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    Speak Your Vues


    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master:

    It is likely that many Rabbonim will advise against many traditional Purim practices, such as crowding into shul for Megillah and having bochurim stop and join into Purim seudos. But one thing we can still do is mishloach manos. According to what we have learned about the virus since last year, the virus is unlikely to be transmitted on surfaces, and if someone is concerned, he can wipe everything down. This Purim, consider sending mishloach manos to someone you normally wouldn’t have. Nothing too big and fancy (because that might be a burden), but just a small reminder that you are thinking of them in order to bring us closer together during these socially distanced times.


    Vues Master’s Note: Unless of course you live in Brooklyn or Lakewood where we don’t see Covid anymore.



    Dear Vues Master:

    I’ve been called socialist for saying this, but it’s still true: The government should be responsible for shoveling the snow. Ask any economist, and he’ll tell you that the private sector isn’t great at managing externalization. This is the one exception to the rule of government inefficiency. At the same time that the regular snow plows are sent out, the city should send out people on mini snowplows to do the sidewalks. That way it will all be done in one go within half an hour. The plows can prevent ice formation.


    Vues Master’s Note: In theory you might be right. But then we would not have garbage pick up for six months a year! Don’t forget you are dealing with Unions. A garbage truck can’t act as a plow and pick up garbage at the same time!



    Dear Vues Master:

    President Biden recently took action on U.S. immigration policy. One of those actions was fully reinstating the DREAMERS policy halting deportations for illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. Those that came here under that policy should remain here as they are here not of their own doing, but to continue this policy in the future is dangerous. Firstly, jstor.com has estimated that 100,000 children annually apprehended at the border come with no parent or guardian. If DACA remains a policy, this number will only increase, thereby endangering thousands of children and our immigration system. Furthermore, promoting illegal immigration hurts American jobs. The Government Accountability Office based on 26 studies, found that illegal immigration decreases American citizens’ wages. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission went further by concluding that illegal immigration hurts low-skilled Black workers who make up a large portion of low-skilled jobs. This happens because most illegal immigrants vie for low-skilled jobs due to poor quality education. President Biden also has stopped the building of the border wall. Biden also reinstated the Catch and Release Policy allowing illegal immigrants to leave before their asylum hearings causing around 50% of them to not show up at their court date. These are serious problems that Americans and even legal immigrants are suffering. Building the border wall allowing Border Control to catch illegal immigrants is an example of stopping illegal immigration. At the same time, it is vital to promote positive legal immigration. Legal immigration sustains many important sectors of our economy and society. Promoting legal immigration will benefit American jobs hence the fact that 55% of billion-dollar startups in the United States were started by immigrants. That also means accepting immigrants who are not projected to go on food stamps. Legal immigration should be positive, not detrimental for a country’s citizens. Republicans must fight against the horrendous policies of Biden while at the same time proposing their solutions to illegal immigration and promoting legal immigration that is beneficial to all Americans.

    Sincerely, D S G

    Vues Master’s Note: Can’t you tell we have a President who is following yje Liberals to the letter! He is brain dead as he promised many things that he won’t do and he reversed in his first month in office! Just remember when gas will be over three fifty a gallon you will miss the Keystone pipeline. Texas had power failure but the Federal Govt refused to loosen restrictions to create more power! An environmentalist would rather you die now rather that in a few generations the Green deal may keep the world around longer! Their value for life is twisted!!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Last week a friend of mine told me that she saw an ad in The Jewish Vues a couple of weeks ago for a barber on Nostrand Avenue off of Ave J. I sent my son to check it out because the barber we’ve been using all the years was niftar recently because of corona. He went to Nostrand Avenue between Ave. J & K and saw two barbers 3 store away from each other. I told him to look for Ben’s haircut. That was the one that had the ad in the JV. I just want to tell everyone that Refael the owner of Bens is a really nice guy, who is trying to make a parnassah. He did a great job and we plan on going back with all my kids. It’s sad how a frum guy who is struggling to get by has someone open up just 3 doors away from him. Whatever happened to hasagas gvul? Please support Bens Haircuts and you will not be disappointed!


    Vues Master’s Note: I hope he got a nice hair cut for the right price!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Jews should boycott the Super Bowl! The people who named the Super Bowl are ganavim. The name implies a game of bowling, not football! They stole from the sport of bowling and should be ashamed and boycotted.


    Vues Master’s Note: But then we would not be able to party and that would be stealing a great party! Never lose out on a party!



    Dear Vues Master: Do you sit Shiva for someone who willingly and publicly flouted COVID restrictions and then died? This question was raised by Rabbi Pinchas Shapira of Beit Shemesh in a rabbinic letter he sent following the passing of Rabbi Chaim Meir Wosner on Sunday (pictured). He notes that Rav Wosner was a leading sage and one should generally not only mourn him but say the blessing of Baruch Dayyan ha-Emes in full (Bishem Umalchus). However, in this case there was a publicized video of Rav Wosner attending a large wedding a month ago without a mask, which is the greatest Hillul Hashem (desecration of God’s name) possible, given the current situation where people are spreading the disease ADHDs killing each other. Rabbi Shapira invokes the principle of “Bimkom Chilul Hashem Ein Cholkim Kavod LaRav” – in a case of desecration of G-d’s name, one does not afford honor (even) to a rabbi. Therefore, one should not mourn or sit Shiva for Rav Wosner, and it is prohibited to invoke G-d’s name in the blessing of Baruch Dayyan haEmet for him. In a subsequent letter (in first comment), Rabbi Shapira notes that he learned that Rav Wosner was suffering from Alzheimers. In that case, he is not to blame (rather those around him are), and one should mourn for Rav Wosner and say the relevant Bracha. The principle remains in place, however, that one should not mourn for those publicly flouting the COVID rules. This might not be the most sensitive approach to take in response to someone’s passing. But it is important to take note of the sorts of discussions taking place in the current climate in Israel, and the frustration, and halakhic objection, to the ‘business as usual’ approach some are taking.


    Vues Master’s Note: What an idiot!! He deserves to be taught Chafetz Chaim! If you check out the facts you will find that unfortunately Rabbi Wosner was afflicted with Alzheimers! This Rav owes him an apology. Unless we will be melamed zchus that this Rav is so overcome by Corona that he lost his mind and can’t conceivably think of a way to be melamed zchus! Then I wish him a refuah sheleima! What an embarrassment!!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    Hey there! I’m working to launch the genre of ‘Jewish Heavy Metal.’ Music that taps into the dark emotions that humanity grapples with, while offering ideas & insights of personal growth & development based on ancient Jewish mysticism. The project has received very positive feedback from those on all ends of the religious spectrum, as well as folks involved in the music industry. I plan on releasing my first single next Monday, and have attached a promotional teaser below. You can find me on Instagram at Instagram.com/JewishMetal. Would you be interested in profiling me and learning more about this project?

    Best wishes, D H

    Vues Master’s Note: I am getting a headache just thinking about it! Why does music need to be so heavy what is wrong with a good old Kumzitz!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    In Memory of Mr Yoel Usher Lunger Z”L who was recently niftar from Covid BDE He was the brother of the owner of Monsey Bus Tours who was a driver himself for the Bus company, and did a lot of Chesed along the way. Yhei Zicho Baruch! When I took the 8th gr to Wash DC, we had a substitute driver who never went to Wash until now. He was from a different Bus company, and he stopped in every gas station along the way to ask directions. [pre GPS or Waze] We, BH made it to Wash the first day. Early the next morning, we davened on the bus and left everything on the bus to go get tickets for the White House [pre 9-11] When we came back the bus was locked, and the driver could not be found! We continued by foot to the US Mint, and the Holocaust Museum. That’s when we met Mr Yoel Lunger Z”L from Monsey Bus Tours. The students went into the museum for a few hrs with chaperone parents, while Mr Lunger drove himself and Mr Mark Weiss [Hatzolah member with a new invention- cell phone] around to look for our missing driver and bus. Mark bet me that he was still in the first place where he dropped us off early in the morning with all our money and food on the bus! Mr Lunger drove us all over town, since his passengers were also in the museum for a while. We finally found our missing lost bus and its driver back in the first place as Mark predicted surrounded by a bunch of maps of Wash DC.I will never forget what he told us when he was reunited; “My mother taught me that whenever you are Lost, stay put, and they will find you!

    BS”D B”H IY”H” RMS

    Vues Master’s Note: How inspiring!!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Something happened to me erev Shabbos that reminded me of the Keystone Kops episode when they are fireman and the alarm goes off and all of the fire engines with their firemen on board rush out of the firehouse to go to some unknown destination to put out the fire. What they don’t know is that it’s their very firehouse that’s on fire. I’m only smiling about what happened last Friday because it had a happy ending, but it could have been very serious. My wife and I have a friend in our building of a certain age who I’ll call Joe. Every Friday afternoon I call him and arrange to bring up some food for Shabbos, like grape juice, challah rolls and gefilte fish. He is almost always home. So this past Friday at 4 when I called him (candle lighting was at 5 p.m.) I was concerned when he didn’t answer the phone on numerous calls. I went up to his apartment with the food and saw there were two day’s newspapers in front of his door. I came back down, very concerned. Some history: A few years ago when Joe was a passing acquaintance, somebody told me there were 4 days of newspapers in front of his door. I called a lifelong friend of his who had moved to Florida who told me it was very unusual for Joe as he rarely went out for more than a few hours at a time. He was very concerned. I called 911 and one EMT was able to get out on the fire escape and climb through his bedroom window. Joe was found lying on the floor, very dehydrated, and was rushed to the hospital. He had fallen down on that floor and couldn’t get up and he had been laying there for nearly five days. To me his survival was a miracle. In time his health got built up and he agreed to have a meal with me in the shul succah up the block. That location was where he had been bar mitzvahed 60 years prior (the building had since been torn down and a new one was put up in its place). He hadn’t been back to that shul or any shul since soon after his Bar Mitzvah. A few days later, he came to the Simchat Torah dancing with me and I was moved how the men in the shul with their black hats and suits welcomed this man with his flannel shirt and workaday pants. I was happy to see Joe smile when they danced with the Torah around him and he did a little dancing himself. The next Simchat Torah, when everyone gets to say a blessing at the Torah, I was thrilled that Joe agreed to come to shul to get an aliyah. He practiced the blessings at home. Watching him with the tallis over his head getting that aliyah was very moving to me. Given that it was in the same physical location as his last aliyah, some 60 years prior. So back to this past Friday. When I saw those two newspapers out his door I was concerned for him. I called the building super who had his keys but he was in Manhattan and wouldn’t be home from work until 2 a.m. It was getting close to Shabbos starting and there were still a number of things I needed to do to get ready. But first and foremost was Joe’s well being. I called 911 and explained the situation. Could they come and go on the fire escape and go in through his bedroom window again? I wondered if I should wait until 2 a.m. But the woman dispatcher said there was no time to wait and asked for the address. I wasn’t sure about the apartment number…I just knew how to find it. I gave them one number and at the last minute gave another. i said I would meet them in the lobby and take them up. She couldn’t tell me how long it would be. I hung up and quickly did some important Shabbos preparations. By the time I rushed down to the street level I saw the emergency vehicle but no one was inside. They were already upstairs. I rushed upstairs and I heard emergency workers banging on a door. When I got to the landing they were banging on the wrong door, the first address I had given to the dispatcher. I pointed to the correct door and told them that was where they needed to go. They disputed me saying that’s not what their report said. I told them I was the one who called. Then I looked at Joe’s door and saw that the newspapers were no longer there. It was around 10 minutes before candle lighting. I rang his bell and Joe answered. I was so happy to see him. Then I noticed cuts and bruises on his face and asked him about it. He said he had passed out at a bank a few days ago and was taken to the hospital and had just gotten home. The EMT workers were concerned about his appearance and began asking him questions to determine his orientation. He answered every one accurately and when they asked him where he had just been, he gave a detailed account of his bus ride home from the hospital, including the following detail that caused me to smile for the first time in a hour. Joe said, “Then I came into this building. In fact I rode up with the two of you in the elevator.” I was laughing on the inside. Here these emergency workers, with gurney in hand, were rushing to save him, to climb into his apartment if need be, AND they were riding in the same elevator with him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was the one who opened the door for them. They prevailed on him to let them take his pressure. I went downstairs for Shabbos, but not before bringing up the food for him. The EMT workers had left. His pressure had been a little high. He thanked me for the food. He said he was feeling better. We wished each other good Shabbos. I told him if he needed anything to knock on our door. I made it home for candle lighting with time to spare.


    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for Sharing!



    Dear Vues Master:

    In your Business Spotlight Q&A regarding Medicaid, eligibility for Medicaid is wrongly put forth at age 65. Medicaid is a needs-based program, whereas Medicare is age-based. If your income is below a certain level (“poverty” level), you qualify for Medicaid without any spenddown. And if your income is above this level, you can establish a Pooled Income Trust Fund, as the article states.


    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for bringing it to our attention! I am still confused but hopefully I will get a good financial advisor!!



    Dear Vues Master:

    This past week, America went through a 2nd impeachment trial in one year. This impeachment was against a man that left office weeks ago. Also, this latest impeachment effort was not solely a ludicrous attack on Donald Trump, it was a condemnation to the 74 million Americans that voted for him. It doesn’t matter why people voted for Trump, the action itself was a crime. Instead of taking advantage of their recent win of total control of the U.S. Government, they took the role of a sour winner. They focused on an impeachment trial instead of passing critical legislation. Reopening our economy, schools, and society got pushed off by a week because of their vitriol hatred for Donald Trump and his 74 million voters. Instead of opening schools, they went on with a trial that was deemed unconstitutional by Liberal Constitutional Professor Alan Dershowitz. He argued that because the Constitution hinges removal of office with impeachment, an impeachment effort could only be Constitutional if that person was currently in office. Nevertheless, the Democrats never care about the Constitution if it comes in the way of their hate for Trump. Their claim that Trump incited violence fell flat on its face as evidence continues to surmount that the riot on January 6 started before Trump finished speaking. Or the fact that Trump said in his speech to peacefully and patriotically protest also didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Donald Trump to this day scares the living daylights out of the Swamp. Despite him not being in office for over three weeks later, the Democrats now have the MAGA Republican Party as the opposition. The MAGA Republican party is not the old Republican Party of giving up, it is now the party of fighting for what is right and opposing what is wrong. If Donald Trump was so toxic and politically damaged as the RINO’s and Democrats alleged, then why is he still the main headline three weeks after he left office?!

    Sincerely, D S G

    Vues Master’s Note: I am very worried that they will try to impeach him again! So far everytime Trump veat his impeachment case we get punished that we need to put on another mask! Could you believe it soon we will need to wear twenty masks! How will I be able to breathe underneath it all! Now I understand how Bifen and the Democrats won the house and senate all these people voting were oxygen deprived. Besides for all those dead people who voted!



    Dear Vues Master: Number 1 who did you get it from? Number 2 What are your symptoms? Number 3 I am so glad i was wearing a mask last time i saw you Number 4 are you quarantining Number 5 were you wearing a mask? Number 6 you need to call me back asap we need to know if you are getting better! Number 7 how do you know you have covid? Number 8 did you take both the pcr and overnight test? Number 9 are you going to vaccinate? Number 10 which variant of covid do you have?


    Vues Master’s Note: People say the stupidest things!



    Dear Vues Master: Dear David, We have never met and most likely never will. My name is Abe Biderman and in the 80’s I was Finance Commissioner and Housing Commissioner under Mayor Ed Koch in NYC. During that time I proudly wore my yarmulke at all times and of course was Shomer Shabbos. I felt that I created a Kiddush Hashem, but nothing compares to the Kiddush Hashem that you are making now in Washington. You have exposed literally millions of people to the beauty of Shabbos and the ability to maintain your principles in the most public setting possible. יש קונה עולמו בשעה אחת You must have some amazing zechusim to be given this opportunity. With unbridled admiration, Abe Biderman Very difficult to describe how much your kind email means to me. As it turns out, I was unable to give the closing argument I very much wanted to give and the former President wanted me to give since it came out on Shabbos. But no real choice here and while it would have meant a lot to me to give it, Shabbos obviously means more – no comparison. Take care and thanks so much for writing.

    Shavua Tov, David S

    Vues Master’s Note: Yes! We should all live al Kiddush Hashem!


    TOP 10 ARRANGERS Dear Vues Master: 1-Moshe Mona Rosenblum 2-Yisroel Lamm 3-Moshe Laufer 4-Yoeli Dikman 5-Yuval Stupal 6-Donny Gross 7-Eli Laufer 8-Yissachor Suki Berry 9-Naftali Schnitzler 10-Yochi Briskman


    Vues Master’s Note: After reading your list I wonder who your top Deranged people are?



    Dear Vues Master:

    Though people mock participation trophies, and they are actually stupid because they are worthless pieces of plastic, there is a point to rewarding participation. Children do need to learn that life is sometimes competitive, but they shouldn’t be taught that everything is a competition. An overemphasis on winning teaches children that they shouldn’t even bother showing up if they are not the best. This doesn’t actually reflect real life. You know what they call someone who graduates at the bottom of his class at medical school? “Doctor”. (In fact, about fifty percent of doctors graduate at the bottom half of their classes.) If we view life as a competition where you can’t feel good about yourself if you’re below average, we are sentencing about half the population to low selfesteem. That’s ridiculous. People have value in and of themselves, not in relation to others. Don’t give a child a participation trophy. Trophies were made to celebrate winning, and they don’t accomplish anything otherwise. But participation matters.


    Vues Master’s Note: I think we should give out second place trophies and on it write that everyone else was tied for first place!