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    Dear Editor:

    With the rise of the Far-Right and Radical-Right, we not only have been experiencing the growth of “Survival-of-the-Fittest” Social Darwinist ideology in today’s national Republican Party featuring their desire to not only cut and reduce spending on all of the federal government social programs that help the middle and lower classes (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and College Student Loans), but we also get their growing cold-hearted desire to abolish all of them. And along with this, we get what Alfred Hitchcock referred to as “Brutality with a smile.”

    An example of this was when Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, during a televised Republican debate, literally mocked, made fun of, insulted, and humiliated candidate Carly Fiorina by shouting, “Look at the face!”

    I still find it hard to believe that any human being could have been so cruel, sadistic, and abusive as to humiliate another human being like that, especially an accomplished woman who has lost a child to drug addiction and who has had to experience having a double mastectomy. This woman has suffered greatly in life, and did not deserve to be abused and publically humiliated like that.

    But ultimately we are all held accountable and will be held accountable for how we have treated others in life, and that includes a right-wing, serial spouse-cheater, and dirtbag like Trump.


    Stewart B. E

    Editor’s Note: You seem to be a schizophrenic when it comes to politics.





    Dear Editor
    Why is the liberal media ignoring Tulsi Gabbard? Say what you want about her, but she’s the only Democrat candidate left who is not senile or communist.


    Editor’s Note: The media are only relaying info that is to their benefit and will bring in dollars to them.



    Dear Editor:

    Last week, it wasn’t time to panic over the coronavirus. Now it is.


    Editor’s Note: It is never good to panic; Caution is the right word.




    Dear Editor:

    The lives of the immune-compromised are worth as much as anyone else’s.


    Editor’s Note: That is not the debate. The debate is how to protect them by secluding them or everyone else.




    Dear Editor:

    As we all know by now, we are in the midst of a virus that is affecting each of our lives. It is a concerning time that calls for unity wherever disagreement is usually in existence. This is not a time to play politics, it is a time where bipartisanship is required . It is wrong that Speaker Pelosi tried to put in funding for abortion in her initial coronavirus bill! It was wrong when Republican Senator Rand Paul was the only Senator to vote against the coronavirus bill because of politics. Regardless of whether one agrees with these politician’s stances, currently playing politics is wrong. Senator Schumer should also be ashamed of himself for slamming President Trump instead of trying to compromise with him. President Trump has been gracious with his responses. President Trump signed a bipartisan bill to combat coronavirus, got Google to make a website for testing, brought in all the major corporations to work together to agree to give up parking spaces around the US by their stores for drive-in testing, diverted millions of dollars to help small businesses, appointed VP Pence to lead the effort to the end of coronavirus resulting in praises from Democrat Governors Gavin Newsom, Governor Phil Murphy, and even anti-Trump Republican Governor Larry Hogan. President Trump is the only one that is bringing unity in our nation. VP Pence, HHS Secretary Azar, and their team  has created a new effective way for testing online. President Trump gave businesses hope after he spoke for an hour on Friday as was seen when the stock market went up an additional 900 points during his speech. Ultimately, these are accomplishments that will benefit all; Republican, Democrat, Independent and anyone else. As a nation, we have to unite and not divide. Democrats always call Trump the Divider in Chief, the only ones I see dividing are the Democrats. Let’s unite together so that we as Americans can come out stronger than ever before because at the end of the day, we are all Americans!!!
    Donny Simcha Guttman

    Editor’s Note: Politics will never change. They are always thinking in terms of getting more power and more votes!



    Dear Editor:
    It’s Zvi here and I just put this together because people need to really understand what this is all about and what the risks are and why governments are reacting the way they are and why I agree with the measures taken.

    Please read this essay that I wrote! EVERYONE IS PANICKING FOR NO REASON!
    There is a very big difference between a systematic risk and a personal risk. On a personal level there is absolutely NO reason to be concerned here and that is why I’m flying away for Pesach!

    The ONLY problem here is misinformation!

    If you are a normal healthy person especially under 60 there is a .4% mortality rate. That means that you have a greater chance of getting hit by a car. There is also 85% chance that this won’t affect you at all even if you get it! Those that are healthy and under 60 that get effected will just feel Flu like and get past it. So you can safely say that if you are under 60 there is a 95% chance that you wont even see a hospital and if you do it will be a 99.6% chance you will recover there!

    Who is actually at risk? Those above 80 or those younger and/ or with underlying medical problems the rate goes all the way up to 8.23%! That is the scary part! It is also a much higher chance than the Flu that this will transmit. And obviously if you are in a hard-hit place like NY, you have a much greater chance of getting it over let’s say South Africa or Columbia. It’s just a numbers game. Fact!

    Flying on a plane poses no risk as the HEPA filters remove 99% of airborne contaminants and regardless this is not airborne anyway (unless someone sneezes within 3 feet of you then its airborne for 30 seconds). The risk is being in a public place and touching a surface that has it and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. That is exactly how is transmits. That means that if you are not careful, you have the same chance of getting it at a local supermarket especially if the statistics in your area is high and that is the case in NY!
    What is the only thing you need to actually do? Just keep washing your hands with soap and water thoroughly and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE ESPECIALLY YOUR MOUTH EYES AND NOSE. Using soap and water is much better than hand sanitizer.

    So lets try to understand and put things in perspective because I already met my fair share of people who are having anxiety for no good reason and this is just ruining their lives and based on the above on a personal level you have absolutely no reason to be concerned and please STOP acting crazy!

    Therefore this concludes that there is really no concern or personal risk!

    So why all the hype? Why is the government acting is if the world is ending and what happened in Italy?

    As mentioned above, there is a big difference between personal risk and systematic risk.
    When we talk about risk, there are many different elements to consider. Naturally, we are concerned about ourselves and our loved ones. This is an example of personal risk. By and large, your personal risk is low.  most concerned about is systemic risk. The reason that the government imposed what it did is because complex systems, such as the healthcare system, function because all the moving pieces fit together and interact with one another in such a way that the system functions under normal loads, lower than normal loads, and slightly higher than normal loads but may break down under the very high loads they anticipate with COVID19. We have watched in horror at what is taking place in Italy where their healthcare system is failing. The healthcare system was overwhelmed by a flood of people requiring critical medical care all arriving too close together in time. Italy does not have enough ICU beds, ventilators (mechanical breathing machines), and medications to manage all the patients that needed it. Physicians in Italy are judging who gets an ICU bed and critical care and who does not because there is not enough supply to take care of everyone. That is why so many people there are dying. We do not want to see this happen here and that is why the governments are doing as they are.

    Therefore all this hype and social distancing and travel bans are not because this will be an issue for normal healthy people. The issue is that a normal healthy person that gets it will transmit it to someone who is elderly or has other underlying problems and then they will need treatment and the hospitals will be flooded and will not be able to help them. That is it! This is not Ebola!

    So stop this craziness and stop being concerned! Just be a responsible human so that others who are at risk don’t get hurt but by no means be concerned of getting this yourself because then its really no big deal.

    Tzvi K

    Editor’s Note: Well written and you make great points. Time will tell how this plays out.





    Dear Editor:

    Zionist education is needed now more than ever. And yet, with the spread of coronavirus, the vital Zionist education work of synagogue schools, Jewish day schools, campus activist organizations, and Zionist youth groups is now greatly curtailed. And this, just as the first Jewish presidential candidate to ever win a primary election continues to shockingly and shamefully maligned the sitting prime minister of Israel a “racist” and Israel haters around the world continue to spread lies about Israel while promoting BDS.

    What can be done?

    Herut, the Zionist educational activist movement, has developed a playlist of easily available, high quality documentary movies that will enhance any viewer’s knowledge of Israeli history, Zionist ideals, and Middle East politics.

    Despite social distancing, self-quarantines, and self-isolation much can be done to use these movies as part of family discussions, online classes, and/or virtual meetings. 

    Herut has also developed viewer guides to assist with improving the learning experience and facilitate meaningful conversations. Email office@herutna.org and put “viewer guides” in the subject line.

    The below list is organized starting with the newest releases. Some documentaries may contain content that is not suitable for all audiences. All movies are available on Amazon Prime Video at the time this article was written in March 2020.

    Boycott This! (2018)

    1 hour, 36 minutes

    Utilizing satire and comedy Brad Stine explains what BDS really is. Featured clips from Jackie Mason, Dennis Prager, and Alan Dershowitz.

    Body and Soul- The State of the Jewish Nation (2017)

    1 hour, 4 minutes

    Examines how the Land Of Israel is interconnected with the Jewish People.  Alan Dershowitz, Ruth Wisse, and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks all have their say. 

    A Wing and A Prayer (2017)

    1 hour, 1 minute

    The story of World War Two fighter pilot veterans from the US who volunteered to defend Israel in the 1948 war. 

    Mekonen: The Journey of an African Jew (2016)

    43 minutes

    A continuation of the story of one of the IDF draftees told in Beneath the Helmet (see below).


    The Prime Ministers: Soldiers and Peacemakers (2015)

    1 hour, 51 minutes

    A former close advisor to four Israeli prime ministers, Yehuda Avner tells about the historical events he directly witnessed. Included is harsh criticism of Henry Kissinger’s brutal pressure on Rabin to make one-sided concessions as well as the shocking and seldom depicted story of the Altalena tragedy when Rabin fired on Menachem Begin’s arms ship during the 1948 war. A companion to Avner’s book.

    The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel (2015)

    1 hour, 49 minutes

    Covers Zionism from before Herzl through the founding of the State of Israel.

    Our Boys (2015)

    40 minutes 

    The heartbreaking account of the three Israeli boys who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and then brutally murdered in 2014. This is not the 10 episode HBO 2019 miniseries that was called “anti-Semitic” by Prime Minister Netanyahu — this is a movie from Richard Trank. 

    Beneath the Helmet (2014)

    1 hour, 20 minutes

    The groundbreaking documentary of five IDF recruits and their army experience.

    It Is No Dream: the Life of Theodor Herzl (2012)
    1 hour, 36 minutes

    A biographical study of the work of the founder of the modern Zionist movement. Narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley this is a Moriah Films movie. Moriah is part of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. 

    Refusenik (2008)

    1 hour 56 minutes

    The Zionist activists in the former USSR and in the Diaspora who fought for freedom for Russian Jews in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

    Unlikely Heroes (2003)

    2 hours 

    A Moriah Films release narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley. This doc tells the stories of Jews who worked to save fellow Jews from Nazis. Among those profiled is William Perl, the famed Jabotinsky Movement activist who led Zionists to directly save Jews and get them to the Land Of Israel.

    The Long Way Home (1997)

    2 hours 

    Winner of the Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary and narrated by Morgan Freeman. The tale of Jews who survived the Holocaust and made Aliyah to then fight in Israel’s struggle for Independence in 1948.

    Exodus 1947 (1996)

    56 minutes 

    This movie retells the famous story that was fictionalized by Leon Uris about the Holocaust survivors and Jewish refugees who sought to illegally enter the Land of Israel. Much of the focus is on the role Americans played in the effort.


    Editor’s Note: I am not sure that this is the way to educate our children.




    Dear Editor:

    Corona virus is not so new.  In Parshas Ki Sisa, at the end, we see that Moshe wore a mask. Until recently, we thought that it was because it was Purim time.  Now, we see it was because “va’yiru la’geshes.  They were scared to get close to him.  Why? Because of the “Curan Oihr” – the Corona virus.  So we see it has really been around a long time.
    In a related bulletin, it has been announced that for next Shabbos, they are cancelling “Va’yakhel” and only laining Pekudei.  And they will only be “counting” up to 100 people.


    Editor’s Note: Unfortunately not funny.





    Dear Editor:

    Concerning the chart on Page 29 of last week’s issue of The Jewish Vues listing the symptoms of COVID-2019 along with those of a Cold and the Flu, perhaps JV should reprint it with one column added, namely “Seasonal Allergies”, which are forthcoming.


    Editor’s Note: Thanks for the advice we appreciate it.








    Dear Editor:

    Ever since the plastic bag ban went into effect we have a terrible virus. Doesn’t the government realize that having reusable bags is unsanitary and will harbor germs. This is proof that the environmentalists are just wrong.


    Editor’s Note: I wonder if this law will really be enforced!




    Dear Editor:
    A lot has happened in the last few days. The coronavirus outbreak has
    reached New York City, and the Governor and Mayor have implemented
    serious changes to ensure the safety of all New Yorkers, and
    particularly our most vulnerable. I know that things may seem
    overwhelming right now, but I believe strongly in the resilience of
    our City. Each of us can do our small part to help make our community
    a safe place for all.
    I urge each of you to comply with the New York City Health
    Department’s recommendations – stay home if you can; wash your hands
    frequently with soap and water; try not to touch unwashed public
    surfaces like doorknobs and subway poles; check in on elderly and
    vulnerable friends and neighbors VIA PHONE; and monitor yourself for
    symptoms, and if you feel sick – STAY HOME and contact your healthcare
    A few things that I have called for and spoken with the Mayor’s office about are
    1. Suspending alternate side parking during the State of Emergency, so
    people have one less thing to worry about.
    2. Many New Yorkers will see rising water bills this month, as they
    wash more frequently, work from home, or self-isolate. NYC should
    waive these added costs and match prior months bills. ‪For those who
    are living paycheck to paycheck (or for those who are suddenly out of
    a job because of coronavirus) – there should not be a forced choice
    between basic hygienic protections and affording to survive.
    3. Providing at home services for seniors, whenever possible. Meals
    are not the only benefit that seniors get from attending a center’s
    programs, and it is important to maintain normalcy for them, in a safe
    While my district office is temporarily closed for your safety, my
    staff is still hard at work handling our existing caseload, and
    assisting with any new issues or concerns that you may have. You can
    reach us by emailing me at CDeutsch@council.nyc.gov, or by calling our
    office at 718-368-9176.
    We are all in this together – let’s support each other and stay united
    during this unusual time.

    Chaim Deutsch

    Editor’s Note: As always, thanks for thinking and helping out the little guy.