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Dear Editor
So for those paying for
your kids’ Yeshivas….
what are you doing going
forward? Most Yeshivas
probably won’t open till
September. The teachers
are doing an amazing job
under the circumstances,
and the Yeshivas are doing the best they can and
should be commended.
But with most of our income now cut short and
budgets being so limited, I’m finding it hard
to justify continuing to
pay these institutions for
an hour or two of online
school work per day. But
of course the teachers
need to get paid as well.
Not sure what’s the right
thing to do here. Curious
to see what others have
to say.

Editor’s Note: I think
we have more pressing
things to worry about.
Let us hope people get
healthy from their sickness and money can be
dealt with later.



Dear Editor
When is this going to
end? There is only so
much entertaining I can
do with my kids?
D. Kensington
Editor’s Note: We are all
in this together and we
are all hoping and praying for the same results.
Dear Editor Why are the
local supermarkets still
charging for plastic bags
and cardboard boxes?
Didnt they postpone
the plastic bag ban for
at least a few months?
I thought they said that
the reusable bags can
bring about the caronavirus?
SR from Flatbush

Editor’s Note: It is pure
Chaos. Hopefully our
Goverbnent will learn
that saving the environment from platic bags
does not save lives..



Dear Editor What am I
supposed to do with my
family this Chol Hamoed? Its usually the time
we go to a concert or go
to a museum. Bored in
Boro Park Editor’s Note:
Hashem will help that
you will have so many
options that you won’t
know what to choose.


Dear Editor I just want
to tell you that The Jewish Vues is definitely the
best weekly publication. I think it gets better
every week. My family loves the paper and
looks forward to it every
week. Keep up the good
work & have a safe &
SG/Boro Park

Editor’s Note: Thanks
for your kind words. We
hope that we are helping alleviate the difficult
times we are in.


Dear Editor
You called someone
“schizophrenic when
it comes to politics”.
What does that even

Editor’s Note: One who
changes his mind about
politics every few minutes. One letter this guy
is a Republican and the
next one he is a Democrat!


Dear Editor:
Yeah, but it’s seriously
shady what is being
done with Tulsi Gabbard. The news media
are actively suppressing
her, omitting her from
their reports. That is the
only reason she is polling low: they are trying to make sure people
don’t hear about her at
all. I don’t agree with
her policies, but I think
she deserves some respect, considering that
she is a war veteran
(and the last non-senile
non-communist standing).

Editor’s Note: At this
point she dropped out of
the race so it is too late.


Dear Editor:
A leading American Zionist
organization has condemned J
Street’s decision to partner with
CODEPINK and other anti-Israel extremist organizations in
a call for the immediate end to
U.S. sanctions against Iran.
“We condemn this flagrant
display of moral-blindness by
J Street. This is a time of increased anti-Semitism throughout the Islamic world and especially in Iran. Israel’s enemies
are working to spread dark conspiracy theories blaming Israel
for the spread of Coronavirus
and this incitement is on daily
display in the Middle East. For
that reason alone it is shameful that J Street would elect to
partner with CODEPINK,” said
Karma Feinstein Cohen, the Executive Director of Herut North
On March 20, J Street was the
only Jewish organization to sign
a letter using the Covid-19 crisis
as an excuse to pressure President Trump and members of
his Cabinet to forget about the
existential threat Iran poses to
Israel and the region on its own
and through its proxy terrorist
armies. J Street’s letter said in
part that it calls for “suspending
many of the sanctions imposed
by your administration since
May 2018 for a period of at least
120 days, including those sanctions affecting Iran’s financial
and oil sectors and its civilian
industries.” ]
“J Street, the controversial
Washington, D.C. based Jewish
pressure group, was created specifically, and almost exclusively, to lobby for an independent
Palestinian state, and has since
morphed into being the “goto” organization when Israel’s
harshest critics need a Jewish
organization to partner with and
make their radical projects and
statements appear kosher,” said
Herut North America’s National
Director Moshe Phillips.
Before the J Street / CODEPINK letter was distributed Foreign Policy reported that members of the Iranian regime were
blaming Israel for Coronavirus
calling it a “Zionist biological
terrorist attack.”
The next day, after J Street’s letter with CODEPINK was issued
CODEPINK’s National Co-Director, Ariel Gold, tweeted “Israel is culpable for every coronavirus death in Gaza.”
“If J Street continues on this
trajectory of forging alliances
with Israel-bashers, American
Jewish leaders will be forced
to evaluate what place J Street
is entitled to in the organized
Jewish community, if any at
all,” said Herut’s Moshe Phillips. “As far back as 2013
the ADL listed CODEPINK in its report on the
“top ten anti-Israel groups
in the U.S.” and Street
should have known better than to cosign any letter with CODEPINK and
its allies–many of whom
are just as infamous for
their Israel hate. Perhaps
some at J Street may have
realized that they crossed
a line here; as of now J
Street makes no reference to the letter on the
consistently updated press
release page on their website.”

Editor’s Note: Thanks for
keep us updated. We need
to fight Anti-Semitism..



Dear Editor:
Several of the men I’ve
spoken with have expressed the sentiment that
now that they can daven
at home without any pressure of the tzibbur or having to run out to work, they find
it much better for their kavannah
and pronunciation of the words.
One even told me that this is the
first in a long time that he was
able to say EVERY word of the
long tachanun on Monday. Does
your Tefillah seem to be benefiting from this quarantine?

Editor’s Note: When we are able
to daven with a minyan agai we
hope we will all Daven a little
better and slower…


Dear Editor:
How many first borns out there
realized they may not have a siyum to attend this erev pesach?

Editor’s Note: Start learning
now or hopefully the Rabbis
will pasken that one can hear a
siyum on the phone…


Dear Editor:
A lesson directly from the Ribono Shel Olam: A backyard Chasuna and a Chasuna, Bar Mitzvah or any other simcha with
“only” 50 people or a backyard
Chasuna and a basement Bar
Mitzvah or a living room Bris
is just as effective, beautiful and
worthwhile as 500 person wedding in a fancy hall with the best
caterer and musicians.
No need for fancy halls, musicians, photographers, flowers,
catering and all the other narishkeiten.
Even afternoon Chasunas ending in the every early evening
are all the rage again! Back in
the alte heim before the war it
was common to make Chasunas
on Friday afternoon/Shabbos

Editor’s Note: Yup we hope
there will be a cut down on too
expensive weddings people get
into a lot of debt as a result of