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    Dear Editor:

    You did a really good job on the Tzitzis Vues edition. Someone I know now is looking for yarmulka and tzitzis. It is truly amazing when considering that he’s loaded-with tattoos.


    Editors Note: Everyone is able to do teshuva.




    Dear Editor:

    I asked whether it is a michshol that a particular new OU certified pizza shop on Nostrand Ave does not advise people that it is required to wait after eating Parmesan cheese.

    You gave a generic response that it depends on whether the cheese is aged and whether the cheese is cooked with food.

    Does the OU certify that the Parmesan cheese at this pizza shop is not aged and always cooked with food?

    If not, isn’t failing to advise people about it a michshol?

    Yitzchak Shmuel A

    Editor’s Note: We are not the OU. We can answer a question in general terms. The Vues may ask Rabbi Genak in a future question. Your best bet is to call the OU yourself.




    Dear Editor:

    I read your publication every week, very nice articles and topics. Keep up the great week. 

    If I may suggest, my opinion on this week’s front page, there’s an advertisement of a high priced scotch of $189.99. If it would be possible to exercise some prudence as for many in our community, this would be out of reach to them. The advertisement is fine; just leave the price out as not to offend those that will be out of reach.

    Thanks for your consideration. 


    Editor’s Note: We believe that everyone can afford what they can afford and not be offended by items they can’t afford.






    Dear Editor
    There is absolutely no good reason for politicians (mostly conservative-Republicans) to scare our senior citizens and threaten to cut Social Security Retirement benefits.  There is NO “crisis.”  Virtually every serious, non-biased study has concluded that the Social Security Trust Fund is fully solvent through 2034. After that, it will be able to provide 76%-79% of benefits for the next 60 years beyond 2034.  Does it need to be fixed?  Of course it does.  But it does not have to be done today. And there is no need to cut anyone’s benefits.

    One of the many relatively simple “reforms” that can be made was offered by Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie in 2015. I literally sat in the same car as Arizona Governor and Presidential candidate Bruce Babbitt in 1987 when he said that what we should do is to “Means-Test” Social Security benefits.  For example, we can make Social Security fully solvent well beyond 2034 by reducing the benefits of those with a yearly income of, say, $80,000/year and higher by a certain percentage. As Babbitt said to me, “Do multi-millionaires really need the same Social Security benefits as a poor senior citizen?”

    I call upon all Republican Party US Senators and Congresspeople to stop scaring our senior citizens.


    Stewart B. E

    Editor’s Note: You should not be scared. The way things are going, there will be more entitlements not less.




    Dear Editor:

    In Albany today, at the Joint Legislative Public Hearing on the ‘20-’21 Executive Budget, Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) slammed Mayor de Blasio’s inability to make good on years of promises to improve DOE’s provision of special education services, charging that unparalleled levels of mismanagement are likely the result of corruption in the system.

    For 14 years, DOE has been out of compliance with the federal Individual with Disabilities Education Act, leaving parents of special education students locked in a constant battle to obtain necessary services mandated for their child’s education. “We don’t have a moment’s peace,” one mother recently shared. “We have come to accept the autism diagnosis and the developmental delays and challenging behaviors, but the struggles that come along with it are not so fair… Paying for this has become another burden in my home.”

    “Years of combined efforts by the NYS Senate and Assembly led up to the Mayor’s 2014 Press Conference where he committed to finally help families of special needs students,” said the Senator. “Unfortunately, a short lived improvement was followed by years of decline.”

    Documenting 6 years of unsuccessful outreach efforts to address a multitude of unlawful issues plaguing the special education system, including delinquent settlement decisions and reimbursements, re-litigation of settled cases and onerous paperwork and procedures that delay and obstruct necessary services, the Senator proposed that the solution might be found outside of Mayor de Blasio’s administration.

     “Incompetence of this magnitude is not believable. Corruption is more likely what’s happening here,” accused the irate Senator. “I am asking you, Mr. Mayor, to join me in requesting an independent monitor from DOI to conduct a thorough investigation as to why 10,000 special needs students are in crisis,” offered the Senator, with the promise that a letter of request would be sent out immediately following the hearing.


    Editor’s Note: DeBlasio is a lame duck. All he is busy doing is lining his pockets by raising property taxes and making the speed limit 15mph. Ridiculous!



    Dear Editor:

    I just got my tax statement for this upcoming year. My value of the house went down, yet my taxes went up. Why do they masquerade the tax rate based on value of home?

    Disgruntled tax payer.

    Editor’s Note: It may be time to move out of the city unless we can change the City council and the Mayor!





    Dear Editor:

    I have a BTL and I’m sure a lot of others do. I wanted to know whether the community colleges or the cheaper colleges accept a BTL for most of the credits?


    Editor’s Note: It isn’t worth much in New York.




    Dear Editor:

    Some people blame the “freezer” for the Shidduch Crisis. Yes, it’s true, it delays the boys for four months. But why did they wait to come to Lakewood only at age 22.5 or at age 23? Why do bachurim in EY & Europe start Shidduchim at age 20, 21, and do not have a crisis, while the American boys go to EY only at age 21, Shteig around until 22.5 and do cause a crisis?
    The blame should be put on the boys, and their parents. No one forced them to wait until they are 23!
    Put the blame on them, and not on the straw that breaks the camels back!
    L’man Bnos Yisroel

    Libby J

    Editor’s Note: Why is everyone trying to re-invent the wheel? There is no shidduch crisis! I have a wedding to attend three times a week! Who do you think is getting married?







    Dear Editor:

    Agudath Israel of America, in its public letter they published January 28th in response to President Trump’s Deal of the Century Israel-Palestine peace proposal, has announced for the first time their support for Palestinian statehood.


    Editors Note: Pretty foolish






    Dear Editor:

    Kobe Bryant was a national treasure. I applaud his talent and determination. Surely, Kobe made many sacrifices, but they were all optional and for his own reasons.

    What about those who die in service to their country? Where are their national accolades? Is it the media that ignore their sacrifice, or the American public for whom they died?

    Army Spc. Henry Mayfield, 23; Pfc. Miguel Villalon, 21; Staff Sgt. Ian McLaughlin, 29; Spc. Antonio Moore, 22; Master Sgt. Nathan Goodman, 36, and Air Force Staff Sgt. George Girtler, 37; they were from Illinois, New York, North Carolina and Virginia; they died in Afghanistan, Antarctica, Kenya, Syria and Arizona, where Master Sgt. Goodman, a Green Beret, fell to his death during freefall parachute training after surviving eight deployments to Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq and Kyrgyzstan. Where is their recognition, beyond the painful grief of their family members and other loved ones?

    Newspapers and television news programs devoted nearly half of their space and time to developments in the investigation of the crash that took the life of Kobe Bryant and eight others. Grown men have stood before cameras and cried for him. But the deaths of the military personnel named above have hardly been mentioned, if at all, and they died within the past four weeks.

    I’m not saying Kobe Bryant wasn’t deserving of the recognition and laurels he received, but how much more so those who knowingly and willingly place their lives on the line for their country, for the U.S. Constitution, for each of us?

    Jerry G

    Editor’s Note:You are right but this is what sells papers.





    Dear Editor:

    Much has been said about Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate revolving around the recent votes on impeachment. Though the House managers tried repeatedly, to blame the Senate for not calling witnesses and charging the majority leader with numerous slanderous allegations of failing to uphold its constitutional edicts, they failed to garner a sufficient number of votes to call witnesses.

    What the House managers, specifically Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, didn’t contemplate when making these allegations is the organic and innate knowledge of McConnell. In their naiveté about whom they were up against, or their own narcissistic beliefs that no one could out-smart them, Schiff and Nadler fell completely on their own swords.

    McConnell, with his extensive knowledge and skill in leading the Senate, was non-threatening without denigrating his opponents, remained stoic, and counted votes. When he knew he had won, he called for a vote.

    We are fortunate to have a majority leader who is a constitutional scholar and historian, and who will follow our Constitution, leading the Senate in a manner fitting and proper to the upper house. Thank you, senator, for your leadership.


    Editor’s Note: I totally concur!