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    Speak Your Vues


    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.


    Dear Vues Master I just want you to know how much I enjoyed the article Ari Hirsch did on Rabbi Moishe Tuvia Lieff shlita. We are very lucky to have the Rav in Flatbush.


    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for the feedback. It was our zchus!



    Dear Vues Master Is it just me or does it seem that Jewish Brooklyn is back and busier than it’s been in over a year. The streets have been insane the last two weeks.


    Vues Master’s Note: Bh people are getting vaccinated and the beautiful Yom Tov is coming. Let’s count our blessings better than last year.



    Dear Vues Master: Did all the Jewish people in the tri-state area go to Orlando this Pesach???


    Vues Master’s Note: Last I checked we still have minyanim at Landaus and other Shuls!



    Dear Vues Master I’m still having a problem with so many yidden walking around without wearing a mask? If someone took the vaccine or recently had covid and now has antibodies I understand but so many childrens in my kids yeshivas were out this past week because kids are still getting covid. Shouldn’t we be more considerate?


    Vues Master’s Note: Slowly but surely we will normalize. Patience we got to this point just appreciate you are here. We lost quite a few people.



    Dear Vues Master I’m so excited for Pesach. It’s my favorite Yom Tov of the year! I’m just worried that I’m not going to be able to fulfill the mitzvah of feeling like I left Mitzrayim at the seder. I also have a very hard time being mesameach all 8 days. Do you have any suggestions for me?


    Vues Master’s Note: Appreciate what you have, look at how much worse off others are. Enjoy your Yom Tov!



    Dear Vues Master My ten year old daughter really wants me to buy her a cell phone for her afikomen present. I don’t think she’s ready for one but everyone in her class already has. What should I do?


    Vues Master’s Note: Don’t spoil her. Do what you feel is right. You have more experience than her.



    Dear Vues Master Just wanted to let you know how much my family has been enjoying the Rabbi Elefant Pesach Q & A’s in the Jewish Vues. We have been reading them at the Shabbos table every week and find them very informative.


    Vues Master’s Note: We would like to thank Rabbi Elefant and all other contributors. Good Yom Tov.



    Dear Vues Master: So the CDC says what we knew all along: Fully vaccinated people can gather with those at low risk for the coronavirus without masks. Of course they couldn’t declare themselves irrelevant so they concocted this idea that they should still cover their faces in public. Utter nonsense.


    Vues Master’s Note: Sh! Don’t spill the beans. You will put them out of business!



    Dear Vues Master: President Biden took another step closer on his radical agenda to destroy American democracy by signing an executive order expanding voter access and registration efforts.


    Vues Master’s Note: He is trying to get more dead people to vote!



    Dear Vues Master: So it seems like Cuomo has one last female supporter behind him: His mom, Matilda Cuomo, pleaded with voters not to call for his resignation, saying she has “the utmost admiration for Andrew.” Easy for you to say.


    Vues Master’s Note: I think she is scared that he might put her in a nursing home!



    Dear Vues Master: The socialist, egotistical and tyrannical leader of Israel this week celebrated the country’s 5 millionth coronavirus vaccination. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facing re-election this month, promised to vaccinate the entire adult population by April saying then will be done with this coronavirus. In plain talk, another campaign promise not to be kept. These politicians will say anything to be elected and re-elected but then will continue with their power grab and lock everyone back up. Beware.


    Vues Master’s Note: What do you mean he needs to win the weekly elections in Israel! Israel wants to flaunt that they are the only democratic Country in the Region so they have elections every couple of weeks!



    Dear Vues Master: They just came out with a Kol Korei in Lakewood that despite the fact that Marijuanna is now legal anyone in Lakewood caught with it will be expelled from Yeshivas!


    Vues Master’s Note: I guess they don’t want High Holidays a whole year!



    Dear Vues Master: Boruch hashem, Sen. Bernie Sanders took a break from his work of destroying the country and the constitution to oppose efforts to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, saying that “extremist republicans” have done enough to undermine democracy already. As if his extreme wing of the Democratic party haven’t been working to end our democracy.


    Vues Master’s Note: Bernie is a loser who considers himself an Independent! What an idiot!



    Dear Vues Master: The canceling of Dr. Seuss shows that whimsical works intended for children are not respected. Stuffy novels read in literature classes are allowed to be racist, but beautiful works of art in the form of children’s books can be removed from publication for nothing.


    Vues Master’s Note: Because you can fool kids but you can’t fool adults we know the truth!



    Dear Vues Master: I would like to add to the latest post about Israel keeping Americans hostage. I live in Yerushalayim for over six years. I currently have a student visa and am in the process of officially making aliyah. I needed to fly to New York this past Thursday since my father is in very critical condition with Meningitis in the hospital. I was actually able to leave the country with the correct documents. I left behind my husband and three little children, ages 2, 5, and 6. I have a flight scheduled for this coming Tuesday to return. However, I have been so unsuccessful in receiving permission to return. I have been in touch with Amudim and Chaim V’Chessed, who have been two active organizations involved in helping visa holders get back. However, they have also recently responded that due to the elections, Israel is only allowing Israeli citizens to enter. Next, I have been in touch with Dov Lipman who has been actively involved in these situations as well. He told me to keep trying to get permission. I have spoken to Yitzchak Pindras who has said there are so many stories of children who are separated right now from their parents, and so far the Supreme Court is not budging (who apparently has instituted this new policy of entrance only to Israeli citizens. ) He told me that there is no one to talk to. He is more pained for all these people than I could imagine. I know of mothers who have been stuck in America for weeks and fathers away from their families for months now. My sister in law was actually let into the country about a week ago because she is a competing athlete. She is not vaccinated, she did not have to quarantine, ‘because there is training to do.’ Therefore, it seems that the humanitarian reasons that Israel claims to be allowing people in for are not as important as the need for athletes to train. I just need to get back to my family before Pesach. I didn’t do anything wrong. I flew into America for an emergency, and my family needs me now. There has to be something done about this. The Jewish people are much better than this! I hope this can make a difference.


    Vues Master’s Note: It is amazing the effects of Covid it made healthy people crazy!!! Made people who are power hungry take advantage!



    Dear Vues Master: I don’t normally write in, but when I do, I RIGHT. I’d like to bring awareness to an idea that not everyone is aware of; everybody took a lesson from the wuhan. This person that the shadchanim demands a picture, this person that yeshivas learn to slow, and this person that the volume of the music at Chasunahs are insane. What I can’t help but take from Covid is that everybody takes what they want! The man who never understood pictures- takes pictures, the man who can’t take the learning pace- took the learning pace, and the man who can’t stand the volume at weddings- took the volume at weddings! When a lot of tzaros befell klal yisroel a group of askanim came to Rabbi Shteinman zt’l and asked if there is any area in which they can perhaps strengthen themselves, he answered everyone should look at themselves and find an area that needs improvement and move slowly from there. It is possible all the lessons we took from Covid are indeed true, but instead of judging a community for not living up to your imaginations, maybe it’s time to work a little on what you know you struggle with but are too lazy to address! I know you all mean really well, but our community is actually doing quite fine, Baruch hashem there is Torah wherever one turns, chessed providing all with their needs, yiddishe homes filled with sefarim, hachnosas orchim, Simcha, heilige yiddishe kinder trying hard to fulfill the Aibishters will in this backward-logic world. If we just find one thing, ANYTHING, that we can strengthen ourselves in, to the tiniest degree, that would be the greatest change one can make under the sun. We’re doing great! let’s look at what we have; rather than what we’d like to imagine we should have, let’s take what our soul wants; rather than what our laziness wants to tell us we want.

    Anonymously yours, Aspiring Talmid Chacham

    Vues Master’s Note: I like this letter. Yes! We can all do better but no need to bash Klal Yisroel who as a whole are trying their best. Hashem Loves Us All!!



    Dear Vues Master: Please respect your elders. As a senior citizen I believe that when I speak people should listen. Yes, that means you. When I tell you to follow the law and protect my heath and the health of my friends by wearing your mask, you should listen. Don’t roll your eyes, respond with chutzpah, walk away or put your mask on your chin. Put your mask on over your nose and mouth. It’s not such a tall order. Hundred of thousands if not millions of people are following the CDC’s guidelines. Even if you decide you know better than all the medical professionals in this country (and the world, as a matter of fact), the least you can do is show some respect for some of your elders who are scared to death of catching the dreaded virus and just wear your mask properly when you’re around us.


    Vues Master’s Note: My suggestion is get vaccinated! Then you won’t need a mask anymore!!



    Dear Vues Master: Our nation this year has suffered through a lot. A pandemic to rioting and to top it off, a crazy election. It is perhaps one of the most revolutionary times to be Americans. The changes that we have seen in the past year will have long-lasting effects. The way in our past how we survived and flourished from the challenges was strong leadership. From Georgia Washington leading the Revolutionary Army to President Lincoln freeing the slaves, our nation persisted even when others thought otherwise. We are now facing similar events. We have a crisis on our borders. Despite this President’s reluctance to use the Cword, it is a crisis. According to Biden’s own Department of Homeland Security, there are currently 3500 unaccompanied minors at the borders. We also had a record 100,000 people tried to get in the US in February, and 108 migrants released who were positive for COVID, kids still in cages, but apparently, it’s simply a challenge, not a crisis according to the DOH Secretary. One of America’s governors is currently under fire for deadly nursing policies and allegations of misconduct to women, but no, our President waits a week to mention it. “Help is on the way” according to the Democrats, except when it comes to the real issues. Help is on the way in terms of a bill that was labeled COVID relief, despite not having much relief. In the end, though, Biden is a nice guy, not like a bad orange man. Is that what this country cares about now?! Do we really believe that Washington and Lincoln were popular because they were nice?! No, they were popular because they led America, not sleep behind the wheel. It would probably do some good if #46 would take a page out of effective leadership instead of playing Mr. Nice Guy.

    Sincerely, D S G

    Vues Master’s Note: Wait he is still napping! Or is he Tripping? Does he have a pulse? Everytime Kamala shakes his hand she is checking for a pulse not there so she can take over!



    Dear Vues Master: You may already have read about the headlines regarding the gigantic CDC study definitively proving that mask mandates and restaurant closures work to lower the rates of illness and death. The summary right on top of the study says as much, vindicating those in power who enforced these measures. The study’s authors didn’t expect anyone to bother reading the actual study, because you have to go two thirds of the way in to finally see the numbers. The study looked at twenty day increments before and after the respective mandates were initiated or removed; we would expect an impressive 80% or at least a 50% reduction based on the headlines. The actual numbers? A mere 0.5% reduction in cases and 0.7% reduction in deaths in the first twenty days after mask mandates were initiated. By 81 to 100 days, we reach a whopping 1.8% drop in cases thanks to mask mandates. For restaurants, the numbers actually decreased after reopening for indoor dining for the first 40 days, then rose gradually, peaking at a grand 1.2% growth rate in cases 61 to 80 days after before falling back to 1.1% 81 to 100 days after reopening. Yes indeed, it was worth destroying our economy and people’s lives for these wonderfully unimpressive statistically insignificant reductions in Covid cases. Lesson learned? Don’t trust the headlines–read for yourself and read between the lines. And bottom line, trust only in Hashem and keep davening!

    A Reader Who Knows How to Read

    Vues Master’s Note: Power hungry Politicians want you to be beholden to them.



    Dear Vues Master: No masks for Yidden

    The רלב”ג על התורה writes on מכת חשך that the air was so thick with pollutants that the מצרים had to cover their mouths & noses but for the בני ישראל there was need to do so


    Vues Master’s Note: May we be zocheh to see it in our days!



    Dear Vues Master: “Beware Beware -Pessach is Coming- Pessach is Coming”! I once asked my 3rd grade class when I was still teaching, what they did to help out their parents for Pessach? One kid answered me that his mother would tell him to help her out by going outside to play! I remember “helping” out my wife when I first got married by playing with the kitchen sink hose “schpritzing” endlessly water at the stove oven cleaning off the easy off. I made it Pesachdik all right-straight for the garbage with the rest of the chometz. It didn’t turn on the stove or oven anymore. My wife benched me with meah brochos! [Hey, at least it was cleaned for Pessach- WATERLOGGED!] I once surprised my wife by telling her that I got rid of the old recliner, and that I bought a new one from those huge trucks that come around selling those couches. I told her not to worry, since I had asked the goyim to take down the old recliner to the garbage. She nearly had a cow in panic; “My jewelry was hidden in the old recliner! [Oops!] I ran down so fast to B”H retrieve the jewelry [and my marriage thank G-D]. I remember sitting on the floor erev Pessach, opening up my Polish vacuum cleaner, and to my utter horror, discovering that there was no vacuum bag inside. I had to dig in with my bare hands, and try to get out all the chometz dust. I was shaking that vacuum cleaner upside down, and with the help of my ceiling fan, it was a cloud of dust, dirt & chometz being evenly distributed all around my house. I took the entire vacuum and for a lack of a better term “chucked” it right into the garbage truck that was picking up all the chometz that erev Pesach. Rabbi Berel Wein shlita, tells over a story, how he was riding around in an Israeli cab, when the non-frum taxi driver told him that the only observant mitzvah he keeps, is not having chometz around on Pesach. He remembers how hard his mother worked for Pessach by getting rid of all the chometz, that it left an indelible impression on him. My einekel helps me clean by dispersing his mess all over the place except by his place. “Zeide, I’m Kleaning”! [As long as his place is clean, that’s all that counts]. He also KA”H helps my daughter out by washing her windows. He has a unique way how he manages to do it. You see, he first takes a filled up water gun, then shoots the water into his mouth, and afterwards, well, better yet, I’ll let you figure out the rest of the story! When I was single and living with my parents, we cleaned all over the house, including the curtains. By Bedikas chometz, we couldn’t find a single crumb until we checked the least obvious place where you’ll expect to find bread-THE BREADBASKET! UH OH!] But look at the bright side-at least our curtains were spotless. Every year, B”H, I buy my Shatzer Matzohs that are delicious. One year as a rebbe, I was given matzos by a no name brand for half price. I nearly spent double on the dentist bill after Yom Tov. I now think I need dentures, false teeth, a bridge, a cap, and an implant! On a more serious note, Rabbi Paysach Kroen tells how a son once asked his father for an afikomen present, to please spend more time with him. HoRav Wolbe zt”l writes in his powerful book on chinuch “Helping to Plant & Build Children” [Feldheim Publishers], that a father complained to him that his 17 years old son doesn’t want to learn with him. He answered him; “Where were you when he came home from Preschool as a young child with his Show & Tell? Did you give him any attention back then? He advised the father to take his kid to the zoo, and spend some time with him. He returned by telling Rav Wolbe that he let his kid go around the zoo himself while he took out a Gomorrah to learn. [I don’t think that’s what Rav Wolbe had in mind.] Please have all the Corona victims and cholim in mind by your seder table. Have a “Chag Kasher V”Someach”, & a Good Shabbos & a Good Yom Tov! Sincerely; RMS Vues Master’s Note: Oy! My mother started screaming at me Pesach is coming from Purim! My grandmother from the day after Pesach! No crumbs. Pretty crummy memories!



    Dear Vues Master: The loosening of restrictions, the decline of cases, and the declarations of public-health experts that the Black Lives Matter protests were “safe” and “necessary” created a perfect storm. Thereafter, the public-health officials lost a great deal of their authority. If you had to point to a single moment when perceptions shifted, that was it. Once CDC and NIH representatives began taking into consideration factors that weren’t strictly medical, it was easy for Hareidim to conclude that they, too, could make exceptions for what they considered of the utmost importance.


    Vues Master’s Note: Especially if the Papers and Politicians blamed it on the Jews when the most cases were with the colored people. In addition the Papers forgot that Jews work in Manhattan too but I guess that does not count and the reason the numbers are high is because of the Jews! The fact that Manhattan is a ghost town where most of the people work remotely does not come into play when you are an anti semite and look to blame Jews only. Of course the only zones Red and yellow were in Jewish neighborhoods. But when it came to vaccines they all of a sudden were not high on the list! Politics as usual Anti Jews and Anti Religion comes into play. Of course if we would kill babies the score would change! Time for the Second amendment!!!



    Dear Vues Master: DO YOU KNOW THE ?מה נשתנה incorrect translation: מה נשתנה – why is it different. correct translation: מה נשתנה -how different it is. מה = what – how למה – מדוע = why


    Vues Master’s Note: What or Why is the question.