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    Speak Your Vues


    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master: 

    Isn’t there something incongruous about a human rights organization providing a platform to a journalist who has whitewashed human rights abuses? Next week, an online event organized by the human rights group “3 Generations” will feature New York Times op-ed columnist Roger Cohen, who sparked an international furor in 2009 when he visited Iran and announced that the oppressed Jews there were not really so oppressed, after all. Cohen’s assertion that Iranian Jews were “living, working and worshiping in relative tranquility” was met with scorn across the political spectrum. Jeffrey Goldberg, in The Atlantic, called him “credulous.” The Anti-Defamation League charged Cohen with viewing Iran through “dangerous rose-colored lenses.” J.J. Goldberg, in The Forward, characterized Cohen as “simply naive, and dangerously so.” In subsequent writings and remarks, Cohen not only doubled down on his denial of Iran’s antisemitic persecution, but also heaped praise on the ruling authorities for treating him “with such consistent warmth.” That prompted caustic comments recalling notorious instances in history which other dictators wined and dined gullible foreign journalists. That year’s annual State Department report on international religious freedom presented a very different picture from the one Cohen had painted. Iran’s 25,000 Jews were the victims of “officially sanctioned discrimination, particularly in the areas of employment, education, and housing,” according to the 2009 report. The ruling regime “limited the distribution of Hebrew texts, particularly nonreligious texts, making it difficult to teach the language.” In addition, “There was a rise in officially sanctioned anti-Semitic propaganda involving official statements, media outlets, publications and books.” Cohen tried—not very persuasively—to politicize the controversy. He claimed that allegations of Iranian Jewish suffering were conjured up by his political foes. “The hawks’ case against Iran depends on a vision of an apocalyptic regime” that is “frenziedly anti-Semitic,” Cohen asserted. Yet it was Barack Obama’s State Department that was portraying Iran as frenziedly antisemitic. It seemed Cohen was using Iran’s Jews to advance his own agenda—to soften Iran’s international image in order to encourage Western rapprochement with the ayatollahs. The troubling phenomenon of political interests trumping human rights is something with which the leaders of “3 Generations” are all too familiar. The group’s founder, Jane Wells, is the daughter of Sidney Bernstein, who was assigned by the British Ministry of Information in the spring of 1945 to make a film documenting the atrocities in Nazi death camps—until politics interfered. Bernstein hired Alfred Hitchcock as his supervising director. They and their crew went into the liberated camps that spring and summer, filming the piles of unburied corpses, the emaciated survivors, and all the other horrific evidence of the Holocaust. Some of the footage was used in postwar trials of Nazi war criminals. But just before the film was completed, the British authorities shelved it. His Majesty’s Government had decided upon a policy of “encouraging” and “stimulating” friendly relations with postwar Germany, Bernstein and Hitchcock were abruptly informed in September 1945. An “atrocity film” might make for bad feelings. According to some reports, the British were also concerned that the film might increase sympathy for creating a Jewish state in Palestine, something London was resisting. It all came full circle sixty years later, when Ms. Wells, Bernstein’s daughter, met photojournalist Brian Steidle, who had just returned from Darfur. Steidle described how State Department officials had pressed him to stop circulating his photos of the genocide there; they feared Steidle was undermining U.S.-Sudanese relations. Moved by what she saw as the “overt parallels” between Steidle’s experience and her father’s, Wells produced an award-winning documentary about the Darfur slaughter, and established the “3 Generations” group to create and promote other human rights films. The “3 Generations” website describes a number of worthy projects that the group has in the works, although there is no mention of any plan to document the plight of Iran’s Jews. That’s a pity, because according to the most recent State Department report on the subject, the persecution of Iranian Jewry continues unabated. The 9,000-15,000 Jews remaining in Iran “face societal discrimination and harassment,” the report says. They cannot serve in the judiciary, the security services, or various other professions. They “may not engage in public religious expression.” Jewish schools must have Muslim principals, must remain open on the Jewish Sabbath, and must have their curricula and textbooks approved by the authorities. Iranian government officials “employ anti-Semitic rhetoric in official statements and to sanction it in media outlets, publications, and books,” “government-sponsored rallies continued to include chants of ‘Death to Israel,’” and “local newspapers carried editorial cartoons that were anti-Semitic.” All of which makes the upcoming appearance by Roger Cohen at the “3 Generations” event more than a little ironic: An unrepentant denier of anti-Jewish persecution will be featured by an organization whose creation was inspired by the suppression of a film about anti-Jewish persecution. One wonders what Sidney Bernstein would have thought about this turn of events. 


    Vues Master’s Note: Very informative. Important info. What can be done?  


    100 CHILDREN 

    Dear Vues Master: 

    Two fathers each one of them fathered 100 children, yet none of the 200 children attended their father’s funeral. it in when says) קהלת ו:ג( מדרש רבה The אם יוליד איש מאה“ – זה קין שהוליד מאה says בנים“ ד“א זה אחאב שהוליד מאה בנים קין was swept away and drowned in the אחאב מבול‘s body was eaten by the dogs. They both had no קבורה. 


    Vues Master’s Note: Let us see the same to all our enemies. Especially the ones that stop us from Davening with more than ten people and shut our schools!! 



    Dear Vues Master: Dear Editor, The First Amendment of the Constitution gives our right to free speech and expression. Our Founding Fathers did this for the sake of protecting peoples’ liberties and to isolate our nation away from a tyrannical society. The crucial idea of a free society is to feel free to express one’s opinion. In Chaplinsky V. New Hampshire, the Supreme Court ruled that the 1st Amendment doesn’t protect speech which could disturb the peace like hate speech in certain circumstances. Free speech has its limits; however, this doesn’t include political opinion or dissent. Recently, a story came out in the New York Post about the alleged corruption of Hunter Biden and VP Biden in Ukraine. The report shows emails that Hunter was asked to use his influence with the VP. Valid questions are appropriate to answer especially when there are emails to prove the assertions. When the report came out, Twitter and Facebook, refused to spread the story and locked accounts linking to the New York Post story. Their excuse was “It’s Russian disinformation” “It was hacked information”. What is more likely is “It’s going to ruin Biden”. Big Tech from a legal perspective is protected because of a law called Section 230, which prevents libel lawsuits for online companies taking down comments which could contain inappropriate language, etc. The problem with this incident is the censoring of valid information which could influence voters. It is a wonder that Democrats claim Russian bots in 2016 on Facebook were posting pro-Trump messages, and they call that interference, but this is called what?! This is part of a pattern that is ongoing against Conservatives. Fox News recently reported that senior staff at Twitter have publicly stated their dislike for Trump and have even suggested using their platform to stop Trump. The Media Research Center reported between April 1st and August 10th, 2020, 260 users on Twitter and Facebook censored Conservatives for mocking VP Biden. Section 230 does allow a laissez-faire approach to tech companies, however, censoring political dissent shouldn’t be allowed because at the end of the day we live in America and not in Putin’s Russia? 

    Sincerely, DSG 

    Vues Master’s Note: Ironic the difference between Biden and Trump. Trump has been impeached, investigated and no evidence found. Biden on the other hand there is evidence and so far no investigation and for sure there won’t be an impeachment. If yes we will have to suffer with Kamela who is much worse!! 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    I feel that it is in poor taste to have the joke section in your publication poking fun at Covid 19. While so many people have died and have the illness, how dare you make jokes at their expense. I think this part of the paper undermines the good articles that you publish weekly. I suggest that you reconsider this joke section, and come up a column for useful help on how to cope with this illness. Also helpful hints how to pass the time if one is home coping with the illness. It is evident that you and your readership do not take this crisis seriously otherwise you would not joke about this. 


    Vues Master’s Note: Jewish jokes always poked fun at themselves. We are not making light of the sickness but to the contrary helping ourselves cope with this illness by making jokes and hoping we all come out ok and have a refuah sheleima!! 



    Dear Vues Master: It’s a tough הנומש הרשע when you have to pray for the האופר המלש for two great ידימלת םימכח .Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita & Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks shlita. This year is not starting off much better than last year. We all need to do more הבושת . 


    Vues Master’s Note: With Hashem’s help they will both have a refuah sgeleima and the year will be a great year as Moshiach will come! 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    The New York Times is under fire for publishing an article about one of the world’s most notorious anti-Semites, without any mention of his anti-Semitism. Sadly, it’s not the first time; the Times did something similar with Adolf Hitler. In an October 17 essay in the Times, Professor Natalie Hopkinson of Howard University portrayed Rev. Louis Farrakhan as an admirable leader, who planned his 1995 “Million Man March” on Washington as a men-only event but then recognized the need to bring African-American women into the organizing process. “Amid critiques that the [march] was exclusionary and sexist, he took the advice of the women,” Hopkinson wrote. As a result, women played an important behind the scenes role in Farrakhan’s “great feat.” Hopkinson made no mention of the fact that anti-Semitism is one of the central themes of Farrakhan’s ideology. Nor did Hopkinson acknowledge that Farrakhan has called Jews “termites,” “bloodsuckers,” and “Satanic.” She did not even note the impact of anti-Semitism on the march itself—that is, the refusal of AfricanAmerican civil rights leaders such as Congressman John Lewis to attend because of what Lewis called Farrakhan’s “divisive and bigoted” statements. Challenged on Twitter about these omissions, Hopkinson responded that “Ppl who have become white” — seemingly a euphemism for Jews — “should not be lecturing Black ppl about oppression.” She urged her critics to focus their ire on President Trump, since after all, “Hitler never had more than 38% of the popular vote.” Funny she should mention Hitler. In 1933, he, too, was the beneficiary of a puff piece in the New York Times. During Hitler’s first months in power, there was extensive coverage in the American press of his anti-Jewish policies, such as the mass firing of Jews from their jobs, public burnings of books by Jewish authors, and sporadic anti-Semitic mob violence. To counter this negative attention, Hitler in July 1933 granted Anne O’Hare McCormick of the New York Times his first exclusive interview with an American reporter since becoming chancellor of Germany. McCormick was a Pulitzer Prize recipient (the first woman to win the prize in a major journalism category) with a reputation for landing big-name interviewees. But snagging an interview is not the same as making the best use of it. There is no evidence that McCormick harbored any sympathy for the Nazi leader’s views. But her choice of questions, non-confrontational manner, and flattering description of his appearance and demeanor contributed to a generally positive portrayal of Hitler. “Hitler Seeks Jobs for All Germans” was the headline of McCormick’s page one, top-of-the fold interview. Here’s how she introduced Times readers to the Fuehrer: “At first sight the dictator of Germany seems a rather shy and simple man, younger than one expects, more robust, taller. His sun-browned face is full and is the mobile face of an orator.” She continued: “His eyes are almost the color the blue larkspur in a vase behind him, curiously childlike and candid. He appears untired and unworried. His voice is as quiet as his black tie and his doublebreasted black suit….Herr Hitler has the sensitive hand of the artist.” It got worse from there, as McCormick lobbed soft ball question after soft ball question, giving Hitler a platform from which to expound his views in a reasonable-sounding tone without any serious challenges. Just as Natalie Hopkinson portrayed the role of women in Farrakhan’s march in glowing terms, Anne O’Hare McCormick gave Hitler several paragraphs to explain the positive role of women in the Third Reich. “Women have always been among my most sta[u]nchest supporters,” he boasted. “While our aims encourage women to marry and stay home, unmarried women are in free competition with men. Only military service, service on the bench and certain political posts are closed to women.” No follow-up on that from McCormick. Unlike Hopkinson, McCormick did not completely ignore the question of the Jews, although she badly mishandled it. In her 29th paragraph (out of 41 total), she asked: “How about the Jews? At this stage how do you measure the gains and losses of your anti-Semitic policies?” She then gave the Nazi leader four uninterrupted paragraphs in which to explain— in what she called “his extraordinary fluency” — that the reports of his anti-Jewish persecution were all exaggerated, that many other people were enduring hardships, and that the Jews’ suffering was all their own fault anyway. From there, McCormick pivoted to what she evidently felt was a more pressing question: “What character in history do you admire most, Caesar, Napoleon, or Frederick the Great?” Although McCormick did not set out to soften the Nazi leader’s image, her interview may have had that effect. Improving Hitler’s reputation in the United States was important to the Nazis. Germany sought to postpone repaying its World War I wartime debts to the U.S. and its allies. Hitler also hoped to dissuade American companies from joining the growing boycott of German goods. And he was anxious to keep the United States from interfering as he rebuilt the German military. That’s also why Hitler authorized an American publisher, Houghton Mifflin, to omit the most extreme and violent passages from his autobiography, Mein Kampf, when it published English-language editions of the book in the 1930s. Farrakhan is not another Hitler, although he might like to be. He has praised the Nazi dictator as “a very great man” and asserted that “there’s a similarity” between the two of them in that “he raised Germany up from nothing [and] we are raising our people up from nothing.” Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam has, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “earned a prominent position in the ranks of organized hate,” and its leader is, in the words of the Anti-Defamation League, “the leading anti-Semite in America.” Tens of thousands have attended his rallies in recent years; he has more than one million Facebook followers, and nearly half a million followers on Twitter. That makes him a dangerous figure, whose anti-Semitism should be taken seriously by the most influential newspaper in the world. Natalie Hopkinson was wrong to omit it, and the editors of the New York Times were wrong to let that omission stand. 


    Vues Master’s Note: I would be shocked to ever see a day where the NY Tumas or Times will miss an opportunity to bash Jews and hate on Jews. The paper is comprised of the most self-hating Jews around!!! Who still subscribes to that paper!



    Dear Vues Master: 

    There is a beautiful midrash on the Akedah – the Biblical story of Abraham’s being commanded to sacrifice his son Isaac. Interestingly, it comes from a non-Jew, the celebrated Soren Kierkegaard. The way the famed Danish philosopher tells it, father and son complete their long and mournful journey to Mount Moriah where Abraham has been ordered by God to bring the boy as an offering. The great patriarch and father of monotheism starts the fire, lays Isaac on the makeshift altar, ties his hands, picks up the knife, leans in close to his son and whispers, “By the way kid, this has nothing whatsoever to do with God. I’m killing you because I want you dead!” Isaac immediately begins screaming: “God, God, help me, help me, dear God, please save meeeee…..!!!” The canny Abraham closes his eyes and reflects, “Better the boy should think me a monster than God; better that he hate me than lose his faith in the Almighty.” The story is especially poignant in light of approaching 30th anniversary of the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane, zt’l, hy’d, who was shot to death in New York City by El Sayyid Nosair on November 5, 1990. I was supposed to have been in the audience that night, but a scheduling conflict and the knowledge that the rabbi would be speaking once again the following Sunday kept me from attending. I watched the TV coverage later that night, though, with tears streaming down my face, and was part of the throng that shut down Brooklyn’s Ocean Parkway the next day at his memorial service. The powerful midrash of Soren Kierkegaard comes to mind because it shows Abraham willing to absorb the hatred of his own flesh in order to preserve his son’s connection to and faith in God. Rabbi Kahane, too, invited attacks, and vicious ones – from his days as a pulpit rabbi to the Jewish Defense League, his campaign to free Soviet Jews, and his time as a member of Knesset – from Jews and others over the course of a career spent working for the Jewish People. Few and far between are the people who are willing to listen to the truth, even fewer who are willing to let it change them. This discouraging little backwater of human nature is hardly new. In fact, the prophets of the Bible railed against just such selfinflicted blindness some 2,500 years ago. Isaiah writes: “For it is a rebellious people… children that desire not to hear the Law of the Lord; which say to the seers, ‘See not!’ and to the visionaries, ‘Envision not unto us true things; speak unto us smooth things, envision delusions…” Warns Jeremiah: “The prophets prophesy falsely… and My people love to have it so; and what will you do in the end thereof? Truth is perished and cut from their mouths.” Adds Amos: “They hate him who rebuketh in the gate and they abhor him that speakest uprightly.” Rabbi Kahane was this era’s conscience, a leader who lived and ultimately gave his life for his fellow Jews. That his name has largely been forgotten, and worse unheard of by youngsters, is a disgrace that our People will not soon live down. May Rabbi Kahane’s memory serve as a blessing, but also as a lesson for each of us. It is not the naysayers, the disbelievers, or the willingly blind who are remembered by posterity. It’s the seekers and speakers of truth — those who force us to open our eyes and see what we’d rather not but nonetheless must, even at a terrible personal cost — whom history cherishes. Howard Michael Riell is a veteran journalist and author of the just-released I Would Have Taught You Something Beautiful: Inspiration and Motivation From One of America’s Most Unorthodox Orthodox Thinkers, available on Amazon.com. 


    Vues Master’s Note: Rabbi Kahane was a great visionary! Despite the fact that many Rabbonim did not agree with him, his activities and speeches were all done Leshem Shomayim. May he be a Meilitz Yosher.



    Dear Vues Master: 

    On a lighter note, An elderly man was a regular at a שיעור יומי דף .Every day, however, he would sleep through the שיעור . When asked why he bothers to come to the שיעור ,since he could sleep at home, he replied: “At home, I do חזרה on the שיעור“. 


    Vues Master’s Note: I wonder if he fell asleep during the siyum too?I am kidding! All those that make an effort to attend Daf Yomi are to be commended. People who are tired after a hard day of work still come to a shiur and don’t just sit at home that is amazing! Chazak Veamatz! 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    מתושלח lived for 969 years. There are at least 5 people who lived longer than a thousand years. 1) According to the Midrash that קין died in .מבול the 2) According to Rashi (Midrash) בת סרח אשר lived up to the time of Shlomo Hamelech. 3) The 2 brothers עוג & סיחון were born in the אנוש דור and were killed by רבינו משה. 4) According to the Seder Hadoros, חירם צור מלך is העדלומי חירם) .Yehudah ben Yakov’s father in law) 


    Vues Master’s Note: Now I understand my mother when she always told me that if you eat Cholent for 120 years you will have lived a long life! Long life to everyone! Gezunterheit!! 


    COVID RESTRICTIONS Dear Vues Master: Before I got COVID, I was against taking radical measures to stop the spread. Having gotten it, I have unfortunately learned that it has long-lasting effects, and if I could undo having had the virus by having lockdown indefinitely, I would. I am opposed to the current measures because it happens to be that they do not work and they only make life worse for people, but the virus itself should be taken seriously. 


    Vues Master’s Note: The virus is taken seriously! As is any virus or sickness!! Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!! 



    Dear Vues Master: I’ve always enjoyed reading your publication. However, lately I have been disappointed by the Vues Master’s reply. It seems as if the Vues Master can write some pretty nasty responses if he doesn’t agree with a letter. Leave the controversy over the various topics to the Jewish Vues readers and please keep this person out of it. Newspapers should be objective. On another note, the Agudah does plenty for the Jewish community and saying that they “sit on the sidelines” is completely false and lashon hora. 

    R G 

    Vues Master’s Note: Please note my Views are not the views of the Vues. I am independent of the Vues. I am entitled to my opinion as much as the readers and those that write letters are. I don’t want to get into specifics but our askonim and organizations that quote unquote represent us did a terrible job during Covid. Silence is Deafening! No public hadracha etc. Leaving a void so large that we have people jumping in that may be poorly qualified to represent us!! 



    Dear Vues Master: Enclosed please find a letter in response to Shlomoo Rechnitz. Dear Mr.Rechnitz, First I would like to acknowledge all the charity you have given over the years. That is very important and commendable. But Mr. Rechnitz, how dare you insult me in public and call me names this is against the Torah.  I am calling you out now, as you sit in your mansion, with your maids and money flowing in from your understaffed nursing homes. That’s your sin and that’s you making a השם חילול ,killing people in your homes. I have spoken to many of your workers, and salesmen telling me stories of you and not paying them. You’re scared to talk against the Rabbis, it is because you think they will accept you for your money and think you’re a Rabbi. Even though Agudah turned down your 3 million dollar donation to speak at their big event, the Siyum HaShas. And the reason you won’t talk, is because our sages say there is a ניסיון אין העושר נסיון העני and since, I am not a filthy billionaire like you Mr. Rechnitz and did not want to accept your 100 Thousand dollar bribe to shut up, You now judge me and badmouth me, and how you disrespected me and many rabunim. I believe your ill gotten gains have made you think, you are always right and we all are wrong, this way you can stay in your status. But one thing is clear Mr.Rechnitz you definitely don’t understand the העני נסיון you don’t understand how people with 8 kids live in a 2 debroom apartment ! how when one person gets coronavirus the whole family gets sick. How you look out from the your window and how up and get delivered all the fine things in life, When we can’t even open our windows and can’t get some fresh air. How the lives of people that on an average week can’t make ends meet, and only with debt and credit cards can put food on the table ! And vacation means going to a park on Sunday. Finally these people all of a sudden, can’t open their store or go to work, while Walmart and Target can sell jewelry. Also how dare you Mr.Rechnitz you call a שואבה בית שמחת on the street a Protest ! Yes the media called it that way cause they are not jewish! But you should know better, there was no protest during any night, We went out on chol hamoed, and had a good time of course. since only protests were allowed, We did the same thing as our president did, he also called his rally protests. I will finish up ! I am מחול you cause I know you will never understand the little guy. But you owe an apology to our entire community that needs someone to speak up for them. You keep your money, I am Supported by a grass roots campaign and the people, and when I win my seat in the City Council, not If like you think. Changes will be made, and Mr.Rechnitz I will ask you to come around and see the plight of my people, and my city and my community and my children and the special needs ones, and the drugs and the kids in the streets. Maybe then you heart will melt and not be hard like Pharaoh in Egypt, who thought he was like g-d since he had money and power. Mr. Rechnitz you don’t live here in New York, we don’t know what’s going on. Stay in LA and fix things there before you come to New York or Lakewood. 


    Vues Master’s Note: It is interesting how everybody became our spokesman!! I guess when there is a void that is what happens!!!



    Dear Vues Master: Less than a week from now is the most important election in possibly history. This election isn’t solely about the different candidates, it’s about America’s future for a generation. We could have a future of continued economic success, flourishing Middle East peace deals, our troops coming home, continued energy independence, Constitutionalist judges or we could have higher taxes, a conventional approach to the Middle East, more unnecessary wars, extreme environmental legislation, and a packed Supreme Court with activist justices. This election isn’t about decency when a presidential candidate threatens to consider packing the Supreme Court or ending the filibuster, rather this election is about keeping our American values intact. 4 years ago, President Trump ran not to preach people their morals, nor to placate the establishment for another 4 more years, he ran in direct opposition to them. He ran against an establishment that was responsible for higher taxes, for the failure of achieving peace in the Middle East, for being dependent on other countries for energy, for activist judges who cared more about their feelings than the Constitution. Trump was successful then because people had enough! It is true President Trump’s rhetoric might be overly heated at times, but the rhetoric at the end of the day is what is responsible for the success that we have had as a nation these past 4 years. The substance of his character might not be your liking, but the substance of your life has improved because of him. President Trump isn’t just running against Joe Biden and the Democrats, he’s also running against establishment Republicans and the Deep State. Each time they try to take down Trump, Trump only gets stronger. The reason they all unite against Trump is that President Trump is finally fixing the mess that they have made. President Trump recognizing middleclass realities is why he has been successful in all areas. Trump gave over 90% of middle-class income earners a tax break, Biden would reverse that. Trump, preCovid, brought back over 500,000 manufacturing jobs to the United States, signed trade deals with Mexico, Canada, China, India, South Korea, and Japan, made 3 significant peace deals in the Middle East, launched Operation Warp Speed for a vaccine, signed criminal justice reform, moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, appointed over 300 Constitutionalists to the courts and 3 originalists to the Supreme Court. Joe Biden in his 47 years has passed a crime bill that significantly affected Black Americans negatively, didn’t support the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, and supported cuts to Social Security. America gave Biden his chance with Barack Obama for 8 years, and he failed. Whether that was health care premiums increasing through the roof, or signing a deal with Iran that gave them billions of dollars in cash and a nuclear weapon by 2030, or losing 300,000 manufacturing jobs, Joe got his chance. I supported President Trump when he first announced he was running for president in 2015 because I saw someone that could do things for our country finally. President Trump has proven that he is the man for all Americans. He deserves our support!! 

    Sincerely, DSG 

    Vues Master’s Note: Four more Years!!! 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    Is it not a double standard that the NYPD suspended an officer who announced on his microphone Trump 2020. I recollect the Chief of Police taking a knee during a BLM protest without any consequence. I think it is time that DeBlasio steps down. There is a communist in power. All he says is that this is a moment in history. History only applies to BLM and to Socialist ideas and looting and rioting. Supporting a President is not part of history? 


    Vues Master’s Note: The answer is that BLM is a movement not political! Even though we all know they are political. It is simple if you support Trump it is political if you support Biden it is a moment in History. Hence our Mayor and Governor are both falling over each other to increase early voting!! I wonder who the early voters are????



    Dear Vues Master: 

    I have recently seen and heard a certain song played at rallies for President Trump, called ‘The YMCA song’. I was not really familiar with it , but the title aroused my curiosity, due to the religious background of the organization from which it comes. The other day, however, after I saw and heard that same song played and danced to heartily at rallies of Jews for Trump, I wondered even more about it and did some research to try to determine if it was fitting for people of my faith. What I found makes me doubt it. In addition to its association with a different faith, it also has an association with a movement diametrically at odds with the Sinai-based Biblical morality which we hold so dear. A look at the Wikipedia entry for YMCA song shows that clearly. While I am not officially ordained as a Rabbi, it seems to me to be quite clearly not fitting for us, and something that should be avoided. Thanks for your consideration of this matter. In the merit of being more selective with our music choices, we merit a yeshuah bekarov. 

    Yours truly, M.H. 

    Vues Master’s Note: Definitely agree! I think we sjould sing Yidden! Oops that also comes from a goyishe song! 



    Dear Vues Master: 

    Everyone must go out and vote. Whether it is early voting absentee ballot or regular voting. We have been vilified during this pandemic by our see through anti Semitic governor and Mayor. Let them see that our voice is strong and remember their opposition to us when it comes to their party running for office!! 


    Vues Master’s Note: Yes! Vote Early and Vote Often!! This was a joke. We are not encouraging voter fraud! Although absentee ballots and double voting by the liberals may constitute fraud! I wonder if the BOE will follow up and see how many people voted twice??? 



    Dear Vues Master: Statement from Simcha Felder: “Interim Commissioner Rosa displays exceptional sensitivity in her vision and approach to this process. I am very pleased to be working with her and look forward to open and respectful dialogue together with the people who are most invested in the outcome. I am hopeful that together, we will re-envision and recreate substantial equivalency guidelines that positively impact the future.” http://www.nysed.gov/news/2020/stateeducation-department-announces-seriesregional-meetings-gather-stakeholderinput ST