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    Speak Your Vues


    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master:

    As a rabbi, the moment something significant, if not historic occurs, there is pressure to weigh in, put out a statement or write a post. The luxury of time to process, think, study, consider and consult is gone. In the absence of commenting immediately people draw their own conclusions and assumptions about what you believe. So while I wish I had time, here it goes: What happened last week needs no nuance and should take no time to comment on. The attack on our Capitol and on our Democracy, both the symbolism of it and more importantly the physical attack, was horrific, reprehensible, indefensible and intolerable. It was categorically different from other rioting and looting that has been happening and to compare or make equal is an insult to those who were threatened and to all who hold that building and space sacred. All those who participated must be brought to justice. Guilt and accountability lie not only with those who physically attacked, but with those who incited them with their words, innuendo and careless and reckless speech, included and foremost among them, President Trump. Period. Hard Stop. End of Sentence. Here is the part that I believe is more complicated and nuanced. I share it with the risk that some will think it takes away from the last paragraph but I nevertheless believe it not only to be true, but important to say. For too long, extremists and extremism, violence and vitriol have been tolerated from all sides. Fear of the growing forces and voter “bases” in both parties have had too much influence on policies and polemic. The media has been complicit in allowing if not contributing to this phenomenon by both being selective in what they feature and for focusing in on that which is most divisive and destructive. If you ignore, excuse or don’t call out what happened yesterday including explicitly acknowledging President Trump’s role and blame (which doesn’t contradict remaining appreciative for what you believe he has done that is positive), you are not going to be part of a better America. But if you exclusively focus on yesterday, lay the blame only with one person, one side and one set of voters without acknowledging broader trends from all sides and from both parties, you too will not be part of the solution, or of building a more united, peaceful, and better country. How we got to Jan 6, 2021 is much more complicated that those who got us here want us to recognize or think about. We must rise about them and their incendiary noise and think for ourselves. We must overcome the inclination to either gloat or defend, to react immediately with either “told you so” or “but what about” and engage with nuance, perspective, honesty and humility. Only then can we make this a “rock bottom” for our country and while continuing to disagree about important policies, be that “One Nation Under G-d, Indivisible” that we pledged to be.

    Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

    Vues Master’s Note: The way we are going they might censor a letter like this one too.



    Dear Vues Master:

    With the incoming Biden crowd, expect more Liberal, and anti Jewish rhetoric and regulations. With all 3 branches of government being Democratic i expect there will be a flood of liberal legislation and programs Let’s start a minor push back and stop using “Progressive”….start using “Liberal”, which is exactly what they are–with our money , religion, and morals.

    Mendi, Flatbush

    Vues Master’s Note: Liberal Progressive six of one half a dozen of another. They all stand for the same schmutz! Do we live in Sedom? It feels eerily similar.



    Dear Vues Master:

    You guys are great But must be a bit more sensitive. Events of the week Pictured unfortunately a child’s death. The picture on the bottom A simcha upsherin That could of been put on another page Just an opinion


    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks! We strive to do it right but not always does it work out.



    Dear Vues Master:

    Please be aware that there is a proposed New York Assembly Bill (A416) that would allow individuals or groups to be removed from their home if the governor, or his or her delegate, deem them a danger to public health due to a contagious disease. The bill is sponsored by New York State Assemblyman N. Nick Perry. Here is partial wording from the bill: “UPON DETERMINING BY CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE THAT THE HEALTH OF OTHERS IS OR MAY BE ENDANGERED BY A CASE, CONTACT OR CARRIER, OR SUSPECTED CASE, CONTACT OR CARRIER OF A CONTAGIOUS DISEASE THAT, IN THE OPINION OF THE GOVERNOR, AFTER CONSULTATION WITH THE COMMISSIONER, MAY POSE AN IMMINENT AND SIGNIFICANT THREAT TO THE PUBLIC HEALTH RESULTING IN SEVERE MORBIDITY OR HIGH MORTALITY, THE GOVERNOR OR HIS OR HER DELEGEE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE COMMISSIONER OR THE HEADS OF LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS, MAY ORDER THE REMOVAL AND/OR DETENTION OF SUCH A PERSON OR OF A GROUP OF SUCH PERSONS BY ISSUING A SINGLE ORDER, IDENTIFYING SUCH PERSONS EITHER BY NAME OR BY A REASONABLY SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION OF THE INDIVIDUALS OR GROUP BEING DETAINED. SUCH PERSON OR GROUP OF PERSONS SHALL BE DETAINED IN A MEDICAL FACILITY OR OTHER APPROPRIATE FACILITY OR PREMISES DESIGNATED BY THE GOVERNOR OR HIS OR HER DELEGEE AND COMPLYING WITH SUBDIVISION FIVE OF THIS SECTION.” Additionally, the bill also states that the governor or relevant health authorities could have the power to require certain individuals to undergo a “prescribed course of treatment, preventative medication or vaccination, including directly observed therapy to treat the disease and following infection control provisions for the disease.” https://www.nysenate. gov/legislation/bills/2021/ a416?fbclid=IwAR3vvLZHS-k1v- Cq_4Om02M9ZKvJwr5caTQb9xA 3tu3edKzkFJkQI2kVrd0 If you disagree with this bill, please contact Assemblyman Perry’s office at 718-385-3336 (903 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203) or email here: https://nyassembly.gov/ mem/N-Nick-Perry/contact/ In addition you may want to contact your local politicians, the OU, RCA, NCYI, and Agudath Yisrael and ask if they are doing anything about this dangerous bill. S. Fried Vues Master’s Note: Unfortunately this is just the beginning. We need to get rid of these scoundrels from being our elected leaders. VORT Dear Vues Master: The Bais Yisroel said that in our generation came a tremendous “hirhur teshuva.” It is a shame that only the “chilonim” acted on it.

    Vues Master’s Note:

    Yes! We should all be and become baalei teshuva!



    Dear Vues Master:

    What happened on January 6th, 2021 was a sad day for the world, democracy, and America. A mob of pro-Trump rioters broke into Capitol Hill where they defamed the halls of democracy. They defamed not only the physical structure but also democracy itself. As I sat and watched this terror unfold, Americans couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The riot wasn’t a political moment; it was a moment that was an attack on Americans themselves. As a Trump supporter myself, I condemn these traitors to our country. The response to this terrible event required unity and healing. Since that day, the reaction and response to the event have been an embarrassment. President Trump’s message released the day after should have been the one released initially. Similarly, President-Elect Biden’s comments on the different ways that Black and White protesters are treated was incredibly divisive and wrong. Democrats have ever since called Trump’s words and actions deserving of the 25th Amendment or impeachment. Team Unity once again is trying to impeach a President still beloved by millions because they don’t like him. They claim that he incited violence with his words. They repeat this claim even though hours before the riot, President Trump said, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to PEACEFULLY and patriotically make your voices heard.” Regardless, the Democrats refuse to internalize the facts and instead divide the nation even more. Democrats also have called for Twitter and others to suspend Trump’s social media accounts. The Big Tech tyrants gladly did so to Trump and thousands of other conservatives. Big Tech has even eliminated the alternative to Twitter, Parler. Not only that, but even the email server, Campaign Monitor has forbidden Trump’s campaign from emailing millions of supporters. The Democrat’s response is not aligned with the supposed “unity” that Biden claims he wants. If Biden wants to be a president for all Americans, then he has to call out his Party for inciting division.

    Sincerely, D S G

    Vues Master’s Note: They would like it to become The United Left of America. Unfortunately it will become The United what’s left of America!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Overheard (not during davening!) What job can Trump not run? A “Concession” stand! What will be this year’s Super Bowl halftime show? The “Impeachment hearings”! When Dallas Cowboys fans were upset that their coach didn’t challenge a controversial play vs the NY Giants, they said; “Hire Trump, since he’ll “challenge” every play”! Signed A Republican turned Democrat!


    Vues Master’s Note: Interesting! I wonder if Biden would even get these jokes. Wait he could not get 1000 people to his Inauguration so they called in the National Guard! Pathetic!



    Dear Vues Master:

    NYS Enters COVID-19 Vaccination Phase 1B Individuals Newly Eligible for COVID- 19 Vaccination Include: Individuals 75 and Older First Responders and Healthcare Workers P-12 School Teachers and Staff College Teachers & Childcare Workers Public Facing Grocery Store Workers


    Vues Master’s Note: I can’t wait for the book to come out Leadership in giving out vaccines. Compared to Israel we are a third world country. Go DeBlasio Go Cuomo!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Political discourse has devolved to the point where everyone is calling everyone Nazis. Ironically, this is being used to dehumanize the other side, which doesn’t make anyone a Nazi, but is a Nazi-like way of thinking.


    Vues Master’s Note: Left! Is Right? Ha! Watch Germany 1938 unfold before our eyes!



    Dear Vues Master:

    I know this is an intense political time for our country and many have strong opinions about what happened which is understandable. I think for us as Orthodox Jews this is a huge wakeup call: we are not republicans or democrats, we are Torah observant, and in times like these should follow the Torah. I voted for Trump, am disappointed with the way the elections turned out BUT I will not fall for the right wing propaganda the same way many fall for left wing propaganda. Both sides are failing this country and themselves by putting politics above moral obligation. Politicizing everything, being divisive about everything, following Trump to the end of the earth will do more to hurt us as a community than anything else will: just look at the country as a whole to see the proof. The world needs moral clarity at this moment, and so do we. Social media, and media in general tells lies to the world to keep them hooked- we know this, we’ve been the target of their lies. So why put our allegiance to right wing media? We are Frum Jews NOT Republicans or Democrats. Both sides are failing and BH we should appreciate that through all this we’ve maintained our community structure but that doesn’t mean we’re immune. I understand the allure (the state of our nation is sad and many are hurting) but right wing values are not our values. In fact, it puts our community at risk from the outside and from within. Torah values are our values, and this should come before anything. I think this is a clear message from Hashem: don’t follow in the ways of the non-Jews or GD forbid we may end up like them. IYH we will see this horrible period pass, and Torah will come out on top. This is only a moment in time but getting consumed in this can cause lasting damage to ourselves and our community. We have to teach our children to set an example for the world by being TRUE to ourselves, not right wing or left wing propaganda, which are another false g-d.


    Vues Master’s Note: Great Letter! We need not forget who we are and where we came from!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Sec. of State Mike Pompeo’s recent statement that “Al Qaeda has a new home base, It is the Islamic Republic of Iran,’ also confirms death of AlQaeda’s #2 in Iran in August 2020, should give us reason for concern. Pompeo also says Iran allowed AlQaeda to establish a new operational HQ. He says Zawahiri’s deputies are living there now very comfortably. But the radical left will reenter the failed Iran deal to preserve Obama’s legacy, whether or not it makes sense to.


    Vues Master’s Note: They’ll deny it. Did anyone notice how gas prices went up. Biden at work stopping fracking! It is going to cost us big time! Environmentalists will take your money!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    The Gemoro ב”ק ס’ ע”ב gives several recommendations* regarding what to do in order to be saved during a plague. R A. Eiger in the גליון points to a .שו”ת **הרשב”ש קצ”ה The שואל asks: What use is it to follow the recommendations if it has already been determined on Rosh Hashana who is destined to live or die? If he was destined to die, he would die even having followed the recommendations. And if he was destined to live, what good will following the recommendations do. The רשב”ש answers: Every person is born with a predetermined amount of years that he will live. However, this amount can be lengthened by performing certain Mitzvohs or ח”ו shortened by doing certain .עבירות Only those who deserve to have their life extended or those who ח”ו deserve to have their life shortened are judged on Rosh Hashana. ( (מי יחיה ומי ימות Once the judgement is sealed, no סגולות etc. will change the situation. ( חק (חיובי Those who are not entitled to have their lives extended and are also not deserving to have their lives shortened are not judged on Rosh Hashana (on life & death). However, during plagues, war etc. these people can have their lives shortened if they don’t protect themselves. ( (חק אפשרי * Staying indoors- locking doors – blocking the windows – escaping to another city- not to walk in the middle of the streetnot entering alone to a Shul that has no Minyan Daveners or children learning there.( No mention of placing signs on door)


    Vues Master’s Note: Don’t worry we are a nation of segulos! All you need is a red bendil and you will live forever!



    Dear Vues Master:

    There is in fact no Halacha against creating derivative works. Many of our most well-known negunim are derivative works created in Hungary and Poland.


    Vues Master’s Note: I would think the copyrights of Hungary and Poland are expired. There are halachos of copyrights. Too difficult to discuss in this forum.



    Dear Vues Master:

    New York attorney general sues NYPD, saying rough treatment of spring protesters part a longstanding pattern of abuse. That makes sense take taxpayer money to sue taxpayers, idiots.


    Vues Master’s Note: But she won’t go after DeBlasio’s wife who lined her pockets with millions of dollars which no one has seen any results!



    Dear Vues Master:

    R Yitzchok Volozhiner Zt”l advised his Talmidim who were entering the Rabbinate, how to deal with the new movements that have sprung up in Judaism. (Chasidim) He advised them with the advice he heard from his father. (R. Chaim Volozhiner zt”l) R. Chaim said that it is forbidden to fight them publicly. All that open warfare does is strengthen the opponents. R. Chaim also warned those who harass excessively Chasidim won’t survive. R. Yitzchok proved his father’s point from the single frog in מצרים the more they kept hitting it, the more the frogs kept multiplying.


    Vues Master’s Note: Don’t fight with a pig in his pig sty because he enjoys his dirty pen and you won’t!