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    Dear Editor, In the past few weeks, for all people, it has been hard economically, socially and emotionally. When Coronavirus first broke out in the world, many politicians in the US downplayed the effects of COVID-19. Not only did political appointees downplay it, but even the World Health Organization downplayed it. On January 14th, over 2 weeks after the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, China, the WHO downplayed COVID-19 and said that, “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China.” The WHO’s mission statement is just to remind people, “The directing and coordinating authority on international health within the United Nations system.” The most surprised thing that I saw when the WHO was proven clearly wrong was when Adam Schiff didn’t call an investigation into the WHO, but rather into the Trump administration!! The Trump Administration started prepping for COVID-19 on January 6th 2020. The first official case reported of COVID-19 was on December 30th 2020. The Trump administration clearly took preparatory steps for the virus. On January 6th and 11th, the Trump administration released a travel advisory to US citizens going to China. The White House Coronavirus Task Force was established on January 29th 2020, 2 days later, President Trump declared a travel ban to China. When President Trump did so, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that, “What we’re doing now with the other travel restrictions — so you block infections from coming in. And then within is when you have containment and mitigation. And that’s the reason why the kinds of things we’re doing that may seem like an over-reaction will keep us away from that worst case scenario.” President Trump did prepare for the virus, it was the Democrats that were slow to responding and were downplaying it. Top Democrat Elliot Engel said about the travel ban that “These measures have not proven public health outcomes, rather they tend to cause economic harm and to stoke racist and discriminatory responses to this epidemic.” Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, said about the China ban initially that, “…This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia – hysterical xenophobia – and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science.” The Democrats claim that President Trump downplayed and was slow to a response; however as can be seen, it was them all along who downplayed it. However, I’m not so surprised at Joe Biden’s response because of his mental breakdowns recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if on Election Day, a reporter jovially asks Biden “Who will you vote for?” and he will say, “Trump.” But that’s Joe Biden, what are you going to do? President Trump withdrew the US from the WHO a few weeks ago as the US is responsible for giving 20% of the WHO’s budget yearly. Trumps courageous actions were once again challenged by the “down player” Democrats. Nancy Pelosi slammed the Trump administrations COVID-19 responses as “sinful.” Was it sinful when on February 19th 2020, at the Democratic Debate, there was no mention of COVID-19? Is it “sinful” to show off ones $24000 refrigerator and buckets upon buckets of ice cream to the American people, as millions of Americans starve, Ms. Pelosi? The only response the House Democrats give is a delay to a program for almost a month that would have provided small businesses loans in this difficult time. The actions of the Trump administration have been cautious, courageous and with doctors in the lead. All of the actions that President Trump has taken to combat COVID-19 have been approved by the USA’s newest national heroes, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. It is the Trump administration that is finally making thousands of ventilators. In the past 12 years, internal government reports came out showing that if there was a pandemic in the US, there would be a massive shortage of ventilators. While Bush and Obama did all talk and no action, the American people have to now suffer with their flaws. The only person that is getting things done is President Trump, who is working for the American people daily and in 100 days the US will have 100000 ventilators, unlike Speakers of the House who show off their fancy kitchens to the American people. It is time to continue to act and together as Americans we can and will overcome this, but we need people like President Trump, who actually do things, to constantly work for the American people. President Trump the entire time has been willing to work with both sides of the political aisle, as seen from the fact that he set up a bipartisan task force to combat COVID-19. The only thing with the word ‘partisan” in it that the Democrats have done, is to start another hoax investigation into the Trump administration’s COVID-19 response!! This November, America must remember that it was leaders like President Trump and his administration who worked for the American people, and to get rid of politicians who prefer ice cream over working for the American people. 

    Sincerely, DSG 

    Editor’s Note: It is Politics as usualPelosi and Sciff will always look to vilify Trump.



    Dear Editor: To The Editor: I believe that all conservatives and Republicans in the USA should return their Unemployment Insurance Benefits Checks to the US Department of Labor. Its Unemployment Insurance Benefits program is a joint state and FEDERAL GOVERNMENT program and most of today’s conservatives and Republicans want to cut and reduce spending on the federal government social programs that help the middle and lower classes. What they should do is what Ronald Reagan and conservatives have been telling needy Americans to do over and over since 1980: 1. Practice a novel idea and concept and HELP YOURSELF! 2. Get help from your family and friends. 3, Get help from charities. 4. Get help from your church. 5. Why didn’t you SAVE your money for a rainy-day like this? Practice what you right-wingers preach to others ! Get your hands off of my wallet and out of my pockets ! Stop sucking on the taxpayer’s teat ! Why should I have to subsidize you? 

    Sincerely, Stewart B. E 

    Editor’s Note: You totally missed the boat. Now is the time when these programs are legit. Also who do you think paid for all these programs the druggies on the street who were collecting benefits all these years? Don’t take an epidemic and try to politicize it!!



    Dear Editor: I want to thank you for the letter you printed about the Chol Hamoed Rolling Concerts. I want to truly thank the writer for writing that letter in. I couldn’t agree more!!! I felt the exact way!!! It was an absolute disgrace! Full of insensitivity and poor taste. It’s shocking that it happened. I instantly felt it was wrong. The blasting on multiple loud speakers like it’s a dance club party. I went to various group Apps that I belong to and voiced my opinion and had most of the people turning on me. Most all the Yidden in the neighborhood felt this party atmosphere is fine during a pandemic, because its Pesach and it makes the kids happy. Hardly anyone could see my point of view. I felt so alone. And I couldn’t believe how the current Yiddishe world thinks. Not one secular pop, rock, country or Broadway etc. entertainer has done what those Jewish acts did. Not even one “goyisha” celebrity got on a rolling truck and blasted their music and went through the streets of Manhattan!!! Why???!!!!! Because anyone with a heart knows this is not what you do when the world is in pain and suffering and in a disaster. As for you The Editor saying this is a touchy subject, why is it? Let the Yidden face their shortcomings and wake up. If these Yidden needed to dance and party they could have done it in their homes, privately. Those “entertainers” on the rolling truck could of done it online and anyone could view it and blast it in their homes instead of infringing on everyone else to experience their party attitude during a pandemic. Wow, the audacity of it all!!! And PS, I am a Musician. 

    Sincerely, “C Sharp” 

    Editor’s Note: There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. Chol Hamoed is not a time to cry. No Aveilus as a matter of fact it is a zman of Simcha so I believe these concerts brought simcha to children who were locked in their house that is great. It was not meant for insensitivity. It is a shame people can’t think out of their own troubles and be happy for other people.



    Dear Editor: It is bad enough that we must wait outside the large kosher groceries in the 5 Towns, many times with a long line of other customers waiting to get inside to purchase essential items. I believe most of us understand the rationale behind limiting customer counts inside these stores, but that doesn’t make it easier. Inclement weather does not subside nor does lost time return because we agree or disagree with a policy. However, what could ameliorate the situation is a friendly face when you arrive at the entrance for your turn to enter. Instead, what one finds are these bellicose security guards waving a temperature gun in your face. They stick these guns mere millimeters from your face, in an effort to get some abstract reading that is arguably meaningless. Many recent news articles show the futility of looking for fever as an indicator for Covid-19. My point here is not to get into the usefulness of an inaccurate temperature reading, and whether asymptomatic carriers of the virus actually have a fever; if that is what Gourmet Glatt wants to do, so be it, even though giant stores such as Costco do not participate in such a practice. My issue here is with the choice of a security guard company that mainly employs armed off-duty law enforcement personnel. They often do not have the temperament to assuage the fears that some people might have during this pandemic. In fact, I would argue that they add to it. Today, I personally saw the guard at KolSave refuse to let a Jewish woman enter the store, because the guard could not get a temperature reading due to the woman’s hat covering her forehead. Instead of the guard explaining the “importance” of taking a customer’s temperature in a nice way, he just told her she can’t enter, petulantly shrugged his shoulders and moved on. Obviously, the woman was covering her hair for religious reasons, but the automaton of a guard could not comprehend. Do the managers of these stores believe that the Five Towns Jews will storm the entrance doors and thereby require armed security? Have our police departments disbanded? I think Gourmet Glatt should reconsider their selection of this security guard company, and whether their customers would benefit from familiar and friendly security guards. 

    Thank you. Jack P.

    Editor’s Note: I think everyone is stressed now and a smile and a kind word will go a long way in making the best of our situation!



    Dear Editor, My name is Raizy Klapfish and I want to say that I loved the Rolling Pesach concerts. I’m still on a roll from it! We could use more of these, why wait for Pesach?! I loved it, it got my husband out of bed. It got me to put on my fancy sheital and the kinderlach were in full swing to come out dancing. I walked outside and everyone was having a party, I thought it was Purim. Everyone was shaking hands, hugging, laughing I was wondering when does the Kiddish start. Even the goyishe neighbors enjoyed it. I know the world is in a squeeze, even my dress is tight, I’ve been eating too much, I’m farklempt. We need Simcha to get through these hard days. What better gift is there than loud Heimishe music? I thought as I heard the loud music I thought the Moshiach is right behind them. It was so loud it woke up the dead. My kinderlach are saying when is the next rolling concert? My husband makes a living rolling Matzos in a bakery, it was now my time to be on a roll!!! Keep up the loud Heimishe music. How about a Pesach Sheni Rolling concert? 

    From, R.K 

    Editor’s Note: Finally someone who is a realist. Remember we need to make the best of our situation! 



    I was so appreciative of the fact that you saw fit to pay tribute to the many Niftarim by placing their picture and name in your paper. I’m sure each family who provided the picture felt a bit comforted in knowing that their loved one is being recognized in this way. The Aveilim who sit alone for the most part, appreciate when people call. you don’t even have to know them! May Hashem bring a quick end to this Magaifa. Perhaps you can list some of those who have come home, BH so we can rejoice with that family and sing the praises of Hashem, Chasdei Hashem Key Lo Samnu …. I’ve included something I put together on Bitachon & Emuna based on Rav Shimon Scwhab’s final public address in the summer of 1994. Please include it in your paper, perhaps as a separate piece. Thank you so much. R D L P.S. Btw one picture had the wrong name: Mr Berg from Lakewood had the name Brook. 

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for the feed back It is impossible to keep up with all the niftarim and we tried the best that we could. Remember this took a lot of work and mistakes are just inevitable. Thanks for giving us chizzuk



    Dear Editor: בטחון is based on אמונה! אמונה is based on דעת !The knowledge that ’ה exists. That we are totally convinced that ’ה has פרטית השגחה !This is what we believe or rather know when we say, we have אמונה! Hashem is involved in every situation ! The איש חזון says that people think בטחון means that when a person goes into the hospital he has בטחון that he’ll come out. That is not בטחון ,it is hopeful thinking! בטחון means that I hope ה ‘hears my Prayers and heals me. But whatever He does I accept. I know that I’m in His hands and that gives me הנפש מנוחת! This Concept put into Rhyme By D L We Jews live with Emuna, and Bitachon, too; So I want to share, something with you. Rav Shimon Schwab gave a talk, in the summer of 1994; On the topic of Emuna & Bitachon, explaining it more. Emuna is not abstract, some kind of blind belief; It’s based on clear knowledge, that Hashem is the world’s Chief. Hashgacha Pratis, Hashem is involved in every situation; We totally trust Him in all matters, of ongoing creation. Based on that foundation, Bitachon, faith in Hashem is grounded; Confident that all is for the best, despair & panic is unfounded. To explain with a Moshol, with which we can all relate; About an employer & his worker, whose payments are up to date. The employer always pays, his worker with cold cash; Yet when the worker gets a check instead, his teeth he does not gnash. Just as cash has been time-honored, ‘cause it’s treasured & has value; He’s confident that the check is no different, it’s just as good, too So we trust that Hashem is in control, has been & always will; Even turmoil for the world, is certainly the best, still. We must go on serving Hashem, with our daily responsibility; Torah Study, Prayer & Kindness, with calmness and tranquility. Hashem provides the best for all of us, of that there is no dispute; Only Hashem controls our destiny, His love for us is absolute. 


    Editor’s Note: I believe in this Poe! Great Poem!



    Dear Editor: These past few weeks, were unusual, indeed; Since the Covid-19 outbreak, overtook us with speed. During this dark time, of upheaval & despair; The light of Torah shone through, from everywhere. Conference calls & Zoom meetings, became the norm; Tehillim recited around the clock, to the heavens we did storm. Chizuk speeches and Torah classes, from Chazaq & Torah Anytime; Just to show what Torah Yidden, consider truly prime. Yet young students needed structure, a set time to learn; Just because school is closed, learning does not adjourn. We Rebbeim & Moros, chose time slots to teach; Modern technology allowed us, to every student we did reach. Working from home remotely, has its ups & downs; Children stuck at home, could not go to playgrounds. Shuls closed, some private Minyanim, on porches apart; People getting sick & dying, tore at one’s heart. Yet unbridled Simcha, on display all around; At safe distance people danced, music did sound. Shopping for Pesach, was a task that had to get done; Social distancing became the norm, priority number one. The Cleaning help canceled, they too wanted to be out of harm’s way; So they quarantined themselves, until the virus will go away. While Torah & Avoda was behind doors, Chessed became prime; Helping couples and young families, make Pesach for the first time. Many Sedarim were held alone, by grandparents under quarantine; All of this was something, that could not have been foreseen. We thought we’re in control, our plans must be carried out; Well Hashem has reminded us all, of something we knew about. It’s His world & He controls, every aspect of our being; His might is so great, with a microscopic thing we are not seeing. So we’ve learned to appreciate, even more than we did; To just be alive & healthy, I do not kid. Nothing is taken for granted, our five senses that we enjoy; Our jobs that we have, the ability to employ. Our Hatzala and first responders, doctors & nurses, too; The way they help keep alive, all who want to serve You. To all who are ill, Hashem please send them a Refua: And a Nechama to all Aveilim, who lost a member of their Mishpacha. Hashem, we believe in you, all is for the best for sure; Please send Moshiach Tzidkeinu, whom we all are waiting for. 


    Editor’s Note: Wow how Timely. Thanks for sharing!.



    Dear Editor There is no denying that in this community there are hundreds, if not thousands of people, that have cleaning help coming to their house daily. It is overwhelmingly probable that cleaning ladies will transmit the disease. Why are the rabbonim not saying something about this? 


    Editor’s Note: We should not second guess our Rabbonim! Maybe it is time for Minyanim to resume in small gatherings and outside with Social Distancing! 



    Dear Editor: Assembly Member Joseph R. Lentol (D-Brooklyn) and Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) today introduced legislation creating the volunteer Compassionate Care Program, clearing the way for its quick and seamless enactment. State and City officials outlined a plan for the program in a letter to hospital administrators on April 24. “When a loved one is hospitalized, family and friends routinely stay at their bedside to provide the comfort, care and assistance that we all know is vital to recovery. Unfortunately, the onset of this crisis necessitated patient isolation policies, but it is now clear that they are taking an additional toll on human life and leaving many more with deep emotional wounds. Doctors and nurses are racing, around the clock, to find and administer a cure that eludes us, while panicked family members are relying on them to provide health updates, deliver messages of love and hope and even to provide end of life prayers and customs. Meanwhile, patients are alone, scared, weak and often unable to communicate. I am certain that we can and must do better. I am grateful to Assembly Member Lentol for his leadership on this initiative,” said Senator Felder. “The COVID-19 Compassionate Helper Volunteer Program seeks to ease the pain and suffering of families due to separation during the COVID-19 crisis. The current reality of having a member of your family hospitalized is horrifying and heartbreaking. This pain is multiplied as families are unable to visit with their hospitalized family member, which is unbearable. Compassionate Helpers can ease a small portion of the demands placed on health care workers by sitting with patients and doing the extra work of care that is impossible for health care workers to attend to. Right now, we have volunteers doing all kinds of work, from dispensing food to delivering much needed supplies. This is a new way of volunteering, and with the right protection, I believe it can work. I thank Senator Felder for partnering with me to introduce this legislation in the Senate. As we progress through the COVID19 pandemic, we must find ways to ease the suffering of families while their loved ones are hospitalized,” said Assembly Member Lentol. Compassionate Care Volunteers will provide relief to providers and comfort to patients and families by addressing the stressors currently impacting the entire health care delivery system. Front line health care providers cannot continue doing all that is being asked of them during this trying time and families cannot tolerate the separation and isolation of their loved ones, as they lie sick and dying. Expediting a process of antibody testing and appropriate safety training precautions, the program will appoint volunteer Covid-19 survivors to aid in comforting patients, facilitating electronic communication with family and helping overcome language barriers, alleviating overextended doctors and nurses of the non-medical burdens they currently carry. 


    Editor’s Note: Keep up the good work and helping us all out. 



    Dear Editor: Can we start up Minyanim again? 


    Editor’s Note: Hopefully in the near future. Things are looking much better.