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Dear Editor:

I think people should be more careful not to splash pedestrians when
driving through puddles. It is simple things like this that will bring
Moshiach closer.

Yossi Rosenberg

Editor’s Note: You are 100% right although pedestrians need to use
caution when approaching streetcorners. You can call the corner a
“splash zone!” So it’s important to be careful on both ends.


Dear Editor:
The Director of SEO at Staples, the chain of office-supplies
superstores, praised the Shabbos policy of a well-known Jewish-owned
business. Mr. Dargenio’s LinkedIn post states that he “truly admires”
the company, and urged his followers to emulate B&H. “Don’t let the
promise of money enslave you on the days you observe your truest
freedoms,” he said. B&H Photo Video in Manhattan has famously closed
its doors on Friday afternoon and Saturdays and on all Jewish holidays
for decades. The New York City photography and hi-tech megastore,
owned and managed by Chassidic Jews, even shuts down its e-commerce
operations by not accepting or processing any online orders.

B & H you made a kiddush Hashem.

Proud to be a Jew in Flatbush

Editor’s Note: I think B&H should be commended as they truly believe
that everything is from Hashem and they therefore will not lose a dime
of what they are supposed to earn if they close their store. People
should support B&H, an example for us all.


Dear Editor:
The Russian general concluded his lecture and opened the floor to questions.
“Will there be a third world war? Will Russia participate?”
“Absolutely,” confirmed the general.
“Who will be the enemy?”
The audience was shocked. “General, we are a nation of 150 million,
compared to the 1.5 billion Chinese!”
The general answered, “Modern warfare is about an army’s quality, not
quantity. How else have 5 million Jews defended themselves against 150
million Arabs?”
A pause, and a small voice from the rear, “Do we have enough Jews?”
That is the miracle of Chanukah.

Editor’s Note: Rabim b’yad Me’atim.


Dear Editor:

A Rosh yeshiva once came to Rav Shteinman to discuss a student they
were considering throwing out of the yeshiva.
Rav Shteinman asked him: “Do you know the name of the boy’s mother?”
The Rosh Yeshiva said, “No.”
“So you haven’t even davened for him yet, and you’re thinking of
throwing him out?”

Editor’s Note: What an amazing lesson in chinuch! We lost a great
tzaddik and luminary of our generation.


Dear Editor:

I am reeling in shock from the terrible news that another fire has
ravaged another beautiful family. The terrible devastation is leaving
me paralyzed. We don’t know Hashem’s plan, but we do have to keep in
mind that there is one. May Moshiach come soon to redeem us from this
terrible golus.

R. Weiss

Editor’s Note: Amen.