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Dear Editor:

Rabbi Gil Student’s ‘Burial Plot Complications (12/30-01/05 issue)’ can be mostly solved if we were to adopt a different approach as to where people are buried.
Wouldn’t it make more sense that sons (naturally closer to fathers)be buried near fathers, and daughters (closer to mothers) buried near mothers?  (I imagine that this is not practiced, because plots near parents who died many years earlier are not available but in principle this makes more sense, as it says V’Shchavtee Im Avoisyi ).With all due respect to spouses, the fact is we are forever (blood) related to parents and not to spouses. This does not have to lessen the loving relationship between spouses. Just as any normal husband would wish that after their passing,
their wife, is she so desires, remarry and have a very happy second marriage, 
 similarly he would and should be happy for her if she desires to be buried near her loving mother.

David Lederer

Editor’s Note: I guess we’ll have to wait for Rabbi Student to respond. Overall, it sounds like a good idea!



Dear Editor:
I was surprised that you included the Azan Family on your Wheel of Mazel FUN Page.

Heshy Gross

Editor’s Note: We at The Vues deeply apologize for including the Azan family on what was titled a “fun page.” We know that this is an extremely sensitive topic and was in no way meant to belittle the tragic situation.  If  you look through this week’s and last week’s editions of The Vues, the paper has tried to support the Azan family through tehilim and monetary collections.  This “Wheel of Mazal” was meant to be a year in review and should not have included the Azan family. We realize now that it  shows lack of care and concern, which was certainly not our intention.  We apologize with all sincerity for this mistake and  we have the Azan family in our tefilos.  We hope that we can all come together to continue saying tehilim and doing good on behalf of the Azan family and all of Klal Yisrael.



Dear Editor:
I believe that the Jewish community at large celebrated Rubashkin’s release because we need reasons to celebrate in our world today. We keep hearing about tragedy after tragedy and then finally some amazing news to be happy about. In addition, the entire Klal Yisroel felt the pain of the entire Rubashkin family and so the fantastic news of his commuted sentence really affected everybody.

Looking for Simchos

Editor’s Note: You are right. Nevertheless, it seems like we are celebrated with a criminal. In the future, a president may think twice before commuting a sentence because of backlash.



Dear Editor:

You printed a letter last week about the fact that the letter writer thinks that PTA is a waste of time. As an educator myself, I can tell you that it is integral that the school meet the parents in person. We learn so much about the child when we see the child’s parent(s). In order to help educate and guide the children we need to know the entire picture. What is seen every day in the classroom is truly not the entire picture. So even though it may seem like a grand waste of time, it isn’t. Perhaps that parent is a fortunate one who has children who breeze through school without any learning and behavioral problems and so it feels like a waste. She should count her blessings.

Editor’s Note: I guess there is a time and place for everything.



Dear Editor:

Do you think it is right for people keep mental illness a secret when someone is involved in a shidduch?

Yankel S

Editor’s Note: It would depend on whether the issue is hereditary or not. If something is hereditary, then it will affect that person’s life and it should be revealed. If it is not hereditary, why reveal unnecessary information?



Dear Editor: 

Please let me express my hakaras hatov for Nikki Haley, our UN ambassador, who is a friend of Eretz Yisroel. It is nice to see that there are some friends in the UN.

Berel Finegold

Editors Note:Yes, it is very important to show hakaras hatov. Let us hope that more people learn from her example and defend Eretz Yisroel from our enemies.