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    Dear Editor:
    There’s no question that rela- tions between the frum com- munity and the black commu- nity have been strained, at best, for decades. I am not suggest- ing that everyone run out to join protests and donate to the NAACP. However, Rabbonim with caring and thoughtful hearts are urging their mispall- elim and talmidim to look at what’s happening with sympa- thy instead of cynicism. Loot- ing and violence are wrong. But the vast majority of the protests both here and around the world are peaceful and productive. And the changes that are be- ing sought aren’t so outland- ish: The police use too much deadly force. I am old enough to remember the community’s outrage when Gidone Busch, a mentally challenged frum man, was killed by NYPD officers 21 years ago. Simple kavod habriyos should dictate that we feel some empathy for the black community’s pain. But let’s say we don’t. Let’s say we have enough to worry about without focusing on ‘their’ problems. In that case, I implore the com- munity and the Vues to take a ‘shev v’al taaseh’ approach and not make things worse. How are we making things worse? Just looking at the ‘fun’ pages from the last two weeks, one can reasonably conclude that the Jewish Vues editorial board believes: • Blacks are illiterate • Blacks are animals • Governor Cuomo’s shutdown of Jewish camps is equivalent to Derek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd. If pressed, I’m sure most of the staff and readers would say, “No, it’s just a joke.” But it’s not funny. We know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of stereotyping and hatred.

    So I implore the Vues to re- think its policies and I implore everyone reading to think just a bit deeper about racism and inequality.

    Editor’s Note: There is truth to every joke. The problem to- day is that no one can have an opinion that is not PC. One can definitely not joke about it!

    Dear Editor:
    In the name of equality and fair- ness, I suggest that it be made illegal to sell clothing in any color other than grey. In addi- tion, it should be illegal to sell textiles in grey tones, because they do not make a decisive statement between black and white.
    That is how the Republican and Democratic parties sound today. If you don’t agree with them exactly, you are in the wrong. But if you do agree with them, you are still wrong. Black Lives Matter is racist, and it is not racist. Disagreeing with it does not make you a racist, but only racists disagree with it. You are racist, regardless of your actions.
    I have told this to all of my friends and family, and only those with a 120 IQ or higher understood it. But those more intelligent individuals under- stood the statement I am mak- ing about modern politics, and they agree with me completely. In summation, one who tries to engage in dual-party politics is like Russel’s inductivist turkey- -having no deductive reasoning to work with, he settles for what he considers the most likely truth, but he is tragically wrong. CF

    Editor’s Note: I am color blind so what do I do?!

    Dear Editor:
    Just returned from Shoprite where I was happy to get the first The Country Vues of the season. I am 85 and my sister is 80, biz 120. Because of our ages, we have been very careful to protect ourselves from the virus. As a full time resident of Monticello, I felt safe because our population wears masks. Now, though I am always glad to see Yiddishe summer residents, I am afraid because so many do not wear masks in stores.


    Last week we shopped at Landau’s and were shocked to see staff and customers without masks.

    A friend in her 70’s shopped at another Yiddishe store where people were without masks. According to the latest data, it is still not known how long immunity lasts after recovery. Yidden, please don’t put us in danger. Our lives are in your hands. PLEASE WEAR MASKS.


    Editor’s Note: Just remember if you are wearing a mask then the fact that someone else is not wearing a mask will not affect you. If it does then why wear a mask altogether?


    Dear Editor:
    Thank you for printing my let- ters. Rabbi Berel Wein says that all his stories are true, just some didn’t happen yet! He also says “be careful what you pray for, since it may come true”. [I heard that someone broke into the UJA and stole 6 million $ PLEDGES] LOL. I once asked my Rav from Mon- sey on my 50th Birthday; what can I still do as a Levi turn- ing 50? He answered me with a smile; In Pirkei Avos it says “Ben Chamishim L’Ettzah”; you can still give ETZHOS! I on the other hand keep on getting Etzhas advice from everyone. People are so nice & helpful that they even offer their unso- licited advice for Free! People noticed me limping ah shtikel. I was told the follow- ing; you should bath in Epsom Salt. To- mato Juice [sorry, that’s for Skunks!] take a medicated pill for 6 months. [Someone told me he wakes up every morning and takes the I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK, SAY, OR DO PILL!]

    I once went away for a vacation to a learning camp during the summer. From the second I arrived until I left, a boy kept on asking me for a ride to the city. Finally I gave him a ride home to NY. He wanted to show me Hakoros Hatov and knew that I loved BarBque potato chips. [WISE] Instead, he brought me left over from Pessach soggy crushed heimish brand Barbeque potato chips (crumbs- Yumm]. [Thanks, much appreciated]. It really hit the spot. [In the garbage can]. Then he asked me if I can tell him stories of Gedolim for 3hrs from the Country to the City. [Sure what else?]

    I gave my good friends a ride to Monsey. First, they asked me to please lower the music. Then, they asked me to put the music in the front only. After a while, they asked me to put it on the driver’s side. [Nice guys]. After all said and done, they asked for heat too. What else do they expect me to provide? Am I a Car Ser- vice? [It seems like it] Soon they’re going to ask me for air conditioning. [Open the windows, if they open?] My boss says I should put up a mezuzah by the auto me- chanic-I practically live there.

    So, I put out a music cd for free at Mostly Music which got good reviews B”H. Some of my friends were using it for Kaparos. They insert their finger into the cd and swing it twirl it around their head, and then they throw it far into the ocean for Tashlich! Other friends simply take the cd for free and exchange it for a different music cd! [Such good friends I have]. Well, I had first mailed out in manila envelopes to all the singers & producers to see if they were interested in any of my compositions. The first one to send me back a reply was MBD. I was elated at first since I am a huge fan of him all my life. I was shocked to see that he sent back my cd in the same manila envelope that I had sent him. RETURN TO SENDER? I was fuming. I left him 2 nasty messages, since I was very an- gry. I called my friends, Shloime Katz, Shloime Dachs & Sheya Mendlowitz to vent. They were melamed zchus that it doesn’t sound like him to do such a thing, it must be a mistake or misunderstanding. I complained over the phone voice mail to MBD that all my life I had bought your tapes, records, cds and danced with my lights at all your concerts in the aisles of HASC & Ohel etc. I went on and on like the energizer bunny using up all his voice mail until there was no room to leave any more messages. I finally got it out of my system after venting all my built up frustration on MBD’s phone at home. Not long afterwards, I get a call back from Mrs Werdyger telling me that they never received my Music Cd in the Mail. ???????????? Huhh? What went wrong? Then it hit me like a bolt of Thunder & Lightning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HAD BY MISTAKE REVERSED THE MAILING LABELS ON THE MANIL- LA ENVELOPE. VENAPACHU! BY MISTAKE WIITHOUT THINKING, I accidentally ADRESSED THE ENVE- LOPE TO MY NAME & ADDRESS WITH MY LABEL & USED MBD LABEL AS THE SENDER’S RETURN ADDRESS! After both of us had a good laugh, Mrs Werdyger said she would do me a favor and delete my messages from the phone before her husband MBD came home to listen. Always be dan lkaf zchus . Give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Of course I sent him back my Music Cd, and I hope MBD and his wife ARE enjoying it.

    Editor’s Note: Your letter sounds like Music to your ears

    Dear Editor:
    My brother gave me permission to for- ward his letter for print. About the hat backwards, well here’s my story. You know usually you put on your shirt first. Well one cold day in yeshiva I decided to do the shirt last. After getting dressed I go to the bais medrash to my seat in the front opposite the Roshei Yeshiva. I get ready to roll up my sleeve to put on my tefillin and bingo – I’m wearing my pajama top! You know what the good thing though after reading all your stories?? I did not have my pajama top on backwards!! B”H Yom Yom!
    Editor’s Note: I tried reading your letter from bottom to top but it made no sense.

    COVID 19
    Dear Editor:
    In your June 24 to June 30 edition, the Editor told a letter writer that wearing a mask seems to be “all political” and told another one that Covid 19 is over. These are very wrongheaded and potentially dangerous things to say. They also con- tradict the view of Dr. Marc J. Sicklick, who wrote an article in the same edition telling people that research suggests that wearing masks does help prevent spread of Covid19 and that the pandemic is not over.
    Many people in the community have taken the position that the whole Covid 19 issue is either over or a hoax because leaders (including New York’s) allowed the protests, which of course had a large number of people, contrary to the rules. People are saying that the virus is over since New York did not see a spike in cases after the protests. However, many of the protesters were wearing masks, and the protests were outdoors, which lowers the spread of the virus. The inconsistency in enforcing the rules may have had to do with politics, but that doesn’t change the nature of the virus, and some areas of the country have seen a great spike in cases, like Texas and Arizona. Authorities don’t know whether some of that was from the protests. There has also been a rise in cases internationally, including in Israel. In any event, everyone seems to agree that we don’t really know yet how the virus works. So it appears to me that it is better to take precautions like wearing masks and social distancing even if the people recommending these measures are not %100 sure that they work rather than throwing caution to the winds because of unhappiness with our elected officials. DFZ

    Editor’s Note: I believe that everyone can believe what they wish and Politicians can’t dictate one size fits all and lock ev- eryone up.


    Dear Editor:
    Juneteenth was celebrated more intensely by the African Americans community this year than ever before. And America as a whole took notice. The anniversary was successfully turned into a highly effec- tive teachable moment. Zionists should learn an important lesson from this. In today’s hypercharged environment, oth- ers are reevaluating how to best utilize their historical anniversaries to remind each other and the world at large about centrally important ideas. The right thing for us to do is to realize that we can and should do likewise.
    We have not only the right but the obli- gation to regain a very important com- memoration that we have lost. That is: the annual observance of Yom Tel Chai on the 11th of Adar. Yom Tel Chai marks what is often considered the first armed battle that saw Zionists stand up and de- fend Jewish lives and property from for- eign Arab attackers.
    This battle in the Upper Galilee was an attempt to repel Arab attackers who were seeking to destroy modern Zionism while it was still in its infancy.
    The memories of Tel Chai, Trumpeldor, and those who were slain with him, were honored, treasured, and beloved as sym- bols of the pioneering age of Eretz Israel that blossomed in the years between the First World War and the Second by Zion- ist movements from across the gamut of political outlooks. Earlier this year we failed to mark the hundredth anniversary of the death of these first Zionist martyrs and the battle of Tel Chai.

    Joseph Trumpeldor accomplished more in his tragically shortened life than is ap- preciated today. We can correct this. Let’s agree now to put in place plans to mark Yom Tel Chai in 2021 and every year thereafter to the fullest extent possible. A century after his combat death, Trumpeldor stands out as one of the most important individuals who played a part in the founding and building of the State Of Israel. A courageous soldier, a brilliant and indefatigable organizer, and a highly principled and selfless pioneer.

    Born in Russia in 1880, Trumpeldor lost an arm during the Russo-Japanese War at the 1904/1905 Siege of Port Arthur. Taken off of the front-lines because of his injury, he pleaded with his commander: “Even though I have only one arm, it is my right arm, and my request is that I be given a sword and rifle to continue to fight.”

    Later, Trumpeldor joined with the great Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky (1880- 1940). They contacted the British army to propose that Jewish emigres be organized to fight alongside the British. The result was the Zion Mule Corps commanded by Trumpeldor. 550 Corps soldiers saw action in the Gallipoli campaign where they were given orders in Hebrew and wore a Star of David insignia. These men were the first Zionist soldiers comprising a Jewish military force in modern times. Trumpeldor was promoted to captain and strongly emphasized discipline and devo- tion among his soldiers. The reputation for courage and heroism that the Zion Mule Corps quickly earned was a testa- ment to Trumpeldor’s success.

    After his World War One service Trumpeldor returned to an Eretz Israel that was under siege.
    On January 22, 1919, Jabotinsky wrote to Chaim Weizmann, then the president of the World Zionist Organization, about the growing danger Arab attacks against Jews.

    Weizmann, it is believed, did nothing, ex- cept to declare that the British were on the side of the Jews.
    Meanwhile, information reached Trumpeldor that the Arabs were prepar- ing to attack the Jewish settlements in the Upper Galilee. The British had evacuated the area and the French had not yet taken over. Arabs from Lebanon were ambush- ing Jewish travelers and conducting raids against the Jewish settlements daily. The situation was critical. Trumpeldor became the leader of the local defense group. He appealed for reinforcements but his appeals went unanswered. He warned Zionist leaders that Metullah was on the verge of being destroyed and that the settlements of Kfar Giladi and Tel Chai were also in great danger.

    On the morning of March 1, 1920 (the eleventh of Adar 5680) a group of several hundred Arab raiders made their first at- tack on the settlement of Tel Chai. A fierce battle erupted. At the height of the fight- ing Trumpeldor left his covered position and attempted to close the gate to the settlement. He was fatally shot. When his comrades found him, he smiled and said “Ein davar (It is nothing). I only want a bandage.” He then calmly directed the bandaging of his own wound.

    “These are my last moments. Tell our comrades to defend the honor of our peo- ple until the last,” Trumpeldor said as he still directed the battle raging around him. When a doctor finally arrived, he was too late to help Trumpeldor.

    Trumpeldor’s last words were: “Ein davar, tov lamut be-ad artsenu.” (It does not mat- ter, it is good to die for our land).
    The city of Kiryat Shemona was dedicated to him and the other seven defenders who all lost their lives in 1920 in the effort to safeguard Zionist communities in the Up- per Galilee. At the battle site a massive stone statue of a lion of Judah was built to mark his grave and became a national shrine that Zionist youth movements still visit annually. And that is a very good thing. But this is not enough.

    The story of Tel Chai should be made to be as inspiring as the Alamo is to this day to Texans. We should use Juneteenth as a blueprint for how to revive Yom Tel Chai as a holiday.

    But, there is more. When we speak of Tel Chai we should remind the world that when Zionist pioneers were busy build- ing in the Land of Israel 100 years ago, there were no Palestinians being displaced due to the fact that there was not a nation called Palestine in existence. And, more- over, the Arab attackers were from Jabal Amel in southern Lebanon. Jews were not invading the Galilee. Zionists were farm- ing on land they had legally purchased and owned. The actual invaders were Ar- abs from Lebanon.

    Jabotinsky penned a poetic tribute to Trumpeldor that is well worth recalling: In Tel Chai in the Galil
    Trumpeldor fell

    For our nation, for our country
    The hero Joseph fell
    The path of the hills, the path of the heights
    Run and spread the name Tel Chai
    Tell my brothers there
    Follow in my footsteps
    We should all seek to emulate Trumpel- dor’s devotion to the Land of Israel. Re- newing Yom Tel Chai’s proper place on the Jewish calendar can help us to do just that.

    Editor’s Note: Oish I wish it was so simple!

    Dear Editor:
    I once davened Maariv in Bovov in BP, and came by Shmoneh Esrei and de- cided to make a loud Borchu afterwards. I closed my eyes, and gave a loud bang on the table, and yelled out loud; Borchu, but there was dead silence? I opened my eyes to notice everyone staring at me. “ Nee, It’s Mincha”! Oops. I saw more than 3 stars. My Rav from Monsey wondered how I didn’t notice from chazaras Ha- shatz? Perhaps they davened ah Hoicher Shmoneh Esreh?
    I once drove back from a bar mitzva in Vermont with my youngest son. He put in the GPS back then No Tolls. We ended up in the woods. ( no tolls)
    There was a sign on the dirt road (path) Road Closed during Season. Surrounded by trees, we found a hermit living in a wooded cabin. ( Rip Van Winkle?) I asked him if the dirt road is open or closed? He answered; “ I don’t know? But I can tell you where not to go” ( Thanks for your help). My son asked me if I was enjoying the beautiful Scenery? ( Or was I happy saving on all the Tolls!) I used to take the 8th gr to Wash DC their graduation trip. We always had in- teresting bus drivers who put up with our dancing on the bus to MBD or Avraham Fried music CDs. One year, I’ll never for- get, we had an inexperienced bus driver substitute. The first day we stopped at 10 gas stations to ask for directions? The 2nd day, we woke up very early to daven on the bus, since we had a tight schedule to fit everything in. We left everything on the bus at our first stop to get tickets for the White House. When we returned to the bus, it was locked and the driver was nowhere to be found? It was a nightmare! We decided to move along by foot to our next few appointments that were not so far away. We figure that the driver who had a copy & knew our printed schedule would track us down. We were mistaken. We went to the Mint and the Holecaust Museum, where we met a very nice driver from Monsey Bus Tours, the owner’s brother and Shloime Daskal’s Father in law. He offered me and Mark Weiss from Dairy Palace SI. , an accompanying par- ent to help us find our lost bus driver. He explained us that his passengers were in the museum for many hours along with our students and chaperone parents. Mark was the only one in those early times with a cell phone. Our lost driver didn’t own a cell phone way back then. We didn’t want to start a panic by calling the school or bus company. Mark said that he thinks the driver is back at the first place test we went to in the early morning. I told him no way. I’m sure he’s looking for us driv- ing around Washington. Well, guess what? Mark was right! We found him sitting at an outdoor table with Wash DC road maps all spread out. He looked so relieved to see us. I’ll never forget what he told us believe it or not? “ My mother taught me tact if your ever lost to stay put and they’ll find you eventually”! Al Titosh Toras Imecha”. We eventually switched the next year to Monsey Bus Tours! We have a cell & waze!

    Editor’s Note: I can believe it. Despite the fact that I have not been to Wripley’s in a while.

    Dear Editor:
    Whoever runs the Shabbos siren on top of Toras Emes needs to get their act together. For the second week in a row, the siren got stuck and went on continuously for around 10 minutes rather than the normal 30 sec- onds. As someone who lives right across from the school on the top floor, this can be very scary as you never know when or even if it will get turned off. It isn’t the first time there were major technical is- sues with it: one time in the past it went off at 6 a.m. instead of 6 p.m., waking up the entire neighborhood. If the operators wish to have a Shabbos siren, they must be re- sponsible about it. Having these glitches go on is unacceptable to the neighbors. From what I was told by people close to the school, Toras Emes doesn’t own the siren but simply let others place it there many years ago. Well, if the glitches aren’t solved (which it looks like they aren’t, as this keeps on going on week after week), the school should just take the siren down. There are other, more responsible opera- tors of Shabbos sirens nearby which are also audible in Midwood. The machine itself, the Sentry 40V2T, is literally the largest omni-directional siren on the mar- ket with a sound of 130dB, which makes it as loud as an airplane. According to the CDC, prolonged exposure to anything over 70dB can cause hearing damage. Immediate exposure for anything over 120db. That’s why airport and construc- tion workers wear earmuffs. It’s one thing when it’s 30 seconds, another when it goes on for 10 minutes straight before and after candlelight. I was also told that when the siren went off without end, people were rushing to turn it off. That means someone had to violate Shabbos just to turn off a glitchy Shabbos siren. It’s just absurd and irresponsible. – M S
    Editor’s Note: O guess you got your bell rung. BTW shutting off the siren before sh- kiya is not chillul Shabbos. If a Goy does it then it can be done after Shkiya also. INVEST IN AMERICA
    Dear Editor:
    Should Jews still be investing in America,

    when democrats are turning it into a zoo? How long do we havs til we have to move to Eretz Yisroel? Should one buy a house in America or rent in America and buy in Eretz Yisroel?

    Editor’s Note: You are best off asking a Spiritual advisor.
    Dear Editor:
    Where’s Bob Grant when we need him? No one in the media these days has the courage to call the thugs rioting, looting and burning down buildings what they are.
    Editor’s Note: There are plenty who still call it as it is. Including Ben Shapiro etc. DEFUND POLICE
    Dear Editor:
    Police at their current levels couldn’t stop the looting or tamp down long-running in- ner city violence. Do these people really think that by defunding or abolishing po- lice that crime will magically stop?
    Editor’s Note: Maybe that is what they want free for all. The protestors are pro- testing landlords unbelievable.
    Dear Editor:
    et no one forget that the states hit the worst by the Wuhan Coronavirus are all blue states. Gross neglect and mismanage- ment of those states in their early response to the COVID-19 pandemic led to their states taking the biggest hits.
    One example out of numerous demon- strating the murderous effects of these Democrats was the childish fighting between New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over “who is the boss” (those two foolish politicians been acting like ado- lescents for the last five years over each trying to one-up the other.) That caused a delay in both the closing of the schools and delayed the stay at home orders, caus- ing the spread of the virus. The Mayor de- layed closing the schools because he said some parents couldn’t afford to give their children lunch every day. And the Gov- ernor delayed giving stay at home orders because the Mayor called for “sheltering at home” first so the Cuomo announced he will not tell citizens to stay at home. He showed the Mayor who is really boss. Until circumstances forced their hands. Afterwards they reaped what they sowed when their State’s death rate went soaring to almost Italy-like and Spain-like levels, unlike all the red states managed responsi- bly by Republican administrations.
    Editor’s Note: While I won’t defend these buffoons our DemocRATS we do need to take into account that these areas are Urban and more congested.