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    Dear Editor: I read with interest your article on Techeiles last week. The Brisker Rav said that his father R. Chaim once told him that the Sfas Emes answered him back with a strong rebuttal. The Radziner Rebbe was trying to promote his blue tzitzis Most Gedolim didn’t accept his arguments and weren’t convinced it to be the real techeles. The Radziner claimed that even those who are not sure if it is the real techeiles should also wear them because of safek DeOraysa Lechumra. The Sfas Emes answered him that the Halacha of Safek De- Oraysa Lechumra applies only when by your action or inaction you are definitely mekayem the Mitzva or not Over the aveirah for example You are not sure if you Bentched Birchas Hamazon which is a DeOraysa. You need to be Machmir and Bentch. By doing so you will have definitely been mekayem the mitzvah of Birchas Hamazon ן. Therefore we apply the Halacha of safek deOraysa Lechumra. However, in the case where even after you are Machmir and apply the so-called techeiles you are still not sure to have been mekayem the mitzvah of techeiles, there we don’t apply the Halacha of safek DeOraysa Lechumra.


    Editor’s Note: This seems to be too hard for me. I can try to read it until I turn blue in the face.



    Dear Editor, Now that the President has called on Congress to quickly address the Civil Rights issue of our time, now is the time for us to act and save lives! “We are renewing our call on congress to finally enact School Choice now! School Choice is a big deal, because access to education is the Civil Rights issue of our time. When you can have children go to a school where their parents want them to go, it creates competition, and other schools fight harder.” President Donald Trump said this at a meeting with community leaders in Dallas Texas, June 11. The difference between real and fake was never so clearly defined. The fakers will paint it on walls, monuments and streets, but dare not allow parents to provide their children with quality education of their choice. They just follow the money, much of it “contributed” by taxpayers, by way of public employee unions. Please seek among your candidates for those who stand for Liberty and Justice and invite them to join the all-inclusive team of “Certified Constitutional Candidates” at www.c32020.org. You can find the names of all your candidates for Congress at ballotpedia. org.

    Alliance for Free Choice in Education I T

    Editor’s Note: Agreed. Too much fake regulation when it comes to education.



    Dear Editor: “BUt wHaT aBoUt BLacK oN bLaCk CrImE?”, as a response to protests against police brutality, are the stupidest kind of whataboutism. It’s like asking, “what about Tay Sachs” or something like that in response to protests against anti-Semitic violence.

    Editor’s Note: Is that so? Black Lives are only important when killed by Police and white Police? Are you saying that if one is against Black Lives Matter one is a racist?



    Dear Editor: I remember in Day Camp, when I was an assistant Head Counselor on an overnight trip to Hershey Park; I had to lay the rules down straight, in order to discipline the “rowdy” campers after a fun day at the park. I got up there and was sweating from the summer humidity, since it had been a long and tiring day, and began yelling and screaming on the top of my lungs for them to take me very serious. However, the louder I yelled, the more they laughed, and I couldn’t figure out why? I was turning beet red from shouting and anger, but they laughed even harder. My friend Chaim saved the day when he came over to me and told me to take off my Dr. Seuss Hat that I forgot that I had bought in the park and was wearing it on my head. The Cat in The Hat was swaying back & forth as I was trying to get quiet from the day campers who were having a good laugh at my expense! This brings me to another hat story belonging to my friend Moshe in Eretz Yisroel. We were chavrusas in yeshiva, and we wanted to spend a shabbos together in Matesdorf, Yerushalayim. We wanted to visit our Rosh Yeshiva for Mincha & Shalosh Seudos to impress him how we were doing as his talmidim, so he would be proud of us. Things started off already on the wrong foot, when we got locked out of the house Fri. night where we were staying, and we had to climb in from another person’s porch. [Don’t ask questions?] Shabbos afternoon, we were in a “giddy” mood, and we decided to enjoy the outside, by taking off our jacket, hat and tie, and sitting on a street bench singing away in a spirited mood. All of a sudden, out of the corner of our eyes, we noticed to our shock, our Rosh Yeshiva walking towards us with his entire mishpacha! [We’re a cooked goose!] As if we rehearsed for a hundred times, me and my friend Moshe quickly got up turned around, and put on our jackets, hats, & ties, as quickly as possible. When I finally turned around, and saw Moshe giving Shalom Aleichem to the Rosh Yeshiva, I noticed to my horror that his 10 Gallon Hat was put on “backwards”, with his huge brim facing the back of his head like a Fireman! I tried motioning to Moshe to turn his hat around, but instead he did the obvious-He put the back of his hat down too! Now he looked like Bella the Clown! What can I say; we both had a stomach ache from laughing afterwards. We both ate Shabbos by a Vishnitzer chossid, who invites people from the Kossel for the Shabbos meals. Moshe was wearing his light gray suit with his now famous hat, and we were both very tired from walking and hungry & thirsty as well. We just “plopped” down in out seats by the table, while everyone else was standing, singing “zmeros” before Kiddush. When they were serving finally the gefilte fish, I heard the Baal Habus whisper to the chassid serving; “Geb Di Baalei T’shuvos Ersht”! [We didn’t mind at all, in fact, we even asked for “doubles in fish”-we were starved!] When I was a young camper in sleep away camp, I was the slowest runner in my bunk until one day on a hike on the camp roads. You see, we passed along the way a hill with barbed wire fences, and horses grazing in the grass. All of a sudden, they started to charge at us when the noticed us. [Perhaps they smelled us in the 9 days without showers!] I took off so fast like the Kentucky Derby! No horse was going to catch me on that day. My counselor tried catching up to me to tell me not to be scared, since the horses can’t jump over the barbed wire fence. [I didn’t wait to find out. I wasn’t taking chances. I said “Gidee Up”, and took of for the races. I was the first one back to camp!] Another time, I went horse back riding, and they told me that this was my last “gallop” around the field. The only problem is that they forgot to tell my horse the same. Well, let’s just say that my horse does not exactly obey instructions, and wanted to jump over the wall to freedom with me riding on it holding on for dear life. B”H, it finally got the hint as I was pulling on the reigns, or we would both be still riding on to this day! I remember once asking the go cart counselor for permission to ride the go cart on the Fri. before visiting day. He had just build a beautiful wooden overpass on the go cart track, and wanted to show it off for the parents on Sunday. Well, let’s just say that he foolishly gave into my begging, and let me ride the go cart. [Big Mistake!] I zoomed right into that beautiful wooden bridge and crashed the go cart into the overpass that toppled over and came crashing down. [No, he was not singing “The London Bridge is…] Instead, he chased me all around the camp with the ax that he was holding in his sweaty hands from just finishing building this architect. [He wanted to kill me literarily!] I was once on a visit to a wealthy donor with my boss, who asked me to let him do all the talking, while I should try to behave and remain quiet. [That would take a miracle, because it would be the first time in my life that I could remember remaining speechless!] Any how, while I’m trying to behave at my best, I couldn’t take my eyes off the delicious juicy red cherries that our host had placed in the center of the table. I was starving again, and I thought to myself, what can be so wrong if I took one. After all, it wasn’t just there for show? I quietly reached out for the cherry, and when I innocently pulled off the stem from that larger fat cherry, it slipped right out of my hand, and “Uh Oh” the cherry was making a “bee line” straight for my donor- host! [Think of the bright side, that it could have been much worse. Imagine, if it would have been a juicy round Cherry Tomato. You know the ones that when you put them in your mouth and bite on them, I could have accidentally “squirted” the juice right into my donor’s eyes [Bulls eye!] I happen to be on a train once waiting for my stop to get off. Meanwhile, I was restless, and I started to drum on the glass panel behind me that separates the passengers from the door. As I’m drumming, I hear a voice behind me say; Excuse me, but can you kindly stop, you’re drumming on my head. [Oops! Sorry-didn’t notice that the glass partition was missing]] Another time, I was riding on the train, when a homeless person came on and yelled; “I can rob, I can steal, but I’ll only collect”! [Good thing]. I was looking down at a sefer when he passed me by with his long white robe. I made like I didn’t notice him. When he passed me by, I then looked up. He quickly turned around facing me squarely saying; “I Caught You”! One summer hot & humid day, I came home exhausted and my wife and I had to get ready for a wedding of a friend of mine that night. We really weren’t in the mood to dress up for a wedding in this humidity, but we had no choice, since it was a good friend. We finally came to the wedding all “farschvitzed”, and made a bee line straight for the Schmorg. I enjoyed the ‘Halibshckas, Kashavarnishkas, Schlishkes, Kishka etc. [you get the idea]. While, I was waiting afterwards by the Chuppa for my friend the Chosson to march down, my wife, who was on the women’s side, was asked by a former classmate of hers; “Your husband went to Gerer Yeshiva??? At that point I saw the Chosson, a Gerer chossid with a “spodik” marching down. I, of course didn’t recognize him. We were at the Wrong Wedding! {Wrong Date-Wrong Hall-and Wrong Chosson! The only thing that I did recognize was the ‘Halibshckas, Kashavarnishkas, Schlishkes, Kishka etc. Mazel Tov!}


    Editor’s Note: Oy those were the days!



    Dear Editor: I happen to be on a train once waiting for my stop to get off. Meanwhile, I was restless, and I started to drum on the glass panel behind me that separates the passengers from the door. As I’m drumming, I hear a voice behind me say; Excuse me, but can you kindly stop, you’re drumming on my head. [Oops! Sorry-didn’t notice that the glass partition was missing]] Another time, I was riding on the train, when a homeless person came on and yelled; “I can rob, I can steal, but I’ll only collect”! [Good thing]. I was looking down at a sefer when he passed me by with his long white robe. I made like I didn’t notice him. When he passed me by, I then looked up. He quickly turned around facing me squarely saying; “I Caught You”! I was once standing on line in the bank and could not believe what I was witnessing. I saw a “heimersher” yid arguing with the teller loudly that he wants to see the Manager immediately. He was complaining;“ I never heard of a bank that only has 28 days in February”! “I want to postdate my check for FEBRUARY 31ST! THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN TO ME! R M St PS “Life is a Box of Cherries”! My mother a”h, once called me up the stairs to her home to help her unpack the Shabbos order from the Grocery store on a short Erev Shabbos. To our surprise, when we opened up the big box that was delivered up the stairs, we saw only Cherries! My mom had ordered a box of cherries, and they delivered her a BOX of CHERRIES! She obviously meant like the green strawberries box, but they gave her a huge grocery box of just Cherries?!? Now, whenever, I go back to the store, the delivery guy smiles and with a glint in his eyes, he always asks me; “NEED MORE CHERRIES”?

    Editor’s Note: I guess you need a new Calendar



    Dear Editor: I read your laughter and Inspiration page with a mix of sadness and horror last week. Are these bits not perfect examples of the small mindedness that Jews are often accused of in these unsettling days? The “ otherness “ that makes for dangerous stereotypes? Rather to spend your valuable space on helping us talk to our families about the Family of Man. Not mocking other communities, and what you perceive at their shortcomings? Sadly, we need help to grow and not to disdain others. Would the distinguished Rabbis who bless your pages with Torah Insights not be horrified by your mocking tone?

    Respectfully, R R

    Editor’s Note: I am not sure what you are referring to.



    Dear Editor: Why, when someone greets his friend with “Shalom Aleichem,” does the friend respond “Aleichem Shalom”? Why not respond “Shalom Aleichem”? The explanation in the Sefer Ta’amei Minhagim is as follows: The Gemara says when a person makes a neder he should say “Neder L’Hashem.” He should not say “L’Hashem Neder” because maybe when he says L’Hashem, he will die, chalila, and he will have said the Shem l’vatalah. Also when a person returns a greeting, if he would say “Shalom Aleichem” and then die chalila after saying just the word “Shalom,” he will have said the Name of Hashem l’vatalah (since Shalom is one of the name’s of Hashem). When, however, someone greets his friend first by saying “Shalom Aleichem” we are not worried that he will die after saying “Shalom,” because the Gemara in Berachos says, “If one is first to greet his friend, it is added to him (mosifin lo chaim v’shalom) life and peace. Perhaps, as we emerge from this pandemic and seek ways to improve, we should work on being first to greet others. For those who find it difficult, they can do this within their home and among family members with a cheerful “Good Morning” or “Good Night.”

    Sincerely, The Good Morning Campaign

    Editor’s Note: I started reading this in the morning but by the time I finished I had to tell someone Good Afternoon.



    Dear Editor: While I agree with most of your comments on the letters. Your persistent use of terming our (horrible) mayor a nazi shocks and disgusts me. Is deblsio rounding up all the Jews in ny into concentration camps, making all Jews wear a yellow star? Killing millions of innocent Jews?? Once again I wholeheartedly agree that deblasio is taking advantage of the Jewish community but to call him a Nazi is insulting to all the Holocaust survivors who’ve witnessed the brutality of real Nazis. The more we term people Nazis it takes away from the horrific actions that the actual nazis did. So I’m asking please reconsider that the next time debalsio does something stupid or even in the realm of anti semetisim , remember who the real nazis are. AP

    Editor’s Note: The Nazis did not start like you described. They sure finished that way. Give the Mayor enough time he will not disappoint us. Just reminding you in 2017 He took a trip to Germany to protest on our dime. Just remember.



    Dear Editor: I recently read on Yehupetz.com that it is muttar to open soda bottles on Shabbos if one throws away the cap. I had never heard of this. Is this accurate, and if so, why was I not taught this in school?


    Editor’s Note: Maybe you went to the other school that does not teach this. There are many different groups in klal YIsroel some open bottles some don’t.



    Dear EDITOR: In my work, I meet with many teachers. I have consistently heard one complaint from nearly all of them. The NYC Public school calendar is too long. They are very upset that Mayor DiBlazio added Eid al Fitr – a Moslem holiday and the Asian New Year as school holidays. As it is, the public school year begins quite late, around Sep. 6. NY State mandates a minimum of 180 open school days. Thus, with these new holidays added, the school year doesn’t end until about the last week in June, sometimes overlapping the beginning of summer camp. I understand that DiBlazio came under pressure to equalize the field as students complained that schools were closed for Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur but not for holidays of other religions. This is a valid argument. However, the history behind those two days is that these days were chosen at a time when almost the majority of the NYC educational staff was Jewish. It made little sense to have students be in class when most of the staff would be absent and it would have required the Board of Ed. to hire an enormous supply of non- Jewish substitutes. I think DiBlazio should have done what several NY State colleges have done several years ago. They eliminated all religious holidays which includes Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur from the school holiday calendar. The only holidays the college is closed are the Federal holidays such as Thanksgiving, Veterans’ Day, Presidents’ Day, etc. Of course, students that need to be out for religious reasons are allowed to be absent with no penalty. Seriously, in public schools, why should a Jewish student be “forced” to celebrate a Muslim holiday, and why should a Muslim be forced to be out on Rosh Hashanna? Yes, I know that teachers and kids love a day off. However, it is a huge burden on parents who have to be at work or take a day off from work, if they can. One of my co-workers brings her kids to work on Election Day and those other school holidays. Children that need to be absent for religious reasons should be allowed to be out without penalty. But, why have the school closed at the expense of a longer school year? I think that the school calendar has many days off already integrated into it. There’s already a week around Christmas / New Years. A week around Presidents’ Day and another week for Spring Break. Few people have 3 weeks of vacation per year from their jobs, so this becomes a burden to many working parents, already. I think schools should be closed only on the “major” national holidays like Thanksgiving and Memorial Day – basically the days when parents are off as well. They should be open on Columbus Day, Election and Veterans’ Day. All these extra holidays place a burden on parents who have to be at work. By eliminating these extra days, the school year can end at a “normal” date in June without cramming into the camp schedule. It will make parents and teachers happier, and, I don’t think kids will mind having school end in early June, either.


    Editor’s Note: Is a school a day care center or a place of education?



    Dear Editor: Many people have complimented your paper and its new layout, the great articles, fun pages and the Family Feud game that was recently added. It’s also nice to see that each letter gets acknowledged with a usually short yet brilliant response. Keep up the good work. Last week you had a letter titled Milsa Dibedichusa that rambled on about the writers many exploits and experiences he had with Gedolim of the previous generation. Obviously, he wanted to share with the readers of your fine paper how we can learn from our Gedolim just by watching them or listening carefully to even their off handed remarks. What struck me odd & unnecessary was the opening sentence , “This letter was never printed anywhere..” ! Also, I’m impressed that you didn’t censor out but rather included all the “other named newspapers” that RMS mentioned in his long letter! RMS is certainly interesting, worldly, comedic and also a music aficionado. I hope he continues to share more interesting and worthwhile stories of interest.

    D L

    Editor’s Note: Our policy is if you take the time to write us a letter we will take the tim to acknowledge it. We love everyone’s letters and even when we disagree it is all in fun and games not to be taken personally.


    MAYOR A WHAT? (2)

    Dear Editor: In the editor’s note, you called the mayor a Nazi. You must have no idea what a Nazi is. Even if you disagree with the mayor, you should never call him a Nazi. No good can come from this. You don’t want it to become a self fulfilling prophecy.

    A concerned citizen

    Editor’s Note: It would not be a prophecy but rather a culmination of DeBlasio whose true name is Wilhelm. Remember the Nazis in Germany were nice in the beginning!



    Dear Editor: What a buffoon! He says we should not call 911 for firecrackers. Last I checked there are hundreds of people who die as a result of illegal firecrackers at the very least they get hurt very badle. The left has an idea of sending social workers to talk to them. Brilliant! A guy is armed with a gun just talk to him. No Police needed. Is this Country going to self destruct by allowing criminals to rule?

    R R

    Editor’s Note: Well said! Things need to change in a hurry!


    Dear Editor: If we don’t test we have no cases. This is called ostrich politics, hiding your face in the sand thinking if we don’t see it, the problem will go away.


    Editor’s Note: I believe Trump said it in Jest!


    Dear Editor: I’m tossing this out as opposed to asking my doctor: If I have a lot of antibodies, do I still have to wear a mask?


    Editor’s Note: It seems to be all political. The Governor and Mayor can’t let go.



    Dear Editor: I would like to know if the bungalow colonies in the Catskills are opening this summer despite covid19? I would also like to know if any bungalow colonies will not be opening up this summer.


    Editor’s Note: We cannot confirm nor deny that we are opening. Please check back after the summer. Or after Corona disappears. Or after Cuomo/deBlasio disappear



    Dear Editor: In response to some song parodies about the coronavirus, I wrote a short poem: Our safety measures are working now Social distancing preventing infection Masks help protect us as well, But you want to move in the other direction You say you’re completely certain There will be no second wave But why not social distance? It seems you just can’t behave I wouldn’t have to beg or plead Or say a thing to you If you had one drop of sense Or an above-zero IQ I don’t think social distancing Should be too much to ask And I don’t think it would harm you If you were to wear a mask (You should have worn one all along. Yes, one might make the case. Not just to fight COVID-19 But to hide your ugly face.) Childish insults aside, (Accurate as they may be) Your recklessness just might Endanger you and me Do you remember February? You thought it was a joke You said the only danger Was that we’d all go broke Despite all of the evidence And all common sense, you Decided it was nothing That it was just the flu And now you smugly proclaim That to break the rules is brave When your carelessness the first time round Sent many to the grave. I hope the virus is now gone Never to return But that you want to take the chance Is reason for concern It’s not that hard to wear a mask Or stand six feet apart There’s no benefit to risking it So why not just be smart? And don’t politicize it Because both the right and left Neglected to protect us And they both botched the fight I’m not saying “Obey the rules” Or “Follow them to the letter”. The CDC said “Don’t wear masks” We have to do one better The government was careless That means we’re on our own So we should take precautions Based on all the science known Yes, cautiously reopen We can’t stay shut down forever But throwing caution to the wind Is not a wise endeavor I would also like to remind everyone that sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer and wrinkles.


    Editor’s Note: Time to get out of your bunker Covid 19 is over!