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    Dear Vues Master:

    I just wanted to tell you that my family

    LOVES the Jewish & Country Vues this

    summer. Keep up the great work!! We especially

    love the Fun Questions & all the great


    Vues Master’s Note: Thank you!!! We appreciate

    all feedback, especially positive feedback.


    Dear Vues Master:

    Yoni Netanyahu, the famed hero of the Entebbe

    operation, was killed in action 45 years

    ago on July 4. Benjamin Netanyahu’s older

    brother was named Jonathan (Yonatan) and

    is usually remembered as Yoni. He died fighting

    anti-Israel terrorists on July 4, 1976 just

    as the world’s oldest democracy celebrated

    its Bicentennial. Yoni died in a heroic effort

    which successfully freed over a hundred hijacked

    Jewish hostages in Entebbe, Uganda.

    America’s commemoration of liberty shared

    the world’s headlines with Israel’s celebration

    of the liberation of the hostages. The

    daring of Israel’s commandos captured the

    world’s imagination like no other anti-terrorism

    action in history. Books and movies

    recall the Entebbe rescue but there’s more to

    the story. Much more. It is not widely known

    that Yoni Netanyahu was a hero long before

    he commanded the Entebbe operation. He

    played a key role in many other crucial Israeli

    security operations exhibiting courage and

    valor in the most dangerous of circumstances.

    He was a living example to the world’s

    statesman that terrorism can be beaten – if

    the nations of the world have the will to

    fight back. Yoni was born in New York into

    a family of dedicated Jabotinsky Zionists

    who greeted the news of the establishment

    of Israel by packing up and moving there in

    1948. He returned to the U.S. in 1963 where

    his father, a distinguished Jewish Studies

    scholar, Benzion Netanyahu, (1910-2012),

    accepted a professorship in Philadelphia.

    After graduating high school in a suburb

    Philadelphia in 1964, Yoni returned to Israel

    to join the army and it was not long before

    he had worked his way up to the leadership

    of an elite paratrooper unit. The mid-1960s

    was a time of growing danger for Israel. The

    Palestine Liberation Organization, established

    in 1964 for the purpose of “liberating”

    all of “Palestine” from the Israelis had begun

    mounting terrorist attacks across Israel’s borders—

    and those precarious borders indeed.

    In those days, before the 1967 war, Israel was

    just 9 miles wide at its strategic midsection,

    and all of Israeli’s major cities were within

    striking distance of Yasser Arafat’s terrorists.

    Yoni did not fear the possibility of losing

    his life in the war to protect Israel from its

    enemies. “Death does not frighten me,” he

    wrote to a friend. “I do not fear it because I

    attribute little to a life without purpose. And

    if it is necessary for me to lay down my life

    to attain an important goal, I will do so willingly.”

    The path that led to Yoni’s renown

    within Israel’s commando ranks may have

    begun in 1971 battling the Black September

    Organization, founded by Arafat’s Fatah faction.

    One of Black September’s first attacks

    was the assassination of Jordan’s Prime Minister

    Wasfi Tal. One of the assassins earned

    a permanent place in the history of savagery

    by drinking their victim’s blood in full view

    of photographers. In 1972, a Black September

    unit was carried out the murder of 11 Israeli

    athletes at Munich’s Olympic Village.

    Yoni was a member of a commando unit sent

    the night of April 19, 1973 to Beirut to attack

    the planners of the Munich Massacre. Israeli

    commandos landed on a Lebanese beach and

    slipped into Beirut. Yoni and his unit made

    their way to the apartment of Black September

    leader Muhammad Youssef Al-Najjar

    (Abu Youssef). He had not been originally

    assigned to the mission, Yoni volunteered.

    The last to leave the apartment, Yoni grabbed

    a satchel of papers just as Lebanese police

    jeeps arrived. The papers contained operational

    plans for the PLO’s terrorist network

    throughout Israel. Yoni’s discovery undoubtedly

    saved hundreds of lives. Details of

    another example of Yoni’s heroism are to

    be found in Moshe Dayan’s autobiography

    “Story of My Life.” Dayan recalls how Yoni

    suffered a serious wound in the Six-Day War and yet had returned to his army unit and fought valiantly in the Yom Kippur War, despite his permanent injuries. Yoni and his unit “stalked and killed more than 40 Syrian commandos who had landed behind our lines,” wrote Dayan. After that Yoni was responsible for an extraordinary mission that rescued Lieutenant Colonel Yossi Ben Hanan from behind enemy lines. Again, Yoni volunteered. He had overheard a radio transmission about a severely injured tank officer and led his men on foot, braving a non-stop artillery barrage. Recalling the Ben Hanan rescue, Dayan wrote: “I do not know how many young men there are like Yoni. But, I am convinced there are enough to insure that Israel can meet the grim tests which face her in the future.” Dayan’s memoirs were published before the Entebbe operation. Yoni’s last name is not revealed by Dayan in the book. His portrayal of Yoni seems visionary in retrospect. Self Portrait of a Hero is a must read; it contains Yoni’s letters to family and friends from 1963 when he first entered high school in the Philadelphia suburbs to just days before the rescue of hostages at Entebbe. His intellect, patriotism, compassion, dedication to duty and leadership are all on full display, amplifying the loss of someone who had just turned 30. The book has had a profound effect on its readers for decades. If you have not yet read it, do yourself a favor and get a copy. You too will be forever changed by it.


    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for sharing. He was moser nefesh to save other Yidden.


    Dear Vues Master:

    After eating far too many donuts during הכונח, a man’s wife told him that he must go on a diet. He went to a dietitian, who told him that he suggests the following: “Eat normally for two days and then skip a day. If you do this for six weeks, you’ll lose at least ten pounds.” When the man returned six weeks later, the dietitian weighed him and was surprised to see that he had lost twenty five pounds. “This is fabulous!” he said. “Did you follow my instructions?” “Of course,” the man replied, “even though every time I got to the third day, I felt that I couldn’t do it anymore.” “From hunger?” the dietitian asked? “No,” the man answered, “from so much skipping.”


    Vues Master’s Note: I would skip this diet. Iy is quite hard to lose weight and there is no instant success.


    Dear Vues Master:

    NY State Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) and NYPD Community Affairs Bureau Chief Maddery recently met to discuss crime prevention tips and safety suggestions for the summer months. “As New Yorkers go away for vacation, please remember to follow these common sense tips to keep your home or business safe while you are away,” said Senator Felder.

    Protect your Home

    •Make sure all accessible windows are secured (i.e. window gates)

    • Second-story windows that can be accessed by ladder, trash cans or nearby trees, and basement windows are one of the most popular points of entry for a burglar.

    •Always secure air conditioners to the window opening.

    • Illuminate the perimeter of your house and door areas with enough light.

    • Avoid displaying first names of family members on a mailbox. Safeguard your Vehicle

    • Always lock your vehicle and activate your alarm every time you leave your vehicle.

    • Never leave the keys unattended in the ignition, even for a short time.

    • Do not leave your property (pocketbook, cell phone, laptop, etc…) in public view.

    • When possible, park in high traffic or well-lit areas. Deter Package Theft

    • Track your shipment online and choose an option that requires a signature for delivery.

    • Schedule packages to arrive when you are home.

    • Ship packages to your place of employment or friend Safeguard your Business

    •Test your alarm with your central station provider and update emergency contact lists.

    • Make sure all cameras are functional and views are unobstructed.

    • Change the combination of any safes, especially if employees have moved on.

    • Ensure all entrances are well-lit and there is adequate interior lighting.

    • Climbing aids, such as ladders, should be locked up or removed.

    • Cash Registers should be empty and left open to prevent unnecessary damage. “Crime Prevention Officers at local precincts can also provide a free Security Survey of residential, commercial or House of Worship locations. Contact your NYPD Crime Prevention Officer to schedule an appointment and put your mind at ease as you enjoy your vacation time away from home,” said Senator Felder.

    61 Pct Marcillo Osvaldo Osvaldo.Marcillo@nypd.org 718-627-6832

    62 Pct Eduard Nogol Eduard.Nogol@nypd.org 718-236-2521

    66 Pct. Priscilla Colon Priscilla.Colon@nypd.org 718-851-5620

    70 Pct. Frank Galati Frank.Galati2@nypd.org 718-851-5504


    Vues Master’s Note: Most of all remember that Hashem is out protector! He does not sleep and is always protecting us.


    Dear Vues Master:

    A poor and hungry Jew went into a restaurant and said to one of the diners: “Please give me something to eat.” The diner got upset and sought to ignore him, but the hungry man stood his ground. Finally, to get rid of him, the diner gave him a slice of bread. The poor man grabbed the newspaper which the diner had been reading. He folded it and put the bread inside. “What nerve!” the diner screamed, “I give you bread and you take my paper.” The pauper replied: “When someone like you gives something, it merits being immediately placed in the newspaper.”


    Master’s Note: I just hope the poor person did not eat the paper because if he did he would be eating his words.


    Dear Vues Master:

    On January 20, 2020, a siyum haShas was held in Metlife Stadium. Yet this was no ordinary siyum haShas. In front of a crowd of 100,000 people, Reb Mendy Rosenberg finished Shas. It was a moving event – because Mendy Rosenberg has ALS. He is not able to talk and cannot move his body. How, then, was Mendy able to complete the seven-year learning cycle? Enter CSB CARE. CSB CARE enables people with ALS to learn and teach Torah through the use of computer eye-tracking systems. The eyes are the only part of the body that people with ALS can move. In the general public, 80 percent of people with ALS eventually give up on using eye-tracking systems. CSB CARE, however, is aiming to achieve a 100 percent success rate with their systems, so that those diagnosed with ALS can continue to be a vital part of the Jewish community. In 2009, CSB CARE’s first eye-tracking software was created, with the goal of enabling a yungerman to communicate with his family in Yiddish. Today, this yungerman is still communicating with his family and learning with hasmadah. When there is no one else to turn to, CSB CARE is there, guiding, helping, and providing solutions. They offer vital services that are impossible to attain anywhere else — and they will continue to work relentlessly, ensuring that every person in Klal Yisrael is able to learn Torah, daven, and communicate with others. CSB CARE goes above and beyond the call of duty – and it’s our duty to help them in turn so they can continue their avodas hakodesh. When Mendy Rosenberg made his siyum haShas in front of thousands of people, everyone realized that something incredible had just occurred. What many people did not realize, however, was that CSB CARE had invested hundreds of hours into this siyum.


    Vues Master’s Note: It is amazing how Klal Yisroel helps others. We should be zocjeh not to need these organizations anymore!


    Dear Vues Master:

    I could not believe it when I read that Sarsur commented why there were Israeli helpers to help dig up the rubble. She said all the Israeli’s are good at is destroying!


    Vues Master’s Note: Well she has a point there the Palestinians would be much more suited for this operation since they dig tunnels all the time! It is interesting to note that the Israelis sent volunteers to help but the Palestinians did not. The evil that comes from these people never ceases to amaze us. They just have an ayin ra and a lev ra!


    Dear Vues Master:

    When םינולסמ†קזייא†׳ר†published ״הנובת†הברמ״, he approached a ריבג†to ask if he would buy a copy. The ריבג†asked how much it cost and the בר†answered one ruble. “So much for such a small רפס?” the ריבג†asked. The בר†smiled and said: “Apparently, you hold from the הטיש†of רחא†רבד.” Seeing that the ריבג†didn’t comprehend, the בר†explained: “ל״זח†teach that ךדואמ†לכב†means ךנוממ†לכב. The ארמג†then states:



    Therefore, if you’re measuring the רפס†to determine how much it’s worth, it seems that you subscribe to the הטיש†of רחא†רבד. As for me,ךדואמ†לכב†means ךנוממ†לכב.”


    Vues Master’s Note: It is like a child having a nickel rather than a dime as the coin is bigger!


    Dear Vues Master:








    The ט”יבמ†writes the reason it will be והילא†answering and not השמ†because we need a בר†who is alive & from our generation to answer our תולאש


    Vues Master’s Note: So let’s go and get all our questions answered! We desparately need the geulah! It would answer a lot of our needs and



    Dear Vues Master:

    When ףירח†לזייא†׳ר†took ill, the doctor who examined him said: תוומה†ךאלמ†לש†הפולשה†וברח†דגנל†הצע†ןיא

    Several days later, the doctor and לזייא†יבר†met on a street in Vilna. Surprised, the doctor said “It’s a miracle. םשה†has performed a miracle for you.” לזייא†יבר†replied: “No. You are mistaken. I died and there was no miracle for me. Rather, a סנ†was performed for you. When I died and went up to heaven, I heard a הריזג†being decreed that םוניהגל†םיאפורה†לכ. That included you, until I testified before the Heavenly Court that you’re no doctor and you were therefore excluded from the הריזג.”


    Vues Master’s Note: Dr.’s should heal and not pronounce death sentences!


    Dear Vues Master:

    A crude person was eating while walking in the קוש†and every few moments would bark insults at passersby. One person approached him and said: “I need to ask you a question. If you are a םדא†ןב, why are you eating in the קוש? Why the ארמג†expressly states that בלכל†המוד†קושב†לכואה. And if you are a בלכ, why are you barking insults? A קוספ†expressly states



    Vues Master’s Note: I would say this guy’s bite is worse than his bark. I guess he is barking up the wrong tree.


    Dear Vues Master:

    Rashi writes there are 42 תועסמ†in this week Parsha. If you count them, you will find only 41 תועסמ.

    THE ןרהא†ירעש†HAS 6 ANSWERS

    1} Since it says twice

    ססמערמ†ועסיו†and ינב†ועסיו


    They are counted as two תועסמ

    a) Gathering all the Yidden who were spread all over Ramses to a single meeting place.

    b) from the one single meeting point

    to תכס

    2) The last Rashi in Chumash Shemos says.“ the resting, at the way stations, are also called עסמ.


    We count המתר†twice 1) while they were stationed there 2) When they left המתר

    3) ןיצ†רבדמ†& שדק†are considered as 2 The distance between the 2 תועסמ†is less than a day therefore in the Torah it’s not mentioned as two.

    4) There is one other station named ןקעי†ינב†תוראב†mentioned in Parshas בקע. It is a different station from mentioned in our Parsha ןקעי†ינב

    5) While in המתר†Moshe told them not to go up to ןיא†יכ≠†ולעת†לא


    By listening to Moishe & not being רבוע†that’s considered a עסמ

    6) In this week’s Parsha we only have 41, but there is one more עסמ†mentioned in Yehoshua. 3: 1












































    Vues Master’s Note: These were no trivial travels. Some of these travels had their travails.It is important to appreciate Hashem who helps us in all our travels whether it is travelling on the road or in our travels in life!


    Dear Vues Master:

    On רופיכ†םוי†יאצומ, as the people were leaving the תסנכ†תיב, the בר†approached an סרוקיפא†who fasted and prayed all day like everyone else and said: “I’m jealous of you. The ארמג†says: תויכזכ†ול†תושענ†תונודזש†¨הבושת†הלודג.” The סרוקיפא†replied: “Wait till next רופיכ†םוי; you’ll be even more jealous of me.”


    Vues Master’s Note: That is assuming the Rasha makes it to next Yom Kippur. Or even better yet hopefully he does teshuva.


    Dear Vues Master:

    As I was walking on the sidewalk a man on his bike came speeding down and whizzed right passed me. At the same time yelling, “Hey lady move out of my way.” Am I to now assume the pedestrians need to walk on the road while allowing plenty of room for the bikes and scooters? Perhaps pedestrian lanes aught to be next on the city’s agenda. Any better ideas?

    Thank you.

    Devorah Leitner

    Vues Master’s Note: There is a reason when my child got his license, I told my wife stay off the sidewalk! All kidding aside we are in a reckless society where people have no accountability as the Police are defunded and the innocent people who are not aggressive are the ones suffering the most!


    Dear Vues Master:

    A דיסח†came to ךלמילא†יבר†of קסנזיל, complaining about his memory. The יבר†told him to do הבושת†and then he won’t suffer from החכיש, memory loss. “What’s the connection between הבושת†and החכיש?” the דיסח†asked. ךלמילא†יבר†explained:


    דובכה†≠אסכ†דע†תעגמש†≠הבושת†הלודג.” And it is expressly said



    Vues Master’s Note: Wait! I don’t remember if I ever heard this before! A mind is a terrible thing to lose! My father told me that it is a good thing my head is connected o I can’t lose it. Little does he know that I am always losing it!


    Dear Vues Master:

    How does someone become chief rabbi in those countries? Unlike most countries where chief rabbi is to a large degree a political appointee I was told that in France and South Africa he is actually elected in community wide elections. Is that correct? Do all Jewish communities vote on and then accept the authority of the chief rabbi? I would also like to know if there is any country (not city) where who will be the chief rabbi is decided on by an internal decision of the Jewish community, without government input and he has his authority recognized by all or most Jewish groups in that country.


    Vues Master’s Note: As far as his authority, even the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain has no formal authority in religious matters. Any Jew can, and very many do, completely disregard him in all religious issues.The same principle applies in France and South Africa as well as, to a somewhat lesser degree, even in Israel. Does anyone think we need a “Chief Rabbi” here in the United States??If so, would the official residence be located in BP, Willy, Crown Heights, Monsey or Lakewood?


    Dear Vues Master:

    So it’s not “some democrats” most democrats hate Jews and Israel. Of course they Mainly hate Frum Jews, because we believe in Hashem. There are many DemonCrats in Congress that are Jewish by blood, but they have no Jewish Torah! So the PC of our Generation is to be Woke. So therefore you can hate Jews and Excuse Black Criminals. The Congress is making another inquiry about Jan. 6. Of course to Blame Trump! But the Riot started 20 minutes before he ended his speech. But the Truth doesn’t matter in our Woke Generation! Btw, any inquiry that just Focuses on Jan. 6, but they never made any inquiries about 2020-2021 riots, is Unconstitutional! It shows how our Country is worse than China or Russia. The Constitution says – Equal Justice under the Law. So you can’t just make an inquiry about Jan. 6 & Not make any inquiries about all the Riots that have occurred during 2020 & 2021!


    Vues Master’s Note: They are trying so hard. They are trying to coerce Trump’s CEO of his company to rat him out so he can’t run for President. Is it not pathetic they are bringing charges to a tax payer who was employed all these years but not bringing charges to rioters and looters! Yes! When they say freedom it is freedom from laws and common morals. If you are a law abiding citizen but are white you are evil!