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    Speak Your Vues


    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master:

    It’s crazy how many people were

    niftar over the past month. My

    family appreciated the coverage

    you had last week on Rabbi

    Tendler, R Benny Fishoff & Rabbi

    Elieach. They were all very important

    people for Klal Yisrael & will

    be missed greatly.


    Vues Master’s Note: The bottom

    line is that Hashem runs the world

    and until these politicians don’t

    stop saying we will beat the virus

    Hashem will prove them wrong!

    We need to daven!!


    Dear Vues Master:

    You don’t need to be a real estate

    expert to understand the housing

    crisis in Israel. There is too much

    empty land and not enough homes

    being built. To fix the housing

    problem the Israeli government

    needs to allow more building on

    more land – and faster. It needs to

    slash bureaucracy in the permitting

    process. Most of all, it needs

    to take the most inexpensive land

    – in Judea and Samaria, land with

    close proximity to Jerusalem and

    Tel Aviv, and open it to more and

    more building.


    Vues Master’s Note: Politics my

    dear Watson! The left and Biden

    would never allow this!!


    Dear Vues Master:

    When the אלמנה†of יום†טוב†ליפמאן

    רבי†, the תוספות†יום†טוב†, was introduced

    to a wealthy man with the

    same name as her first husband,

    יום†טוב†, she rejected the ,שידוך

    saying: “ טוב†שני†לגבי†ראשון†כחול



    Vues Master’s Note: It is hard to

    replicate a husband like her first



    Dear Vues Master:

    In 1949, My uncle, R.Yitzchok

    Donath Zt”l obtained false identity

    papers for himself and for

    both of my parents a”h. This enabled

    them to escape from Communist

    Czechoslovakia and flee to

    Vienna Austria. They obtained the

    ID of the Feigelstock family (my

    father’s first cousins) who had left

    Austria before the war. R Yitzchok

    Donath lived in Vienna, Austria

    under the name of Yitzchok

    Feigelstock. He was a Madrich in

    Agudas Yisroel. He was also very

    active in getting back the children

    who were hidden by the Goyim

    during the war. There were many

    times when the Goyim were unwilling

    to voluntarily return the

    children to the Yidden. They used

    different methods to get the children

    out of the Goyishe homes.

    One day the police showed up with

    an arrest warrant for Yitzchok

    Feigelstock. My uncle

    was charged with kidnapping,

    a very serious crime.

    He was locked up in prison.

    With the help of Askonim,

    he managed to convince

    the authorities that they had

    the wrong man because his

    name was not Feigelstock

    but Donath. After sitting in

    prison for a few weeks, he

    was finally released. The

    Yitzchok Feigelstock they

    were after was none other

    than the Long Beach Rosh

    Yeshiva Zt”l, who was at

    that time thousands of miles

    away across the ocean,

    learning in Lakewood under

    R. Aron Kotler Zt”l A few

    years later the Rosh Yeshiva,

    R. Yitzchok Feigelstock applied

    for American citizenship.

    His application was

    rejected because he was on

    the most wanted list in Austria

    accused of child kidnapping.

    Although it wasn’t

    too difficult to prove that R.

    Yitzchok Feigelstock. was

    in Lakewood NJ the entire

    time and could not possibly

    have been involved in the

    kidnapping done in Austria,

    the authorities were reluctant

    to grant him citizenship.

    After many unsuccessful attempts,

    R. Ahron Kotler Zt”l

    got involved personally. He

    contacted politicians and

    government officials, but to

    no avail. This matter was

    finally resolved after it was

    brought to the attention of

    the President of the USA,

    D.Eisenhower. *R. Yitzchok

    Donath zt”l (my uncle)

    was מוסר†נפש†and risked

    his life together with the

    Veitzener Rav zt”l to blow

    Shofar for 1,400 children

    who were destined to the

    crematoria in Auschwitz the

    following. day. He enabled

    them with their last מצוה†in

    this world תקיעת†שופר†My

    uncle too was Niftar with his

    last Mitzvah of .תקיעת†שופר



    Master’s Note: I personally

    knew that man he was a

    great person. We should all

    learn from him!


    Dear Vues Master:

    In many Shuls, the חזן†starts

    with המלך†at his own seat

    and only afterwards does he

    continue at the עמוד†. One of

    the reasons for doing so is

    because it says in the פסוק



    When we are crowning the

    מלך†מלכי†המלכים†it is necessary

    for the ראשי†עם†(Chazzan)

    יחד†שבטי†ישראל†to be together

    with the rest of the



    Vues Master’s Note: Fascinating

    stuff. Where do you

    come up with that?


    Dear Vues Master:

    I don’t believe the Rambam

    maintained living in Israel

    was one of the 613 mitzvos.

    Do you agree or disagree &



    Vues Master’s Note: There

    is a machlokes in the Rishonim.

    One thing is for sure

    an aveira it is not! If you

    have the capabilities go for

    it! May we all merit to do it

    together with Moshiach!!


    Dear Vues Master:

    No one likes being told they

    don’t know enough about

    something. We imagine we

    have a right to our opinion

    and our right to our opinion

    lends validity to that opinion.

    This isn’t always true.

    In many areas our opinion is

    based on mistaken information

    and only being privy to

    one side of the story. There

    are times where studying

    a phenomena from books

    and news reports requires

    firsthand knowledge or at

    least geographical proximity

    to the issue. Immediacy

    lends a better understanding

    of the issues involved.

    When studying social or political

    problems can require

    interacting with the people

    involved; simply reading a

    third hand account doesn’t

    suffice to give a full understanding

    of events or context.

    To fully understand

    a person must talk to the

    people in the area where the

    event occurred. Being in the

    area of the phenomena allows

    someone a better understanding

    than at a distance.

    Israelis, even American expats,

    often times opine on

    American Jewry’s problems.

    We assume that since we

    once lived there, and read

    about the events in America,

    we know enough to share

    our thoughts. Things change

    over time and being absent

    from a place does not allow

    the same intimate knowledge

    and understanding

    one gains from being there

    in person and experiencing

    the issues you’re reading or

    hearing about from those

    “on the ground.” Israelis

    must recognize that reading

    about a problem plaguing

    the American Jewish

    community doesn’t give us

    the license to explain what

    American Jews need to do to

    improve their lives and solve

    their problem. Humility is in

    order and it’s important we

    don’t always say what’s on

    our minds. The same is true

    of American Jews studying

    events in Israel. Media reports

    don’t give the full picture

    and even video is spliced

    to delete crucial context. Just

    because events seem to have

    transpired a certain way

    doesn’t mean they actually

    occurred that way.


    Vues Master’s Note: Would

    you say the same holds true

    for vaccines? How about

    people who have already

    had covid? The media is

    not to be trusted nor should

    the Government be trusted.

    They have proven to be

    liars with an agenda!


    Dear Vues Master:

    The חידוש†הרי״ם†was traveling

    with a large group of

    חסידים†through a village,

    when they noticed that the

    גוים†were counting them, 1,

    2, 3 and so on. The רבי†remarked:

    “It appears that

    even they recognize our

    חשיבות†because they consider

    each Jew to be important

    and as דבר†שבמנין



    Vues Master’s Note: Hope

    their was no ayin hora!


    Dear Vues Master:

    It’s great to be able to say

    tachanun again. The minyanim

    I daven in follow

    the custom of not reciting

    Tachanun during most of

    the month of Tishrei. This is

    the first week we began reciting

    tachanun again. Days

    where we skip tachanun can

    become almost celebratory

    in a Shul (if they weren’t already).

    I think people would

    be more reluctant to skip

    tachanun if they understood

    what we were saying. Tachanun

    is one of the more meaningful

    tefillahs in davening.

    We begin davening by sitting,

    then move to the modality

    of standing up straight

    and talking to G-d, praising,

    requesting and thanking

    G-d. There is arrogance in

    standing straight before G-d;

    who are we to stand before

    G-d? Tachanun is then recited

    bent over in a sign of

    humility. We demonstrate,

    physically, our recognition

    of how small we are before

    G-d. Tachanun pushes us to

    recognize our modesty and

    how feeble we are in this universe.

    This humility pushes

    us towards introspection and

    repentance. On Yom Tovim

    we are charged to focus on

    an uplifting and celebratory

    approach to G-d. Davening

    in a modality of humility

    would take away from

    the joyous approach, so we

    skip the teffilah. After weeks

    of celebrating, it’s time for

    some regular humility.


    Vues Master’s Note: I know

    a Litvak who was so excited

    for tachnun

    that a chassid next to him

    said you are so besimcha we

    need to not say



    Dear Vues Master:

    Seven reasons for fasting


    חילול†השם†( 1 & for the היכל

    that was burnt. ( מס’†סופרים


    2) Men & women mingle

    during the דרשה†on Yom


    81 תוס†קידושין) )

    3) Men & women overeat

    & mingle during the meals


    4) Rain for winter and no

    harsh spring weather so the


    won’t get damaged. ( רבה


    5) Change of seasons (winter

    & summer) shouldn’t be

    harmful to the people. ( (לבוש

    6) Hashem should ease the

    Galus. ( (מחזור†ויטרי

    ©מהרם†מרוטנברג) ( 7



    Vues Master’s Note: May

    our tefillos and taaniyos be




    Dear Vues Master:

    Dear RMS you wrote in last

    week’s letter titled A sukkah

    in Lakewood.”How

    you were minding your own

    business while eating at a A

    fast food place when you noticed

    a hangout of teens not

    dressed tzniyusdik. How

    does one mind their own

    business when perhaps these

    teens Are crying out?Maybe

    HAshem put them in YOUR

    midst.Did you wish them

    a good Yom Tov? Did you

    give them a warm smile?I’m

    sure Rabbi Grossman from

    Migdal Haeimeik would

    have.Perhaps the RMS’s of

    the world need to stop looking

    at dress code and start

    seeing a nishamah. Instead

    of getting them to

    leave the sukkah so that you

    can eat comfortably, who

    knows where they would

    go, maybe a bar or worse

    .How about you sponsor a

    table at this fast food place,

    serve free cake and soda, go

    over to them, give words of

    chizuk A Divar Torah and a

    warm smile and feed their

    souls. Instead of telling

    the owner his business

    will get hurt by this hangout,

    maybe now his business will

    prosper . With regard to your

    question, would I have girls

    who are not dressed properly

    in my house with having

    young sons around? My

    answer is yes, as I serve ice

    cream and have Mordechai

    Ben David music and send

    my sons to a nearby shul or


    Thank you

    Devorah Leitner

    Vues Master’s Note: To each

    to their own. Let us hear

    what others

    say? Do you agree with RMS

    or With Mrs Leitner?


    Dear Vues Master:

    Oh, you identify as vaccinated?

    Thank you for confiding

    in me. I just want to make

    sure that you know that there

    is help out there. Medical

    technology has improved to

    the point where you can get

    an injection that will give

    you the vaccinated body to

    match your identity.


    Vues Master’s Note: That is

    not Politically correct, you

    can’t put me into therapy!


    Dear Vues Master:

    I am an older American, and

    I am fed up with paying the

    highest prices in the world

    for prescription drugs. Right

    now, our lawmakers are

    considering a proposal that

    would allow Medicare to negotiate

    for lower prescription

    drug prices, which would

    help make the medications

    we rely on more affordable

    for everyone. It’s past time

    my members of Congress

    took action to reform outrageous

    prescription drug

    prices. Like many seniors, I

    cannot afford to keep paying

    higher and higher prices for

    the medications I need. No

    one should have to choose

    between putting food on the

    table and filling life-saving

    prescriptions. I’m demanding

    that my members of

    Congress vote yes on a bill

    that lowers drug prices.


    Vues Master’s Note: Good

    Luck fighting big Pharma!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Now after the chagim, many

    of us have gained weight. As

    a solution, I suggest skipping

    instead of walking. It

    burns more calories, and it

    might feel silly, but it won’t

    if we all do it. If you agree,

    then starting October 25 at 5

    o’clock pm EST, stop walking

    and start skipping. (You

    can do it before then too, but

    that’s the official start date.)


    Vues Master’s Note: I think I

    will skip this letter!


    Dear Vues Master:

    I know this might not have

    to do with you just maybe

    with the administration. The

    ad on page 55 from last week

    is simply nauseating. Just

    because it has a “hechsher”

    from “hatzalah” it does not

    make it ok. And from JOWMA

    for sure not. The ppl

    running it are not Ehrlich to

    say the least. With all the

    crazy mandates coming in

    most people are waking up.

    I understand that you probably

    get paid well to put in

    the ad but it is not the right

    thing to do to work along

    with these רשעים†. The ad is

    full of lies and if you don’t

    know that by now then sorry,

    you are still in chrupetzland.

    Thank you for an otherwise

    great paper. It’s the highlight

    of my week. My favorite

    part of the paper is the letters

    where I think is probably the

    only paper where freedom of

    speech still exists!

    Vues Master’s Note: I guess

    the ad also should have freedom

    of speech and you can