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    Speak Your Vues


    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master: Another Jewish publication in the Catskills has a page showing car ‘accidents’ on local roads and Hatzolah responding to them. On Monday I was driving on a back road in Monticello area and saw a van that was driven off the road and hit a tree. Several non Jews stopped to help the young Hasidic driver. We should understand an accident is a mistake. When you drive fast on a rain slick road and drive off the road and hit a tree, it’s NOT an accident. Its plain stupidity! When a kosher supermarket puts up a billboard on the Quickway saying the time to reach the store is between 15-30 minutes depending who is driving, with the inference being Hasidim drive fast, it is not funny. When Hasidim drive stupidly, they are committing a Hillul Hashem and being a shonda for the goyim.

    H T

    Vues Master’s Note: I am not sure why you are picking on Chassidim. There are plenty of drivers who drive like maniacs. No need to be a selfhating Jew here.



    Dear Vues Master: I would like to take issue with what Rabbi Goldberg says in the name of Norman Frajman “I will never use the word hate.” I am sure Rabbi Goldberg is familiar with RASHI in Parshas Pinchas 25:17 לאייב אותם צרור את המדינים- עליכם it is incumbent on you to hate them. We also find by the mitzvah of M’chiyas Amalek ( Sefer Hachinuch 605 see also RAMBAM Hil. Melochim Chapter 1) שנאתו ולא תסירה מנפשך לא תשליך We should never cease to hate Amalek. I saw the TANYA in Chapter 32. He is speaking about someone whom we are obligated to love not רשעי גוים I would appreciate hearing a clarification.

    Respectfully, E F Brooklyn

    Vues Master’s Note: I can’t speak on Rabbi Goldberg’s behalf, however I am sure he meant not to hate a fellow Jew.



    Dear Vues Master: “Every year, drivers suffer under an unfair law that makes criminals out of law abiding people who rely on their cars to manage their work and family responsibilities. Crushing surcharges, fees and fines trap people in a financial hole they can’t climb out of, and put them at risk of grave consequences,” explains Senator Felder. “Living paycheck to paycheck in NYC, where everyone is over-taxed, over-ticketed and over-fined is not a crime, but driving with a suspended license is! Giving drivers the option of paying off their fines in a reasonable way that doesn’t break the bank is just good, common sense.” Over 1.5 million drivers have their licenses suspended because they owe traffic-related fines and fees that they cannot afford to pay. The NYS Senate moved to end that practice on Wednesday when they passed legislation (S-5348), co-sponsored by Senator Felder, which would prevent people from having their licenses suspended for unpaid traffic tickets or for failing to appear in court for those tickets. It also requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to establish affordable payment plans to help pay traffic debts. The bill passed both houses of the State Legislature, and will now be sent to the Governor for his signature. The bill does away with the state’s $70 suspension lift fee; under current law, drivers must pay that fee, on every suspension on their license, before driving privileges are restored. It requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to send drivers who receive traffic tickets reminders of their court dates and offer payment plans in proportion to their monthly income. Limiting payments to two percent of monthly net income or $10, whichever is greater. It also allows courts the flexibility to reduce or totally waive both fines and fees when appropriate. “For the past few years I have worked to raise awareness of this issue; annually reminding drivers to check the status of their driver’s license and registration. This bill corrects a longstanding wrong for hard working New Yorkers who deserve a fair chance to pay the fine and avoid doing time,” concludes Senator Felder.


    Vues Master’s Note: How about undoing Bail Reform?



    Dear Vues Master: Throughout America’s big cities in recent months, we have seen shootings go up astronomically. In NYC in a month, shootings have gone up 194.1%, in Chicago, they have gone up 75%. The troubling reality would usually call for action to stop the violence. However, Democrat mayors play politics with everything, even with lives. Liberal Democrat Mayors like Lori Lightfoot, DeBlasio, and Wheeler, all have one agenda, to oppose Donald Trump at all costs. Joe Biden who is no moderate, called President Trump’s deployment of troops in Portland as “egregious tactics.” The law giving Homeland Security the right to protect federal buildings and any related actions that threaten the buildings or safety of the workers is US Law 40 U.S.C. § 1315. This law which gave Homeland Security jurisdiction to protect federal institutions was a result of an internal government report which reported the weak security at federal institutions as a result of local contractors having jurisdiction over the buildings. This law which fixed that problem was signed by President Barack Obama. Biden has given in to the radical left. The other cities which all face anarchy and crime have a responsibility to ask Trump to send in federal agents. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas are both Democrats who have requested Trump’s help, why can’t the others follow?! They claim that Trump is being undemocratic, well was it undemocratic when the federal government got involved with the Mississippi Burning Murders of 1964? This incident was when racists killed 3 civil rights workers, and the state government refused to prosecute these criminals. After the lack of leadership, the FBI came in and took care of the situation. Mayor Lightfoot was it undemocratic in 1964 when the federal government came in to solve a murder after local leaders failed. It is about time that instead of playing politics, we play common sense!

    Sincerely, D S G

    Vues Master’s Note: Common Sense is not in the dictionary as far as politics are concerned.



    Dear Vues Master: Why do kosher restaurants both in the city and in the country not give out food they do not use to food pantries, first responders, and the community at large during these tough times? The non kosher food establishments do that. Why can’t we do better or at least do the same?

    G S

    Vues Master’s Note: It is nice to see you spending someone else’s money. If you want you can buy from these restaurants and give it out to poor people.



    Dear Vues Master: In his book, “BIAS,” former CBS news reporter Bernard Goldberg claims that there is a “liberal bias” in the national news media. He writes “The bias I’m talking about, by the way, isn’t so much POLITICAL bias of the Democratic- versus-Republican sort… For me that isn’t the real problem. The problem comes in the big social and cultural issues… abortion, gun control, feminism, gay rights, the environment, school prayer.” Nowhere in his list do any of the economic and financial struggles of the poor, the near-poor, the lower classes, and the middle classes appear. He is among a number of “Conservatives” who seem to suggest that the “liberals” of the 1960s were primarily concerned with the “bread- and- butter issues” of survival of these groups as well as with expanding the social safety-net federal government programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps), while the “progressives” of 2020 seem to be primarily concerned with the social, “identity-politics”, and “culture-wars” issues. To the extent that this is accurate, you can put me down as siding more with the “liberals” of the 1960s than with the “progressives” of 2020.

    Sincerely, S B E

    Vues Master’s Note: Put me down as a conservative in both the 60s and 2020



    Dear Vues Master: Just returned from a weekend in the Catskills and the chilul Hashem I saw was depressing. If you go into a secular store (Walmart, Shoprite, etc.) everyone is wearing a mask, except for a frum young lady and a middle aged Yid. No wonder anti-semitism is rearing its ugly head again. If you go into the “heimishe stores” (Fialkoff’s, Rugelach, etc.) nobody is wearing masks, except the workers. When I spoke to someone complaining about this, her response was “They all probably got the virus in March or April and now they are immune.” Even if true, you can catch it again. I know people who have gotten it twice. And let’s suppose it’s true – what about being considerate to others who have not yet caught it? Prevent your germs from spreading out into the air. And even if you don’t believe that the masks do any good, they can’t hurt. Forget about that nonsense that they reduce your oxygen content. Doctors wear them for hours performing operations daily and never have any problems. And what about the halacha of “dina d’malchusa dina” (the law of the land is the law)? Maybe they only follow the halachos they want to. The United States has been called a medina of chesed for Jews. In no other country (except Israel, of course) have Jews been treated as well. The least we should do is to abide by their laws and if they say to wear a mask in stores, then wear a mask! All this ignoring the law just gives more ammunition to the anti-semites and, maybe, might protect a few of us from getting this new mageifah!

    GR from Bklyn.

    Vues Master’s Note: Unfortunately, there seems to be so much mixed data and information. I wish that the TRUE facts were clear so that we could all do the right thing.


    TU B’AV

    Dear Vues Master: With coronavirus behind us, we should band together and do something for the klal. My suggestion is to make a mass Tu B’Av event, like they used to in the times of the gemorah. Everyone should take their own initiative and redt shidduchim, get involved in shidduchim, and most importantly get your sons to go out at 21 like all the Gedolim say you should and stop creating Agunos.

    Y S

    Vues Master’s Note: Strong words! If I get married after 21 I am creating an Agunah? And who says coronavirus is behind us?



    Dear Vues Master: Did I miss the day in yeshiva that they taught about this new yom tov called shabbos nachamu. What’s the halachah, if I don’t have the money or interest in literally throwing out thousands of dollars just for a status, am I allowed to stay home shabbos nachamu? Will I get my kids into schools? Will I be able to do shidduchim if I don’t conform to these newfangled holidays?

    Z L

    Vues Master’s Note: If you stay in the city on Shabbos Nachamu then keep your window shades down if you have children over the age of 21!



    Dear Vues Master: I think the 9 days is apropos time for the shidduch crisis people to work on their sinas chinam and to stop creating this false narrative and hate towards bochurim.

    B S

    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! I don’t think anyone is hating anyone here. We are trying to help out singles here and people just may disagree how to go about it!



    Dear Vues Master: Why do camps feel justified to charge an extra $500 this year? And why do us parents feel obligated to pay for this craziness? I understand that camp is very important for SOME children. I say some children, because for most children it’s just a void created for the necessity created.


    Vues Master’s Note: I would suggest you take a poll and see how many children gained and enjoyed in a ruchniyusdiger way. Read the book about Rabbi Trenk!



    Dear Vues Master: I heard the most beautiful thought the other night. We know the bais hamikdash was destroyed because of the story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza. The abridged version of the story is that 2 people, with very similar names, were mixed up and the wrong one was inadvertently invited to his enemy’s party. He was subsequently thrown out, with his pleas not to embarrass him falling on deaf ears. Therefore during the 9 days, we don’t discriminate between who should really have been invited to a siyum or who shouldn’t have been. Therefore, Klal Yisroel has the minhag to make mass siyumim and stretching “friends” to include everyone, without discrimination. I think we should take this concept further and we should cut out the hate and discrimination between different sects. Ashkenazi- Sefardi, Chasidish- litvish, White- shirt pink shirt. We are all one.

    G S

    Vues Master’s Note: Great point! We should work on Ahavas Chinam!



    Dear Vues Master: These siyumim have got to go. They are completely out of hand. In shulchan aruch the law is clearly delineated that one who wouldn’t ordinarily eat with you, can’t eat by your siyum. How can stores advertise siyumim on the hour by total strangers for total strangers?! CK Vues Master’s Note: If you are making a siyum I will get to know you! Always looking for some new friends! SMELL Dear Vues Master: Has anyone else lost their sense of smell due to corona and not have it back normally yet? I’m going crazy already. If you have any helpful information please contact me. I’m also looking to start a support group.

    Please email me: ceilingfan1232@gmail.com

    A B

    Vues Master’s Note: I hope you get your smell back! Sometimes not having your smell can be a bracha especially in the nine days!



    Dear Vues Master: This is our latest news: How sad! Chairman of the Knesset’s Law and Justice Committee, MK Yaakov Asher (UTJ), slammed the incitement against yeshivah bochurim and the Chareidi sector following the media’s revelation that “17,000 yeshivah students” are entering Israel. “Everyone is aware of the value of Taglit and Masa to Israel,” Asher said at the beginning of the Law and Justice Committee meeting on Monday morning. “During the coronavirus era, we needed to come up with special arrangements. This all passed quietly. Suddenly when it’s named Yeshivas Mir, where thousands of bochurim come from all over the world, some of whom live in Israel – the whole country is aghast.” “They requested to bring [the yeshivah bochurim] in the same way [as the Masa and Taglit students],” Asher said. “Liberman makes headlines with another cycle of incitement. Just like a child is a child, so a yeshivah bochur who comes from abroad to learn in Israel needs to be embraced, all of them. Is their entire sin that they learn Torah and not Chinese philosophy?” “Stop the incitement, stop the discrimination,” Asher asserted. “We won’t agree to this, it’s not appropriate. We’re amid a battle against the coronavirus. Let’s unite, worry about each child, each bochur, each immigrant, and each employee.” Although most media outlets changed their headlines to “foreign students” rather than “yeshivah students” following Health Minister Yuli Edelstein’s clarifications, the virulently leftist Israeli paper Haaretz persisted with the hatred on Monday with the headline “Pandemic czar approves entry of 12,000 yeshiva students.”

    Vues Master’s Note: Yes! Let Jewish people unite all over the world, here in America and in Israel, too!



    Dear Editor, I was shocked and dismayed to discover that the July 28th edition of your publication printed an outright and seemingly malicious lie about our organization. Jew in the City is an outreach organization whose mission is to reverse negative associations about religious Jews by putting forth an approach based on kindness, tolerance, sincerity and critical thinking and make engaging and meaningful Orthodox Judaism known and accessible. We have inspired thousands of our viewers to adopt a more observant Jewish life. At the same time we ‘accidentally’ attracted some of the OTD crowd through our engaging and meaningful content; now our division, Project Makom, is helping hundreds of disenfranchised Jews find beauty and inspiration in Torah and mitzvos. We do not have, have never had, and would never have a campaign to convince Jewish families to have fewer children. What we do have is a video that answers common question non-frum Jews have about Orthodox families, including: “Why do they have so many children?” In that video we explain that while the Gemara says that pru u’vru can be fulfilled with a minimum of one boy and one girl, many religious families have more children. We then explain why having a large family is meaningful to many members of our community. In the future I hope you would engage in basic fact-checking before publishing damaging untruths about organizations that work hard to bring good things to klal Yisrael.

    Sincerely, Allison Josephs

    VUES MASTER’S NOTE: Thank you for the clarification and may you succeed in your endeavors!