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    Speak Your Vues


    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master: 

    My friend’s daughter had antibodies in May and is now recovering from corona since early September (She tested positive for corona and was very sick. Bh she is finally on the mend.) In fact, the whole family tested positive for corona! Lots of people have been saying that if you have antibodies you don’t have to worry about getting corona again. Seems to me that having antibodies at one point in time isn’t a reliable defense against corona. Maybe the scientists have been right! What can I say? Hakol bidei shamayim, but we need to do our part too! Signed, Antibodies don’t keep Covid from spreading. 

    Vues Master’s Note: Well if this is true why are they working on a vaccine? I think we should lock everybody up for one month in an airtight room and see if we can get rid of the virus. Of course now that the virus is here to stay as is the common cold and or flu, we need to learn to live with it and become immune to it! 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    Please remind your readers that on the first night of Sukkos (and 2nd night outside of Eretz Yisrael) we need to eat the kzayis of challah after Hamotzee within 2 minutes, or at most, 4 minutes. (Mishnah Brurah 639:22; Dirshu 30.) Chag Samayach! DY Vues Master’s Note: Hopefully they will remember it for next Sukkos! SCOTUS Dear Vues Master: The heat of the 2020 election went to new heights last week with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The fight to make the Supreme Court another political body is against what our Founding Fathers wanted. House Democrats plan to announce a bill for term limits for Supreme Court Justices. The Democrats are willing to ignore the Good Behavior Clause in the Constitution which grants Justice’s life tenure, providing no corruption, as elaborated in Federalist Paper Number 78. The practice of granting life tenures to nonpartisan officials started in England as a result of fear of backlash to a public official of their ruling in a certain manner. The Federalist papers comment on the consequences of term limits in a federal judiciary “[that] These considerations apprise us, that the government can have no great option between fit character; and that a temporary duration in office, which would naturally discourage such characters from quitting a lucrative line of practice to accept a seat on the bench, would have a tendency to throw the administration of justice into hands less able, and less well qualified, to conduct it with utility and dignity.” Democrat efforts to politicize the court are also clearly seen with the fact that justices appointed by Democratic presidents compared to Republican presidents, almost never disagree with each other. According to Scotusblog.com, 92.3% of the time, the Liberal bloc votes with each other, while around 70% of the time, the Conservative bloc votes with each other. Furthermore, Trump-appointed justices are the least pair of justices to agree with each other in cases compared to other president’s first term picks, while Obamaappointed justices are the highest on the list. Democrat attempts to politicize the only nonpartisan co-equal branch is “a low point for the rule of law in the United States” as stated by law professors Tom Ginsberg and Aziz Huqconcur. We must not allow the Supreme Court to become a legislative, political body that is against what our Founding Fathers wanted. 

    Sincerely, D S G 

    Vues Master’s Note: As much as things tend to change they really stay the same. There will always be the concept that History repeats itself and Yes we do not learn from History. Cliches have a History also!



    Dear Vues Master: 

    The sukkah is back in the garage. The weather has turned colder, and the rains have begun. As the spiritual high of the Yomim Noraim begins to wane, and with the crescendo that is Sukkos, Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah in the rear-view mirror, it’s important to take a moment to reflect before we move back into the daily grind and inevitable melancholy that is the onset of winter. The vision of our lulavim, now sitting in a vase in the corner of our living room, become not only a representative symbol of the times that we had, but a natural countdown clock as they begin to dry out and serve a reminder that we will once again return to HKB’H’s house, albeit in six months or so. Expectations for this Yom Tov season were set low. ‘This Yom Tov is going to be different’ we were told. ‘The experience would be a shell of what we are used to’, we were told to expect. The focus quickly turned to how much we could remove, with loads of ink and intellectual capital spent on disseminating how we could conduct our rites within the bare minimum of acceptable halachic standards while maintaining safety during a pandemic. We were given lemon juice and told to suck it up. But that’s just not how we roll. With the weight and gravity of the global pandemic hanging like millstones around our necks, we straightened our backbones, strengthened our resolve and used those millstones to make lemonade. Unequivocally, Yom Tov 5781 has been one of the most meaningful experiences I have encountered in my lifetime. Incredible and inspiring baalei teffilah that combine with an engaged tzibbur is what turns a ‘nice davening’ into an elixir of life. Younger people were given the opportunity to participate in a way that, up until now, had them sitting on the sidelines as spectators. A new generation of baalei teffilah were born. Simchas Torah went from pure balagan to a true celebration of Torah, with kids, teens, and college-age men and women leading hakafos which somehow managed to keep most the adults involved and engaged [how’s THAT for a turn of events! “Chadesh Yameinu KeKedem”. We daven that we get back to the way things were. I daven that we can use our experience to take the best of the way things were, and turn them into a better version of what will be. 

    Ah Gitten Vinter. Josh Feldman 

    Vues Master’s Note: Sorry! You are in a red zone. No more than ten at your simcha. Maybe move to a zone where there are no problems. i.e. not a Jewish zip code. Welcome to our new Decrees by oberfhurer DeNaziBlassio and DeNaziCumo whose true colors are coming out!



    Dear Vues Master: 

    We Americans need to think long and hard about how we treat each other, especially those with whom we disagree when it comes to our overall values and on political issues. When I taught, I had one big rule–that when we disagree with each other in class, that we do so with RESPECT for each other. I realize that this is hard to do when the leader of our country has set a terrible example. I still cannot believe that anyone could be so cruel as to insult, mock, and make fun of the face of a rival Republican Presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, a very accomplished woman who was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. All I can say is that I would not want to have his “karma.” 

    Sincerely, S. B. E 

    Vues Master’s Note: Seems like you don’t show respect for our President either. Why? Could it be because his views are way different than yours? You keep on harping on yesterday’s news or is it stuff from 2016? Move on to something more recent! 



    Dear Vues Master: Rumors have it that the WHO is calling this second wave the Dirshu Covid outbreak. 

    1. D. 

    Vues Master’s Note: I was wondering why the Dirshu DVD just came out. 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    Dear Klall Yisroel, including Task Forces, Rabbonim, and Medical Committees, I am nervous. As an upcoming baal Simcha, I don’t want ANY members of my Kehillah being penalized for showing up to my simcha to rejoice for more than 15 minutes, and to be strongly discouraged from attending. I waited almost an entire year for this simcha which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 11 2020, with many challenges along the way, including a quarantine of 2+ months straight in solitude where I had contact with absolutely no-one (even essential workers). Coming off of that, I was truly hopeful that no task forces or committees would inhibit my simcha. Some mosdos are confident that Baalei Simcha will understand if you don’t attend their celebration. I won’t be understanding. At all. A driveby simcha won’t do it, nor will a simcha in a box to go. Zoom won’t cut it for me in my situation. A simcha without real authentic dancing is just an event, and that won’t please me either. Please rally for me and peacefully protest so that my Simcha won’t be tampered with. I never harmed anyone who came close to me! Never! 

    With my sincerest hope, HH 

    Vues Master’s Note: Sorry! You are in a red zone. No more than ten at your simcha. Maybe move to a zone where there are no problems. i.e. not a Jewish zip code. Welcome to our new Decrees by oberfuhrer Power hungry madmen DeBlassio and Cumo whose true colors are coming out!



    Dear Vues Master: 

    Reports of schools that are only closing because of the health department then it’s a classic case of gezairas shmad and we must do our part to ensure the continuation of uninterrupted Torah studies. 

    1. H. 

    Vues Master’s Note: Stop It! They are doing it out of love for us! With friends like them… 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    What’s this thing about a mark on a shofar and blowing out the window. The mitzvah is to hear the shofar and you’re making people not be able hear it. Something else I’ve been wondering about, nothing to do with corona, is why are we giving our kids smartphones? If we need to give them a cell phone, get them a kosher flip phone with calling (and I don’t see why a kid would need texting but that’s a discussion for a different time) but why a smartphone? It’s an extra waste of time with all these extra games and apps. What is there to answer now? Parnasa? It’s kids! Whatever it is, I just don’t think our kids should own smartphones. Even with filters. 

    C F 

    Vues Master’s Note: We need the shofar of Moshiach!!



    Dear Vues Master: Dear Mayor De Blasio, I do not believe it is a coincidence that the large number of mask scoffers live in ZIP Codes that also have the highest numbers of Holocaust survivors outside of Israel. A relative of mine, 96 years old and fully independent, has hundreds of grandchildren and great grandchildren, and has decidedly has victory over Hitler and coronavirus. She is not as scared by Coronavirus as she is by you. I am not condoning avoidance of wearing masks when medically advised nor condoning unreasonable social gatherings. However, I call for cultural sensitivity. The idea of various restrictions especially on religious activity and free commerce, reminds so many of the same tropes used during the Holocaust – “for your own good”, “for public safety”. Let us not forget the rounding up of the ill and infirm for health and safety reasons, or the gas chambers that were explained as “disinfecting and cleansing showers“. Your administration has trampled on the first amendment. Somehow or another you feel that painting a mural about black lives or protests are more important then other types of expressions of religion, speech, or cultural affiliation.. Recently, my congregation was applying for a permit to pray outdoors. They discovered that it requires to be filed 21 days in advance, however in the fine print it states that if it is a protest gathering it only requires five days. The solution was just as my ancestors outwitted the czars so many years ago, through legalisms. Instead of praying in the park we had a “protest in the park“. Your administration has failed to earn our trust with its lack of cultural sensitivity and its decided bias against certain types of First Amendment rights and expressions. If you want to be victorious over coronavirus you’re going to have to show a lot more respect for people who have survived far worse. 

    R S F, LCSW-R, DHL 

    Vues Master’s Note: Mayor DeBlassio being compared to Nazi no we should not do that. We should be goody goodies and let them trample all over us. Don’t you know that Jews carry the disease is not a new thing. Welcome to history repeating itself! 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    I don’t get why a kid should have a smartphone. It’s such a waste of time. Why do we give the kids smartphones? 


    Vues Master’s Note: It may be a cure to ADHD? (just kidding) Is it not interesting that when it comes to video games on smartphones ADHD evaporates quickly?



    Dear Vues Master: 

    In times like this where on one knows what to do, masks or on masks, weddings etc. everyone should follow their rov, which I believe everyone is doing. But nobody should be arguing. Or accusing others of doing wrong, bec if you do cause someone you are saying that their daas Torah is c”v wrong. LISTEN TO THE RABBONIM AND DON’T DECIDE ON YOUR OWN OR ACCUSE OTHER OF DOING WRONG. 

    C F 

    Vues Master’s Note: Can’t argue with you. My Rov told me not to.



    Dear Vues Master: 

    Someone just sent me this & I figured that your readers would appreciate it – it’s a must read! After WW2, there was a Jew who arrived in NY without anything. He came across a man who had a couple of buildings and explained his circumstances and asked the man if he could live in a unit in one of his buildings and as he started working he would be able to pay rent. The man agreed. Later, the Jew’s friend was rescued (again, same circumstances came with nothing) and reunited with his old friend. The the newcomer asked his friend if he knew of a unit that he could live in until he started working. His friend told him about this man who helped him, and maybe he would be willing to make the same arrangements for him. They met and the man gave the friend a unit to live in until he started working and was able to pay rent. Time passed, and Passover was around the corner. The two friends went to the Rebbe and asked him for a favor. They told the Rebbe about this man and asked the Rebbe if he could call him and ask him if he could help them buy provisions for Passover. The Rebbe, after hearing of this man’s generosity to Jews who were just rescued, agreed to make the call. The man, shocked that he would receive a call from the Rebbe, advises the Rebbe that the men could buy whatever they needed and he would cover all costs. Having been in the concentration camps and not being able to pray, the two friends longed for hearing prayers on the high holidays. The friends approached the Rebbe again and asked if he would speak to the man again and ask him if he could arrange for them to have services in the city. The Rebbe told the friends, the request is too big for a phone call. So, the Rebbe invited the man to dinner. The Rebbe made the request. The man’s reply was, not only will I arrange for them to have services in the city, but I will build them the biggest and most beautiful synagogue in the middle of the city. The man did. That man was Fred Trump. His son became president. No one needs to wonder why on election night 2016, Ivanka was at the Ohel. The Trumps and the Rebbe have a connection that goes way back. That’s probably why Chabad loves Trump so much. My mother always says, when I tell her to slow down and stop running to help everyone and take care of herself, that the mitzvahs she’s doing now is for her children and grandchildren. Fred showed us an important lesson, your mitzvahs never go unrewarded. May the mitzvahs we do indure to our children’s benefit. 

    Thx M I 

    Vues Master’s Note: Great story! If it is true.



    Dear Vues Master: 

    FLORIDA PRINCIPAL WHO REFUSED TO CALL THE HOLOCAUST A FACT BEING REHIRED VERSES HESHY TISCHLER BEING ARRESTED FOR “INCITING RIOT” I know that each of the two cases have different circumstances with many details to them and that this letter will be simplifying them and not giving credence to the situations as a whole. I am not justifying the actions of either person in the cases, but am choosing to look at one angle only. Any student of Jewish history is familiar with the recurring pattern of Jews finding a home in a land not their own, contributing to their new nation, and eventually having the Gentiles of their adopted nation turn on them. At times Jews faced discriminatory laws, exile, or a Holocaust. Many would like to assume that America is different and breaks that pattern. They point to the 243 years that Jews have enjoyed the protection of the American government and claim that what happened everywhere else will not happen in America. I am not one of those people. While the American government hasn’t instituted any antisemitic laws, there is clear antisemitism in America and it’s only a matter of time before the pattern of Jewish history repeats itself in America. The question is when should American Jews begin to worry? Is it when law enforcement and watchdog agencies report rising numbers of antisemitic incidents? I think it’s when antisemitic laws are passed or practiced by government and there’s no outrage by the population to demonstrate that the government’s policies are wrong. I think we saw that for the first time this week. 1) In Florida, an antisemitic principal was given his job back after refusing to say the Holocaust was historical fact. Had he refused to say slavery was historical fact there’s no way he’d have his job back. 2) New York State singled out Jewish neighborhoods for lockdown when non Jewish neighborhoods had the same high COVID numbers and weren’t locked down. That is classic scapegoating of Jews. It was done by the government easily without an uproar. 3) While no one was arrested for instigating the Black Lives Matter riots around the country, the government had no issue arresting a Jewish man for instigating rioting at the first Jewish riot (it was not a demonstration and the arrest was justified). If the police are going to arrest a Jew for instigating rioting they better arrest Gentiles as well. While these incidents are isolated, they are part of a pattern of government antisemitism. You can call me alarmist but let’s keep in mind that this centuries pogroms, forced exiles or Holocaust will not replicate Germany’s Jewish solution. If the only discrimination we’re looking for is the kind that mirrors the Nuremberg laws, we’ll miss the true signs of discrimination. I think we’ve reached the point where American Jews need to start planning the exit strategy and putting it into practice. 

    R’ U P 

    Vues Master’s Note: Well said but by the time we all realize how right you are it might be too late! 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    Last week, I wanted to take my family to Lee Turkey Farm over Chol Hamoed & I was very disappointed that they were closed. My family has been going there for years and the rumor that I saw online is that they closed because they are anti semetic. This past Monday I saw that Lee Turkey Farm posted this letter on Facebook. I’m deciding what to make of it. My gut is saying that we should not be upset with these people. Please read it & let me know what you think. Yonkel S. 

    Rather than responding to everyone’s individual comments, because there were many, the following is a mass response in our decision to close from October 5th through October 9th. It is lengthy, but I hope you’ll take the time to read it, as I believe it addresses most of everyone’s concerns and accusations. This would have been the week we hosted our Fall Harvest Festival, which coincides with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. No, that is not coincidental, and we’ve never tried to hide that. For the past ~30 years we have gladly opened our doors to a massive crowd of Jewish customers coming for their holiday. This week is BY FAR the busiest week of our year, and gets busier every year. Yes, our regular Saturdays and Sundays and other holidays do get busy, often very busy, but it is NOTHING compared with the week of Sukkot. They are not even a FRACTION as busy. If you have ever been to our farm during this time as compared with other times of year, or even driven past the farm during this week, then you understand what I’m talking about. The first Orthodox Jewish family discovered our farm over 30 years ago, and as more and more of the Jewish population came to our farm for Sukkot, we did eventually decide to turn it into the week of the Fall Harvest Festival. During this week, we have to open extra fields to park the number of cars that flood our property, and we have to hire dozens of extra employees for the week, most of whom are friends and neighbors doing us a favor, to assist with the onslaught of customers that arrive that week. We have streamlined the process to go picking and to check out afterwards by implementing a bulk bag price rather than weighing and pricing each item individually. This speeds up the process, which makes it more enjoyable for everyone, and additionally is more cost-friendly for you. We charge a fee during this week because it covers the corn maze, which almost every family participates in. We have been extremely accommodating to this holiday and we have been GRATEFUL for the business this holiday brings. If you believe our decision to close the farm this week, this year, after 30 years of doing this, was made lightly, you are SORELY mistaken. You do realize we are taking a massive financial hit by closing during this week? We would not make that decision if we did not believe it to be in everyone’s best interest this year. Following our decision to close, we have received nothing but negative comments and accusations from the Jewish community. Frankly, we are shocked, but more over we are DEEPLY hurt and sick to our stomachs over it. We are sorry if you in turn are hurt by our decision to close, but we are absolutely NOT anti-Semitic, and we are repulsed at being labeled as such. If we were antiSemitic, would we have allowed this holiday to continue on our farm for the past 30 years? You really believe we all of a sudden decided that we dislike an entire population of people? Or maybe, just maybe, do you think we’re concerned about Covid like much of the world? We have hosted great Jewish customers all summer long. Over the years we host thousands of Jewish camp groups for tours in the summer. This year, in fact, ALL tours and hayrides were cancelled due to Covid and the large group restrictions. Not just Jewish tours, ALL tours. Our own grandchildren are a quarter Jewish, for goodness sake! Our farm is different from many others because it is not in the middle of the country with wide open spaces. We are a “fishbowl farm”, surrounded by thousands of neighbors all watching every move we make. They have come to expect the large crowds we draw every year during Sukkot. However, this year is not like others. Many of our neighbors are afraid of Covid. If we had carried on as usual, there would have been a social media firestorm criticizing the lack of social distancing and the lack of mask wearing. We can’t seem to win. My own parents, who live on the farm, are 83 and 93 years old. They are at risk as well. Several of you suggested that we should limit the amount of people who were allowed to come to the farm for the holiday. That sounds fine and well until YOU are the one who drives a long distance to find we’ve already reached capacity. Another suggestion was that we should have customers make reservations and give everyone time limits on the farm. Again, it sounds good in theory, but in reality how are we supposed to find that family when it’s time for them to leave? I know there are certain places that sell tickets for the day to limit the number of people, but honestly, we are not good enough with technology to set something like that up, and it did not come to our minds to hire someone just for this year to do that, especially being that this was a last minute decision. Again, this was a decision we agonized over, and one we were not thrilled to have to make. For those who mentioned Alstede Farms, they are NOTHING like us, with the exception being that they are also a farm. They are a large, year-round farm with a whole team of employees. They even have their own bussing system! We are a small, seasonal, family farm with 3 full-time employees, myself, my son, and my wife who runs the market with mostly teenagers. The only exception is during Sukkot when, as mentioned, we hire extra hands who are mostly doing us a favor. I could choose to erase your comments on my previous post, it’s true, but I am going to leave them. You have a right to express your feelings, even if they are painful for us to read. We are truly sorry for the disappointment we have caused this year. For those who have posted bad reviews, we do hope you will reconsider your words. Covid has messed with all of our lives and we could do without the hatred. We invite you to stop by any time the rest of the season. We are happy to have you. Next year, we intend to carry out our Fall Harvest Festival as normal. If you choose to take your business elsewhere, that is your right as a patron, but please be acutely aware to the fact that we are in no way anti-Semitic, and I will reiterate how hurt we are by this accusation. We are, however, pro-health and anti-Covid. 

    Vues Master’s Note: We have to judge people favorably. But does not excuse the Staten Island Ferry who refused Jewish families but did allow gentiles to board. At least Lees Turkey farm was consistent. 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    I started to write this right after Yom Kippur. I didn’t have a chance to finish it before Chol Hamoed Sukkot happened. Therefore, I will present this in parts. Right After Yom Kippur: Welcome to our shul! We are a warm and welcoming kehilla in Midwood. All kinds of yidden have come to us and we try to make them all feel welcome: chassidim with streimels, ultramodern yidden in jeans, gerim, baalei tshuva, and roshei yeshiva. Just know that we are a mask compliant shul. We are strict about following the standards and guidelines set by the OU-RCA task force with the assistance of Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt shlita. If you do not wear your mask, and wear it properly, please don’t come. It doesn’t matter if you are not wearing a mask because it’s a political statement or because it’s uncomfortable. Please don’t come to our shul. Stay home! If you are sick, even mild symptoms of a cold, stay home! If you think you don’t need to wear a mask because you already had COVID and are immune, the medical professionals and journals would disagree. Please stay home. If you do come and need to cough or blow your nose please go to the rest rooms. Do not cough or blow your nose in the middle of the Bet Knesset. This is our shul. These are our rules. If you can’t or won’t comply please stay home or find a shul that will allow your behavior. And Now: Over the last few weeks the rates of COVID infection began to grow, primarily in frum neighborhoods. Why did this happen? Many members of the frum community, as well as our mosdos, were not compliant with NYS or NYC guidelines. Forget about the OURCA guidelines. As a result. COVID began to spread again. Frankly, I don’t understand why. Did they not see over 1,000 neshomos lost in Boro Park, including many chashuv rabbeim, during the height of the first wave? Did they not see the refrigerated trucks outside the hospitals and funeral homes? Some argue that davening with a large minyan is so important that it defies the guidelines. Really??? One is required to be docheh shabbat and even Yom Kippur to protect a life. Is davening in a shul with 300 people more important than shabbat or Yom Kippur? Some say that we should just go about our lives and let COVID -19 spread so we can have herd immunity. Do you have an advanced degree and training degree in epidemiology, virology or infectious disease? The experts I have spoken to say that herd immunity does not easily apply to COVID-19. It’s just not the same as chicken pox. Even if you had the disease you may not build antibodies, and if you did build antibodies they often fade away after a few months. Patients who had the illness are vulnerable to getting sick again. Yes, there are documented cases of this in the medical literature. Even if you had the disease you can have it again and continue spreading it. And wear your mask! 60 Minutes recently did a presentation on the prevention of treatments of COVID-19. They interviewed many renowned specialists and hospitalists. They asked everyone the same question: “What is your preferred method of dealing with COVID: mask, vaccine or antibodies? Every one of them said “Mask.” Do you know better than these experts? If you contract COVID and do not wear a mask or distance you bring harm to others. You can pass along COVID. Or, you could get sick and require hospitalization. The bed you are in may be needed by a patient with a heart attack or stroke. Now they can’t get treatment because of your selfishness. Yes, masks are uncomfortable. Ventilators are more uncomfortable. For a doctor or nurse to spend an 8-12 hour shift in full PPE gear is extraordinarily uncomfortable. Seat belts are also uncomfortable. Stopping for red lights takes time. We constantly do things that are uncomfortable, but we do them because they are good for us, for our loved ones, and for society. Should masks be any different? And then there is the issue of dina de malchusa dina. Masking, social distancing, and small minyanim are now the law. Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are not promulgating these rules because they are anti-Semitic. They are promulgating these rules to save lives. These rules apply equally to Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus and all others. When there is news that the infections rates are higher in Jewish neighborhoods or that the Jews are pushing back and claiming the rules are anti-Semitic, that creates anti-Semitism. And, it is a chillul Hashem. Going Forward… COVID-19 is here to stay. Most experts say we won’t see the light at the end of the tunnel until late 2021. Even if we have a vaccine by Late 2020, early 2021 until enough people get vaccinated to make it work will be late 2021. And no one is guessing about when viable therapeutics will be available. Get used to living with COVID. In the Meantime…. Stop the antics! Stop politicizing the masks. Daven at home if it means saving a life. Act responsibly! Make a kiddush Hashem instead of a chillul Hashem. I hope we have all been written into sefer hachayim. May we all have a year of health and happiness. May we be zocheh to a geula shlema b’mheira. 

    Midwood Mom III 

    Vues Master’s Note: Nice! Another self righteous Jew throwing their brother’s and sister’s under the bus. It is amazing how today the kiruv movement needs to be reversed. Once upon a time kiruv was done by the ultra frum to the more modern Jews. Today we need to educate all the Modox that yes there could be more than one opinion in Klal Yisroel and Yes you Ultafrum yeshivishe person may not just be out there to kill you! Like I have written many times it is time to come out of the bunker and battle this virus like we battle any other virus!!!