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    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master:

    At this point I think it’s abundantly clear

    that there’s no evidence that the election

    was stolen. However, Biden succeeded in

    “making the Taliban great again”. What an

    embarrassment to our country. I hope he

    made the people who voted for him proud.


    Vues Master’s Note: The problem is that

    the Taliban is laughing at us. They are the

    biggest abusers of women’s rights yet the

    Squad is busy standing up for their rights!


    Dear Vues Master:

    It was once observed by :רב†ישראל†סלנטר

    “I’ve often heard people call out to those

    passing by a Shul קדושה†,קדושה†. But I

    don’t think I’ve ever heard them call out

    to passers by “.סעודה†,סעודה


    Vues Master’s Note: I guess they are not

    interested in giving their own money. They

    are good only on the other person’s cheshbon.


    Dear Vues Master:

    The גמרא†שבת†נ”ה†states: .תמה†זכות†אבות

    The זכות†אבות†has expired and we can no

    longer rely on it. Meforshim ask: How is

    it that there are times in davening that we

    do claim to have זכות†אבות†? Harav Hagaon

    R. Shlomo Miller Shlita says that when

    חז”ל†said זכות†אבות†lasts only for a certain

    number of generations (see Shabbos

    55a), it applies only to יחידים†. Individuals

    living today have no זכות†אבות†anymore

    because our generation is too distant from

    the אבות†.However, this does not apply to

    the ציבור†, since אין†ציבור†מתים†. The ציבור

    of מתן†תורה†(or of any generation) is the

    same ציבור†as of today. The ציבור†of today

    is considered the same generation as the

    first generation; therefore, the ציבור†of today

    does have זכות†אבות†. Hashem judges

    the ציבור†first – כמה†יעברון†וכמה†יבראון

    how many will ח”ו†die & how many will be

    born. Afterwards, he judges the individual

    מי†יחיה†ומי†ימות†– – which individuals of

    the ציבור†will be the ones who die. In addition

    to the זכות†אבות†, it is important

    to daven for the ציבור†(especially during

    Covid 19) to minimize the amounts of

    deaths in the ציבור†. The more deaths that

    are נגזר†on the ציבור†, the more זכויות†an

    individual will need to be excluded from

    that pool. —




    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for making it

    feel like our second Tishrei Is there an inyan

    of double months in Chutz Laaretz?


    Dear Vues Master:

    In the first chapter in דניאל†the words

    פת†בג†המלך†appear numerous times. It refers

    to the food from the royal kitchen. In

    Shulchan Aruch Hilchos Rosh Chodesh

    #428 :4, it says, “ בג†המלך†פת†וילך†” The

    Mishna Berurah (sk8) explains, בג†המלך

    The Shulchan Aruch used these words as a

    Siman, When ב≠ג†Monday or Tuesday Is

    המלך†(Rosh Hashana) פת†וילך†-You crumble

    (divide) ניצבים†וילך†into two Parshiyos.

    In other words if R.H. falls on Mon. or Tue.

    (This year) Then ניצבים†וילך†are two separate

    Parshiyos. Otherwise, ניצבים†וילך†, stays

    as one Parsha.


    Master’s Note: Wow! That is a cool tidbit I

    will try to remember for next time!


    Dear Vues Master:

    There is a cereal called Magic Spoon that

    is grain free, low carb and sugar free. It

    is cholov stam, which I do not eat. I call

    upon those in the industry to please, please,

    please do whatever it takes to make this

    product cholov yisroel.


    Vues Master’s Note: That is a tall order.

    Would you like to pay for the mashgiach




    Dear Vues Master:

    The Vues Master response to one of the letters this issue reads “As long as the groom or bride are not under age as per NY law. What a craziness you can marry your dog but you just need to be the right age! Reminds me of S’dom.” It is not now, nor has it ever been legal to marry a dog. (In fact, dogs can’t even legally marry each other.) Civilized societies do not allow that. Another thing civilized societies do not allow is child marriage. Children are not actually able to consent, and underage marriages are often coerced. Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment. A teenager who is too young to legally adopt a pet, donate blood, get a credit card or play the lottery is also too young to swear “until death do us part.”


    Vues Master’s Note: That is my point the way we are headed where we allow Toeiva the next step is animals! VeHameivin Yovin!


    Dear Vues Master:

    In response to the article on THE JEWISH VUES I have an idea that can help resolve sinas chinom and promote Ahavas Yisroel. I would like to give you a little background. Many years ago, I was a Rebbie in Winnipeg, Canada. When we decided to move back to NY we were debating whether to move to Boro Park, but we decided against it because we were afraid of the Nesayon of not getting upset at other Yidden would be too difficult since Boro Park is overcrowded. (We moved to Flatbush.) I came up with this initiative. Anyone who wants to join or have any other ideas can either email parkingrelief@gmail.com or call 702-900-PARK which is 702-900-7275. THE PROBLEM: PARKING IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Boro Park was originally one and two family homes. Now it is so overcrowded with multi floor dwellings with large families and numerous cars for each family. THE OBJECTIVE: to create an awareness: first of all, to use your driveway if you have one so as to free up spots on the street. Secondly, with A REVOLUTIONARY IDEA even more parking spaces will be made available, which will cause ripple effects. 1) To make driving in Boro Park easier to navigate 2) Helping to minimize the double parking 3) Help the situation of blocked driveways 4) To help build neighborly relationships and AHAVAS YISROEL 5) GIVE YIDDEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO HACHNOSAS ORCHIM: by allowing yidden on your property ( many yidden only have family and friends as guests. Here is an opportunity to do Hachnosas Orchim the Avraham Avinu way to complete strangers.) also see; ohr hachaim siman 333 sif 1 ramoh “inviting your friend to eat with you isn’t considered orchim and isn’t considered a seudas mitzvah 6) Help bring Moshiach THE REVOLUTIONARY IDEA: IF WE CAN CONVINCE HOMEOWNERS WHEN THEY ARE NOT USING THEIR DRIVEWAYS TO ALLOW OTHERS TO BLOCK OR USE THEIR DRIVEWAYS; – Either with an APP – Or make green boards available in (sefarim or other Jewish stores) with erasable markers for the front window of their house or in front of their fence – Or green cones with a green board written in Hebrew/Yiddish giving the times when the driveway is available (ex: 10:30am – 2:45pm) OF COURSE WHOEVER PARKS THERE: 1) can’t be more than 5 min from their car (can’t park and go to Manhattan). 2) has to leave their cell # on the dashboard in case owner needs access to driveway. There are other applications to this idea; ex: if you live within a few blocks of a shul, or near a Yeshiva you can let Rabbeim/ teachers use your driveway. PS. We know there will be problems sometimes, but that is part of the mitzvah. By the way my wife and myself have personally been allowing mispalilim of our local shul to block our driveway in the morning and evening (there have been a handful of times when we needed to either pull in or out and we were inconvenienced but that is part of the mitvah. We’ve gotten 1,000’s of opportunities to do hachnasas orchim this way. If you’d like to get such a movement/ organization ‘off the ground’ feel free to grab this great opportunity f or AHAVAS YISROEL and KIDDUSH HASHEM Tizku L’mitzvos

    Y L

    Vues Master’s Note: What a novel idea. The truth is that many times a Yid needs the bathroom and if one lets him in that is the greatest Hachnosas Orchim one can do in this day and age I will rewrite the info from the letter that if anyone wants to join the initiative they can email parkingrelief@gmail.com or call 702-900-PARK which is 702-900-7275. I Love this idea.


    Dear Vues Master:

    At the beginning of a school year, a דמלמ†began teaching his young students הציב†תכסמ. The youngest of the boys had difficulty understanding the תקולחמ†of

    יאמש†תיב†and לליה†תיבƆThe דמלמ†lost patience with him and hit the poor child. The boy ran home crying. When his father asked him what happened, the boy, tears running down his face, said: “The יבר†hit me for nothing. One of his hens laid an egg and I swear to you on my תיציצ†that I never even saw the hen or the egg and the יבר†hit me to find out where they are.”


    Vues Master’s Note: Poor boy! It is about time we stop hitting talmidim!


    Dear Vues Master:

    I was minding my business eating at night in a Sukkah of a famous Fast Food restaurant in Lakewood, when I noticed a hangout of modern boys & girls mot dressed tzniyasdik. I complained privately to the frum yeshivish manager that besides not being proper will eventually hurt his business, since the Frum Yeshivish Olam will not tolerate a Hang Out! Why not post a notice of the dress code for all to adhere to. Otherwise, they should order by phone and a waiter will bring out the food to them. He did tell them that they can’t smoke near the store. He heard what I had to say, since I noticed the girls leaving the Sukkah after he went in to break up the hangout. What’s wrong with late night establishments such as eateries having strict rules just like Shuls & Schools have? I understand the need for Families having a place to eat out, but perhaps they shouldn’t be open past supper time. I remember visiting my brother who was learning at the time in BMG, and I couldn’t find an empty seat in the BM during Night Seder, plus I couldn’t find a restaurant to eat in except one that was empty! Now there’s an explosion; Glatt Bite, J2 Pizza, Deluxe, even Yapschik, Kava Java, Sprinkles etc. [oops I forgot South Side Sandwich Grill.] Not to forget; MPGS, Seasons, Glatt Gourmet, & Evergreen supermarkets. Honestly, I was happy that I was able to find a Glatt Kosher Deli with a sukkah to eat in late at night when I arrived hungry in Lakewood to spend Yom Tov. But I guess I was naïve to think that finally in a Sukkah in Lakewood Ir V’em B’Yisroel and home of the great Mokom Torah Beis Medrash Govoha, I would still encounter a hangout of teens at risk or just modern Jews smoking and not dressed modestly! My question is to all these late night Establishments Eateries; why can’t you enforce the Tzniyus mode? Why was there a girl allowed into the main Restaurant wearing SHORTS? Horav Chaim Epstein ZT”L, talmid muvhak from Hagoan Harav Ahron Kotler ZT”L, was right when he said [quoted in the book written about him- his Biography] “The Pizza Stores have ruined Lakewood’’! I’m sure he was referring to all these late night eateries as well! Wherever I walk, we’re faced with tremendous Nisyonos of V”lo Sasuru Achareh L’vavchem V’achareh Einechem especially where many unfortunately do not adhere to the Torah Dress code sorry. Why do I have to be tested in Lakewood; Ir V’em B’Yisroel a Makom Torah- Home of BMG the AV Hayeshivas? And why in a Sukkah where the 7 ushpizin are visiting. Did they also leave when they noticed the lack of Tzneyus? These girls are not Mechuyev in a sukkah and they should know better. Would they come into school, shul, or work dressed like that? Mrs. Devora Leitner; Would you invite them to your Shabbos home dressed like that in shorts, mini- skirts and sleeveless if you had teenage boys in your home? I did strike up a friendly conversation with the boys, but as far as the girls are involved, I was told many years ago by a famous Posek in BP that I should be careful when being mekarev a girl, since there’s too many nisyonos & michshalim involved. The women should be mekarev the girls and the men the boys. I’m sorry, but I do feel for these teens at risk but what about me? “I’m a Frum At Risk”! [I’ll even give it a good title F.A.R.!] I thought the Succah is supposed to protect us spiritually. We daven every day; “Val teveinu l’ydei Nisyon-V’lo Lydei Cheit…Chazal says Chayeicha Kodmin –You’re not allowed to sin to save your friend from a Cheit. Perhaps the manager should give them a robe to put on just like they give out Yarmulkes & Kerchiefs- snoods at the Kossel? What am I going to answer in Shomayim? I was being mekarev them? Will all those complainers about my letter allow them to smoke in your home?


    Vues Master’s Note: I am not touching this letter I am not getting in the middle of this


    Dear Vues Master:

    Sorry, but I agree with RMS, since how is anyone supposed to make Brochos [Leshev B’Sukkah] when teenage girls are not dressed appropriately? What if they were to bring in Rock & Roll music blasting away, would you not complain to the manager? What if they brought in a un- tzniyusdik Magazine into the Sukkah, would you not protest against this breach of your frumkeit? Or you would just look away and stare at the four walls of the Sukkah or at the Schach the entire time? I once heard that a Mezuzah is put up on a slant to symbolize Shalom Bayis to compromise with each side giving in to the other side. Whereas by a sefer Torah it’s placed straight up in an Aron Kodosh, since we don’t compromise or make phsharas when it comes to Hashkafas Hatorah! What if these Teenagers at Risk bring in Videos on their Smartphone and start playing movies in the Succah, are you tolerating that also? Where do we draw the line? Perhaps the manager has to politely explain to them that it is affecting his customers- innocent Yeshiva bachurim or Kollel Yungerleit who don’t want to see C”V the peritzos! There are basic rules and guidelines when it comes to dress code or decent behavior in a Beis Yaakov, Shul, Yeshiva, Workplace, and at Home. I can’t stop them from the way they dress in a park, but I can speak up nicely when it affects my yiddishkeit and ehrlickeit in a heimesher orthodox frum Jewish Yiddish Sukkah in LAKEWOOD!


    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for your feedback but as I said before I

    am not getting in the middle of this!


    Dear Vues Master:

    The ו”נק†ח”וא†םהרבא†ןגמ†quotes from the המלש†לש†םי†“One should keep his language clean therefore instead of using the word םיציב, one should say םיעיב” Hence, , some refer to the Mesichta as, אעיב†’סמ†instead of הציב†’סמ†The לארשי†תראפת†argues on the א”גמ†and says the reason for changing הציב†from שדקה†ןושל†to

    אעיב†תימרא†ןושל†is because of the story in the ארמג†where the townspeople mixed up the word םיציב†ימ†(liquid egg) with םיעצב†ימ†(swamp water) and a לושכמ†in האמוט†came out of it. From then on, we use the Aramaic word אעיב, Many םינושאר†refer to the הציב†תכסמ†as



    Vues Master’s Note: I believe we should sell the naming rights of each masecheta to the highest bidder!


    Dear Vues Master:

    The ם״ירה†שודיח†was traveling with a large group of םידיסח†through a village, when they noticed that the םיוג†were counting them, 1, 2, 3 and so on. The יבר†remarked: “It appears that even they recognize our תובישח†because they consider each Jew to be important and as ןינמבש†רבד



    Vues Master’s Note: Hope there was no ayin hora!


    Dear Vues Master:

    When an evil government decree was enacted against the Jews, a בר†approached a רמומ†who was well connected and pleaded that he try to use his influence with the authorities to have the decree rescinded. He concluded his plea by saying: “תרצונ†ךכל†יכ.” The רמומ†agreed to try, but his influence was useless and his efforts were unsuccessful. The בר†thanked him and said: “ידכ†ךניא†תרצונ†אלש†דע†and



    Vues Master’s Note: At least the Rov Thanked him!


    Dear Vues Master:

    In Ashkenaz םירוזחמ, on top of the words of הקדצו†הליפתו†הבושתו†there appears the words

    ןוממ†לוק†םוצ†It is assumed, that it explains the words-

    הקדצ†הליפת†הבושת. The Meforshim add, that they all have the same Gematria of 136 x 3 = 408 like תאז†What is the connection of םוצ†to הבושת†or לוק†to הליפת? 1) The ם”במר†Hl. הבושת†enumerates all the ingredients for הבושת,


    (דיתעה†לע†הלבק¨†but no mention of םוצ†fasting. 2) The ארמג†says that those who think you need לוק†for הליפת†are from the small believers. Wouldn’t הנווכ†be more appropriate for הליפת? 3) What’s so important to know that Tzedakah is money? Perhaps, ןוממ†לוק†םוצ†has no connection to

    הקדצ†הליפת†הבושת”, but is a different formula for a different occasion. הריזגה†עור†ןיריבעמ†can be interpreted in two ways. 1) Prevents bad תוריזג†from ch”v reaching us. 2) Removes (rids) bad תוריזג†that ch”v reached us already. To prevent bad תוריזג†from coming, the formula is הקדצ†הליפת†הבושת. To get rid of bad תוריזג†that has ch”v arrived, (ילוא†today) then the formula is as mentioned in the ם”במר†in תוינעת†’לה. (based on the Mishna ב”ע†ב”י†תינעת





    There is a mitzvah d’Rabanan to fast.





    Mitzvah min HaTorah to blow trumpets & scream to Hashem.





    You close the shops- reduce business dealings. ןוממ†is not הקדצ†but the loss of monetary income)





    Vues Master’s Note: Highly enlightening!


    Dear Vues Master:

    When a woman complained to her husband that their young son isn’t

    getting the proper nutrition because he won’t eat eggs, her husbandassured her that he’ll be fine without them. היחי†הציב†אנוש.


    Vues Master’s Note: Nourishment! The fight between parents and kids!


    Dear Vues Master:

    America and the world will be commemorating the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. The victims and physical damage are physical representations of that day. The idea that was attacked that day was America. America from its founding has been more than a country. It is an idea. There were many civilizations before America, but the implementation of a free society did not happen till America’s founding. Freedom of speech, religion, rights to bear arms, and people’s liberties preceding government power, were all ideas that were attacked that day. Every year, people from all backgrounds, countries, political ideologies reflect on what happened on that day. Despite people’s differences, celebrating freedom is unifying. Traditionally, in the United States, political candidates do not release political ads against their opponents. The state of respect that America has on that day is ideal. People are allowed to believe what they believe without labeling their opponents as domestic terrorists. America on 9/11 from 2002 till now should be the way America should be all the time. The country we live in now is instead almost unrecognizable compared to a year ago. Currently, the Department of Justice is holding political prisoners from the January 6th riot without a trial for seven months, the Biden administration is ensnaring on state rights, the Democrat party is trying to legalizing ballot harvesting and expanding the Supreme Court because of one thing; power. This nation was founded upon freedom and defending it domestically at all costs. Power is a misuse of political power at the expense of free will. The lack of respect that the current governing party has for the nation’s history, laws, and culture have led to an environment where the idea of freedom is null and void. Americans and especially the ones who died on 9/11 did not die for political power. They died as heroes for the freedoms of this nation. Sincerely,

    D S G

    Vues Master’s Note: Well with all these mandating of vaccines I think our freedom is out the window!