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Dear Editor:

Is it okay to hang us a sign on my front door to ask the collectors not to come when I am eating supper or late Friday afternoon when I am trying to get ready in time for Shabbos?

Yossi Itzkowitz

Editor’s Note: I would say it’s fair. But you have to understand that there are people here from another country who don’t have family of their own here. They do not have access to most people unless they come at those inopportune times. Most people are not home during the day, so suppertime is their chance of catching people at home.



Dear Editor: 
Since when did Chanukah become the time for gift-giving? It seems like we are copying the goyim with the gift giving during their holidays.

Esty Weiss
Editor’s Note: The Steipler had a minhag to give Chanukah gelt every year on the fifth night of Chanukah. The reason for this is that the fifth night of Chanukah can never come out on Friday night. There is a source for giving out gelt, I don’t know of any source for giving gifts. Chanukah is a time to renew and refresh our Ruchniyus level. Anything that will help achieve that goal is recommended.



Dear Editor:
Is it true that the OU has a member rabbi that is from Open Orthodoxy? I think I heard that Rabbi Eytan Feiner came out against the OU for having a rabbi like that as part of its membership. I applaud Rabbi Feiner. We need more Rabbanim to come out against this sect who calls themselves Orthodox, but really fit in with conservative or Reform. The Chasam Sofer always used to paraphrase that Chodosh is assur Min HaTorah.

Boruch Feld

Editor’s Note: I agree with you completely. Today’s Open Orthodoxy is even more dangerous than the Reform and Conservative movements of yesteryear. Those movements were obviously trying to change what we had, and we therefore were able to hold strong against them. Open Orthodoxy claims they are not changing anything in halacha, yet they are constantly doing so. It is frightening to behold. Let us hope that more and more Rabbonim will take a clear stand against them.



Dear Editor:

If you do the crime pay the fine.

Have no idea who is answering these e-mails, but according to Alan it’s not him. I have to sign my name.

There are rules and regulations to follow.

Granted that some tickets that are written are not valid, BUT that does not excuse anyone from disobeying the law.

Of course we all try to get a ticket voided. Sometimes we win sometimes we don’t, but the fact remains  that we have to follow the rules and regulations of the V & T laws in the state of NY and the city.

Just because “everyone” does it does not make it legal. Double parking? Not legal. Even if you are sitting behind the wheel.

Running your engine/car for more than 3 minutes, unless it is an emergency, is illegal. How many do it?

Tinted windows ?

Blaring radios?

Cell phones being held while driving/??

I could go on and on.

Again derech eretz kadmon l’torah.

Don’t make someone say something about yidden and how they act with disregard of the law.

We are our own enemies.

Ellie Weiner

Editor’s Note: In a free country we are allowed to speak out against laws and practices that we may not feel are fair. Upholding the law is of utmost importance. So is freedom of speech.



Dear Editor:

Since this is the time of year that all schools schedule their PTA conferences, I would like to remind everyone out there that they should be sensitive to the rest of the parent body waiting in the hallway who wish to have some time to confer about their children. When teachers (and the parents they are speaking to) do not keep vigilant watch as to how much time is spent in each conference, the people waiting outside suffer. A little effort can go a long way. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: I would also request that there be a clear separation between men and women at these events.



Dear Editor:

With the proliferation and ease of internet shopping I was wondering how it is affecting the local Jewish businesses. I can purchase a sweater from China for about a quarter of the price of what the local store is asking. It may take a while for it to arrive, but I am able to save a lot of money this way. Does anybody know if the local stores are hurting because of this?

Editor’s Note: I guess time will tell if we see a lot of local stores closing. If we do see that, we’ll know they were hurting.


Dear Editor:

I’d like to commend Yonatan Razel for singing at a concert with tape over his eyes at the time when women were dancing. We are proud to have a performer who sticks to halacha, and is careful what his eyes see.

Editor’s Note: This sounds a little extreme. Halacha does not dictate that one has to cover his eyes, but yet when it comes to arayos, every little bit counts!