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    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master:

    Please explain to me what I am missing. For six months we were bombarded in the streets of this country with riots, looting and muggings all by angry mobs. All of this in the name of Black Lives Matter. The look of hate was on their faces. The Vice President elect said they should continue the rioting if it is necessary. Nancy Pelosi bowed down to the rioters. Not one “Jewish” organization had the guts guts to condemn them. Even some local Jewish politicians joined them in their march. Now, one march that did not start outing peace, not to riot or to do damage to people’s stores or lives gets condemnation from all of the above. For the record 95% of the people that came to the demonstration had nothing to do with charging the capitol steps. They came in peace. How does the right continue to let the left dominate our media? What is the difference in these 2 demonstrations ?

    Looking for answers

    Vues Master’s Note: If you ever get the answer let me know. It is frightening!



    People should be supporting their local heimishe barbershops. On Nostrand Avenue between Ave. J and K there is a heimishe barbershop called Ben’s Haircuts that has been in business for over twelve years. Just last week two doors down from Ben’s another barbershop announced its opening. This line of business has always been a difficult one to earn a decent living from, especially now during covid. I have been going to Rephael at Ben’s for at least five years now & he is a really nice guy, who gives a great haircut. I’m worried for him & I want him to succeed. The Rambam famously writes that the highest form of tzedakah is by helping another Jew have a living, so he won’t need to beg for tzedakah. Certainly, by supporting a local Jewish barber, you are fulfilling that dictum. By doing so, your visit to the barber is no longer just a regular haircut. It’s a Heilige haircut! Please support Ben’s Haircuts!

    Vues Master’s Note: We should all be supporting our own and not look to “cut” corners. Our brothers are now in a “hairy” situation with all the lockdowns! It would be “barbarian” of us not to help our brothers in need! Remember this is a Halacha!



    Dear Vues Master:

    I listened to zev brenners interview with zev zelenko this past week, sickening to hear that if only Covid wouldn’t be politicized and people took hydroxychloroquine and zinc at beginning of feeling symptoms 84% of people who died would be alive today. That is over a quarter of a million people. There are no known side effects to these drugs that people have been taking for decades. The only reason this has been shunned is because President Trump has been in support of it from the beginning. When will the left care more about American lives than Politics. FYI Zev Zelenkos twitter has since been shut down. Reshaim!


    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! Look they are censoring the whole right wing. I think Dr. Zelenko is in good company. We are heading in the same direction as China and Russia with no more freedom of speech. Don’t you dare criticize Pelosi and her loser friends!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Good morning! I was under the impression that all Godiva chocolate is OU dairy. I received a box of Godiva chocolate candies. The candies box came with Christmas decorations which does not have the OU symbol. Is it still Kosher?

    Thank you. T F

    Vues Master’s Note: The OU relied as follows: Hi We will need copy of entire label or us to investigate your inquiry as not all Godiva Items are OU certified. Thank you Rabbi Kalman Scheiner Rabbinic Coordinator Orthodox Union 212- 613-8245- Phone & Fax scheiner@ou.org I guess you can correspond directly with the OU.



    Dear Vues Master:

    During a crisis or when a particular policy is overwhelmingly popular, scrutiny over the issue or incident is lessened or completely skipped over. Months after the George Floyd incident, for example, it was reported that the ME wrote in the autopsy report that at the time of Mr. Floyd’s death, he had fentanyl in his system. The ME did not say if this was the cause of his death, but what it showed was that not everything is so clear cut in stone. This same logic should also apply to the way we count COVID- 19 deaths. No one disagrees that those that have passed away because of COVID in the past nine months have been nothing but tragic, but it does not mean that accountability and transparency get to disappear. We live in a time when achieving the exact data is not always possible, but for people to question who died with COVID vs. by COVID is an important distinction. COVID is a deadly disease, but do we not trust people to know how deadly it is?! In August, the CDC released data showing that 94% of COVID deaths involved other complications, while only 6% were solely COVID related. That does not mean that COVID should be dealt with any less lightly, but people have the right to know the truth. Dr. George Lundberg writing for Medscape compared the counts of deaths via influenza to COVID. Dr. Lundberg concluded that he is skeptical of the death count given for influenza after observing some autopsies. He also stressed the difficultly to ascertain the exact reason for death in many cases, but he concluded by COVID that there is so much more to learn. If politicians and public health experts want the public to trust them, they have to be completely transparent. When people have legitimate questions about a serious issue, the complete truth should be provided!

    Sincerely, D S G

    Vues Master’s Note: Sorry you don’t match the left narrative. You are lucky you did not post this on Social Media they may remove your account. So far The Jewish Vues has not censored us. But who knows?



    Dear Vues Master:

    In response to: Yid Parenting: Who’s a Thief? Rabbi Ross, Dec 30 issue, thinks far worse of what the parents did than what the rebbe did as Rabbi Ross says, “What the parents did, however, was inexcusable.” He is clearly contradicting Rav Pam who said, “The blame for this boy’s downfall lies solely on the Rebbe.” which indicates that the parents were guiltless. However, Rabbi Ross does have a good question regarding implicating the parents. I imagine our Gadol, Rav Pam, didn’t implicate the parents for the following reason. The parents are also the product of their rebbeim and are bound by the “golden rule” that the rebbe is always right. The sensitivity of Rav Pam to vindicate the parents even in this situation shows how far we must exonerate parents. I’ve seen parents shirk their responsibilities vis-à-vis the school and I attribute this to being afraid, misinformed and naïve. I can testify that there’s what to be afraid of when you side with your son. I’m currently standing up for my adult son, who is being manipulated in school, and I’m called the bad guy. I constantly have to defend my good intentions and prove my innocence. Some parents feel I’m rocking the boat and tell me, in a matter-of-fact way, that he’s an adult just leave him alone. My answer is, “I’m avoiding the Rabbi Ross finger pointing” which is I don’t want to be called out as a parent who didn’t defend his son! Let’s learn from Rav Pam and make parents paramount in our eyes and to use this as a litmus test for anyone of authority.

    D G

    Vues Master’s Note: I feel that there is definitely another side to your story. You seem to always write against the Yeshiva system. I feel for you that you seem to be having a difficult time with your son. It is definitely not fair to criticize the whole Yeshiva system because of your personal issues!



    Dear Vues Master:

    FELDER URGES HEALTH COMMISSIONER: “ALL SENIORS NEED COVID-19 VACCINES, NOW!” “Seniors have been isolated from family, friends and community for almost a year and counting. Their suffering has devastating repercussions,” said Senator Felder. “Finally, we have a better way to protect people and any failure to get COVID-19 vaccines to our seniors quickly is criminal negligence!” Senator Felder is awaiting a response to a letter he sent on Wednesday urging NYS Health Commissioner Zucker to prioritize the inclusion of all seniors amongst the first people to receive the vaccine. “Thousands of Seniors are stuck at home frustrated by news that all sorts of political and bureaucratic nonsense is keeping hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 vaccines sitting on the shelves,” said Senator Felder. “If anyone really wants to get this process rolling, I have an easy solution. Stop wasting precious time and make those vaccines available immediately to Seniors who are literally dying for them!”


    Vues Master’s Note: Chill out! Cuomo will lecture us and teach us and eventually write a book of how to distribute vaccines!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    On a Lighter note funny but sad. Democrat Representative Emanuel Cleaver has provoked ire and mockery by closing a congressional prayer with the words ‘amen and a woman’. The Missouri pastor was asked to deliver the prayer to open the 117th Congress on Sunday, and decided to make a gender neutral address. Cleaver did not realize however that Amen is a Hebrew term meaning “It is true, let it be” and has no relation to gender.


    Vues Master’s Note: I don’t think this is a lighter note. This is Sedom people taking religion and mocking it!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    A little more than a year ago the world seemed to be relatively in order in comparison to the way things are now. But then China came to bat. Wuhan was on first. A year ago posters and ads in Jewish weekly newspapers were advertising and promoting zero tolerance to any talking in shul. At the same time there was much excitement for the huge celebration, the upcoming Siyum Hashas, the culmination for many in the Torah community who would be completing the cycle of learning all of Shas, Talmid Bavli. The largest celebration was to take place at the Metlife Stadium in the Meadowlands, New Jersey. On January 1, 2020 many of the Giants from the Talmudical world would be taking Jets to get to the celebration in The Meadowlands. The seeming most important people were seeking their Kovid for the most important seats, perhaps even maybe a place at the 50 yard line. At the event, everyone looked united dressed as one, except maybe for Waldo. Of all the luminaries present, he stood out in his seat. As things would turn out there was much Covid to be had. Cynics said that the event was so special that people in various congregations started davening facing The Meadowlands. The Gemara in Baba Basra discusses about the world that we live in, as an “Olam Hafuch”, an upside down world. The people who we deem to be most important and outstanding, are visibly being given Kovid (honor), however when being judged in the true courts in the Olam Haemes, they are not as outstanding as we suspect. Yet the people who we do not view as important or honor, indeed, are in reality the ones who should be respected and honored. After the disastrous virus breakout of Covid 19 last year, many of the community luminaries interpreted that among the lessons derived from the virus, is that wedding parties should not be huge and elaborate. This made some sense, because we saw as a direct result of the quarantine that there could be no more large parties. Kind of logical, but then again the shuls were closed as a result of the quarantine, yeshivos were closed, or in some cases seemingly closed. There was less talking in shul. So maybe the lesson might have been, no more minyomim, no more chinuch as well? Then again what lesson should we learn from this epidemic? I mean they call it “Covid”, can it not be anymore obvious than that? Pardon the nature of this writing but I am wearing a mask as I type, so the tongue in cheek may not be recognizable. Maybe in the Jewish community were not upholding recommended restrictions. Not everyone was maskim to wearing a mask, which may have made Misaskim too busy. Things changed during the year. Catering halls that looked closed from the front were holding huge parties from the back entrance. Shuls were closed but not really. Summer camps had no sleep over arrangements, except at night. Cows were being overworked. Then the school year started: One week schools would be open the next week they would be closed. I venture to say that we as a people may need to be looking for leadership to guide us, but we live in an olam hafuch, who can guide us? Pondering: If we live in an upside down world and we fall, do we hurt our head on the ceiling? Apparently. the Vaccine is headed our way, and the question arises should we take it, should we not? What do we do if we are getting mixed signals? I don’t know, he’s on third and I don’t care! But he is our shortstop.

    M R

    Vues Master’s Note: Well done! 2021 is pretty foggy too. Poems like these may be censored. Beware!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Overall, copyright in the art and music industries does more to suppress creativity than to boost it. We need to expand compulsory licensing to include derivative works. This is especially important to allow frum Jewish versions of popular music.


    Vues Master’s Note: Will it help? If Halacha does not allow it and people are still copying why would a copyright help?



    Dear Vues Master:

    “Amen and awoman” was a joke. A bad joke, mind you, but a joke. (Properly said, it’s “amen and awomen”, not “amen and awoman”. And the joke is also a stupid pun at best.) Nobody actually thinks that “amen” has anything to do with men. DF Vues Master’s Note: Is the Congress hall the new Joke?? 60 YRS. (OLD) YOUNG! Dear Vues Master: “Ben Shishim” Zeh Shekanah Chachma! So, I can now tell people what not to do, or where not to go. When I turned 50, my Rav in Monsey told me “Ben Chamishim Letzah” I can still give Etzahs! My whole life, people were telling me what to do or not to do, now it’s my turn. Top 10 list; ready? 1- do not follow the NY Knicks! 2- Read the Jewish Vues RMS! 3-wear a mask (on your ears & eyes) 4-Wife’s advise (find a 2hr daf yomi) 5-slow down driving by green lights! 6-Good initials-(MBD-RMS-YTV) 7-Chap a Nosh-Meisners-Luzys 8-Avraham Fried-Schweky-Miami#1 9-Artscroll-Rav Shlomo Gissinger ztl 10-Biegeleisen-Z Berman-Eichlers My Rav in BP; I should live 2×60- 120! -Ad Mea V’Esrim Shonim IY”H


    Vues Master’s Note: To long years! Lechaim!



    Dear Vues Master:

    I have noticed a big problem lately. When people are making a left turn from a 2 way street they stick out into oncoming traffic. It’s dangerous because the oncoming traffic can turn to their right and hit someone. Also stop taking up 2 spots it’s bad enough during the week but before Shabbos it’s really a big problem. People have to have some sort of responsibility to each other. Also if you are going to pull out of a parking spot and someone is waiting pull out pull over than check your messages. It’s just not fair that people are so inconsiderate.


    Vues Master’s Note: Thank you! Hopefully we can save some lives!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Just curious: was the removal of the TV listings a frumkeit measure, or motivated by the fact that many TV watchers these days use online streaming exclusively? (Or both?) Either way, I don’t understand why anyone is surprised by the change, because the fact is that there was very little demand for them.


    Vues Master’s Note: Or maybe for another reason. Who cares?



    Dear Vues Master:

    This is an email I received from an Email list of Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eiseman. I thiught it would be appropriate to include in the letters to the Vues Master. “What’s the Truth?” Today was a fascinating day at the Capitol in Washington, DC. Here is a selection of headlines describing today’s events: · Mob Incited by Trump Storms Capitol – NY Times · Pro-Trump Rioters Invading the Capitol- CNN · Protesters Stormed US Capitol- Fox News · PRO-TRUMP MOB STORMS CAPITOL, BRINGING CHAOS TO D.C.- MSNBC · Protesters Storm D.C. – Trump Calls in National Guard – Breitbart News · U.S. CAPITOL UNDER SIEGE: THOUSANDS OF MAGA SUPPORTERS STORM CAPITOL- Yeshiva World News · President Trump to Rioters- “We love you. Go home in Peace”-Jewish Press Were the people who came to the Capitol, a “Mob?” or were they “rioters”? Were they “protestors,” or should they be referred to as “Maga Supporters”? Did Mr. Trump “incite” the “mob,” or did he “call in the National Guard” to quell the disturbance? Did the President give the “rioters” a brocha to “go home in Peace,” or did he encourage them to riot? The answers to these questions are seemingly to be found in the headlines quoted above. The only issue is the answers do not match up. While some headlines demonize the President others present him as the hero of the day. Some headlines call the people at the Capitol a “mob” while others refer to them as “protestors”. Who is right, and who is wrong? What is the truth of today’s events? The answer to the above question is not my topic of interest. I am interested in pointing out how we choose our words to describe an event can make all the difference in the world. All of the above news outlets certainly claim to be reporting the truth and only the truth. Nevertheless, some of the “truths” conflict with other “truths.” Can two conflicting “truths” be sustainable? Doesn’t one have to be “The Truth”? The words we use, the phrases we choose, even the tone of voice we project can make all the difference in the world. Everyone claims they have the truth; however, in reality, all of us are far from the truth. Who has “The Truth”? Moshe Emes V”Toraso Emes. Moshe is a man of truth, and the Torah he taught us is true. All of the rest is commentary. “If Not Now, Then When?”-

    Hillel Ron Yitzchok Eisenman Rabbi, Congregation Ahavas Israel Passaic, NJ VR

    Vues Master’s Note: Yes! It is all in the presentation.



    Dear Vues Master:

    Chaim was a famous aeronautical engineer. His company won the bid to build a new fighter jet and Chaim was in charge of the project. On the day of the first test flight, Chaim was devastated when even before takeoff the wings of the jet broke clean off of the fuselage. He spent many hours redesigning the plane so that the wings could withstand the strain, but the same thing happened on the next test flight – the wings broke clean off. Chaim was frustrated and had come to believe that it was hopeless when he happened to meet his Rabbi, who asked why Chaim had this troubled look on his face. Chaim explained the problem to him and the Rabbi said “I’m no engineer, but I know how to solve your problem. All you need to do is drill a straight row of holes into the fuselage directly above and directly below the wings. I can guarantee you the wings won’t come off.” Chaim smiled and thanked the rabbi for his advice but when he gave it further thought, he figured the Rabbi is a wise man and there is nothing to lose, so he did precisely what the Rabbi suggested. The next design of the fighter jet had a straight line of holes in the fuselage directly above and directly below the wings. To everyone’s amazement, it worked. The wings did not become detached. The jet flew beautifully. Full of excitement, Chaim went to tell the Rabbi that his advice worked. “Of course it did,” said the Rabbi. “I never doubted it would.” “But how did you know?” asked Chaim. “In my many years,” the Rabbi said “I’ve never had a פסח when the matzah broke on the perforation.”


    Vues Master’s Note: It is all in the perforation!