraham Avinu, we have inherited his genes. Every Jew can make Aliyah, even if the political establishment is loaded with problems and there is no butter in the Land. After all, the politics of America isn’t so kosher either, and if new olim can’t find butter for their bagels, then let them eat humus!

    Now it is this week. And, sadly, it is not so safe in America either. How about following Abraham?

    Avi K

    Editor’s Note: You can make Aliyah anytime you want but remember the ultimate goal is Moshiach and we need to first correct our actions in order to bring Moshiach!