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    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with
    the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent
    third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author
    may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any
    issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.


    Dear Vues Master:
    Principles are usually upheld regardless
    of the circumstance. Of course, there are

    extreme exceptions, but overall, their ex-
    istence is almost null. When a principle

    is thrown away for politically convenient
    reasons, that is when the problems begin. A
    person cannot claim to be principled if he
    uses those principles when it fits best and

    throws them away when it doesn’t. A prin-
    ciple is only one politically convenient sit-
    uation from being tossed into the garbage.

    Last week, Congress, with near-unanimous

    support, voted to make “Juneteenth Inde-
    pendence Day” an official federal holiday.

    There is nothing wrong with celebrating an
    event that marked the end of the evil act

    of slavery in a region of the country. How-
    ever, to support it when the intentions of

    the other side were not pure was wrong.
    It is not a coincidence that the trending
    hashtag on Twitter on Juneteenth was the
    word Juneteenth with a BLM fist. Instead
    of standing on a principle that would have

    been to refuse elevating Black Lives Mat-
    ter propaganda that this country is sys-
    temically racist, most Republicans acted

    like cowards by supporting this holiday to
    avoid being labeled a racist. It is also not a
    coincidence that instead of simply labeling
    the day “Freedom Day” or “Emancipation

    Day”, it is called “Juneteenth National In-
    dependence Day,” as if rivaling our coun-
    try’s actual national Independence Day,

    July 4th. It also isn’t a coincidence that

    President Biden and others in their June-
    teenth speeches highlighted America’s

    original sin of slavery still being in effect
    today! All of these coincidences are not
    coincidences. They are intentional acts to
    undermine America’s founding. While it

    may be true that the specific events of Ju-
    neteenth are important to highlight, for one

    to exploit and elevate it as support that this

    country remains a racist country is despi-
    cable. There were many good-intentioned

    Republicans who supported this holiday,

    but the other side is in no way good-inten-
    tioned. If Republicans and Conservatives

    truly believe in respecting our flag, ban-
    ning Critical Race Theory in our schools,

    and respecting our nation’s history, then
    they must fight back against the Left’s

    insertions in American history which sup-
    ports an anti-American narrative. Principle

    over narrative is what is key to saving this
    country from those that want to destroy it.
    D S G
    Vues Master’s Note: Enjoy your Holiday!
    Live and let live. We should have as many
    holidays as we can. Not everything needs
    to be politicized.
    Dear Vues Master:
    Just wanted to tell you that my family
    When בלק asked בלעם to curse the Bnei
    Yisrael, he said לי *ארה” ,curse me*”.
    Harav Hagaon R.Shlomo.Miller Shlita
    said, In Parshasלך לך , Hashem said,” אאר
    ומקללך- מברכיך ואברכה I will bless those
    who bless you and those who curse you
    I will curse”. בלק was aware of this, yet
    he still insisted on having the Bnei Yisrael
    cursed. even though as a result of this, בלק
    himself will be cursed. The ישראל שונאי
    attempt to harm the Yidden even when they
    know they are harming themselves & will
    lose out by doing so. At the end of the
    war, the Nazis ש“ימ ,instead of using their
    trains for their war effort to save their own
    military, they used the trains to transport
    the Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz. Even
    though בלעם blessed the Bnei Yisroel, he
    wasn’t entitled to be blessed because it
    wasn’t him who blessed the Bnei Yisroel
    It was Hashem’s Brocho coming out from
    Bilam’s mouth.
    Vues Master’s Note: Yes! We know that the

    Anti Semites don’t change their modus ope-
    randi. They will do anything to hurt Klal



    Dear Vues Master:
    Airman Gross was assigned to the
    induction center, where he advised

    new recruits about their govern-
    ment benefits, especially GI insur-
    ance. It wasn’t long before Captain

    Smith noticed that Airman Gross
    was having a staggeringly high
    success-rate, selling insurance to

    nearly 100% of the recruits he ad-
    vised. Rather than ask about this,

    the Captain stood in the back of the
    room and listened to Gross’ pitch.
    Gross explained the basics of GI
    insurance to the new recruits and
    then said “If you have GI insurance
    and go into battle and are killed, the
    government has to pay $500,000
    to your beneficiaries. If you don’t
    have GI insurance and you go into

    battle and are killed, the govern-
    ment only has to pay a maximum

    of $10,000.” “Now,” he concluded,
    “which group do you think they are
    going to send into battle first?”

    Vues Master’s Note: There is a rea-
    son why Yidden have survived all

    those years. We hope that we stay
    Dear Vues Master:
    A visitor to the Biblical Zoo in
    There’s an old story about a man
    who was to be married. After he had
    already obtained a marriage license,
    he changed his mind about who to
    marry, so he went to the bureau to
    have it changed. He was told that he
    could have a new license, but there
    would be a $20 fee. He shook his
    head and left, remarking that there
    wasn’t a $20 difference between the
    two women anyway. That’s how a
    lot of people feel about the mayoral
    candidates in NYC. However, it is
    still important to show up to vote in
    the general election.
    Vues Master’s Note: Guess what we
    still don’t know who won. The new
    system is perfect for fraud. No one
    is watching all the ballots all this
    time and it is being manipulated.
    Mark my words this is a terrible
    thing to have ranked choice!.
    Dear Vues Master:
    A למדן visiting a small town went
    to the כנסת בית to pray מנחה ,but
    there was no מנין to be had. “It’s
    a weekday and hard to gather 10
    men,” he was told. “On שבת ,we get
    a nice turnout.” The למדן remarked:
    “This is the opposite of the מן that
    fell for ישראל בני in the מדבר .The
    מן would be gathered all week, but
    couldn’t be found on שבת .In this

    town, the people for a מנין can’t be
    found all week, and only gather on
    Vues Master’s Note: They probably

    had Covid that week and the man-
    date was released for Shabbos. We

    missed our Minyanim during Co-

    Dear Vues Master:
    As כיפור יום was ending, one of the
    מתפללים said to the man in the seat
    next to him: “Did you notice how
    fidgety and anxious that fellow
    was? It seems that he just couldn’t

    wait to get home.” “In fact, I did no-
    tice. But I think he was

    מקיים מצוות ׳ועניתם את נפשותיכם׳
    even more than our רבי “.Seeing the
    look of surprise, he explained: “It’s
    simple. Our רבי sat all day בתענית .
    But that fellow sat all day on pins
    and needles.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I always
    thought the main inuy we have on

    Yom Kippur is listening to the chaz-
    zan kvetch a whole day. I guess I am

    not into Chazzanus.
    Dear Vues Master:
    What kind of lights did נח have on
    the תיבה ?Flood lights.
    Master’s Note:I would not make
    light of it. We don’t want our email
    flooded with comments out of the
    teiva I mean out of the box. We need
    to keep afloat here.
    Dear Vues Master:
    Tasting food on a Fast day Rochel
    wasn’t sure if she added enough
    pepper to the soup. She asked her
    Rav if she may taste the soup on17th
    Tamuz. The Rav answered that
    she may take a spoonful and taste
    it and then spit it out. Leah asked
    the same question from the same
    Rav. She wasn’t sure if she added
    enough salt to the soup. The Rav
    answered that she may not taste the

    soup even if she spits it out. 3 An-
    swers a) Rochel was a Sephardia.

    The Rav told her to follow the Psak

    of the Bais Yosef who allows tast-
    ing food (& spitting out) on a תענית

    except for on Tisha B’Av & Yom
    Kippur. Leah was an Askenzia &
    must follow the Rema who forbids
    tasting food on every תענית b) The
    חיי אדם the quotes מ“ב תקס“ז סק“ו
    “when cooking for a מצוה סעודת
    one may taste the food on a תענית “
    (may not swallow) Rochel cooked
    יוסף תקס“ח) The) c סעודת מצוה a
    ברכי ( brings a תקולחמ If someone
    mistakenly made a ברכה) on food)

    on a תענית According to the בכסף
    נחפה ,he should eat less than a
    כזית Others argue and hold to say
    .ברכה the making after בשכמל“ו
    Vues Master’s Note: I hope that the
    food came out OK and the lady is
    not fasting all this time.
    Dear Vues Master:
    A wealthy miser locked his door
    before an עני who had stretched
    out his hand. The עני said to the
    servant: “Tell the הבית בעל that if

    he doesn’t let me in, my brother-in-
    law will come and he won’t be able

    to keep him out.” Hearing this, the
    concerned גביר went to the door and

    asked the beggar who is his brother-
    in-law, that he will not be able to

    refuse entry. The poor man replied:
    “My in-laws had two daughters.
    I took one as my wife. The המות
    מלאך took the other one. Therefore,

    the המות מלאך is my brother-in-

    Vues Master’s Note: WI am scared
    of this family. I guess that sister in
    law said at her chuppa, till death do
    us part.
    Dear Vues Master:
    A 26-year old man decided to have
    a cup of coffee. He took a cup of
    water and put it in the microwave
    to heat it up (something that he had
    done numerous times before). I am
    not sure how long he set the timer

    for, but he wanted to bring the wa-
    ter to a boil. When the timer shut

    the oven off, he removed the cup
    from the oven. As he looked into
    the cup, he noted that the water
    was not boiling, but suddenly the
    water in the cup ‘blew up’ into his

    face. The cup remained intact un-
    til he threw it out of his hand, but

    all the water had flown out into his
    face due to the build-up of energy.
    His whole face is blistered and he
    has 1st and 2nd degree burns to his
    face which may leave scarring. He
    also may have lost partial sight in
    his left eye. While at the hospital,
    the doctor who was attending to

    him stated that this is a fairly com-
    mon occurrence and water (alone)

    should never be heated in a micro-
    wave oven. *General Electric’s

    Response:* *Thanks for contacting
    us; I will be happy to assist you.

    The email that you received is cor-
    rect. Microwaved water and other

    liquids do not always bubble when
    they reach boiling point. They can
    actually get superheated, and not

    bubble at all. The superheated liq-
    uid will bubble up out of the cup

    – when it is moved, or when some-
    thing like a spoon or tea bag is put

    into it.* *To prevent this from hap-
    pening and causing injury, do not

    heat any liquid for more than two
    minutes per cup. After heating, let
    the cup stand in the microwave for
    thirty seconds before moving it or
    adding anything into it.* Pass this

    on, you could very well save some-
    one from a lot of pain and suffering.

    Vues Master’s Note: Would the same
    happen to tradition soups?.
    LEG UP
    Dear Vues Master:

    Meir came to the רב with a ques-
    tion. “I fell and hurt my leg and it

    got infected and swollen,” he said.
    “The doctor told me to soak a towel
    with milk and put it around the leg.
    Is this a problem of וחלב בשר “?he
    asked. The רב thought about it for
    only a moment before he replied:
    “Wait a week for the leg to swell
    further and then it will be בשישים
    Vues Master’s Note: I would tell
    him to put on Almond Milk and stick
    almonds on his foot so it won’t be
    maris ayin. I just hope he changes
    his dressing often otherwise it will
    become sour milk and then you will
    need to wrap it in wine so it will be
    sour grapes!.
    Dear Vues Master:
    The Midrash (פנחס‘פ (enumerates

    the six names of .זמרי and the rea-
    son for 5 of the names why he was

    called by that name. On the name
    שלמיאל ,the Midrash doesn’t give
    the reason because this was his
    חבר בן חיים The. name original
    ליקוטיwrites, he heard from his
    Rebbe the Chasam Sofer, Why was
    he named Shlumiel ? The Midrash
    (בלק‘ פ (says that 12 ניסים happened
    to פנחס which enabled him to kill
    זמרי .The Chasam Sofer jokingly
    said “Wasn’t he a Shlumiel that all
    the 12 things that had to happen in
    order for him to get killed, actually
    Vues Master’s Note: As long as he
    was not the schlimazel or nudnik.
    Dear Vues Master:
    I think everyone should be paying
    more attention to the #FreeBritney
    scandal. I don’t particularly care
    about Britney Spears herself, but
    the fact that a lucid adult in the
    United States can legally be under
    someone else’s complete control is
    highly disturbing. If it’s happening
    to her, we can assume she’s not the only one. This is a human rights is-

    Vues Master’s Note: We need some
    more background. What does it
    mean she needs to be free? Is it a
    money issue? Did she sign a bad
    Dear Vues Master:
    The time is NOW!!! I never
    dreamed that I would have to face
    the prospect of not living in the
    United States of America, at least
    not the one I have known all my
    life. I have never wished to live
    anywhere else. This is my home
    and I was privileged to be born
    here. But today I woke up and as
    I had my morning coffee, I realized
    that everything is changing for the
    worse. No matter how I vote, no
    matter what I say, no matter how

    much I pray, something evil has in-
    vaded our nation, and our lives are

    never going to be the same. I have
    been confused by the hostility of
    family and friends. I look at people

    I have known all my life–so hate-
    filled that they agree with opinions

    they would never express as their
    own. I think that I may well have
    entered the Twilight Zone. We have

    become a nation that has lost its col-
    lective mind! You cannot justify

    this insanity: • If a guy pretends
    to be a woman, you are required
    to pretend with him. • Somehow
    it’s un-American for the census to
    count how many Americans are in
    America. • Russians influencing
    our elections are bad, but illegals
    voting in our elections are good.
    • Twenty is too young to drink a
    beer, but eighteen is old enough to
    vote. • People who have never
    owned slaves should pay slavery
    reparations to people who have
    never been slaves. • People who
    have never been to college should
    pay the debts of college students
    who took out huge loans for their

    degrees. • Immigrants with tuber-
    culosis and polio are welcome, but

    you’d better be able to prove your
    dog is vaccinated. • Irish doctors
    and German engineers who want
    to immigrate to the US must go
    through a rigorous vetting process,
    but any illiterate gang member or
    terrorist who jumps the southern
    fence is welcome. • $5 billion for
    border security is too expensive, but
    $1.5 trillion for “free” health care
    is not. • If you cheat to get into
    college you go to prison, but if you
    cheat to get into the country you go
    to college for free. • People who
    say there is no such thing as gender

    are demanding a female President.

    • We see other countries going So-
    cialist and collapsing, but it seems

    like a great plan for us. • Some
    people are held responsible for
    things that happened before they
    were born, and other people are not
    held responsible for what they are
    doing right now. • Criminals are
    caught-and-released to hurt more
    people, but stopping them is bad
    because it’s a violation of THEIR
    rights. • And pointing out all this

    hypocrisy somehow makes us “rac-
    ists”?! Nothing makes sense any-
    more – no values, no morals, and no

    civility. People are dying of a Chi-
    nese virus, but it’s racist to refer to

    it as Chinese even though it began
    in China. We are clearly living in
    an upside-down world where right
    is wrong and wrong is right, where
    moral is immoral and immoral is
    moral, where good is evil and evil
    is good, where killing murderers is
    wrong but killing unborn babies is
    okay! Wake up America, the great
    unsinkable ship Titanic America

    has hit an iceberg, it’s taking on wa-
    ter, and is sinking fast. We Ameri-
    cans are drowning. Speak up while

    you still have breath and a voice for
    soon you will have neither if you
    Vues Master’s Note:We definitely
    need a yeshuah. We are headed in
    the direction of Sodom and Amora.
    Dear Vues Master:
    What is the big deal with the new
    holiday Juneteenth? We already
    have Martin Luther King Day. Now
    they want to give another holiday!!
    Why not a Holocaust day? If they
    feel they need another holiday:

    Why not have a Holocaust Reme-
    berence day? We already have 2 Af-
    rican American holidays. Why not a

    Jewish holiday?
    Vues Master’s Note: I guess you are
    not politically correct. Jews are not
    important but Muslems are. Note
    how the African Americans align
    themselves with Muslems who are

    in the Majority of the world where-
    as African Americans and Jews are

    in the minority of the world.
    Dear Vues Master:
    I went to Camp Torah Vodaath as a
    young camper for a number of years
    including the year that I was a CIT. I

    even got to put on my own night ac-
    tivity as a CIT and produced my own

    serious play. There were great actors
    in that play, and I remember how one
    camper said his line at the wrong

    time and no less than R’ Chaim Dov-
    id Zwiebel [night activities director]

    improvised and saved the play by
    narrating; “Earlier that day…..Who
    can forget Yaakov [Jackie] Salomon
    and R’ Heshy Arem in the serious
    drama that was played over two
    nights “Who Is Yaakov Ginza”? R’
    Baruch Hilsenrath in Danny from
    Oz! R’ Mutty Katz picking up a beer

    bottle on stage and using it for a tele-
    phone. The great Boro Park Comedy

    played in Color war where our team
    was warned not to laugh at the other
    team’s jokes. However, we could
    simply not hold back, since we had
    a stomach ache from laughter. Even

    the judges were crying from laugh-
    ter. It was the first play with Yid-
    dish jokes. [K’aaaeleh]. The ban-
    ner dispute where the judges ruled

    against a most colorful banner was
    a binocular scene presented in four
    different parts but lost since it didn’t
    have a Pasuk written on it “Mah
    Rabu Maasecha Hashem”. The great
    Grand Sing songs [Jep album vol 1
    & 2] especially the emotional Alma
    Mata written by R’ Dovid Finkelman
    after the fire in camp where B”H no
    one got hurt Maaseh Nissim. “The
    flames of the fire-ignited a spark in
    our hearts-a feeling of Achdus-that
    will never part”. I miss the stories by

    R’ Yitzy Erps and the comical act-
    ing of the Boss played by R’ Hirsch

    Chinn. I long for those walks on the
    camp road Fri nights after the meal

    with our counselor and JC. I still re-
    member as if it were yesterday, Rav

    Sholom Kamenetsky shlita coming
    to our bunk to tell us a maaseh. Oh!

    how I miss those Camp days. Visit-
    ing Day, waiting for our parents to

    come up from the city and spending
    the day with the family. The cheers
    and chants in the dining room and
    the beautiful Zemiros on Shabbos. I
    will always remain a CTV camper at
    heart as long as I live. Those were
    the days……[Shimon Lefkowitz;
    “The Russians are coming”!} I was
    once walking with our bunk on the
    camp road when a bunch of horses
    started trotting more like galloping
    down the hill towards us. I didn’t
    wait around to find out that they
    cannot jump over the barbed wire
    fence. I took off like it was the derby
    and raced back to camp ahead of
    my Counselor and JC.I once went
    over to Mr. Neuhaus A”H and as

    a young naive gullible boy com-
    plained to him that I didn’t like the

    Bombs Hockey pucks or Horse meat
    for supper. He was upset and told
    me that we don’t serve C”V treif!
    I can never forget the CIT Michael
    Hilsenrath, the baseball Home run

    hitter, or the great soloist Avramy

    Flam, R’ Berel Leiner in those gor-
    geous choirs. Hertzy & Ephraim

    Hassenfield brothers playing accor-
    dion and saxophone. Nussy Gluck

    on the clarinet, Michael Cohen and

    Sender Gluck on the trumpet. R’ Yis-
    roel Meir Stern, Yaakov Salomon on

    the guitars. The Simchatone singers
    Yaakov Salomon, Yonah Weinreb

    & Bency Schachter. Sheya Mend-
    lowitz leading the choirs & Shloime

    Dachs the grand sing. The memo-
    ries go on and on, remembering

    Rav Yitzchak Isbee Z”L-the great
    Grand Sing Leaders Chaim Schmell
    and his brother Moish Schmell…

    And of course the Grand Judges En-
    trance led by Nicky Gordon. There

    were the great Head Counselors and
    their assistants; Rav Moshe Francis,
    Chanina Katz, Rav Moshe Neuman,
    and of course the great color war
    fake out by R’ Heshy Arem where
    we thought Color war was cancelled.
    He acted out upset explaining that

    someone tried breaking into his bun-
    galow to steal the Color war Teams.

    He tore up the Color war booklet
    Motzei Shabbos and sent everyone
    back to their bunk until the culprits
    were apprehended or admitted to
    their crime. Hours later we were all
    called down to the Recreation Hall

    in our Pajamas for Color war Fake-
    out! “Learning never ends but learn-
    ing groups are now over”-Rav Shm-
    uel Dishon- Learning director. The

    great Color war Song writers Rab-
    bis; Mutty, Shimon & Dovid Fin-
    kelman brothers, R’ Chaim Dovid

    Zwiebel, Yanky Arem. The All Star
    Basketball Team; Dave {Dovid}
    Beren, Sheya Markowitz, Heshy
    Sieman, Itchy Landerer, Joe Halpert.
    Mr. Neuhaus announced every year;
    “This is the best Color war on this
    side of the Mountains”. “We love
    The Boss- We Love The Boss -We
    Love The Boss We Do- We Love
    The Boss -We Love The Boss We
    Love The Boss- We do”. The great
    Basketball Camp chant when we
    played against other camps. It still

    rings out in my ears; “TORAH VO-

    TORAH VODAAS”! I would be re-
    miss if I would not mention the dedi-
    cated Camp Director after the Boss;

    R’ Nossie Neuman. [We Got Gotts]
    Vues Master’s Note: I am sure there
    are others who have memories of
    Camp. Let’s get some more people
    sharing their experiences!