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    Dear Editor: Please wear a mask or face covering when you go outside. Even if you are following social distancing, it can’t hurt to have extra protection against Covid-19. Let’s be machmir when it relates to our health. 

    A Concerned Neighbor 

    Editor’s Note: OK! But what do I do if I have bad breath? I guess I should do the daf and find out what they did in those days! 


    Dear Editor: To Bill De Blasio: If you want to single out Jewish People, I have advice for you. Single out the hundreds of Members of Hatzalah a volunteer Jewish paramedic organization that are recuing many thousands of New Yorkers during this epidemic. Single out the Shomrim who are volunteers and yes, Chassidic Jews (yes , those people) patrolling your city, filling in the faps for law enforcement every day. Single out the Jewish doctors and nurses on the front lines saving thousands of New Yorkers each day. Single out the Chassidim in Williamsburgh Brooklyn who give out hundreds of meals to New Yorkers each hour. Oh, these are the same people you singled out yesterday. Simple advice to you dear Mayor. Race, ethnicity, amd religion are irrelevant. If a New Yorker is being stupid or unsafe, deal with them as a New Yorker, not an ethnic group. If you are going to single someone out, do it fo the good! Sincerely, 


    Editor’s Note: Sorry you are giving our liberal Nazi Mayor too much credit that he should recognize the good in Jews! Now if this would be his wife’s race… All of a sudden we now have ambassadors for face mask. Mayor take off your mask and tell everyone your true colors how you hate Jews!! 


    Dear Editor: Speak out against Mayor de Blasio’s anti-Jewish scapegoating, attacks on the right to protest and setting loose the cops on people for ‘gathering’! Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “message to the Jewish Community” — personally overseeing the cops who broke up the April 28 funeral in Williamsburg for Rabbi Chaim Mertz — fuels the slanderous and false charges that Jews are to blame for spreading coronavirus. The mayor’s words and actions must be denounced for what they are: anti-Semitism. The mayor claims his message — and the harassment of the Hasidic Jewish community, including raids on several synagogues — is “tough love.” In fact, the police granted permission for the funeral and approved plans for loudspeakers so that mourners could hear the ceremony without overcrowding. At the last minute the cops ordered the speakers not be used, then turned on the mourners. Over the last several months we have seen deadly anti-Jewish violence. From the Dec.10 attack at the Jersey City, New Jersey, Kosher Supermarket that killed three people to the stabbing at a Monsey, New York, Chanukah celebration. Prior to those murderous attacks there had been frequent physical assaults on Jews in Brooklyn, especially on Hassidic Jews. Anti-Semitism is a threat to all Jews, religious and secular, and to the entire working class. Jew-hatred is built into capitalism, where it plays a unique role. It invents a mythical scapegoat — the “evil Jewish capitalists” — to take eyes off the real enemy: the capitalist system and its exploitation and oppression. As long as capitalism exists so will anti-Semitism. When the capitalist rulers’ hold on power is threatened by rising workingclass struggles, they will give Jew-hatred free reign and finance groups of fascist thugs whose goal will be to smash the workers movement. While that is not the case today, as the crisis of capitalism deepens, that day will come. This is not just a Jewish question. Working people must denounce Jew-hatred in all its ugly manifestations. Without this we will not be able to unite to defend our interests along the road to taking power out of the hands of the capitalist class and forming a government of workers and farmers. That is also the only way to put an end to Jewhatred once and for all. After slandering the Jewish community, issuing fines and sanctioning arrests for allegedly violating social distancing, Mayor de Blasio has also attacked the constitutional right of assembly, free speech and protest. He defended attempts by the police to shut down a protest and press conference outside Mt. Sinai Medical Center, saying “we’re not doing rallies at this point.” Meanwhile cops, following de Blasio’s lead, arrested a couple in the East Village who they claimed were not “social distancing,” then called Donni Wright, a NYCHA worker who had observed the first assault a racist epithet and brutally beat him. This was caught on video by a bystander. The Socialist Workers Party 2020 campaign urges working people to join in speaking out against Jew-hatred, police brutality and the threats against the right to protest. The capitalist rulers try to use panic whipped up by their press over coronavirus as a pretext for these assaults. The deepening economic and social crisis is the biggest problem workers face. We must organize to fight against the attempts of the bosses and their government to make working people pay for the capitalist crisis. 

    Seth Galinsky and Willie Cotton SWP candidates for Congress Districts 10 & 9 

    Editor’s Note: I am not sure Anti Semintism has anything to do with Capitalism. We know that there is Anti Semitism under any economic plan whether it is socialism, communism and other ism. Anti Semitism does not need a reason it just exists!



    Dear Editor: In a recent NY Times article, (“The Infection That’s Silently Killing Coronavirus Patients” 4-20-20), Dr. Levitan, a doctor of emergency medicine for 30 years, recounts volunteering to spend 10 days at Bellevue Hospital in NYC to treat COVID-19 patients. He was shocked to find that many patients were showing up at the hospital with perilously low oxygen levels, thereby requiring ventilators, and that those symptoms had progressed rapidly without earlier indications of respiratory difficulties or chest pain. This was extremely unusual. “These patients did not report any sensation of breathing problems, even though their chest X-rays showed diffuse pneumonia and their oxygen was below normal. How could this be?” As Dr. Levitan explains, normally, most patients requiring ventilators are in shock because of acute hypoxia, under extreme duress and respiratory distress. However, Covid pneumonia cases present differently due to a “silent hypoxia”, where there is no apparent breathing difficulty leading up to emergency intubation. It is precisely for this reason that this pandemic has been flooding and overwhelming our hospitals and emergency rooms, where even when there are ventilators available, our medical practitioners and emergency responders are unable to save these patients due to this late stage detection and progressed pneumonia, with irreversible lung damage already present. While initial instructions for those presenting with mild symptoms were to just stay at home and wait it out, so as not to further overwhelm the hospitals and risk infecting others, it now appears that especially for those within a higher risk category, we must take active steps to detect Covid pneumonia sooner, in order to treat it more effectively and save more lives. How can we detect and treat Covid pneumonia before symptoms are too far gone? The answer lies with a common medical device called a pulse oximeter (pulse ox). A device that is as easy to use as using a thermometer. A pulse ox is a small device that is placed on the fingertip to measure oxygen saturation and heart/pulse rate (pictured below). A normal oxygen reading is 95-98%. Despite various levels of accuracy, home pulse oximetry monitors, at the very least, will give us a ballpark figure. In addition to the more typical standalone variety, there are also a few apps available for smartphones. (A 2018 medical study found that smartphone-based pulse oximetry apps were not inferior to standard pulse oximetry in pediatric patients without hypoxia.) Dr. Levitan explains that it is much easier to provide supplementary oxygen if there is a slight decline than to intubate when oxygen levels are dangerously low. For example, the article mentions an emergency room physician in Philadelphia who tested positive for coronavirus with mild symptoms but continued to monitor her oxygen levels with her pulse ox. As soon as she saw that her oxygen saturation had dropped to 88% she was admitted to the hospital and placed on oxygen with a mask. She never required intubation with a ventilator, it was just supplemental oxygen. This early detection led to her full recovery. I strongly urge everyone to spread this information so that we can early detect and save lives. Please encourage anyone you know who is high risk, and any of your friends, community or family presenting with mild symptoms to purchase or borrow a pulse ox for regular and continuous monitoring. Just waiting at home, even if their breathing feels fine, might place them in great danger, for by the time they arrive at the overcrowded hospital, the insidious quiet suffocation may have already caused irreversible lung damage. Time is of the essence with Covid pneumonia. Refua shelaima to all those who are ill, and may we share in simchas very soon. 

    Ephraim from Brooklyn. 

    Editor’s Note: Yes in a few months from now we will find out how we mistreated so many patients!!



    Dear Editor, Just writing to tell you that we love your great newspaper. We especially love the humor, parsha questions, and family fun page. This week we had a great time with the mishpacha feud! Keep it coming! Thank you for giving us kosher entertainment in a healthy family way! 


    Editor’s Note: Thanks for the chizzuk. It is nice to be appreciated as a lot of work goes into this. 



    Dear Editor, You printed a letter from Mrs. Klapfish this past week about the Rolling Concert. She writes in part: “…Everyone was shaking hands, hugging…” Didn’t anyone even consider the need for social distancing? Do you know how many people have gotten sick and have even died r”l, because people think it’s okay to ignore regulations designed to keep people safe, healthy and alive during this coronavirus? People who ignore these regulations and directives, and do whatever they want are rodfim and rotzchim! (How do you even kiss someone through 2 face masks? Unless everyone just ignored that regulaton, too!) How many tens of thousands of people have already gotten sick and have even died, r”l, as a result of the irresponsible attitudes and behaviors of you and others like you? And you call her a realist??? If you want to make the best of the situation, FOLLOW THE RULES, and don’t compromise the wellbeing of other human beings. Shame on you!!! 

    A Yid in Compromised Health 

    Editor’s Note: First of all Refuah Sheleima! Second of all She was referring families were kissing each other who are in quarantine together. I am sure that the writer keeps to the rules and hopefully we won’t need these rules anymore IYH! 



    Dear Editor: As a kallah getting ready for my upcoming chasuna, people constantly ask me, “How are you managing to prepare for your wedding under the circumstances?” and “What’s your plan B for the wedding?”. Following my response to these inquiries, is usually a Bracha from the other person that my wedding should be big and beautiful as I’ve always dreamed of. Many add their good wishes and reminders that what really matters is that we should forever be happy. To all those giving Brachos and positive messages of chizuk and sweet wishes, I answer, “Thank You!” and “Amein”. Then there are also some people who give their blessing that my wedding take place in Yerushalayim with Moshiach, to which I respond with a heartfelt Amein and a tefilla of my own that we should be zoche to that. Included in the many wishes I receive, is the vintsh that by the time my wedding comes around, “everything should be back normal”. To these comments I feel like responding, “Are you kidding?? Chas V’Shalom that everything should be back to the normal we know of.” No, this turmoil has not been pleasant for anyone, including myself as a kallah unsure about the relativity of my current wedding plans. But my greatest wish is that by the time my wedding comes around, everything should be upgraded to the physical and spiritual redemption we dream of! Yes, dear friends, I want a beautiful wedding. I want to celebrate my special day with my friends and my family! And unfortunately, I do not know if all my close family will be physically present at my simcha. Yes, we must plan ahead, and maybe we can livestream the wedding for our relatives to be able to join in from afar, and maybe we can even take the wedding out of the state, but our main concern should be to try to bring Moshiach closer. We need the geula, not because I want to celebrate my wedding big, but because we need to properly reconnect with Hashem! I don’t know if we are responsible to eradicate the virus, or if we are even capable of pinpointing the (spiritual or physical) causes of the virus and the many unfortunate circumstances that have befallen us. However, I do believe that we must always improve our Avodas Hashem in every area. Yes, we should be taking care of our health, but we should also be constantly seeking to improve our ahavas Yisroel, shmiras halashon, shmiras Shabbos and tznius. With this being the focus of our daily actions, we are certainly bringing Moshiach closer! So just to assure you; no, I’m not concerned about my wedding plans and my simcha will not be ruined if I don’t get to celebrate with all my family and friends. However, it does disturb me each time people make statements implying that our current hopes and goals are to eradicate the corona virus, and for life to “go back to normal”. No! We do not want to “recover” from the chaos that has come along with the coronavirus and we do not want life to go back to what we know as “normal”. We want our lives to be upgraded and we want to attain the ultimate physical and spiritual redemption! Anonymous Editor’s Note: Amen! Mazel Tov! 


    Dear Editor: I look forward each week to read your publications. Moreover, it is the only newspaper that I read, as I find The Jewish Views to be more positive and realistic than most other magazines and newspapers I encounter. I especially enjoy reading the letters to the editor, with the editor’s responses being the highlight of the section! I also love Country Yossi’s writings (where was he this week? Is all ok?), as well as the Dvar Torahs and just about everything in your publication… Oh! And the HUMOR!!! That’s simply the BEST! This week’s humor section was immense-ly enjoyed by my family and myself (as usual), besides for one humor piece which I did not find funny at all. I actually think it was pathetic, and I quote, “Once they come out with the vaccine, I don’t want to see any of you antivaxxers getting one. Don’t be a hypocrite.” Having personally done significant research on the vaccine controversy, it seems to me that people making statements such as the one mentioned above are significantly uninformed about vaccines in general, particularly the corona virus vaccine. Following are some details about the corona virus vaccine which may be of interest to you and your readership. Studies having tested mice with a vaccine for the SARS corona virus showed the following: Mice that were exposed the virus after being vaccinated and considered immune to the virus, got much sicker than those that were exposed without having received the vaccine. There are a number of top doctors, such as Dr. Peter Hotez and Dr. Paul Offit who strongly promote vaccines and have voiced their concerns regarding the dangers of a corona vaccine. Scientific details aside, I felt that the finger pointing attitude of this “humor piece” did not reflect the refined attitude of The Jewish Views. Two more significant points I want to mention: 1. There are many Rabanim that are in agreement with people who choose not to vaccinate their children. I strongly believe that disregarding their rulings by stating that people who don’t vaccinate their children are going against the rulings of ALL Rabanim in the Torah world is extremely disrespectful to our esteemed Rabanim and to the Torah. Choosing not vaccinate one’s children is 100% in accordance with the Torah’s commandment of “V’Nishmartem Meod”, as parents who have made this decisions have done extensive research on this topic and seek to make educated decisions regarding their children’s health. It is unfortunate that many leaders are avoiding public support of individuals who choose not to vaccinate their children, for fear of harassment. 2. When one points a finger at someone else, they are pointing three fingers right back at themselves. Please stop the blame game! The virus is not our biggest problem and our yeshuah is not the vaccine. Our salvation is only Hashem! We should work on peace and love and may we be zoche to the geulah sheleima now! P.S. If anyone wants to understand more about this subject matter they can check out www.thehighwire.com for more real science and the latest updates from top doctors and scientists around the world. 

    Sincerely, M T 

    Editor’s Note: In defense of the humor article we find the measles was eradicated until the anti-vaxxers reactivated it. If there is a covid 19 vaccine would not everyone want to get this vaccine or at least from 40 and above which would not be a reason for ADHD or other issues people may have with vaccines as a child? Just asking am not an expert. For the Record my kids and Ourselves are all vaccinated BH



    Dear Editor As a parent of a child with special needs, I am writing to you on behalf of the many moms and dads that wake up every morning dreading what the new day will bring. It’s been a long two months for everyone. We understand, really, we do. But for us, overworked moms, it’s been tough, too. It’s been two months of crisis, after crisis, after crisis, confined within our own four walls. It’s been two months of our children getting attacked by their sibling: our lovable, but difficult child with special needs. Of getting bitten and beaten up, dealing with tantrums, yelling, and screams. Of begging for our child with special needs to get back into a healthy routine. It has been, to put it briefly, two months of pure hell. For most of the world, staying home means slowing the spread of the virus and protecting themselves and their family. But what if staying home is more dangerous for our families than the virus itself? If essential businesses are open, then clearly there are ways to open things up safely. And if non-essential businesses (ex: low-risk construction) are beginning to open, how can you remain silent about the special needs’ population? With every passing day that my child’s structure is ripped away from him, the situation goes from bad to worse to horrific to absolute nightmarish. If our schools are not in the equation, perhaps we need to redefine the word “essential”. Having a safe home environment is essential. Having a significantly disabled child with no danger awareness in a therapeutic environment is essential. Ensuring a child receives proper supervision and required therapies is essential. Restoring a calm and safe home is essential! If we cannot provide our children with a basic sense of security, how can we expect them to learn? (See Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.) Safety aside, meeting the needs of our special children while meeting the needs of a family is a total oxymoron. We can’t physically keep the windows open for air, but closed for safety as the same time. We can’t keep the house quiet so the kids can do schoolwork, while blasting music to calm our special child. We can’t cook for our families while keeping the flame closed and secure. We can’t work from home and be a special educator, therapist, behavior analyst, and social worker at the same time. And we can’t tell our children that things will go back to normal soon when that is not the plan, since the government does not understand the urgency. We are not seeking to minimize the virus and deaths. We are begging for those in power to remember us, and take action in a safe way. We are willing to comply with any regulations to ensure safe operation of schools, but we have yet to see or hear anything pertaining to us, aside from the government offering tablets to our children. Are you kidding? To a child with autism, a tablet might merely be another projectile to throw at someone’s head. Using devices for “remote learning” is as remotely impossible as it can get. Besides, all year we veer away from screen time because of how dysregulated kids become, and now we are handing it to them on a silver platter. Something is wrong with this system. We know that no one chose this situation. But we do choose our reactions and responses. And continuing remote learning for the rest of the year is the most delusional, unrealistic, and unsafe expectation for all of us. For the children that are wreaking havoc at home, attending school and getting back to their safe havens is an absolute emergency! We need the special ed schools to open. And we need it to happen now. The instability and insanity our family and many more families are going through is indescribable, unfathomable, and unbearable. For the parents, for the families, and for the special children, who are the greatest victims here. Yes, coronavirus is ripping families apart. But autism and developmental disabilities are ripping families apart, too. Guidelines can be adhered to and accommodations can be made, yet broken hearts and shattered families are irreparable. Sometimes we need to weigh our options and determine which runs a greater risk. 

    Sincerely, A Drained New York Parent of a Child with Special Needs 

    Editor’s Note: We cannot fathom what you are going through. I think parents with a special needs child have an automatic place in Gan Eden. I hope the matzav changes real fast.